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Featured on Jun 19, 2021 at 11:04 AM: Ever wanted to join a tranny furry cult?
Korps header.png

The Korps is a cult for the modern age, operating out of an invite-only Discord server, whose main focus is grooming individuals, primarily other furries, into becoming transgender to satiate their leaders' bizarre mind control fetishes among other questionable practices. Their organization has a variety of goals or stipulations which invariably are either laughably optimistic or disturbingly creepy which has, in turn, spawned a collective of members who are infamous among Twitter circles for their repulsive behavior; everything leaving a trail leading back to its leaders Dave Anthony (known as Karen Anthony, and is intending to change their name to Karen King) and Dave Ferris (known as Hope Elizabeth Ferris or @StrypeisonFire).

Special thanks to all the individuals involved in the creation of the thread, in no particular order, @Nothing To See Here, @Chef Hanlon, @Gone Ham, @Emperor Percival Tachyon, @AlexaAutismo, @Boris Blank's glass eye, and @Leonard Helplessness.



From the outside looking in, and typical of a cult, Karen King's Korps (intentionally named to be pronounced as "corpse" thanks to its leaders' bizarre obsession with being portraryed as "supervillians") engages in almost stereotypical cult-like practices for recruitment. Operating out of an invite-only Discord server, Korps uses forced exclusivity to present their cult as a selective and covetous community. Unsurprisingly, since furries are about as intelligent as the animals they roleplay as, this tactic works to an exceptional degree, with the Korps being well known in Twitter's trans furry community.

2.png 4.png 12.png

Mixing cult-like activity with the typical obsessiveness which permeates the furry community, the Korps has various features and symbols. Of note, its leaders have taken to creating their own cypher for communication which is as interesting to learn as a one hour video of a ham-fisted gorilla scribbling on scratch paper sounds. As shown above, the Korps has its own iconography through an emblem, which is present on all forms of their promotional media and various merchandise. In terms of ideology, as shown below, the Korps makes empty promises to its members of offering an outlet for the dejected population, an absurd claim which is used to deceive its potential members into thinking the Korps is used for literally anything besides sexual fetishism.


A more distinguishing feature of the Korps besides their generic symbol are its members wearing electronic shades which glow pink. Since it's a fairly interesting feature, predictably the Korps leaders do not make it themselves, as they purchase and repackage these glasses from a company which specializes in LED-based merchandise. Taking it a step further and deciding to make this obscenely stupid, the Korps' leaders state these glasses are used to brainwash its wearers into joining their community, a result of their leaders' mind control fetishes.

15.png 16.png

That isn't to say the Korps members aren't open to more absurd fetishes, of course. Worth mentioning is a few members' fetish of "oviposition," being parasitically injected with eggs. If readers new to this topic somehow find this erotic, they are encouraged to immediately contact various physical and mental health professionals.


Second to their ridiculous fetishes is their equally ridiculous role-playing. The Korps has a strong fascination with genetic research, and often concoct fantasy scenarios of abducting individuals and either brainwashing them or forcibly infecting them with a virus which transforms them into furries, with the end goal of "world domination." While there are a few members who aren't particularly intrigued by the Korps' obsession with mind control, its members seem to universally play into this childish escapism. This laughable LARPing makes up the bulk of insanity often spouted off by Korps members.

11.png1.png 7.png 8.png 10.png

While their sexual exhibitionism is certainly appalling, it pales in comparison to their recruitment tactics. Individuals have noted that the Korps has tried aggressively convincing non-members to join them through a cult technique known as "love bombing," showering potential inductees with gifts and praise to coax them. As demonstrated below, random users have expressed bemusement at Korps members randomly purchasing their online wishlists before asking them to join.


In case it isn't clear, the Korps is, by no exaggeration, a cult, simply modernized by internet technology. As a result of their dubious nature and aggressive recruitment tactics, the Korps is infamous among the furry community as a known nuisance, with some users carefully outlining how they are a negative influence online. With such an overwhelmingly hated stature, the Korps's leaders are keen to quickly deny what is readily obvious, stating they are not actively grooming other users to join them. Whether or not individuals have been moved by this denial is yet to be seen.

13.png 18.png 26.png


Given their prolific nature, its members are as numerous as the countless examples of their unhinged sexualities. A non-exhaustive list of the Korps's individuals' Twitter usernames includes KorpsPropaganda (the main account of the Korps operated by its leader Dave Anthony, referred to henceforth as Dave Sr.), StrypeisonFire (owned by the Korps' co-founder and boyfriend of Dave Anthony named Dave Ferris, henceforth named as Dave Jr.), VexWerewolf (allegedly the writer for a majority of Korps material), DraekosArt, IrisJay/DistressedEgg, ThreeFootPony, ZafyrArt_Things, and HuffySnep/LoveNeverH8.


While its associates are annoying in their own right, some key examples are certainly intriguing, to say the least. For instance, ZenoCoyote, shown above on the left, was groomed into transitioning by Dave Jr. thanks to a "trans bingo" card with painfully generic qualities invoking similarities to astrology in terms of sheer vagueness. As if it couldn't be any apparent enough, Dave Jr. finds great gratification in convincing others to transition by speaking as an authority on transgenderism while refusing to transition himself, quite clearly tying into his overt fetish for manipulating and controlling others.

19.png 20.png 21.png

As the Daves clearly intended, the Korps members often and quickly grow to sexualize the idea of themselves becoming brainwashed. This, in turn, has resulted in an almost disillusioning degree of fetishism from its inductees to the tune of purchasing merchandise obsessing over hypnotism, marking themselves and attending their jobs pretending to be mind controlled, and (as the aforementioned DistressedEgg shares) sexualizing even more extreme and harmful depictions of mind control by sharing art of their members willingly being gored, decapitated, and tortured.

23.png 24.png 25.png

Assumedly readers are likely questioning if these lunatics gather together so that said readers can actively avoid them. A mixed blessing, the members of the Korps attends yearly "Korpscon" meet-ups. Thankfully, these "conventions" have been exclusively online-only, so any hapless town they would've invaded is free from hosting a collective of obese, hairy 30-somethings drawing the Korps's icon on their fat rolls and running around in public.



Speaking of obese, hairy 30-somethings drawing the Korps's icon on their fat rolls and running around in public, the leaders of the Korps are surprisingly normal and well-adjusted members of society. That was a lie. In reality, Dave Sr. (Dave Anthony, KorpsPropaganda on Twitter, and Karen Anthony elsewhere) and Dave Jr. (Dave Ferris, StrypeisonFire on Twitter, and Hope Elizabeth Ferris elsewhere) are a pair of gay MtF Canadians (that are dating each other, as if it would be any other way) whose sole life's work, besides working exclusively in customer service jobs, is their uninterrupted ramblings regarding the Korps.

31.png 32.png 33.png

Dave Jr., otherwise known as "Strype," is a blob. There isn't quite much to add onto Dave Jr.'s behavior which hasn't already been shared earlier, besides the fact he had decided to literally brand himself with the Korps logo in the form of a permanent tattoo. However, it is not the tattoo present in the header, which instead belongs to an entirely different member altogether, in case readers believed the header image was a marshmallow drawn on with a permanent marker.


Dave Sr., otherwise known as "Karen," is similarly obsessed with the Korps and his sexual fetishes, and thus there is little to add regarding him, other than him apparently aging in dog years given he's just over 30 years old and looks around 50.


The sole exception, however, is how Dave Sr. saw fit to dox himself, or more specifically, how absurdly he had done so. Not to give too much away, users had used Dave Sr.'s lightswitches to confirm his identity thanks to Kiwifarms magic cross-referencing powers.


With Korps's leaders and members anticipating the annual Korpscon just around the corner, accusations abound regarding the community, including some claiming the members regularly share questionable or even illegal content in their exclusive servers. Whether this is true or not, what cannot be denied is how utterly despised the Korps community is by everyone from passive observers to the transgender or furry users the Korps tries to recruit. Given the constantly accelerating and downwards trajectory the Korps seems to be taking as of late, there is little reason to believe both their integrity and general reception will improve with the coming years.


This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.
"Official" Korps Twitter
Discord@ Kraken#2016
How's my posting? Send your complaints to KorpsPropagandaBureau@gmail.com!
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"World's Greatest Dissapointment" -Mom
Featured on Jun 17, 2021 at 12:45 PM: The best explanation of the CreepShow Art drama that's available at the moment.
This is the most entertaining thing on the internet for me atm. Just baffled as to why anyone would sub to her in the first place, it's like people don't have eyes and can't see shitty art.
If you’re gonna talk about CreepShow. At least post some fucking context.

CreepShowArt needs a thread here because this is a major thing that's been building up in the last few years in the art community. This isn't the first person to out CSA (AKA Shannon) as problematic but this video has cemented CSA and her emo fag BF as narcissists and obsessive to the point of ruining someone's whole livelihood and trying to make them relapse back into heroin.

TLDR: A YouTube artist, Emily Artful, released a 2 hour video discussing how CreepShow ( Shannon) and her emo boyfriend Anthony, who actually fantasized about shooting up their high school in detail and threatened Emily's life, stalked and harassed Emily for 8 years straight online and in IRL. She's gotten fired from jobs due to them and it went to the point of Anthony taking photos of areas near Emily’s home, doxxing her.

Keep in mind that Emily was about 15 years old when this started and was going in and out of drug addiction and a mother during this.

Here’s a summary of the entire video in the YT commentary thread and further discussions.

Twitter Thread on how Shannon got banned from lolcow board (Archive)

Additional Receipts Thread by Emily: https://tinyurl.com/5bk226wb (Archive)

+To be clear, Anthony did NOT break into my home and assault me. I knowingly invited him in but because I was so heavily and visibly intoxicated, I was not able to consent.

+ To be clear, Shanthony didn’t initially know 2 of the photographs they were using against me were of me when I was 15/16. I pointed it out to them at one point but they sort of just ignored me.

+To be clear, the Snapchat photographs were most likely NOT taken in my city. I’m guessing it’s somewhere in their area and they were just piggybacking off of my fear that they were here.

+Looks like Shannon deleted that rant video she made about how every art YouTuber makes a "My Art Teacher hates me" video, in which she used my vid in her thumbnail as an example. Interesting.

+People are saying that in Shannon’s stalker video she mentions “Amy” having “emo boys crawl through her window” to visit her when I’ve stated publicly that when I lived with my Dad, that is how I would sneak people in and how I would sneak out.

+Someone one else pointed out that Shannon has specifically mentioned: “not having enough money for a PI or an attorney” when she referenced her stalker. She posted this video after I confronted her wherein I tell her I have hired both.

+Someone pointed out that I talk about a “void” in my email to Anthony and then he uses “void” as a taunt in the Snapchat exchange. Might be an actual coincidence since the exchanges were several years apart, but they obsessed over every little thing I did so this might be of note.

Forgive me for getting anything wrong, let me know if I need to fix this post.
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break these cuffs

Featured on Jun 16, 2021 at 3:08 PM: Dave "Danielle" Muscato gets misgendered in court documents after a drug possession arrest.
Ladies and gentleman, we got him.
Wilson County Sheriff's Department
davea rrest 3.png
I get what I deserve for using startpage to search. Fuck google. The Wilson County docket isn't updated online, so I'm still looking for confirmation via court docket.

We have a picture
dave arrest 2.png

and the charges
dave arrest 1.png
Will edit with more info if I find it. Multiple counts of intent to manufacture with intent to sell :story:
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why am I fucking here

Dream after he stops taking his NORMAL PILLS
Featured on Jun 9, 2021 at 5:20 PM: Here because of Dream? A user made a helpful infographic explaining the connection between Dream and the 2016 picture (where he is very fat).
For any people new to the thread or any lurking retard stans, here's some proof the leaks are real. Now stop asking about their validity. clayton leaked.png
Edit: sorry for the fucked English, not my first language.

Also since this is reaching Twitter now: I did not find any of the information shown here, I only put all the publicly available information into one clear image since people kept coming into the thread and asking for proof. Read the thread and decide for yourself if you think it's real or not.
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Shitty photoshopper
Featured on Jun 9, 2021 at 8:57 AM: Buck Breaking (2021), a documentary about a white conspiracy to emasculate black men and destroy the black family, was produced by Tariq Nasheed and released recently.
Update #1: Youtube link removed.

Update #2: In case you missed the first showing and want to experience it among fellow kiwis.
Good news everyone. We're going to play this again Friday night on lolcow.tv/r/autism. It'll be on around 7:00 PM Eastern Standard.


"As a new threat to Black masculinity rises, Tariq "K-Flex" Nasheed joins forces in this documentary to uncover the hidden agenda behind it."

A documentary that goes into a no holes barred non-stop exploration of the systemic feminization of the black male.

If you thought the African-American community had reached their ultimate form in victimhood then think again, this documentary reaches for the stars that were previously the sole domain of groups such as Black Israelites and Nation of Islam.

From white cavemen engaging in sodomy and invading black "culture" to black penises in jars kept as family heirlooms "Buck Breaking" will take you on a magical ride across the ages in a sordid tale of sodomy, enforced crossdressing, selective breeding, and pervasive white homosexuality.

Every. Single. Sentence. is quotable gold.

A short abridged version containing only the "artwork", set to 1990's TMNT trailer music:

Some clip highlights from Youtube:

I present exhibit A:

Also: Beefsteak Pete, the African-American Troon:
NeefSteak PEte.jpg
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Hamplanet Fitness

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Featured on Jun 7, 2021 at 12:01 PM: marxisttranny gets a thread.

Meet Sofie Halili Villa (deadname Cole Jason Peterson), a 23-year-old self-identified "Marxist tranny," wannabe model/influencer, and entitled narcissist. While these descriptors are true of most of Villa's fellow Seattleites, Villa sticks out because of how ridiculous her hot takes are. She's a frequent guest star of the Tranny Sideshows on Social Media thread, and she consistently produces enough bad Tweets to warrant her own thread. Her entire political ideology - and thus most of her content - boils down to "fuck you, pay me because I'm trans." Her last name is still legally Peterson, but she uses Villa because it's her mother's maiden name and she has daddy issues.


Trans Stuff

Villa is transgender, and like most of the other MtFs on the Farms, does not shut up about it. However, unlike most of the autistic AGP exhibits on here, Villa is HSTS and in a relationship with a man. She routinely posts about dysphoria, surgery, and transphobia. She has not yet had bottom surgery, but wants it.



A xenogender is defined by Tumblrites as a nonbinary gender "that cannot be contained by human understandings of gender; more concerned with crafting other methods of gender categorization and hierarchy such as those relating to animals, plants, or other creatures/things." And if womanhood is fake, why is she up in arms whenever a TERF misgenders her?


She's a "target" because she says dumb shit, then conflates backlash with bigotry:


Villa frequently talks about wanting surgery to remedy her dysphoria. She has top and bottom dysphoria, and believes it's up to cis ("privileged") people to pay for her stinkditch installation.


"Gender affirming surgeries" probably also include excessive lip fillers.


Wait... didn't she just say gender was fake? If gender is fake, why do men owe other genders money? Literally her entire ideology boils down to entitlement.



Like any clout-obsessed person, she's still on TikTok. The "hate comments" kept her off for a couple hours at most, but provided her a prized opportunity to paint herself as a victim.

She recently got herself into hot water with the other woke trannies of Twitter for crowdfunding her transition on Juneteenth. The layers of privilege vs marginalization here could probably confound even the most devout social justice ideologues.


Even her apology was attacked for using non-inclusive language. She immediately ceded to the complainant:


Despite the constant e-begging, Villa is not poor. She's moving to NYC soon with her boyfriend and her family lives in a fairly nice house.


This is Cole, age 18. His descent into troonacy has been rapid:


Clout Chasing and Mental Health

Like many young millennials trying to make a name for themselves online, Villa spends a lot of time building her persona and engaging on Twitter. However, she says that took a significant toll on her mental health, and has since separated her personal online presence from her public persona. She was interviewed by Unilad (a) and stated:

I’d be crying alone in bed, having some emotional breakdown or whatever, and I’d be all ‘well now is the time’ and I go to my Finsta and start spamming weird Lindsay Lohan memes or pictures of my bloodshot, sobbing eyes.

I would post super revealing, emotional, ‘sad girl’ type stuff, like crying selfies, and also random memes with like super depressing captions. Like, a picture of Shrek or something captioned ‘I hope it all ends soon lol’. Then [I’d] just [leave] that up to everyone’s interpretation.

‘People only show you what they want you to see’ is super true in this case. Social media, especially when you want it to be your job or something, has to portray something profitable or follow-able.

My mental illness, my depression, are neither of those things, so I have to hide it all. Filtering is necessary to be successful on social media.

People don’t want to follow sad girls with real mental illness and crazy long depressive episodes, they wanna follow sad girls with smudgy eyeliner who tweet ‘ugh i hate my liiiife’ once in a while. So basically I just have to filter my whole entire existence, or else I’m not popular anymore.

A lot of the time I wouldn’t read comments or check the likes or anything, I would just put it out there and be like ‘okay well now they know!!’ Then half the time I would wake up the next morning and have to archive like five pictures, because I just wasn’t in the right state of mind to be posting anything.

It’s like this morning-after feeling, like if you were drunk and texted your ex… When I’m having an emotional breakdown I would use my Finsta like a tissue to cry into and then wake up the next day and be all ‘OH GOD’ and delete my whole life and just worry about who saw it, if my friends are worried about me, and especially if they’re talking about me among themselves.

Personally I just want to give off a semi-stable vibe despite being extremely unstable.

It was pretty sad that I relied on it. But without a therapist… I just needed SOME outlet, so my Finsta was all I had, I guess.

When you’re always posting crying selfies and being publicly depressed, that might just mean you need a therapist, not a Finsta. Personally, I just needed a therapist. Now I have a therapist!

I just had to force myself to make my Finsta public so that, before I post something, I’m like ‘ok the whole world is gonna see this’ and reconsider my actions.

It’s just like a ‘more of me’ account now, which does not negatively impact my mental health like when it was private, which is great for me because my mental health is quite fragile.

The article concludes with, "The 22-year-old still has a few accounts which are not linked to her personal pages, which she uses to talk about her mental health and her experiences as a transgender woman, though she posts anonymously so she doesn’t worry about who sees the pages. Now, Sofie says no one online sees the ‘real’ her, and that’s how she likes it."

Though we may not be able to see the 'real' her, the absurd wokeness likely isn't an act - Villa was involved in radical leftist groups during her time (a) at the University of Washington.

Sex Work and Modeling

Villa identifies as a sex worker and is in the top 2% of all OnlyFans creators. Most of her online presence, whether it's her makeup-centric Instagram or her activist-ish Twitter, links back to her OnlyFans in some way - it's currently her only job. It appears she still lives with her parents, but is moving to NYC soon.



She got posted about on Reddit (a), which of course she also Tweeted (a) about:


In addition to her OnlyFans, Villa has tried to branch out into traditional modeling. She attempted to get recognition from an online Maxim model search (archive only) and set up a modeling account on Backstage (a).

These are from her Maxim submission:

Older Online Activity

Before 2019, Villa went by Tuesday Una Villa and used the username radicaldowner across social media. On the Facebook page she made for her art, it appears she was identifying as nonbinary and attending nonbinary-related events. She used to shill her OnlyFans on subreddits such as r/trapsarentgay:



She also tried to sell art in person during her nonbinary phase (s/a):

Old Accounts

Etsy (a) - user profile URL gives confirmation of deadname
Radicaldowner Facebook (a)
Pinterest (a)
LinkedIn (a) - says she majored in Visual Art, minored in Women's Studies
Tumblr (a) - mostly reblogs, says she used they pronouns
Reddit (a)

I'm a snowflake:

Wypipo (this one has over 200k likes):

Everyone owes black people money:

Daddy issues? From an Onlyfans girl? Groundbreaking.

"No one is born queer" - woke left or fundie right?

...it's not that deep.

That... literally describes her. No self-awareness.

...isn't drag mostly cis gay men?

Dismantle all the things! Or something like that idk


And an old emo Tumblr post, pre-transition:


Villa sent a takedown order when pictures of her bussy were posted in the thread. It was rightly laughed at.

Pursuant to 17 USC 512(c)(3)(A), this communication serves as a statement that:
I am the duly authorized representative of the exclusive rights holder for literallysofie be seen on https://onlyfans.com/literallysofie
These exclusive rights are being violated by material available upon your site at the following URL(s):


I have a good faith belief that the use of this material in such a fashion is not authorized by the copyright holder, the copyright holder's agent, or the law;
Under penalty of perjury in a United States court of law, I state that the information contained in this notification is accurate, and that I am authorized to act on the behalf of the exclusive rights holder for the material in question;
I may be contacted by the following methods:

Address: Skyline, Lasnamäe 4B-26, 11412, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone Number: +1 8337178515
Email: dmca@rulta.com
Signed on this date of: 06/09/2021
Signature: Ahmet Teke
Rulta OU


Twitter (a)
Facebook (a)
Patreon (makeup tutorials) (a)
Backstage (a)
YouTube (a)
Cameo (a)
OnlyFans (a)
OnlyFans Pay-Per-View (a)
Instagram (a)
TikTok (a)
Website (a)
Personal Twitter (a)
Amazon Wishlist (a)

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.
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jesus i cant take it

good god
Featured on Jun 6, 2021 at 1:13 PM: Dream is/was fat.
Not to shit up the thread, but this is MASSIVE. Ladies and gentlemen, it has been confirmed Dream was fat, with more photos.

Meet Andrew Rife. (Archive)

Seems innocent enough, right. That's until you look at the intro section.


Is that Clayton?


Yes, yes it is. This is fucking crazy. (Archive)
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Featured on Jun 5, 2021 at 9:00 AM: "Hax$", a professional Super Smash Bros player, has released a 2 hour 30 minute long exposé on rival SSBM player, Leffen. The expose directly compares Leffen to a combination of Hitler, Lenin, and Trump and explains the last 10 years of his career as a Machiavellian power transfer scheme against Hax and the greater SSBM community.
Hax just released a 2 and a half hour long video on Leffen called "Evidence.zip 2".
Link: https://youtu.be/dzq65ixVtBU (archive)
PDF Version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZBIB0pdC2-CuFL0-2JsRyjurKmv4JfJm/view (archive attached)
Archive will be added in an hour or two, already have it downloaded. If this vid stays up for more than a 48 hours I will be shocked
edit: Youtube archive added, if that somehow gets taken down I'll just re-encode it and upload it straight to here.
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Lucifer Morningstar

Featured on Jun 4, 2021 at 6:52 AM: Aly Hirschberg, a 2019 financial enabler of CWC and forum member, has faked their death.
I really can't even write what I think, I have mixed thoughts......

@rVeRSeSI / @Azrael is gone?

Mod edit for context.

I don't want to sound coldblooded or anything, but anyone can make one of those everloved things. All it takes is an email address
He also tried to fake his death the last time. These people are morons.

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Featured on Jun 1, 2021 at 12:49 PM: Warrant Canary for May, 2021

Hash: SHA256

June 1st, 2021

Warrant Canary covering the Month of May, 2021

This is the first Warrant Canary for the 1776 Solutions, LLC, Lolcow LLC, and
Mad at the Internet, LLC. Warrant Canaries have become common practice with
certain types of websites. I have refrained from issuing monthly Warrant
Canaries for due to an observed lack of usefulness for those sites. My mind
has been changed recently.

An explanation for what a Warrant Canary is can be found on the EFF:

In summation, the purpose of a Warrant Canary is to utilize freedom from
compelled speech to lawfully disclose what has NOT happened in a period. It is
also a good opportunity to disclose meddling which is not legally prohibited.

National Security Letters
1776: 0
Kiwi: 0

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
1776: 0
Kiwi: 0

Gag orders under 18 USC 2705(b)

Kiwi: 0

The Kiwi Farms has received two letters from Russia's ROSKOMNADZOR requesting
the deletion memes depicting Hitler dressed as Santa saying "ho ho holocaust".
We receive this request every few weeks.

Local US law enforcement has contacted the Kiwi Farms in regards to a revenge
pornography case asking for my contact information for the delivery of court
orders. No such order has arrived.

We have obliged no DMCA takedown notices in this time.

Live Free or Die,
Joshua Moon <josh@jaw.sh>



Featured on Jun 1, 2021 at 7:13 AM: Pride Month: Who's your LGBTQIAP+ inspiration?
The Kiwi Farms enjoys a vast wealth of diverse persons from all corners of the LGBTQIAP+ spectrum, including the differently abled and autistic. Lets reflect on our favorite people who identify outside of the heteronormative.

I'll start with a retrospective of Chris.

So believe it or not, back in the day the forum (then CWCki Forums) was a lot more left-leaning and progressive

This post contains a statement I think about a lot and wonder how well it holds up in retrospect.
Dicktucking drama ruins communities. It's a cancer in the PVCC, it tore apart the Lolcow boards, and I won't let that happen here. I will burn it out of the forum before I let it control every discussion.

Chris first announced they considered themselves a "Tranny Cross-Dresser" in August 2014.


By December, Chris wanted to be called Chris or Christine (but not Christian). Here's the thread:

We can see the duality of (wo)man on display:
This is horrifying. He's truly becoming an autistic version of Jame Gumb. Help.
So is Christine the name she chose or just one that Watermelon made up?

Over this thread and elsewhere, dozens of pages of discussion were devoted to the pronoun question which resulted in me announcing that you can use whatever pronouns you want, and people should stop correcting others (i.e. >she) because that's also fucking annoying.

And so it was, an innocent forum in an innocent time looked on at a peculiarity and thought it was an isolated case of autism, not something that would dominate the politics of the western world for the next ten years.

Who's YOUR LGBTQIAP+ inspiration?


Featured on Jun 1, 2021 at 4:07 AM: Dream publishes a statement admitting to cheating, then immediately deletes it and demands that everybody moves on.
Dream admitted to cheating, kinda late if you ask me

pastebin | archive

I bet he wrote this to take the heat off Scott and HBomb which is even funnier

I feel like this is something important to talk about, I’ve been very withheld for a while about it all and just decided it’d probably be best to just let it out so I can feel relaxed a little more I guess. This will be a very long read i’m sure, I’m writing this in my bath at 4am on my phone so forgive any mistakes or confusing bits.

Back in October/November of 2020, I for the first time since when 1.16 had just released I decided to try and speedrun 1.16 some to get a decent time. My goal was to get a time faster than 25 minutes, which was a good time and fairly obtainable at the time for me without spending months speedrunning. We had or were just about to switch manhunt to 1.16 and I wanted to get practice for that, and then speedrun for a better 1.15 time, because my record on 1.15 had been beaten.

After running for about a week, I got a 19 minute time (that arguably could have been lower, ironically enough due to bad luck). I started running 1.15 directly after, and a few day’s later there were some suspicions involving my streamed runs on 1.16. At this point, I was cooperative but upset and confused that I was being questioned. I provided all the information that I could, and assumed that everything was fine. As chatter grew, I was confused and the numbers didn’t look to be in my favor.

At this point I reached out to the only mojang developer that I had contact with, and talked for an hour or so about what was going on. I told him the details and was asking if there’s potential for a bug or glitch, and he told me that no there isn’t, but said some things about how banning for luck seems far fetched and that they should improve their system.

I felt a little reassured, but also angry that I was potentially being dragged for absolutely nothing. It wasn’t a huge thing yet, but it still lingered in my mind and I couldn’t really think about anything other than it.

As time went on and many weeks passed, I grew more and more frustrated, convinced that I was being targeted due to the fact that I was a Youtuber and a couple of the mods (self admitted) didn’t like me at all and didn’t have many kind words to say. I was an asshole and lashed out publicly, saying the investigation was a farce and expressing how pissed I was that I was being targeted and that it was taking so long, as the mods kept giving me deadlines and then missing them.

This was terribly stupid of me to do. I was scared and stressed and said and did shitty things. I regret it a lot and really wish that I had been able to keep my calm.

Later that month, the speedrun team released a video and a document detailing why my 1.16 runs couldn’t have been legitimate based on math and statistics. I admittedly don’t know shit about math and statistics, I didn’t go to college and I hated math my whole life. At this point I felt complete fear, as I felt like I had been publicly smeared in a way that I have no clue how to respond to. I didn’t understand the math and I didn’t understand why I had been left in the dark for so long only to have a video dropped randomly on me right before MCC. At this point and before, I had multiple speedrun moderators messaging me scary things about how it was a shit show and no one could agree on things just before the release, that they were clearly biased against me and so on. In retrospect, this may have been out of fear and wanting to be on the good side of a really big youtuber, or maybe they were being truthful or a little bit of both. All I know is that it scared me a lot. feeling like everything you built might come tumbling down and there’s nothing you can do about it is really stressful.

Again, I lashed out. I tweeted about the mods being clout chasers, and said a lot of really dicky things. I was pissed, I was scared, and I was being an idiot.

shortly after that, someone gave me the idea to hire a professional statistician because I know nothing about math. This calmed me down a lot and brought me back to a much healthier mindset. I googled and I ended up finding two professors and I emailed them both about the situation asking for assistance. Only one of them was available to help.

I was looking for help and I told them that I didn’t cheat, and that I just needed a second opinion on the math. Eventually the professor came back with a conclusion that the mods numbers were off by a significant significant margin, and that’s it’s possible although extremely unlikely. Again, not completely understanding math but knowing that my experts opinion seemed to be that the mods were off, I felt vindicated and relieved. I made a video about it, and expressed the professors views. people hounded me for it saying that the Astro physicist was fake, but the mods confirmed it was legit. I just wanted a (mostly) unbiased parties opinion.

The mods came back with a response, correcting the professor and saying that he was off and providing reasons for why. Again, I don’t understand complicated math so I sent it directly to the professor asking for his thoughts. Later on, he came back admitting there were mistakes in his original assessment, although he still believed theirs was off. In his rebuttal though, he came to the conclusion that it’s improbable that I didn’t cheat. I felt like the right thing to do was post his findings, even though he hadn’t asked me to yet, I did. I tweeted them out and replied saying that I agree that it seems more likely than not that I cheated. I didn’t say anything more than that.

Funnily enough, he actually emailed me a day or two later saying I need to post his findings, or he will (semi-threatening, but not in a mean way), and I responded that I already had before he even asked.

At this point I was lost, and I was fairly confused about the whole thing. Wondering what the other options were and exploring the possibilities. as much as I was confident that I didn’t cheat, I had never explored the option that I possibly did. due to the way I reacted to the mods and perceived everything going on I was convinced that they were out to get me. I tunnel visioned and was paranoid and didn’t think straight. I had plenty of valid reasons to believe that they weren’t impartial, and had the mod team and I been completely friendly from the beginning I believe it never would have gotten to the point that it did.

After considering this, I ended up finding out that I HAD actually been using a disallowed modification during ~6 of my live streams on Twitch. At the time we were just starting to record videos on 1.16 and we had just hired a developer to help with coding mods for videos because me and George had no experience with mods only plugins. One of the mods that they were working on was an overall recording mod, that I have used in every video (with updates and improvements) since around the speedrun controversy. You may notice it in my videos due to f3 being small or particles being reduced, or recently on my streams things like the background being custom or a “Dreams servers” option and plenty of other features and improvements.

In our challenge videos, before 1.16 we always increased the enderman spawn rates and pearl drop rates out of convenience and we’ve mentioned that openly before. It makes the videos better because we don’t spend hours looking for pearls or spend so much time farming blaze rods (a totally RNG thing, mostly pearls). When 1.16 came out, it was more complicated to increase piglin trades then it is to do enderman pearl drops. A server side plugin was made for our videos that slightly increases the rates. Around this time is when the first versions of the recording mod was being made, although it was more of a chat mod at this point.

I had considered at the time that this potentially could have been a problem, but brushed it off because 1. Server side and client side are completely different and as far as I was aware nothing had been done client side. 2. as far as I knew it was just basically a chat mod so far and 3. I was 99% sure that I didn’t even have the recording mod on. Which was backed up by the fabric api logs saying that only the fabric api was loaded (although I found out later it only lists things that explicitly ask to be listed which I had no idea) this was mentioned in my response video.

I ended up thinking that it’s basically the only explanation after the professor came back with what he did. I talked with the developer and ended up finding out that when working on the mod stuff he had added the same improvements from our challenge servers to the client side mod so that they would work in single player for videos like the shock collar video or other “single player” mod videos. This was only in an early rendition of the mod and was removed because the developer realized that those type of videos can just be done on a PC hosted server. This actually included a couple other things that weren’t mentioned at all during the controversy much as far as I’m aware. Ender eyes had a low chance of breaking when thrown, and enderman dropped pearls at a much higher percentage (I don’t think I killed many enderman so this wasnt noticeable, similar to the eyes).

When I realized this, I felt an extreme sense of guilt and I took down my response video not believing in what I said in the video at all anymore. This was a couple months ago at this point I believe. When the drama first started I cared more about defending myself and being right, then about figuring out what was actually going on and I shot myself in the foot by doing it.

I felt really terrible for the mods because I dragged them through the mud even though they were mostly right. I still feel as though the mod team was extremely unprofessional when dealing with it, but they’re a group of volunteers just trying to do their job and in their eyes I was some cheating sob youtuber who didn’t care at all. Maybe in their position I would have treated me the same. I was an asshole back to them which didn’t help at all either.

I reflected a lot about the entire thing and had a lot of regret about just the first few days after the runs. What if they had asked for my mods sooner, what if I had realized sooner, what if I hadn’t had a history with a couple of the mods maybe I wouldn’t have jumped straight to them being out to get me. Further past that what if I could have controlled my emotions and not blown the whole thing out of proportion. I can’t live by what if’s though so I was just left with what I had. I debated live streaming or making a video about it, but the drama had basically already passed and I was worried about rekindling the fire when I had already gone through basically a couple months straight of absolutely being shit on by anyone that didn’t think of me favorably, and the mods had gone through weeks of torture Im sure too.

I figured it’s out of the way, and it would be a story I would tell in a few years when no one really cared. I told a couple people and just felt like the community had been through enough drama and that it was pointless. I didn’t want to be the center of controversy for the hundredth time.

it was shitty and an unfortunate situation where I felt like I couldn’t defend myself anymore in good faith without feeling bad but I also didn’t have any intention of cheating.

Since the speedrun controversy there’s been some animosity between me and the mods, and I feel like the relationship only got worse. They declined my donations from the controversy video, got into drama a couple times with me/my community on Twitter since(don’t want to go into specifics), and a month or so ago added me to a chat questioning me about my previous 1.15 runs from around a year ago. They saw a suspicious black box that they thought meant a splice, but it turned out to be a youtube setting on their end that they realized, and they had some other random questions as well. This was resolved fairly maturely I believe and I haven’t talked to them since.

Yesterday around MCC the mods made the decision to remove my old runs due to suspicions and the fact that my 1.16 run was invalid, which is something that is done with most people who submit any invalid runs at all. I’m sure there’s reasonable suspicions about most runs, especially offline ones from back when they were allowed, so couple that with a 1.16 run being actually invalid and it’s a completely reasonable assumption. You can’t give someone the benefit of doubt on lag or frame skips or potential cuts or anything unless they’ve earned it, and in this case I haven’t at all. So I don’t want to see any hate towards the mods or any drama involving the fact that they were marked invalid due to my 1.16 run. I think it’s dumb that it’s been done 11 months later, but it’s understandable and if anything, I deserve it, and it puts an end to any potential drama. (at this point what could they do, double ban me? /j)

I’m not really sure what Im expecting out of all of this, but I just felt like I had a huge weight on my shoulder and I want to get it off. I think the whole situation was extremely shitty overall for everyone involved and I wish that I could go back and do things differently because it was some of the worst weeks of my life and still impacts me every day. I’m sorry to anyone that I let down or disappointed. I always strive to be the best person that I can be and that whole debacle wasn’t the best that I can be or anywhere near it. I hope this brings some closure to anyone who needed it, and I really want to move forward with positive vibes like I’ve been trying my best to promote as much as I can.

When I got into speed running I was doing it every day for months, and you can see the skill improvement even just over a few months of tryharding. It was so much fun and I got a few snarky records that I shouldn’t have got in the first place (my first world record I chopped down trees for 10 minutes, I still find that hilarious how unoptimized the category was). I came in at the right time and met some absolutely incredible people who are some of the best Minecraft players on the planet. I am no where near the best speedrunner and I never have been, I was in the right place at the right time and was able to have a lot of fun because of that.

I hope that this gives insight into my mindset a little bit, but if not I’m not sure what will. I’m sure I’ll talk about it more just for clarity sake, but I want to avoid causing more drama. please don’t send any hate to the mod team or anyone involved in the situation, I don’t want any more drama at all, you’re no supporter of mine if you do.

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Featured on May 31, 2021 at 12:10 PM: Shanny4Christ, the human incarnation of white trash, has apparently had her apartment broken into by one of her hater reaction channels. There may be legal consequences for him.
Looks who's live again:

Archive of Dragnauct's stream 360p:

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Featured on May 28, 2021 at 8:35 AM: A puer natus est ex carne et frumentum hodie.

Et ingressus Antichristi regnum nostrum Anglie absque carne. Et mox bello Sancti sit super nos. Ave satanas et pariunt, Vickers Brus Alexander Matth. Deus misereátur nostri, in animabus.
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Featured on May 27, 2021 at 7:35 AM: [IP2] Chaggot admits he had sex with a 13 year old he gave liquor and weed to when he was 18. Proceeds to ask strangers on the street if that was OK and gets shut down. Literally begs Baked Alaska to defend his honor while he pimps Chaggot out to chat who pay to humiliate him with text-to-speech. Visibly shaken adult man calls himself "mentally 15" in his defense.
PPP is coming for Chaggot on twitter about whatever he is saying on stream.

View attachment 2202671
HOLY FUCK chaggot is autistic, he is with Baked Alaska and Woozuh.
Baked, having NO views or content, makes chaggot dance for him
chaggot talking about his pedophilia to random people
(Chaggot was 18 years old and the girl was 13 years old) Chaggot thinks it was justified, Asks people about it

chaggot had also asked 15 year olds about the situation

Chaggot wants baked to defend his honor

Chaggot upset that baked isnt trying hard enough

also Chaggot having an autism meltdown

Chaggot explains his position on pedophilia

Chaggot tries to explain it more, (circle of friends, other people did it so it was ok, she was mentally older than me) shit excuses

also from eariler in the stream, how it started
A tts donation triggers chaggot, by asking chaggot about the time he fucked a 13 year old

They staff wants Baked and Chaggot out.

Baked had a call with Attila, Loulz and Stop Speeding, invited them to his house
Baked freaking out/being cringe that some girl kissed him, what isnt he 32-36?

both baked and woozuh know who PPP is. Call him "fat retard".

chaggot explains black privilege and why he wants to be black

From here, the next day (links to post itt with clips + stream archive), Baked called the cops on Chaggot
YOURINMY (1).giffgh4oa.gif
link itt to full stream archives of baked & chaggot fighting/cops
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JY's Tampon

Featured on May 21, 2021 at 4:45 AM: Jonathan Yaniv's mother and aunt have been charged with different crimes.
Since it's up on the front page I'll clean this up a bit. Miriam Yaniv and Ilana Altmann, Jonathan's aunt were arrested on February 22nd. As you can see Miriam only had one charge while Ilana chimped out.
Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 4.25.18 PM.pngScreen Shot 2021-05-20 at 4.25.27 PM.png

This was Jon a few days later naming the officer and his family.
Jonathan Yaniv.png

Jonathan released this footage.

UPDATE: This has led to a new civil suit. Here is Jonathan, nearly out of breath walking into the RCMP station trying to serve him.
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Featured on May 19, 2021 at 3:29 PM: Connor Murphy, a body builder on YouTube, has been institutionalized. This is a brand new thread so check out the OP as well.
Connor just got involuntarily committed to the psych ward a second time :story:
If you want a story-time video that gets crazier by the minute, this is for you. She's got the receipts, vids, and convos. Her name is Jane Conquest and she is the protagonist in this story. She is one of those people who can restore your faith in humanity,

Tl;Dr: Connor is doing more ayahausca than I thought was possible - like hoarding pounds and pounds of it. He became a hoarder, falsely believed he was engaged to this chick he just met, and tried to fake his own death and run away. He also met this 19 yr/old woman (not the one in the video) and claimed she was 15 and that he raped her. The 19 yr/old confirms she is both over age and was never harassed by him. Connor then wipes his phone, smashes his computer and dips out. He claimed he'd been kidnapped when trying to commit himself willingly to a psych ward. Eventually he was found and committed.

This girl, Jane, was promoted in some of his content. This is the chick Connor claims he's engaged to. I guess it's not real? She said she didn't know the engagement was legit in his eyes, because he gave her a LOTR ring. Apparently she had known him for only a month and realized his mental health issues after finding his Youtube channel. She claimed he was lucid last month but quickly deteriorated over the last few weeks. Tbh she sounds genuine and tried to help him, and the way she describes him decoupling from reality is hilarious. Here are some issues that have exacerbated
  1. Hoarding - Man has boxes stacked everywher, it's a shit hole. It took two guy making a documentary about him showing up at the right time and volunteering two full days to almost clean it out
  2. Cringing and hating his older content - He went through and privated his older videos, and republished them again at Jane's advice (so he could monetize them and retrieve some money after he gave away his bank info and ssn)
  3. Rambling, having issues articulating his thoughts
  4. Does not apparently have running (or drinkable?) water
  5. He is still doing ayahausca. She claims he was high on ayahausca while driving her to the store, though she didn't know he was high at the time.
  6. She claims he's doing ayahausca every two-ish hours after discovering it fucking all over his kitchen, apparently he mixes ayahausca in everything
Screenshot from 2021-05-19 15-38-56.png
She filmed herself unpacking groceries in his kitchen, you can see the ayahausca and scale on the left side of this screencap.
7. He keeps ordering random packages and forgets he did it
After the engagement video is uploaded is when people start intervening and concerned he's truly detached, because he just met her and no one viewed the engagement as legit. They constantly reiterate he is super non-aggressive

Connor Murphy Update May 2021 (He is safe)​

(Youtube link)
Timestamps: 0:00
Intentions 1:36
How I became associated with Connor 14:35
Calling the authorities 18:24
Connor Murphy documentarians 19:50
Escalation 20:22
Police visit about suicide threat 21:48
Police visit about CP 22:31
Connor goes missing 29:30
Addressing further questions 31:28

My current situation TL/DW: Former bodybuilding YouTuber Connor Murphy’s experience in drug-induced psychosis has been made very public, and I became personally involved. I gathered a team, and we went to great lengths to help him. It is now in his family’s hands — he is safe, and they have posted that he is in an institution. La experiencia del ex YouTuber de culturismo Connor Murphy con la psicosis inducida por drogas se ha hecho muy pública, y yo me involucré personalmente. Reuní un equipo, e hicimos todo lo posible para ayudarlo. Ahora está en manos de su familia — está a salvo y han publicado en las redes sociales que está en una institución.
Source for 13:40: https://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/texa...
Source for 19:06: https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/ay...
Source for 19:20: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.altam...

It looks like she uploaded this video to explain her side because people were accusing her of fucking him up. Sucks for her, because she seems like some rando who wanted to help him and got roped into the internet machine. She really tried to help him but the absolute state of US mental health services was here undoing.
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Featured on May 17, 2021 at 12:09 AM: Ethan Ralph's mother has passed away.
Gone to soon
Ralph's mother had been in declining health for years, but upon entering a coma as the result of a brain bleed in February, her future begun to look especially grim. Ralph went into detail about her condition in a blog post a few days after she entered her coma, and updates on her health became rare over the following months. As the bleeding was the result of a fall Sandra suffered the hospital, Ralph has since toyed with the idea of suing for medical malpractice.


Featured on May 15, 2021 at 8:34 PM: DarkSydePhil received a seven day Twitch suspension for accidentally muttering something that sounds kind of like the n word. [Lifted already.]
Supposedly for saying the n-word. Kinda. Sorta.


-UPDATE 1- He received a 7-day suspension for using a 'hateful slur'. He's absolutely livid on Twitter:


the hateful slur (the hateful truth meme) Twitch suspension.png

-UPDATE 2- Lol:


(https://twitter.com/TheyCallMeDSP/status/1393700438227132416 + https://twitter.com/TheyCallMeDSP/status/1393699564041904128)

-UPDATE 3- He'll be 'transitioning' (lol) to Youtube. Not sure if it's just for the time being or permanently:


Setting up superchat, memberships, mods and bots for Youtube:

-UPDATE 4- He recorded his reaction and uploaded it to his YT channel, calling Twitch insane and claiming he has had enough of it. Local archive of the reaction part:

'Returnal playthrough pt16 - Twitch BANS ME FOR NO REASON! I'VE HAD IT!!!!'

-UPDATE 5- Twitch has lifted the suspension, claiming it was a mistake. DSP's reaction:

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Featured on May 14, 2021 at 3:27 PM: NachoDog (Rebecca Scott), a zoophile who outed two other zoophiles who also molested her dog, has allegedly been euthanized by Germany after a failed heart operation (or lied about it we don't know).

It's been a while since I brought up Rebekah Scott, but it would appear she may have committed assisted suicide in Germany after a failed heart operation to treat a myriad of chronic illnesses.

Edit for more context:
I'll be quoting from @Pukebucket's summary so things don't get too long.

The incident referred to below occurred in Renton, WA. Rebekah continued residing in WA until around October 2020 when she left to receive treatment for her heart disease.
Nacho - Reformed Zoo - At risk of her own dirty laundry being aired (which it inevitably did) as well as threats of physical violence from her ex, Noodlesoup, Nacho went to the authorities and exposed Cupid and Noodles for their rape of her service dog/emotional support animal(?). This led to expansive efforts from the zoosadism ring to blackmail her into silence with her prior history as a zoophile, with SnakeThing and Tane having plans going so far as intent to drug and rape her at a house party along with Tekkita (who wanted to remain anonymous during the rape) and someone named Miskas. It's strongly believed that Nacho has since reformed and is no longer an active zoophile, and she exposed the others at risk of her own reputation by going to the authorities and pursuing legal action rather than just infodumping on the 'net like Shadowwoof and Akela were.
Matthew John Grabowsky/CupidtheDeer/Bluetooth - Telegram Zoosadist and Twitter Zoophile - Fucked his dog, intentionally spread STIs to other people, sexted a minor and was caught raping Nacho's dog with the help of Kevin Allan Richards/Noodles. Likely accepted a plea deal for a misdemeanor offense. DatedMr. Bitchtits/Tekkita(?) who was mentioned in the Telegram leaks that Cupid himself was also part of. Cupid was friends with Tane, but not friends with Snakething/Levi since Snakething was the one who leaked the video of Cupid fucking Nacho's dog, which ended up getting seen by Nacho who reported the crime. Was being offered an animal from Craigslist by Snakething as an apology for leaking the video apparently, all while on bail for raping Nacho's dog.
Kevin Allen Richards/Noodles/Noodlescoop - Telegram Zoosadist - Nacho reported him to the police for making bestiality porn of her dog. Was Nacho's ex-boyfriend and allowed Cupid access to their apartment so they could rape her dog. Got a plea bargain and was given time out of prison in a probationary period despite making threats to kill Nacho for reporting him and Cupid.
Levi Simmons/Snakething - Telegram Zoosadist - The guy who was providing videos of torturing animals to death for sexual purposes and was caught grooming his nephews for underage sex acts, with intent to "give" one of them to Sangie/James Hoyt I believe. Planned to rape Nacho at a house party along with Tane and the rest, and also encouraged Tane to fuck around with a minor named Devin, who he was also in contact with. Currently in jail for being a freak. Pled guilty to ten counts of encouraging child sexual assault. Introduced to Woof via IlloneSheppypaws from Animals Dark Paradise.
Here is a post from Rebekah around the time the incident occurred detailing how shit went down between her, Grabowsky, and Richards. This is seemingly before she figured out that Richards was allowing Grabowsky access to her dog.

After Grabowsky's conviction, either he or Richards made an appearance on the Farms in order to post evidence of her having sex with animals as a way to take heat off themselves. Still unclear as to who was behind the account but worth including this in the post. Someone else found an account named Rebeca on a Bestiality site but given that the account is uploading videos every 15-30 min from various sources, I strongly doubt this was actually her's.

A GoFundMe was created on Sept 18, 2020 for medical costs as well as her expected travel outside the US which managed to raise $25K. No update on it though since Oct 19 of that year.

Timeline for all of the updates:
Sept 16, 2020

Sept 18-23

Sept 26

Oct 19

Tweets from her account after / around the updates. They'll be in chronological order as follows:

Concerns have been raised however that something doesn't seem right here. I have no idea how Medicaid / Medicare / SSI / any other social program works so I'm taking this speculation with a grain of salt until I can find some sources to back this up. TL;DR: Rebekah should have been able to completely cover the necessary surgery in the US due to being on SSI (which means that she should qualify for Medicaid). Otherwise, she should've just been able to file for bankruptcy and just get the surgery anyways. Germany is also still in lockdown due to COVID and had only recently started allowing assisted suicide again. The laws are really iffy though so possibly wouldn't have been able to allow her to do it yet. That and Germany just randomly covering all the healthcare costs of some broke American doesn't make sense.

I'll more than likely write a more in-depth summary tomorrow but right now I'm fucking exhausted. Just take the screenshots.

Scattered in those images somewhere, Rebekah claims she has no family. I'm going to assume she means that most of them are estranged or low-contact. Either way, I took screencaps of all her tweets that mention family members here.

People also doubted that she was ever in Germany so here is a compilation of all the media tweets proving her location. The running theory now is that she may have visited Germany, but she isn't actually living there.
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Featured on May 11, 2021 at 2:32 PM: Israel and Palestine are shooting missiles at each other and it's pretty cool.
Over the past couple of days there have been ongoing clashes between Jews and Palestenians in Jeruasalem. Obviously this has been going on for generations, but this is to discuss recent outbreaks.
Rather than making a thread for each article, a single thread to contain all discussion seems like the better idea.

gaza fires rockets at israel

isreal raids a mosque, leaving hundreds injured

large fire outside of the previous mosque

Jewish visitors banned from the temple

jew rams palestinians who were allegedly throwing stones

isreali airstrikes kill 9, including 3 children

more rockets fire by hamas

Large scale rocket attacks have been fired at tel aviv

Israel is now invading Gaza
"There is no doubt. Massive operation underway against Hamas in the Gaza strip. Soft targets are cleared in preparation for imminent incursion/land ops."
View attachment 2167511

Lights getting knocked out in Gaza
...and here go the lights in Gaza.
View attachment 2167559

Building collapse after Israeli strike

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Featured on May 6, 2021 at 12:06 AM: Tommy Tooter is trying to ooze his way onto the Tranch.
[Cow Crossover with the Tranch]

Archive (480p):

0:19- "Business is starting to thrive... Artist co-operative. I do stonework. I cut down gemstones and carve".

0:35- Tom goes over his education, pleading his case on how he can be useful with his background in ecosystem engineering. "Fisheries, biology, polyculture, aquaponics, sustainable energy, etc."

0:57- "I'd like to help with your publicity"

1:23- Tom says he has no intention of getting anywhere near there for months because of the "summer selling season". Says he'll visit before the Summers over.

1:55- Philip suggests a Zoom call between himself, bonnie, and J.

2:36- Tom gives Philip his phone number.

3:25-4:35- Nothing but awkward silence. The only thing worth noting is the flies crawling and flying around Tommy like the pile of shit he is.

4:45- "This is for repentance's sake. I have no idea what that person's intentions are". Don't worry, Tom you can find out lots of information about the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch in their thread and the Kevin Gibes thread!

4:54- "I'm old! I'm 67 fucking years old and I look real fucking good for 67"

5:10- "I have a lot of respect in the real world. I have a lot more respect in the virtual world"

5:44- "You don't argue with fools because the observers can tell which one's the fool. If you believe that there are only 2 sexes and transgender people are mentally ill, well it's a waste of time to talk to you".
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Featured on May 5, 2021 at 5:43 PM: [NSFL] Kelly Ronahan, a relatively minor Beauty Parlor character, is having her legs amputated because she won't stop picking at them.
[Mod Edit: Please be mindful this thread is in Beauty Parlor and is mostly for women, so don't be weird.]

Seems the time has come

Mod edit for posterity:
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Featured on May 1, 2021 at 10:29 PM: Amy Carlson, "Mother God" of the cult Love Has Won, has died, and seven cult members have been arrested.
I'll get this thread highlighted as soon as we have 100% confirmation she's dead.

Officially dead and 7 people are in jail.


Featured on May 1, 2021 at 4:18 PM: Chantal has admitted that she smoked meth with a strange Arab in a crackshack.
✨Meth Stream Recap✨
She says King Tut and her did hard drugs just two nights out of all the ones she spent there.
She "just wanted to try it once" but she's "never doing it again"
She thinks she almost died of overdose, googled the symptoms and had all of them. She did a mixture of 3 drugs. She threw up for 2 days, was sweating a lot, made her pee smell and thought she was dying. Her throat is swollen and didn't eat for 3 days. Says she's still recovering from that, and might go to the ER if necessary.
He cried because he let her take that. Also he is not a drug addict you guyssss.
Her chat said they were right to worry about her and she says she "just learns the hard way"
Time line:
Night 1: Coke
Night 2: Coke + Molly (she asked him to buy it) + Meth (left over pipe that was at his house)
Night 3: Edibles
All that plus Ozempic + Blood Thinners + Effects of not taking antidepressants

ETA: Deleted the stream
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Featured on Apr 27, 2021 at 2:07 AM: Russell Greer made an entire music video for his creepy ass song.
Russell's "Yo Yovanna" video dropped and it is incredibly cringe. Decent production value, he must have spent a decent amount of money on this shit. That is...at least it's decent until it gets to his "special message" which is him talking about his disability and asking out Yovanna. New lawsuit when?


YouTube Link

Von Wolf Demon

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Featured on Apr 26, 2021 at 5:50 AM: u/Bardfinn, reddit's lead Nazi hunter and mod at over 60 subs, is a tranny deadbeat dad who hasn't paid child support in 4 years.
Back from Dallas and got some bad news… and some good news!

First, a quick tangent on why this was worth time and money to me and why I loathe Reddit.

For those of you who don’t know, this is Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit, aka “Spez”.

Regardless of all the other issues surrounding Reddit, their sheer contempt for the information and privacy of their users stands out to me. Here we have Steve Huffman being interviewed at a conference. His simps have claimed that he was joking, but I would advise watching the whole video if you think that. He is just smug and insufferable in the whole video. This doesn’t at all come across as a joke to me.

“We know all of your interests. Not only just your interests you are willing to declare publicly on Facebook – we know your dark secrets, we know everything…”

It gets interesting around 14:00 and this quote is right after that point.

The interviewer took him as joking, but others did not. I am with those who do not find this to be Steve’s effort at humor. He is too humorless for that.

Spez is also known for actively editing Reddit posts that are critical of him.


The CEO of Reddit, a site that prides itself on enabling users to “be their true selves” online, is in damage control mode after admitting to using his administrative power to edit comments that were critical of him on a popular pro-Trump forum.
Steve Huffman revealed last week that he edited posts on a forum called “the_donald,” a highly active “subreddit” for supporters of the president-elect. Huffman replaced mentions of his name with the names of the leaders of the pro-Trump forum, essentially re-directing the vitriol he received to target those leaders instead.
“I abused my power to give the bullies a hard time,” he told The Washington Post Friday by phone. Huffman said he thought of the edits as a joke: a way to push back against Reddit users who had been harassing him for months, the paper reported.

Also, I envy those posters in this thread who think “nobody could possibly do this much shit on the 
Internet for free”. The Age of the Internet is inherently the Age of Doing Things For Free and that was true even before COVID. See wikipedia talk pages about navel lint, the DSP forum on this very board, My Immortal, JonTron fapfic, and the Star Citizen trading board (a game in alpha for seven years at this point) for further evidence. Hell, I’ve put plenty of my own time into KF articles for free, so who I am I to talk?

I don’t want to “save Reddit”, though, from its shitty mods. I want their shitty mods to take down their site with their crapulence. Delete your account. Lurk the boards you still like with a VPN and a secure browser. And, if you just can't quit, never use anything identifiable when you sign up. Obvious advice to most Kiwis, but not to all reading this. Don’t give them a goddamn thing. Support 230, but push for anti-trust action against Big Tech and reform of payment processors if you really want to see things change.

THE BAD NEWS: The child/family law records office was a clusterfuck. They had 50 page documents with only one or two interesting pages mixed with multiple one-page documents that were oftentimes very important. You only have 15 minutes to work at the terminal which is not enough time to get the info you need. If somebody wants to pursue the full records, I would recommend just paying for the whole stack at $1 per page. I think there were two 50 page docs and dozens of 1 page docs. Ie between 125-175 pages to print. I did get some shots of the screen that showed something very important, however, as you shall see below.

Quick summary of what I saw in those documents:

-Anomimous’s analysis of the divorce, child custody document, failure to appear, failure to pay, etc. timeline earlier in this thread is very accurate to what I saw in the files. Violent incident in 2010, trial in 2011, divorce after that, then years of a mix of compliance and failure to pay child support. For those who don’t know how this part of the system works, if a deadbeat dad fails to provide, the stay-at-home mom’s only option for collecting support is to go on welfare and other social programs. That puts it in the power of the state to collect from the dad via either payment or garnishment of wages to repay the welfare, SNAP, etc. that the state is paying out. In a more amicable divorce or child support situation, one parent simply sends a check or Venmo or whatever on a monthly basis and there is no state involvement.

-The divorce agreement was mostly boilerplate and looked like a fairly standard support agreement, with his ex having primary custody, and Steve having visitation rights and financial obligations. It was long and didn’t have much interesting material, and I probably should have skipped most of it and saved a lot of time for other documents out of my 15 minute allotment. There were no “juicy details”, just a general “we don't get along and want a divorce.” The divorce and original custody agreement looks less contentious than Steve’s later failure to comply with child support which led to a decade of court wrangling. Some couples fight back and forth for years before getting child custody set, but I don't think that happened here.

-It looks like Steve paid 235.00 per month when he still bothered to pay. I think this further debunks his “I live off all my patents, bitches!” nonsense. He hasn’t paid ANY support to the state since 2017. I am not sure how this was all concluded, but I suspect court proceedings have been heavily affected by COVID and cases like his likely were dropped in priority. His balance due just keeps climbing each month with late fee/interest charges increasing each month. At a certain point, I guess they just give up? If Reddit is slipping him money, it sure doesn't show up anywhere official.

-He had at least two different warrants for failure to pay and a failure to appear to a hearing.

-The state ordered a wage garnishment that applies to any employer that hires Steve and that money is transferred to the state to pay for welfare, SNAP, and other services. This is not really a problem for Steve as he never seems to have jobs anymore!

-Here are the files showing his lack of payment. He stopped paying in 2017. File ends in 2019, not sure what that means. If I had more time to read, I could have probably found a document that explained what the next step was. It is also possible that COVID caused a massive backup in records. No idea.
support 1.jpgsupport2.jpg

support 3.jpgsupport4.jpgsupport5.jpgsupport6.jpg

THE GOOD NEWS: I got all 21 pages of Steve’s criminal records that are accessible in Dallas County for $21. I have attached the full document to the bottom.

The Incident that started the domestic violence case:

Description of Charges:
description of charges.png
Police Report:

the crime described.png
big steve linebacker troon.png
Respect trans women! Real women get the finger HARD in the arm and the torso. While poking with a finger may not sound that painful, keep in mind that this is a very large man poking a woman a foot shorter than him literally dozens of times while yelling at her the equivalent of “whatcha gonna do about it?” in front of a 14 month old. 6’3 and 230 is bigger than most heavyweight fighters and a typical size for a college linebacker. Also who the fuck spanks a five year old hard enough to leave bruises? Regardless of whether you support corporal punishment, that is fucked up.

I find it weird that during the description of charges, Steve and his ex are described as having a “dating relationship”, which is odd as they were married by then, which is noted in the full police report. Not sure what this would serve as a lie. Also, it is possible it was just a mistake by somebody. Not sure what to make of it.

Warrant for arrest.

arrest warrant.png
State Recommendations.
Suspended Sentence
suspended sentence.png
Plea Bargain

Screen Shot 2021-04-24 at 12.53.59 PM.png
Assault Sentence Reduced
assault sentence reduced.png

Here’s Steve’s full rap sheet. I am not a lawyer, but I did my best to break down the codes to figure out the crimes. This was included in his case as these prior offenses can be considered in his 2011 case. All the case numbers are there. I looked at the other two counties, but a) couldn’t find him in Randall’s database and b) couldn’t find any options for Potter County. It’s possible an in-person visit to those offices might come away with something. They do not list sentences, but I would love to know what time, if any, he served.

rap sheet.png

2001 Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Randall County, Texas. GUILTY

2002 Drug possession, category PG1 which looks like it may have been opiate-related possession or possibly some other unprescribed medication. Large category which includes many things, but not marijuana. Potter County, TX. GUILTY

ETA: Here is a link that explains "Penalty Group 1" and what substances fall into that group.

2005. Fail ID fugitiive. Looks like that means he lied to an officer about his identity. Amarillo, Randall County, TX. GUILTY

2005 Unlawful Carry of Weapon. Randall County, TX. No data on sentence, but it says “DOA”. Could not find what that code means. Dismissed on appeal, maybe?

2006 Drug possession, again category PG1 Randall County, TX. GUILTY. Two charges, convicted of both, no further detail.

2006 Related to above drug possession case, he was charged with “Theft 20k-100k”. This appears to have been dismissed as part of his plea on the drug charges. “NAOG” indicates a plea connected to the dismissal.

2006 Also related to the above three cases, he was charged with “prohibited weapons”, which was dropped to “possession in correctional facility” as part of his guilty pleas on the drug charges. My layman’s version of the alleged events: “Dumbass got popped with opiates and stolen goods, then caught in jail with an improvised shiv”. All these charges were rolled into the two drug charges and a reduced weapons charge. The guilty plea got the theft charge dropped.

TLDR: Steve has had a long history of getting in trouble with the law and the domestic assault was not a lone incident.

ETA: Cleaned up piece to make it less "jokey", sloppy, and rambling and quicker for people to get to the parts that matter: Steve's records. I also added a link to the list of drugs categorized as PG1 in the State of Texas. It is a long list. I was writing this for a few KF users and didn't expect anybody else to care. Apparently MANY people are interested in this guy.
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Featured on Apr 24, 2021 at 2:42 PM: "Spirit Science" has a new OP, in case you're bored.
Spirit Science - Jordan Duchnycz - AKA Jordan David River - AKA Jordan Pearce
Spirit Science is a New Age internet cult that has existed for a decade as of this OP update. This thread is under new management because almost everyone has heard about Spirit Science but there has never been a place for people to congregate and discuss the wild cult. These guys have everything. Grifting, rape, Manson levels of acid, Space Jews, and - the most elusive of all - true purpose in the universe. Their Youtube (archive) channel has well over 1 million subscribers, they are immensely successful. The secret to their success is similar to the QAnon appeal. What made QAnon appealing to a wider audience was its ability to weave broad conspiracies into one grander narrative. Spirit Science has built a Tolkein-level lore surrounding our world that is honestly fun to listen to at times. The problem is that it is marketed as a religion, and behind all of the colors lies a darker cult that exploits people when they get in too deep.

This OP is designed to condense the hundreds of hours of insane lore into a digestible format while highlighting the cults real life controversies. Much like if someone asked you to explain Goddess Chris Chan (PBUH), many struggle with where to begin in the Spirit Science lore. Most fans were introduced through this video, a video I have watched dozens of times and shown to anyone who would listen. This simple animated video is where it all began for so many cultists. I recommend relaxing one evening, roll a joint or pour a glass of bourbon, and go into this video blind.

Our history is not what we think!​

(Youtube link)
Here is an intro to the first 20 minutes. This is the prequel knowledge to how we as humans got to where we are today, why we need enlightenment, and how to achieve it. It is weirder than you could possibly imagine.
Over the last few thousand years, we have warped our own history. Our stories of the past have been changed, altered, mistranslated, and have completely been misunderstood as we've rounded the curve on the Precession of the Equinox. 00:03-00:14
Screenshot from 2021-04-24 22-58-23.png
So we're one sentence in and you're already wondering what the hell the Precession of the Equinox is. Basically, our planet is going to be in the right place at the right time for maximum galactic cummies of enlightenment, but we're getting to get into that later.
We're going to start going back in time to Biblical periods and earlier. How do we know these stories are real? It's because we found the ruins, dumbass
Screenshot from 2021-04-25 11-12-43.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 11-12-48.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 11-12-53.png
Anyway, we found these Sumerian texts that describe our history. This history goes back hundreds of thousands of years. You might wonder what seperates this ancient Sumerian text from other religions. That's because this time....we have science....Spirit Science
Screenshot from 2021-04-25 11-17-07.png
Our history began on a little chains of islands called Lemuria, which eventually sunk into the ocean. In it's place rose Atlantis (looks like Australia). How do we know Lemuria existed? Thanks to Spirit Science, we can see that a chain of coral can be found from Hawaii to Easter Island. This means the islands had to exist, right?
Screenshot from 2021-04-25 11-18-43.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 11-21-33.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 11-21-14.png
Around this time there were only ~1,000 people on earth. These early humans were so ascended they became the "Ascended Masters" AKA the Naacals (Minute 5) So the Naacal are living in Australia Atlantis. There is a sacred geometric pattern in Atlantis, so based on where one of these tree orbs pulls you is where you will live. It is something akin to chakra energy. This place is so ascended and righteous because the Kundalini Snake Spirit inside the earth is pointing to Atlantis. Afterwards it moves to Tibet but who cares
Screenshot from 2021-04-25 11-25-32.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 11-27-46.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 11-28-15.png
At this point, we are not humans, but Lemurians. According to Spirit Science, we were a young species with a counscousness level of a "12 year old girl." (Minute 6:10) We were girls because we were a right-brained species. This is not explored further.
Screenshot from 2021-04-25 11-35-01.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 11-35-08.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 11-38-23.png
Anyway, as you can see in the picture below, two of the 10 circles were not filled by Lemurians. They had not yet mastered these two chakra points. So to help us ascend on our merry way we had two alien species help us. Before we get into our intergalactic helpers, how do we know about all of this? No, not the Sumerians this time, but the Mayans! Pictured below is the Mayan text he cited for the video. I'm not an expert in Mayan writing so I cannot vouch for how accurate the dragon pictures are. So who are our first helpers? Any guesses? Who's that pokemon?
Screenshot from 2021-04-25 11-39-14.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 11-39-01.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 11-39-47.png
If you guess Jews you would be Antisemitic and correct! (Minute 7)
The first race were the Hebrews, coming from our future. Thoth says they came from off-planet but we don't know where exactly. The Hebrews were kind of like the kid who didn't make it past fifth grade and had to start over again. The Hebrews knew all of the math, the left brain stuff, but didn't get the right-brain aspect of evolving consciousness. They didn't get to upgrade to the next level of evolution so they had to do it all over again. They knew a lot of things that we didn't know yet and brought a lot of concepts to us that we didn't know about. Now, if this is true, it would expkain quite a few things about the Hebrew people in general. They seem to have many sacred geometry symbols hidden within their culture. It also puts the story of Exodus into context. Perhaps Moses incarnated into that lifetime to free the Hebrews because they were not direct descendants of humans and were not being treated fairly. Or could it be that Moses was visited by an ascended master of the Hebrews and guided them to free their people?
So the Jews came from another planet from the future and are here to help us ascend to a higher plane. Their Merkaba (Star of David) is used to travel through planes of existence and multiple dimensions. I should buy an Israeli flag. Hebrews were very good at teaching us how to build spirit technology and enlightening us, but they did not master the emotional aspects of it.
Screenshot from 2021-04-25 11-50-54.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 11-50-52.png
The second group of aliens were the Plaestinians Martians. The Martians are your bad guys. They are an older left-brain species that blue their atmosphere away because they partook in the "Lucifer expirement" which is supposed to be "Cutting yourself off from the universe." Basically they tried to build a Merkaba like the Jews to travel to earth and save themselves but they ended up destroying the entire planet of Mars and only a few hundred could make it. Basically Martians used Jewish tech to ruin our lives
Screenshot from 2021-04-25 11-53-40.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 11-54-14.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 12-00-38.png
Remember when they said Lemurians(us) were like 12 year old girls? We've evolved to 14 year old girls by the time the Martians arrive. But Martians have the evolution of 70 year old men. So he heavily implies that they enjoy raping us.
Screenshot from 2021-04-25 12-02-32.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 12-02-34.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 12-02-44.png
No one is happy with this situation. It only gets worse when a fucking divine meteor comes to ruin your day. The Naacals and Lemurians (now Atlantians) saw this as a divine action and wanted to let it hit the earth. The Martians had technology and wanted to blow it out of the sky. You can see how this would create more tension. Despite the Martians being more powerful and evil, they apparently still had a fondness for Democracy and relented. So the meteor smashes into the earth and the Martians are pissed off.
Screenshot from 2021-04-25 12-26-11.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 12-26-03.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 12-25-58.png
The Martians decided new management is in order and tries to dominate the earth, again, even though it's established they essentially rule. But they want to do it bigger and better than before. Remember how they destroyed their planet and tried to use the Merkaba to escape to earth? They're going to do that again, except use the Merkaba's power to...I don't know...dominate the world through electric cars or something. Either way, they forgot how to build Merkabas because it's been 50k years since their last project. Some Martian intern made a mistake and they accidentally tore a rift between our third dimension and the lower ones.
Screenshot from 2021-04-25 12-30-32.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 12-30-51.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 12-30-43.png
What you see next is essentially the premise of Scientology: Lower dimensional alien souls pour out of this dimensional tear and latch onto human bodies. This is what causes sickness, misery, etc. It is also what began our decline to the unenlightened we currently are today. We have a strict schedule to reach enlightenment, and we are almost to the end. So we are joined with many interdimensional and intergalactic allies on our quest to reach enlightenment, featuring Zeus, Jesus, Thoth, Jews, Pharaohs, and others.
Screenshot from 2021-04-25 12-31-20.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 12-31-39.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 12-31-49.png

That's the premise to Spirit Science's religious lore. I recommend watching the whole things and his other videos, because this channel is essentially anime for the Kiwifarms. It's alolcow producing passable conspiratorial cartoons alleging and commiting heinous shit for us to laugh at.

Jordan Duchnycz
Jordan Duchnycz is a peculiar individual. He is an S-tier hippy that radiates grift whenever he speaks. I can't tell if he's charismatic to his followers or he's just a great story teller. To most discerning types, he is one bad hombre. His history has changed a little bit, so I won't mention anything I can't prove. First, here's a recent interview he conducted celebrating the 10th anniversary of Spirit Science.

The Story of Spirit Science - Celebrating 10 Years​

(Youtube link)

Let's talk about the rape. A lot of Lolcows rape, it's an unfortunate reality. Jordan is strange because he admits to having raped this woman, essentially to her face, but can't seem to figure out why that's wrong. Maybe he took too much acid. This is from his article, "When Regret Becomes Rape" here (archive) on his website. Along with Reddit (archive) joining in,
Screenshot from 2021-04-25 12-45-47.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 12-50-32.png
Screenshot from 2021-04-25 12-50-45.pngScreenshot from 2021-04-25 12-50-55.png
This may look bad, and that's because it is. Here's (archive) a news article talking about Jordan admitting to rape. Additionally the thread comment discussing the rape. And another comment discussing his relationship with OneyPlays and his freaky obsession with Emma Watson. Not to mention that time he trespassed in a hospital and interrupted a surgery by putting on scrubs and walking in.

I don't need to tell anyone how illegal AND dangerous this is
Overall Jordan is an objectively insane cult leader who has admitted to raping female members. It's bad. His content is super entertaining though. When he's not invading hospitals, trying to get people to do acid twice a day for their entire lives, and raping, he makes fun New-Age content that sometimes takes a sharp and dark turn to scientology or "freeing yourself from this physical world." Which is definitely just suicide.
His non-animation videos get scrubbed a lot because he likes to commit and self report his crimes. So please archive everything that you can.

Internet Activity: Website (archive) - Spirit Science Website (archive) - Twitter (archive) - Instagram (archive) - Youtube (archive) - Subreddit (archive)
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Featured on Apr 24, 2021 at 12:44 PM: Pokemon YouTuber Kaycreigh accuses FeintAttacks & TheHeatedMo of sexual harassment & assault.
Kaycreigh / Kaylynn Chreighton accused FeintAttacks / Chrissy Beckket of sexual harassment & assault. She mentioned DuncanCantDie / Duncan Macleod in the midst of airing out her grievances about him maybe spreading rumours about her being a slut. He proceeds to massively shit himself on Twitter AND on Twitch over a 7+ hour livestream where he threatens to go off his meds and sue her.

TL;DR: She went to Pax East back when she was still relatively unknown and Feint approached her under the guise of giving her advice as a content creator. He wanted to get food and keep talking so she agreed to go with him. He then blurted out randomly during the middle of that lunch that " This is a date btw " which made her uncomfortable. They later went to a party together (as well as having 1 of her friends accompanying) where she proceeded to get tipsy. Feint later accused her of being a slut and said that she was " all over female Poketubers' boyfriends " at the party, which is why most of them don't like her. Her friend said that her conduct wasn't out of the ordinary. Later, at a different Pax, she wound up getting into a party with ElGato (a company that makes streaming tech) and Feint got her blackout drunk. She woke up in his bed with him spooning her. Since that event, him and his gaggle of friends have more or less been mocking her and harassing her on Twitch and Twitter.

Keep in mind that when she made the video, she didn't want to name names. She even stated on Twitter that she didn't want people digging for names. However, she included a tweet that made it extremely easy for people to find out who she was talking about as well as several details which can only link back to a small handful of people.

At the time of posting, Beckket has made no public response outside of this tweet but has told Duncan in private that what Kay accused him of didn't happen.

The original video was trimmed in the YouTube editor and one of the parts that was cut was her mentioning a YouTuber by the name of DuncanKneeDeep / DuncanCantDie.
Accusations + responses were as follows:
  • He apparently made fun of her based on her subscriber count at Pax
    • He claims he never did nor that he cares about that sort of thing
  • He was spreading rumors about her
    • Says that he repeated what other people have said to him about her but " making it clear that they were rumors ". She rebutted that he should've defended her & he flips it around by saying he's not her PR person & that " he doesn't get involved. "
  • He got her blacklisted from ElGato.
    • Duncan states this is false. There is precedence for Duncan getting people blacklisted from sponsorships with ElGato so I can understand why she might've believed it if someone told her. She shouldn't take everything told to her at face value though so that's on her. His side of the story is that because of his wife's close ties to someone in ElGato, he was able to get sponsored early on and develop a tight connection with the sponsor. As a result, people would frequently as him for hookups (in this case, an invite to the ElGato party at Pax. Never been but I've heard they can be pretty wild). This is the part that's going to be confusing so bare with me. TheHeatedMo came to Duncan asking for an invite for Kay to get into the party. ElGato had already warned Duncan that the party was at capacity so they couldn't take in anymore guests. As such, he told Mo no. The story differs depending on who tells it. Duncan claims that Kay got the pass anyways using his name. Kay said that Mo went behind Duncan's back & name dropped him to someone at the ElGato booth that liked Duncan so he could get Kay a pass. ElGato staff then later came up to Duncan claiming that multiple guests were complaining about Kay. They came to him since the pass was in his name. Duncan flatly tells them to talk to Mo as he didn't invite her.
      • Reason I'm confused: I'm still under the impression that FeintAttacks is the one she's accusing of SA/SH but TheHeatedMo has also had a history of being a bit of a pest as well
Here's the video response he made. Tweets will be down below.

Some things things I want to point out in this video which don't line up.
One: He immediately talks about how he lost a sponsorship that would've netted him 3K. However, he tweeted later that " No one dropped me :) "

Two: The part about him getting pissed off about Kay accusing him of spreading rumors makes no fucking sense to me. If you're claiming that you're such an honest person and that you don't want to get involved, then why are you repeating rumors in the first place? It really does not matter if you tell people " Oh someone told me this rumor " or you're presenting it as a fact. You're still sharing that info around and you should know better than anyone that it really does not matter how you preface information. It also makes you a MASSIVE hypocrite bringing up that you were a former sex addict (which is something he mentions in a later video I will post) as well as being sex positive. If you're " sex positive " then why are you repeating rumors about a woman being promiscuous? That's not very progressive of you, Duncan.

Three: What was the conduct issue that she was having at the party? Whether this undermines her narrative of being abused / assaulted is really not my concern. There are always 3 parts to a story but no one here seems to want to share the more critical details that might get to the truth. I expect everyone has something here to hide. Especially Duncan as you'll see how his reactions moving forward are rather over-the-top for the circumstances.

Four: Duncan complains that the apology he received from Kay was insufficient. Given that most creators on YouTube will straight up ignore or even double down on their mistakes (a situation Duncan should be MORE than familiar with given that he's had several bouts of shitfits with Verlisify), it seems a bit unfair for him to water down her attempts at reconciling her mistakes. It's also a tad hypocritical for him to say " What do you want from me? What do you expect me to do? " then demand more and more from Kay. Here is the full set of tweets from Kay after she had uploaded her original video + cut out the parts about Duncan

Now for the tweets. There are a lot so bare with me.







This is the part where he becomes REALLY unhinged imho

Talking about skipping your meds so people can see how angy you are. Really good look. Makes you appear very stable. Even some of his fans in the comments were concerned here. I really hope he doesn't actually do this because this isn't just something that just resolves in one day. Based on other contextual information, it sounds like he's probably leaning towards the higher end of dosage. Skipping even one day can fuck you up for days or weeks at a time. Why is " proving a point " about someone lying / judging your mental health... MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR MENTAL HEALTH? Especially since you live with your disabled partner. What is wrong with you????
Here's another good question (and maybe I'm reading in between the lines here but): Why is his wife encouraging this? That's a really bad look to enable such behavior. Especially to do so in a public setting. I don't know what kind of marriage these two have, but I don't see it lasting a lifetime if this is how the both of them are going to behave.

For more detail about his mental trauma:

Video linked:

  • Duncan claims there was some viral TikTok where his older sister " slandered " him (you'll see he fucking LOVES that word the more you watch him). This is what predicated the video. The TikTok has since been deleted. If anyone finds an archive of the video, then lemme know.
  • Claims his sister physically and psychologically abused him
  • He has / had insomnia, a sex addiction, & has been diagnosed with " hypervigilance "
  • Older sister was diagnosed with Bipolarism & has / had a drug addiction. Duncan claims that his mother abused her but then walks it back and says " it was a fantasy by his sister "
  • Duncan claims he was the ONLY one being abused right after discussing how his sister threw their mother down the stairs, leaving her with a permanent spinal injury
  • Older sister has children but lost custody of them because they showed up to school with bruises and were improperly dressed. This allegation came at the 11 minute mark and despite spending the last 10 minutes or so talking about how his sister violently abused him and his mother, he still thinks for some fucking reason she wouldn't " intentionally " hurt her own children.
  • Father took custody of the kids and she tried to get them back by accusing the father of rape
  • " I'm such an honest guy that it comes at my own detriment :)"
    • Just my observation but no one in the history of the entire known universe that has ever said this has been able to live up to their own words. I believe his story since his other sister is corroborating it & it would explain why he's such an anal-bleeding, compacted puss pocket. But saying that shit does not make me believe you're of good character.

Back to tweets from his wife since Kay apparently dragged her into this. VOD in reference. No archive.

I really don't believe anyone (especially men) when they say they're feminists.

No idea what kind of disability she has but (She has ADHD & OCD according to Duncan)
I really don't see how that's relevant to " being active " as a voice in an online space unless it's something that physically prevents you from being able to use a computer. Not accusing her of anything, just don't know why she's bringing up being disabled.

Outside of this current debacle, I'd like to see more receipts on this please.

I should mention that Duncan is pretty notorious for threatening Lolsuits but never follows through. As retarded as his online behavior is, even he's aware that trying to sue someone (especially internationally) isn't going to get you shit. Still fucking stupid to threaten people with that in the first place though if you know you're not going to follow through.

The basis for the lawsuit as far as I can understand is that Kay hosted a playthrough of Pokemon called a Tinderlocke. Any guy she swipes right on Tinder with will have their name used as a Pokemon in her playthrough. The problem is that (allegedly) she showed full names and locations of these men on stream for all of her audience to see. This was not done with their consent so Duncan argues that this is an invasion of their privacy and is essentially doxing. He also wanted to get her suspended off Twitch, Twitter, & (I think) Tinder.
She's since deleted the VOD of that stream but Duncan already has it downloaded

The other basis was for libel & slander. Duncan claimed that his lawyer friend approached him about suing Kay as he felt that Duncan would have a strong case.

During a 4+ hour livestream hosted by Duncan, he obtained receipts from Chrissy which were DM's between Kay and Chrissy on the night of the alleged assault + a photo of Kay sitting on people's laps which was given to Duncan by someone of the name of Wellingston.
She more or less kept talking to him and even agreed to meet back up with him AFTER CLAIMING SHE WAS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED. If she really suspects that she was sexually assaulted / raped, it makes very little sense to return back into the company of the person who perpetrated it.

Speaking of lap sitting, apparently Kay sat uncomfortably close to Duncan at the same event, grabbed his thigh, and said " Hey ;) " in a flirty voice. When he bluntly replied " I'm married " to her, she immediately walked away from him

Her response to the entire blowout

(Presumably) Duncan's fans started to dig through her social media for Cancelling Material

She was trying to duck getting onto the livestream with Duncan. His response:
He deleted it before I could archive as he was worried he would get suspended on Twitter

After Duncan invited Kay onto the stream, they were amicable for all of about 10 min before Duncan blows his lid. He wanted the name of whoever was telling Kay that he was talking shit about her & she kept waffling on telling him. He then gave her a 5 second countdown to tell him and after she failed to respond, he told her he was going to sue and then hung up. She managed to call back and told him it was SMKGaming.

The next 3 fucking hours was them talking in circles before Kay broke down crying. Duncan had managed to continuously keep up his aggressive demeanor the entire time and I can only assume that between that and his crazy ass wife blowing up her Twitter that she just snapped. They both finally apologized for their over-reactions to one another and ended the stream, but not before Duncan got fucking pissy with someone named Autumn. Ironically (and I do mean that in the full sense of the word) his dispute with Autumn was SO terrible that he didn't even want to make it public when she barely had anything to do with the situation compared to Kay.
Absolute peak of mental illness.

The stream came out to being somewhere around 7 hours. If someone can find a way to archive it, be my fucking guest because I sure as shit dunno how to fucking do that. Other than that, these are the only other things worth sharing.


" This ended productively and everything is happy smiles now :) " has got to be the most tone-deaf thing I've read after all that I had to listen to tonight.


Everyone fucked up here. Kay should've spent more time fact-checking but opted not to because she allowed her emotions to get the best of her. I can understand that she more than likely has a hard time trusting anyone that's a larger figure within the community but she should've roughed it out and got to the bottom of shit instead of publicly going out of her way to post shit without backing it up. It damaged the credibility of her claims by stirring the pot when it didn't need to be stirred. Moreover, and I'm going to say this multiple times, allegations like this need to be handled with the authorities in mind. I understand the argument of making a video to bring public awareness but how the fuck do you expect anything to change if the people who may or may not have committed a crime get to walk away with no legal consequences?

Duncan was entitled to a correction and apology but he's never fucking satisfied. Serious mental issues cause him to lash out at any " threat " and really won't let shit go until he unequivocally gets his way. Just to further flesh this out, in the stream where Duncan reveals the receipts from Chrissy, he also talks about a falling out he had with a YouTuber by the name of GameBoyLuke. Apparently Luke tried to touch Duncan's PC and (by Duncan's own words) he threatened Luke with some " heinous shit " and Luke " accepted his apology ". More than likely, Luke accepted his apology out of fear. Not out of any real forgiveness.
I kinda don't blame Kay for walking back an apology to someone like Duncan either when he's going to go out of his way to act like a massive sped. Whatever drugs he's on clearly aren't enough and he needs to go back to therapy.
Duncan eventually got Kay into his livestream and had her address her " ableist " remarks regarding his mental derangement. His main defense was something along the lines of " This is something that I developed to protect myself as a child " but I'll rebutt with this: Patterned behavior developed through childhood as a defense / coping mechanism more than likely will not fucking work once you're an adult and have moved out of the environment that you developed it in.
Using that as an excuse to be overly hostile to people over the slightest infraction is fucking bullshit and you're a gaslighting psychopath that's not much better than your older sister.

Kay going after his wife was wrong too so she should apologize for that. But considering that Beryl is now saying shit like " AlWaYs TrUsT yOuR gUt :) ShEs A bIg MeAnIe AnD i AlWaYs KnEw It " is not winning her over any damn favors. Sorry. Just stating it like it is.

Given the info I have now, I'm unsure if Chrissy actually did it. It's more than likely this was a misunderstanding OR she's lying for attention. But even if that's the case, why weren't all of you working privately in DM's TOGETHER to get to the bottom of things in order to make a legal case, should things have progressed to that point?
Like seriously, if you were sexually assaulted, POSSIBLY RAPED by the way certain things were phrased, why are you people not going to the authorities? These are major accusations you're throwing out here. But hey, since you lot seem so determined to make public asses of yourselves, we might as well get some popcorn and watch the fireworks.

Really should just make a thread for the Pokemon Community. There's so much fucking drama in it that it's insufferable. Maybe one day if I'm not so god damn lazy.

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Featured on Apr 22, 2021 at 10:04 AM: Tomlison v. 60 John Does: Subpoena to Cloudflare update.
Update: I have retained counsel in Wisconsin and filed as an Intervener to quash the subpoena, but their Counsel is boasting that they have records about my Cloudflare account going back to 2014 (when we started using it, indicating Cloudflare never purges records).

Mtn. Quash Kiwifarms (04.21.2021)-page-001.jpgMtn. Quash Kiwifarms (04.21.2021)-page-002.jpg

Which, if true, means:
1. This person sued 60 anonymous people,
2. He petitioned the court to give him subpoenas for O&A Forum, ED, and the Kiwi Farms to identify the owners of those sites,
3, The Judge granted it,
4. Cloudflare emailed me to notify that I had 10 days to file a motion to quash,
5. When asked to extend, they gave 10 more days,
6. They might have just given it over anyways even though we filed on time.

🤷 Every day I'm a citizen of the United States of America I feel more disadvantaged than the day before.

Edit: I've been informed that it took Cloudflare 38 days to respond to the subpoena. They then gave me 10 days to reply, bumping it up to the 22nd. They delivered information on the 21st. Incompetence.
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Featured on Apr 18, 2021 at 11:15 AM: Jeffree Star crashed his car.
Jeffrey got into a car accident and is hospitalized.


Twitter is suprisingly pretty jovial about it!

Jeffrey Star is a genuinely bad enough person that his injury somehow shifted Twitter culture to where it's now okay to call him a faggot and make fun of his gayness.

Fucking amazing.


True & Honest Fan
Featured on Apr 16, 2021 at 7:33 PM: Meet the Troon Ranch's newest inductee: a child trafficker.
Now I admit that I am no expert in the US legal system but all sources I can find claims that prostitution can only be punished by up to 12 months in jail at max. So there have to be something going on there.
He was indeed sentenced for much, much worse.

Here we see they have a GFM for their SRS

Clicking on that gives us a name of "Christina Alicia Lynch.

Here, in their prison reform article we can see they are incarcerated in Georgia.

Googing the name and state brings up this old law suit by a prisoner suing over not having access to their hormones. This gives their actual name as Christopher Lynch.

So let's Google "Christopher Lynch" in Georgia.

Looks about right, and now we get Christopher Anderw Lynch (oh look same initials).

And here is a denial of a name change petition for a prisoner called Christopher Andrew Lynch.

OK let's stop fucking around, I burried the lede. They're a fucking child trafficking piece of shit.

Gee I wonder why prison might not be so pleasant (hint it ain't trans that's doing it).

Now there are a few inconsistencies that might mean I fucked this up. The article says 22 and they claim to have been imprisoned at 19, looking further though giver a prior attempted armed robbery in 2009, when they were 19.

They claim to be getting out in 2023

Which if imprisoned initially in 2009 and given 14 years well yeah 2023.

Also they're a typical AGP.

So fucking child trafficking pos kiddy diddler who struck a deal then trooned out is crying about being in solitary (to prevent the genpop shaking the pedo), is raising money to get the dick chop and wants to go live with the troon cult.
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Featured on Apr 14, 2021 at 4:37 PM: IP2: "Smooth Sanchez" arrested on bomb hoax after shouting Allahu Ackbar at NYC Pizzeria.
Smooth Sanchez was arrested for a hoax bomb threat.
Department of Justice Link

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

New York Post Tweet

New York Post Article
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Featured on Apr 12, 2021 at 10:00 AM: Alinity's DMCA: The story of a simp.
So, <legal@kiwifarms.net> gets this email.

I, Natalia Mogollon serve this notice that copyright infringing content has been found on https://kiwifarms.net/ site. This content has been stolen, and posted in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. I am seeking immediate deletion of the infringing content. Details are as follows:
Type of infringing content: pictures and videos
Most of this thread is posting my onlyfans content illegally.

My content location: https://onlyfans.com/alinity
Not complying with this notice will result in legal actions taken against you as provider of the platform for sharing my content and hosting provider of your site.

I understand that the information I provide in this copyright infringement notice may be provided to the affected parties upon request.

I state that I have a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.

I state that the information in the notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that I am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.
Electronic signature: Natalia Mogollon
Unit 8B-402 3110 8th St. E.Saskatoon, SK, S7H0W2
I anticipate your response.
Regards,Natalia Mogollon (Alinity )

Sloppy and shitty, doesn't specifically identify infringing content, but most oddly is that the email address is:
haka3l <haka3l@gmail.com>

I google it, and I find a hack tool release on a Polish multiplayer hacking community.
The other hit is for Fifa 17 MTX resales.

The date header of the email uses the timezone UTC +0200, which is most of the EU, including Poland.


I think this is a troll, so I just reply:
Why are you using an email address from a Polish group selling a Fifa 17 memory hacking tool?

Now the Facebook page in the screenshots is deleted. I don't get a reply, but I do get a DMCA complaint to Cloudflare. It's the same complaint, but the email is different.

Reporter's Email Address: alinityhighlights@gmail.com

That's.. also weird. A highlight email address? Does Alinity run her own highlight channel?

So, I email Alinity using a known business address.

From: Null <null@kiwifarms.net>
To: alinitytwitch@gmail.com

I believe this is a fraudulent complaint intended to cause problems for you. Is this an authentic legal complaint?


Alas ...

From: Alinity Divine <alinitytwitch@gmail.com>
To: null@kiwifarms.net
Hello. Yes this is correct. Please remove the content, as it is violating my copyright.

Interestingly, the timestamp on this is using -0600 which is US Central. This is not consistent with Poland, but it is consistent with her actual address.

So I reply,

I cannot action this copyright complaint because you've not given me any specific URLs to allegedly infringing content.

Usually, copyrighted content hosted on the Kiwi Farms is used for critical review and/or ridicule. This qualifies as fair use pursuant to 17 U.S. Code § 107.

If you have any questions, please contact an attorney.


She replies again

The URL where the content is located is onlyfans.com/alinity

So I reply again

No. The content. You have to link to the specific images on my website which you are alleging is a violation of your intellectual property as protected by United States copyright law.

Do you understand? You are not paying me to protect your copyright. I am not going to look at your porno site, figure out what images are yours, then scan through a 79 page thread to match those images up and delete them with the assumption they are not being used fairly. You don't get to decide that. My interests are adversarial to yours.

If you need assistance filing your DMCA complaint, you should consult an attorney. Be aware that I probably will contest your complaint because these images are likely being used fairly as part of critical discussion and ridicule.

Round 3. Now if you DMCA via Cloudflare, Cloudflare will reveal the host information. Guess who got an email next?

dmca takedown
From: Alinity Highlights <alinityhighlights@gmail.com>
To: abuse@1776hosting.com
I, Natalia Mogollon serve this notice that copyright infringing content has been found on https://kiwifarms.net site. This content has been stolen, and posted in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. I am seeking immediate deletion of the infringing content. Details are as follows:
Type of infringing content: pictures and videos

Entire forum thread posing copyrighted content

My content location: https://onlyfans.com/alinity

Not complying with this notice will result in legal actions taken against you as provider of the services for that site and hosting provider. Site owner refused to remove the content so this is the last notice.

I understand that the information I provide in this copyright infringement notice may be provided to the affected parties upon request.
I state that I have a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.
I state that the information in the notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury.

Electronic signature: Natalia Mogollon
Unit 8B-402 3110 8th St. E.Saskatoon, SK, S7H0W2
I anticipate your response.
Regards,Natalia Mogollon (Alinity )

Surprise, we're back in Poland with this email.

Hello again Alinity,

I am my own host. Your complaints are still going to me.

I have explained to you that your takedown request is incomplete and cannot be actioned. You are requesting the deletion of a page of user generated content you do not own.

Be aware that, even if there is copyrighted content on the forum, the Kiwi Farms is a place of criticism and ridicule. If your copyrighted content is on there, they are very likely being made fun of, and this is a constitutionally protected form of speech in the United States. If you have questions, please consult an attorney within the United States.

Joshua Moon
Managing Member
1776 Solutions, LLC
Suite A-1017
Fort Walton Beach FL 32547

After sending this I realize that this is definitely a simp that's helping her.


His Github account has only one contribution: he's complaining about a Twitch Downloader.


Definitely from Pooland.

His only videos are of Alinity and Fifa, so I guess he is writing programs to hack soccer games.

He's active in very old Bitcoin related polish threads.


Fun fact: I had a theory maybe he was a super rich Bitcoin simp throwing bitpennies at her for titty pictures, but he's talking about an alt-coin called Zcash in June, 2017. Buying Zcash in June, 2017 is about the only possible way you could have lost money with cryptocurrencies in 2017 short of buying fucking Bitconnect. To put this into perspective, he would be up 23x on just Bitcoin alone at the same time.


Imagine getting your simps to file legal documents for you.

From: Null <null@kiwifarms.net>
To: Alinity Divine <alinitytwitch@gmail.com>
CC: haka3l <haka3l@gmail.com>


Informing you that the Polish simp impersonating you and sending me your address is possibly committing perjury in doing so.

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Nguyen Van Phuoc

Happy Pride Month, God hates FAGGOTS
Featured on Apr 12, 2021 at 7:34 AM: Jake Paul is being accused of sexual assault.
To add on to the huge ass wave of YouTuber's getting accused of sexual shit, it's Jake Paul's turn at the moment. He is being accused at the moment of sexual assault by Justine Paradise, who has over half a million followers on TikTok.

The full video is linked here, but I am putting a summary below. As of writing this full clip has 75K views on YouTube while a snippet has almost half a million views on Twitter.

(archive) (Twitter link)

(archive) (YouTube link)

(trigger warnings are fucking gay)

She also mentions her allegations against Jake Paul in a TikTok before uploading her YouTube video.

Justine's claims the assault happened on July 20, 2019, but has known Jake since June 1, 2019. She asks her friend if they could hang out with some boys, and one boy responds by giving them the address to a studio (the studio being the Team 10 House). After arriving, she is made to sign an NDA form. She meets Jake Paul and they exchange numbers.


Justine describes Jake as awkward, and would often text her even if they were in the same house. She also mentioned that Jake would frequently invite her over, but would rarely speak to her other than in basic greetings.


Justine estimates that she has visited Jake at least 6 times.

On one occasion, Jake pulls Justine into a corner of the house and starts kissing her in front of everyone.

On July 20, 2019, Jake takes Justine into her room and starts having a basic conversation about where they are from. Jake pulls the "oh you get me even though I'm famous" when Justine asks where in Ohio Jake is from. They would ballroom dance and kiss in his room and bed. Jake would try to further his advances, but Justine would reject them, leading to Jake to respond with "If nothing is going to happen, then what's the point?". Jake then gets up, undid his pants, grabs Justine's head, and forces her to perform fellatio on her. Jake ejaculates into her mouth after approximately 30 seconds and then cuddles with her for a couple of seconds before leaving with her. Jake does not let her fix her hair or makeup. He also grabs Justine's phone and mocks it for its small size and old age, referring to it as a "dinosaur phone." (I only bothered to mention this because she spends an autistic amount of time on this point). Due to it being late, Justine would eventually spend the night there before leaving. Jake would also cease texting with Justine.

Several YouTubers have mentioned this controversy. Nerd City, known for his high quality commentary videos on various large figures, including Jake Paul, made a public comment on Justine's assault video.


The obese Jew known as Ethan Klein retweeted a shortened copy of Justine's video on Twitter and has apparently mentioned the allegations on a H3 Podcast episode (I'm not in the fucking mood to check if this is true so if someone could find that out that'd be great)

(archive) (Twitter link)

Keemstar is aware of these allegations, and was attempting to make a DramaAlert episode about the allegations. However, no such DramaAlert exists at the moment.

(archive) (Twitter link)

Jake has not commented on these allegations.

EDIT (4/12/2021): made an update with evidence debunking this

EDIT (4/13/2021): Jake Paul has responded to these allegations.
More miscellaneous updates.
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Featured on Apr 9, 2021 at 8:05 AM: The OnlyFans Era: How we have to deal with digital whores moving forward.
OnlyFans whores are ruining the entire fucking world. If you are on OnlyFans you are worth less than shit to me. Whores deserve nothing. I pray that God exists if only so whores will burn in hell.

That said, a lot of this whore drama is now on the site. A lot of lolcows are becoming whores. Here is a guideline for dealing with the legalities this presents. I will try to refine this so that any retard can understand it.

1. Search engines really do not like 'nonconsensual pornography'.
Surprise: This applies to consensual pornography, sold as product, hosted for critical review elsewhere.

To better comply with our overlords who can pull the plug on the discoverability of this site at any time, I am going to ask that people start using private tags on their own when posting nude photos. This is especially true on the first pages of threads and unedited photos/videos. Memes are more tolerable.

In general, your tag looks like this:

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

Again, this ESPECIALLY APPLIES in the FIRST PAGE of any thread because that is the page you really do not want memory holed!

2. Your critical commentary today makes my fair use claim more viable tomorrow.
Take THIRTY SECONDS when posting OnlyFans content to write a genuine criticism. "lol fat" is a good start, but look specifically at the June leaks:
The full leak. I've added some qualified personal commentary. This is my review of a photography set.

This is how you write a post, using private tags, so that the content is discoverable and the post will easily endure a copyright infringement claim. I can look at that post and immediately decide I will throw down betting on its legality.

It's not a race to get leaks out onto the forum. Take your time. 30 seconds when you make your post can literally be worth thousands of dollars in an attorney's hourly pay later.

3. The site is not a porn dump, revenge porn, or piracy site.
I'm going to start deleting obvious porn dump threads outright. While all whores are contemptible, not all whores are lolcows. It helps a lot if the thread existed before the OnlyFans content did.

It's also not necessary that every single image uploaded to OnlyFans gets posted to the site. Pick your battles. I am not trying to cultivate an audience of mentally deranged fappening coomers who start treating the site itself like a whore.

Finally, do not ever make comments like "reposting this here to deprive this person of income/adrev on YT! lol!". Retards.


Featured on Apr 7, 2021 at 2:16 PM: Twitch is paying people to spy on their streamers off-site.
TL;DR: If you livestream on Twitch, Jeff Bezos is paying a 3rd party private investigation firm to spy on every fucking thing you do. They've also opened a tipline at <osit@twitch.tv> to narc on your favorite Twitch streamers.

In January, we began enforcing our updated Hateful Conduct and Harassment policy so we could better protect every community on Twitch. Today, we’re shifting focus and talking more about how we are tackling misconduct that happens off Twitch.

There are two categories of off-service misconduct (to be clear, this refers to incidents that happen off of Twitch) that we will act on:
  1. Off-service harassment related to an incident that took place on Twitch. For example: when reviewing a harassment report originating on Twitch (example: inappropriate comments in chat), we will also take into account verified, related statements made on other social media services if they are reported to us.
  2. Off-service behavior, unrelated to any specific incident on Twitch, that poses a substantial risk to the Twitch community. This includes egregious acts of hate and harm, including threats of mass violence, child grooming, leadership or membership in a hate group, and more.
Off-service investigations are significantly more complex, so we've partnered with a third-party investigations law firm, with immense experience in this area, to ensure our off-Twitch investigations are as thorough and swift as possible. This is a huge step forward in making Twitch safer for everyone.

You can report off-service misconduct confidentially to OSIT@twitch.tv. For hateful conduct and harassment on our service, reporting through Twitch as normal is still the best option.

Taking action against misconduct that occurs entirely off our service is a new and atypical approach for both Twitch and the industry at large, but it’s one we believe—and hear from you—is crucial to get right. This is an iterative, ongoing process, and along with your feedback, we will evaluate this policy and identify ways to improve it going forward.

Like many topics related to community health, this is a highly complex and nuanced issue. This email covers the basics, but we highly suggest reading the blog or the Community Guidelines for the full details.

Genuinely wondering if there's some way I can make it unlawful for Twitch or "third-party investigation firms" in association with Twitch to use the site.


They said this bomb was clean
True & Honest Fan
Featured on Apr 6, 2021 at 2:12 PM: David Hill / MachineIV has allegedly cheated on his wife with an ugly woman.
I'm trying to piece this all together on my phone but we got some serious breaking Dave drama
Looks like Dave was cheating on his wife with an employee of his company Chilean love bribe (31, possibly mtf) and it's all falling apart.
Need archive plz
Dave is sex pest confirmed
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forum user
Featured on Apr 5, 2021 at 5:23 PM: Spotlight: Four women in speedrunning
It's a little bit cliché to bring up the speedrunning-tranny dichotomy, but I lost my shit when I saw this. It was brought up in the Speedrunning community watch thread but it comes complete with five hilarious characters, thought I'd share it here and give it a proper post.

speedrun.com, the premiere place to host leaderboards in the hobby, is under new administration. They implemented a "pronoun" feature which is pretty much expected (begrudgingly) nowadays, but one thing these guys have been doing is featured articles on the side of the site. Last week, they were promoting black speedrunners - cool. This week, they ran an article on "Four women in Speedrunning". Awesome - this is a super male-dominated hobby so I can't wait to check out these four female speedrunners and show some support!
Now, it's 2021 of course, so I fully expect one of these lovely ladies to probably be trans. Just being realistic here - in a community famous for its trans demographic + they want to push an agenda of "trans women are women" means they will definitely put one TiM out of four in here. Let's take a look.

The first is named "t0uchan", and they give a link to their Twitch channel which itself hosts links to their social media.

The classic "I want to hear it from WOMEN that I'm pretty!"
Well, I fully expected a TiM in this list. I suppose they knocked it out on the first one so no one would complain. Who else is here? Surely, no more men on this list celebrating women, right?
Let's check out our second True and Honest Woman, amethyst_rocks:
Hmm, not my cup of tea, but "queer" doesn't automatically mean "trans"-
The classic "Grandma's dress with lipstick that actually highlights the 5-o-clock shadow"
So far, 50% of the women in this article about women are men. So surely #3 will actually be a woman, right?

#3 is Lizstar, who was the person in the picture accompanying the news article. Lizstar is a name that I recognize!
The classic "hidey hairline".

Surely, SURELY that's it, right? 3/4 women on this list are men, so the last one should be a fucking woman. Don't tell me they couldn't find one fucking woman in this community.
Let's check out "ShesChardcore".
Well i certainly feel for you suffering with Parkinson's disease, and while he doesn't broadcast his trans status, he doesn't seem to be getting on too well with appearences.
That's one way to put it.

But you're kidding me. You run an article intending to highlight women in this heavily male-dominated hobby, and you don't feature a single fucking woman. Who wrote this article?

e: article archive
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Featured on Apr 4, 2021 at 10:25 AM: Ethan Ralph has filed a DMCA takedown notice regarding Mad at the Internet on Easter Sunday.

Original URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDyCmSyq4js


I've filed a counter and I'll be happy to meet Ralph in court over this issue.

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Featured on Apr 3, 2021 at 1:10 PM: Facebook has been hacked.

"The exposed data includes personal information of over 533 million Facebook users from 106 countries, including over 32 million records on users in the US, 11 million on users in the UK, and 6 million on users in India. It includes their phone numbers, Facebook IDs, full names, locations, birthdates, bios, and — in some cases — email addresses."

Polar Zones

Featured on Apr 3, 2021 at 6:53 AM: Vinesauce drama collected in a single post.
I went through the thread once, and annotated the archives. It won't be enough to make an OP, but if it blows up again tomorrow, then use it if necessary.

The Accusation
https://archive.ph/LbUc0 - tweet that started it all
https://archive.ph/AijKZ - google doc at time of posting (some content has been removed, about 1000 words from the first archive to the current document)
https://docs.google.com/document/d/...review?pru=AAABeLsJHOE*9rp8JEAt57xr1i1HWjNEfA - current google doc
https://vocaroo.com/17tQ5bQIm9pL - recording of vinny meant to prove something, spliced to hell and extremely garbled
https://kiwifarms.net/threads/vinesauce.9958/post-8683095 - post showing vinny was streaming when email was sent

https://archive.md/yukCx - charon, leftist mod of vinesauce joins in an attempt to cancel
http://archive.md/S18Gl - another charon archive
https://archive.md/aHvn5 - charon can't read
https://archive.md/Bvhv3 - charon double down
https://archive.md/2YJOD - Alizarin (Vinny mod and main defender on twitter so far) liked a post that called Charon a flat out liar who made shit up
https://archive.ph/dyT6A http://archive.md/t60t3 - more charon shit

Accusations, and Defenses
https://archive.ph/Bdfxp - mim, some artist who is apparently person #1
https://archive.md/jZMNm - somebody claiming to have been sexted when 19, on skype - anna
https://web.archive.org/web/20210403010556/https://twitter.com/infitanixx/status/1378150783280152586 - oh whoops it was deleted haha - anna
http://archive.md/EVCkO - another accusation alyssa
https://archive.md/NOPCS - eddie accusation
https://archive.md/tGuHM - person 4 who says no abuse occurred
https://archive.ph/5D7Nj - mogworld's account, consensual
https://archive.ph/3Aze1 - chrisnonyminus says that it is fake

Youtubers signal boosting
https://web.archive.org/web/2021040...m/carbon8tion/status/1378191588057300993?s=19 - gpm sexpest j'accuse
https://archive.ph/pqTNz - mandalore retweet
https://archive.md/hLhSD - red bard literally lost followers
https://archive.md/8DfJ5 - shammy deflecting
https://archive.ph/gGxAO - more shammy deflecting
https://archive.ph/ci9YG - mandalore update, deflecting
https://archive.ph/ePGR3 - 8bit brody, true mastermind of this incidents take
https://archive.ph/BN0Ap - who is ehmaysi
https://archive.ph/nWkPb - sgtfgt speaks up

Random resources
https://archive.ph/xPo1h - /qa/ thread containing general timeline info, and random bull crap (shammy deleted tweet at 2:19am est)
https://archive.ph/ZSwfE - /v/ thread 1
https://archive.ph/vSSBy - /v/ thread 2
https://archive.ph/uHofn - /v/ thread 3
https://kiwifarms.net/threads/vinesauce.9958/post-8683874 - post from nejo
https://kiwifarms.net/threads/vinesauce.9958/post-8684173 - mandalore deleted retweet

I've also included the vocaroo. Goodnight.


Featured on Mar 31, 2021 at 4:24 PM: Silver rounds are finally for sale
They're now available for pre-order. The contract is signed and I have sorted out logistics. It may take 4 months to arrive.
If you have any questions, email <jcmoon@pm.me>.

$46.39, flat shipping for most regions.

I've priced for shipping to the Americas, Europe, Russia, and Oceania. It's a flat, manually adjusted rate. If you're wanting to buy from outside of these regions, email me.

Once again, this is 1oz 99.99% pure silver. The final price is $46.39 per round. For a polished finish I needed 9999 instead of 999 which is the usual quality used for spot prices. The final price of manufacturing per round was $36.44 and then for markup I added $10.

If you would like to trade crypto, complete the order normally and select Cryptocurrency as your payout method. This is a manual process; there are instructions after completing the order.

I would encourage ordering early. I will try to keep the sale up the entire manufacturing time but considering the times that may not be possible.

My legal expenses dealing with the concurrent lawsuits are in five figures. I'm getting new hardware to support our federated services ran by @CrunkLord420 and I'd like to offset that expense. I'm also still exploring overseas hosting options and this helps with that.

Hopefully everything goes great and we can run more designs next year.

Regarding privacy,
FIN is handled and stored by the bank. Shipping information is handled by myself and the logistics company. I delete it from the server as soon as I don't need it there. There is no order association to forum accounts, and it's being advertised off-site. Most people who order won't even have an account, and not everyone who orders even uses the forum.

To that end, please do not post copies of your receipt numbers on the thread.
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Featured on Mar 29, 2021 at 3:29 PM: US Politics: Derek Chauvin trial for the murder of George Floyd begins.

Well, we've finally made it. Derek Chauvin has finally appeared in court for third degree murder in the Death of George Floyd. People have been talking about making a separate thread for the trial itself instead of keeping it contained in the thread dedicated to riots that might come from it, so here you go.

Anyway, the case most likely relies on if the knee was the thing that directly led to Floyd dying, contributed to it, or was a result of a bunch of drugs (namely Fentanyl) that can fuck you up real good.

Also, there's the part where George Floyd may be what you call a "career criminal" or at the very least he's known to swallow his drug stash to get out of a possession charge. Probably add that to the defense's case as well, along with anything else that could be argued as "Derek Chauvin kneeing George Floyd did not directly kill him, or even contributed to it".

I think I got everything. If this is closed early by mods, I'll probably leave making a separate thread to someone else.

Edit: Bodycam footage from ground zero: https://no-cookie.kiwifarms.net/data/video/1492/1492403-5be094af3e724ec246d854ec392f1348.mp4

Edit 2: Featured post. Nice.

Edit 3: The Hennepin County autopsy report: https://web.archive.org/web/2020060...safety/documents/Autopsy_2020-3700_Floyd.pdf/
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Arm Pit Cream

5%er, Jupiterian Philosopher, Anglophobe, CSIS
True & Honest Fan
Featured on Mar 28, 2021 at 12:38 PM: Ethan Ralph went to Digibro's house and got into a fist fight with everyone there. His gunt is flapping around freely during the brawl.
Here's a copy of the fight itself between Ralph and Riley. Ralph kept trying to provoke Riley and Digi to come outside, until Ralph ran up to attack and suckerpunch because people kept calling him 5'2. Manlet rage! Not to mention Ralph was spitting blood into a woman's face :story:



Proud feminist Ethan Ralph takes on a woman 1/3rd his size by spitting blood onto her face


Featured on Mar 26, 2021 at 12:06 PM: Silver Rounds: Finalized plans and price point.
The Item
This will be similar to the final product. This is a 1toz(31.1g) 9999 silver, 40mm diameter, polished finish, in a coin capsule. Each order will be one of these with the following designs. The designs are completed but may change slightly when being converted to dies for the striking.

1616756762735.pngKFCoinReverse (1).pngKFCoinObverse (1).png

The Time
Silver demand is ridiculous right now. The wait will be up to 15 weeks. For that reason, there will probably be two runs of this. The first immediately to pay off debt related to materials, the second as we near production to make sure everyone wants it, gets it.

The Purpose
I am being sued by two people. The expenses are thousands of dollars. I also want to buy a new server for our Federated services (kiwifarms.cc / matrix.kiwifarms.net) which are laboring on an econ server I bought for like $800 two years ago. The profits from these sales will go towards those causes.

The Price
~$42.80 per coin, or $17.76 over spot.

Based off of an estimated 500 round sales, I have split the price of production by that number.

Spot Price (Locking in on ~Monday)
+ $4.30 for striking fees,
+ $0.60 for coin capsule,
+ $1.83 for die development (split),
+ $0.34 for artwork (split),
+ $0.72 for shipping (split),
+ $9.97 markup
= $17.76, or $42.80 at current spot.

If these 500 sell out, I will look at where we're at and open up again.

This does not include shipping. See below.

Payment Options
Credit / checking will be accepted.

Cryptocurrency will be accepted, but it will have to be processed manually. You will have to email/dm me your details and I will set the order for you after I receive the crypto.

I cannot start the run until I figure this out.

The cost of overseas shipping is ridiculous from the US and I want to do something different this time. I can probably ask the mint guys to split the order to two different continents. It is being produced by a group in Singapore and will be shipped from there. I have not a fucking clue how I am going to price for shipping.

As a measure of last resort I can just send the silver to a guy I know in the US who can do fulfillment. I can also ship to myself, but I'm wary of import fees. This will really eat into my margins and it will jack up the price of orders overseas. This seems kind of ridiculous too because the order is already starting out in the old world.

For the love of fucking god if you have a sensible idea for how to get these to people for less than the cost of the fucking silver I am begging you to tell me what your idea is.
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Fucking Fuck Fuck
Featured on Mar 26, 2021 at 8:12 AM: IP2: Some retarded faggot beat his wife and almost* got arrested why the fuck would anyone join this group holy shit

This tard Attila is taking calls while the police are still over questioning Jewel.

Edit : Cops Arrive Clip
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Featured on Mar 25, 2021 at 8:37 AM: Just so you know, Google actively curates results for high-profile transgender people (because Google staffs a lot of them).
When it comes to third party services, I tend to keep my mouth shut about things I know benefits me. But, I feel the Aimee Challenor topic is the best chance to show something off I've learned over the last few years.

When I Google a name present on the Kiwi Farms, as webmaster, I see some info about link placement.

When I Google a name they have censored, I don't. Mostly happens with trans names and deadnames.

I noticed this after Liz Fong-Jones (a former Google employee) started harassing my email server's VPS company. I made a thread containing their complaint. Now, unless you search explicitly 'kiwi farms' or similar, no mention of Liz Fong-Jones on Kiwi Farms appears in search results at all.

Basically, Google has a lot of Ts in their workforce that will happily censor the forum and hand curate search results for other Ts.



Super Cres
Featured on Mar 24, 2021 at 1:01 PM: Reddit Revolt: administrative defense of tranny janny Aimee Challenor causes widespread unrest in paradise.

If redditors and their tendencies are anything to go by, not a single word of this is true.
If it's true, it's disingenuous at best.

Nice attempt at damage control. Cya during round 2.

Sorry if this is late btw, this thread is going a mile a minute rn.

edit: jesus fuck. guess it wasn't late after all.

For newfags to this thread, please note that the screenshot the chief jannies added to my lazy post (archive everything folks) contains the admins' first and second attempts at damage control. The comment response is the second attempt, and was posted five hours after the initial post they made. My post was originally made shortly after the first response, so it will be quite a few pages before you see references to the second one.

It's also worth noting that the account used to make these posts, u/landoflobsters, is a somewhat infamous burner account used for announcements the staff know will be unpopular. Essentially, the staff know they're doing something wrong, but nobody wants to take accountability for their actions. Definitely not thunk-provoking at all. Definitely doesn't get that noggin joggin; not one bit.

100% sure at least one other admin is a pedo at this point. Either that, or the staff is comprised of people physically incapable of admitting they were wrong about anything.
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Featured on Mar 24, 2021 at 9:46 AM: Milo Yiannopoulos isn't gay anymore.
So Milo isn't gay anymore.

1616584047930.pngScreenshot_2021-03-24 Milo Yiannopoulos on Gab ''.png

He's so straight now he wrote a book on it.


He's currently calling himself a Christian Extremist.


Gab has some sort of gay privacy feature where I can't see most of his 9.6k lonely posts on this shit platform.

His statement about coming out went to a small conservative Christian blog called LifeSite. It's quite a long interview.

Question 1
Milo has mommy issues, is definitely gay. Says being gay built his brand as a conservative.

LifeSite: I imagine that to many who follow you, your recent decision to publicly identify as “Milo, Ex-Gay” may seem like a 180-degree turn. Are you also surprised that your life has taken this turn? Or is it unsurprising, a natural and perhaps inevitable progression in your life? I ask this because over the last few years things that you’ve said have hinted at being drawn in this direction.

Milo: When I used to kid that I only became gay to torment my mother, I wasn’t entirely joking. Of course, I was never wholly at home in the gay lifestyle — Who is? Who could be? — and only leaned heavily into it in public because it drove liberals crazy to see a handsome, charismatic, intelligent gay man riotously celebrating conservative principles.

That’s not to say I didn’t throw myself enthusiastically into degeneracy of all kinds in my private life. I suppose I felt that’s all I deserved. I’d love to say it was all an act, and I’ve been straight this whole time, but even I don’t have that kind of commitment to performance art. Talk about method acting …

Question 2
LifeSite asks him what caused this revelation. Milo has no real answer for this. Claims he keeps an "x days without sodomy". Apparently this is true.


LifeSite: Was there any event, or series of events, that triggered your decision to become “sodomy free,” and to do so publicly? Did God knock you off your horse as he did Saul; or did it come about some other way? Please explain.

Milo: Four years ago, I gave an interview to America magazine which they declined to print. It’s taken me a long time to live up to the claims I made in that interview, but I am finally doing it.

Anyone who’s read me closely over the past decade must surely have seen this coming. I wasn’t shy about dropping hints. In my New York Times-bestselling book Dangerous, I heavily hinted I might be “coming out” as straight in the future. And in my recent stream-of-consciousness Telegram feed, I’ve been even more explicit — stomach-churningly so, if the comments under my “x days without sodomy” posts are anything to go by.

I’ve always thought of myself as a Jack Bauer sort of figure — the guy who does the hideous, inexcusable things no one else can stomach, without which the Republic will fall. I know that means my name will always be cursed, and I’ll always be a scorned outsider, so the temptation is to throw out any consideration of living well or truthfully. But even Jack Bauer has to confront his maker sooner or later.

Question 4
LifeSite asks how this has impacted him personally. Milo gives an excruciatingly long answer detailing that he still lives with his gay lover, now demoted to 'housemate' (LOL). Claims that Jesus suffered more on the Cross than he does by avoiding 9 inch impalements. Says that he's done more good than sin and God will forgive him.

LifeSite: In what ways has this impacted your personal and social life?

Milo: Well, the guy I live with has been demoted to housemate, which hasn’t been easy for either of us. It helps that I can still just about afford to keep him in Givenchy and a new Porsche every year. Could be worse for him, I guess.

My own life has changed dramatically, though it crept up on me while I wasn’t paying attention. I’m someone who responds to micromanagement and accountability, so I’ve found counting days an effective bulwark against sin. In the last 250 days I’ve only slipped once, which is a lot better than I predicted I would do.

It feels as though a veil has been lifted in my house — like there’s something more real and honest going on than before. It’s been a gradual uncovering, rather than a dramatic reveal. Maybe that lack of theater or spectacle is a sign the gay impulses truly are receding?

I don’t mean to suggest it’s been easy, just simple: Our Lord endured worse than any of us and promised us that we have to take up a heavy cross each day. Ronald Knox says the Via Crucis shows us the 3 ways we can carry our cross: With bitterness, like the unrepentant thief; with grim resignation, like the repentant thief who said it was what he deserved; or with love, like the Lord, who never minimized suffering but said it would, in God’s time, redeem us.

Secretly, I feel I’ve done enough good in this life to excuse me from earthly penance for past sins. Your readers will no doubt respond, rightly, that this statement demonstrates how far I have to go. The best advice I can give others in my situation is: Check your pride, not your privilege. So often it’s vanity or conceit or self-satisfaction that gets in the way of accepting Christ. Learn to catch it before it takes root, and difficult things suddenly don’t seem so difficult.

Question 6
LifeSite gives him the final word. Milo claims he wants to help rehabilitate the public image of ex-gay conversion therapy.

LifeSite: Anything else you would like to add?

Milo: I have enjoyed a lifelong affection for the absurd and the outrageous, so part of me gleefully anticipates the day I can seize the moral high ground, however briefly, to denounce others for failures of piety and sobriety. I hope people will support and pray for me, if for no other reason than they share my delight at the prospect of Milo Yiannopoulos furiously and indignantly railing against homosexuals for sins of the flesh.

As you might expect, my professional priorities are shifting somewhat, given my new spiritual preoccupations. Over the next decade, I would like to help rehabilitate what the media calls “conversion therapy.” It does work, albeit not for everybody. As for my other aspirations and plans, well, no change: I’ve always considered abortion to be the pre-eminent moral horror of human history. I’ll keep saying so — even more loudly than before.

They say if you let one sin in, others will follow, and now I truly know what that means: As I’ve begun to resist sinful sexual urges, I’ve found myself drinking less, smoking less … you name it. I confess my weakness for designer shoes and handbags is yet to dissipate. But I am coming to realize, however slowly, that lust — per Augustine — is disordered desire for all sorts of things, not just NFL players.​

Truly, a dangerous faggot.

I hate these fucking people so much. You have a man whose identity, from the top down, is nothing but a spectacle and farce for cash. His entire world, every dollar he's ever earned, has come from conflating his gayness with conservativism.

I sympathize with people being silenced but I hope he realizes much of his loss in fandom comes from people being tired of him. He has one trick. He talks about dick. He talks about being gay. He can't stop himself from inserting it into fucking everything.

Even now, his next career move is STILL based on him being GAY. He's ex-gay, but that's why people are talking about him. It is still an extension of his sexuality that defines his career.

And if there is a God, he is certainly punishing Milo for his hubris.


Arm Pit Cream

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Featured on Mar 22, 2021 at 5:00 PM: Kero the Wolf declares victory and decides he's going to stay in the furry fandom forever.
Kero is claiming anybody who goes against him is "proving his point" and "gatekeeping the furry community". But great news, Kero is saying goodbye and retiring on youtube(he'll made making patreon posts) to only lurk beneath the surface. Funnily enough in the end he says "don't let anybody bully you" as he gets bullied off youtube :story:

Kero cited this weird dogfucker defending him with 2.5k views, aka meaning Kero is looking his name up regularly on youtube.


Featured on Mar 21, 2021 at 5:12 PM: Dan Avidan from GameGrumps is being called a groomer (this is trending, but the evidence may be misleading).

Video Evidence of the Dan Accusations​

https://www.reddit.com/r/rantgrumps/comments/m9yr2g/video_evidence_of_the_dan_accusations/ | https://archive.md/R8kFe

For over a year now there have been accusations about Dan Avidan sexting, sleeping, and ghosting younger fans, among other things. Several girls have come forward publicly, while others have contacted me or others privately. A few days ago, another girl, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, contacted me saying that she wanted to come forward, sharing both her story and some physical evidence.

To prove that her story is true, and this is indeed Dan, she has given permission to show a video she received from him.

The video was followed up by a request from Dan asking her to tell him how she would like to be fucked in the tub.

Her experience with Dan matches the pattern of the girls that have come forward. While she was underage, she privately contacted him as a fan and more than happily engaged in conversation. As the years went by, and she became of legal age, their conversations turned into sexts, and eventually led to her meeting him backstage at a Game Grumps Live show where sexual activity occurred. A couple of weeks after, all contact from Dan ceased.


Donnie 💕 Comms Open @RyuuPastel
https://twitter.com/RyuuPastel/status/1373712310775152640 | https://archive.md/cUgtO

tw grooming , pedophilia //

So Dan from game grumps just got outed for being a creep!!

This on top of all their awful sense of humor on that channel is horrible. I already disliked Arin and now this

for screen readers or people who can’t see the image; for over a year now there’s been accusations about Dan Avidan sexting, sleeping, and ghosting younger fans, among other things.

Several girls have come forward publicly, while others have contacted privately. A few days ago, another girl contacted saying that she wanted to share her story and some physical evidence. To prove her story, she’s given permission to show a video.

I’ll try to find the video as soon as I can

Her experience with dan matches the pattern of the other girls that have come forward. While she was underage, she privately contacted him as a fan and more than happily engaged in conversation. As the years went by and she became of legal age

their conversations turned into sexts, and eventually led to her meeting him backstage at a game grumps live show where sexual activity occurred. A couple of weeks later, all contact from dan ceased.

A defense.

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Featured on Mar 21, 2021 at 5:03 PM: IP2: A former porn star just beat the fuck out of a schizophrenic retard.
Hooker catfight just ensued. Blood, rocks, police en route.
loooooooool only on IP2 will you see a fight between a former porn star and a discord groupie outside of a trailer. Alice taking a huge L here:

Reminder, Bobbi ain't playing around, extremely mentally ill after taking too much dick in her career:
Cops have arrived, Bobbi handcuffed:

Current stream link:

After being despised for ages, Bobbi "horse face" Dylan is seeing some rare appreciation from IP2 because Alice is more hated:
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Featured on Mar 20, 2021 at 5:33 PM: Silver rounds: designs finalized, sending off to the bullion company this weekend. Sales may start as early as next week.
I'll be finalizing the designs with the artists this weekend, this is probably our final designs, and if they're approved I will start sales as early as next week.

Price will be Spot + $6.50 manufacturing fees + ~$10 profit, so $16.50 over spot. That's quite a lot but keep in mind this is a thing to help pay for the fucking lawyers.


My only concern is the text. I feel like something about the way the text is presented, or the text itself, should change.

We may be changing it to "Ex Veritate, Cum Probitate". We'll likely be changing it to "Mind your business".

Very recently I learned of a phrase coined on the Continental Coin created by Benjamin Franklin: "Mind your business"


I like it. Despite its historical value and obvious meaning, it retains value as a contemporary expression. As an added bonus, it has a ironic quality to it when stamped in association with this site.

I'm curious if anyone can make "Mind your business" work on the design (design into current kiwi rounds, not the other way around).


This weekend, I'd like to get finalized vectors of the designs. We're fussing over the corn lasers. The final motto will be 'mind your / business'. The only thing that looks like it may change is the corn silk. It is an important part occupying negative space of the rounds, but something making it look more natural is desired.

Next week, I hope to get the designs approved by the mint. This starts the process of creating 'dies', or the stamps used to mark blank rounds.

Once the designs are approved, I will commit to the order by buying the dies (approximately $1000 together) and 500 ounces of silver.

The sale will start at this point. If Chris is interested, I will advertise it on Chris's social media in exchange for some silver based off sales from that traffic. If sales exceed 500 rounds, I will buy more silver.

The full process of stamping these rounds will take 6 to 8 weeks.

After they are stamped, they will be shipped from Asia. I am debating how to do final deliveries. I am thinking the best chance I have is to drop ship it to Australia, the EU, and the US. An individual will fulfill orders.

I will keep any struck rounds that aren't sold.
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Featured on Mar 18, 2021 at 7:34 AM: Judge Brett Blomme, children's court judge and former president of 'Cream City' (the drag queen story time organization), arrested on charges of child pornography.
Moving this out to Happenings because it's actually a pretty fucking big deal.

This guy isn't just a judge. He's a judge for children's court.
He isn't just a judge for children's court. He's the former president & CEO of 'Cream City', a hideously named LGBT outreach charity responsible for drag queen story time.
He isn't just the Cream City guy. He's gay married and has 2 adopted children with Christopher Verhaeghe.

He is basically an anti-gay talking point given human form. This is probably one of the most significant arrests and charges in a while.



Featured on Mar 17, 2021 at 10:53 AM: iDubbbz's girlfriend is off her meds and on the online, flooding TikTok with dancing videos about being raped.
Well Anisa is going bonkers on tiktok again. She has decided to share some rape stories.

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Featured on Mar 17, 2021 at 9:00 AM: I wrote a privacy checkup guide for new users and oldfags alike.

Recently we switched to a new theme. When we changed, I forgot to copy the registration form warning to the new theme. This is what that warning looks like.


There has been an influx of many new users, but not all of them have been taking adequate measures to secure their privacy. Now is as good a time as any to review your privacy.

Your Username
Never use the same username twice.

If you are wanting to remain anonymous, your username should be unique to this community. If you've ever used your username on other communities, you should immediately request a username change.

This includes if your username is generic or generic sounding. I once doxed someone who used a username similar to "A Username You Cant Google". He had used that username everywhere and it's actually quite unique.

Your Email
You should use a permanent email not tied to your real ID.

Only admins can view your email address. However, we have had a security breach in the past which leaked the email addresses of active users.

I am a single person with almost no resources, so it was always a matter of when, not if. For years before the hack, we've maintained a policy of keeping as little information as possible. This includes advocating the use of permanent alter-ego email addresses. When the hack happened, there was almost nothing identifying in it, as most people took their privacy seriously.

Alter-ego addresses are email addresses you do not use on sites tied to your real identity on. Remember, your email address can leak from hacks like the one we suffered. Websites keep track of what email addresses (and other associated data) have been compromised. I suggest subscribing to haveibeenpwned on every email you use.

They are not disposable / temporary email addresses. We do not allow those because they are used by spammers and abusive accounts suicide bombing the forum. Any legitimate users with a disposable email will eventually forget their password and be permanently locked out, so it's seriously against our interests to allow it.

A list of good email providers to build alter-egos with is available on this site:

You can change your email address here, but you will be required to verify it before you can begin posting again.

Your IP
Use a VPN or Tor if you post from work or school. Use a VPN or Tor if you post from shithole countries.

It's important to understand what an IP is and is not. Many people believe that your IP address is a free ticket to dox someone. It is not. Go to whatismyipaddress.com to see what information is available to someone who has your IP. Mobile IP addresses in general are less precise.

IP addresses are not useless information, though. They are good at confirming suspicions. If I believe a user might be a lolcow that I know lives in Richmond, Virginia and their IP address is a domestic broadband connection from Richmond, it would be very safe to conclude that is the same person. If their IP was a proxy, I couldn't know for sure. If it was a domestic connection from another state, it'd be safe to say (but not conclusive) that it is not the same person.

Governments have more uses for IP addresses. ISPs do tend to keep track of who has an IP assigned to them at a specific time. Governments can request this information. This was a big deal when the government of New Zealand was requesting IP information of everyone who had posted in the thread about the Christchurch shooting. They could have used that information to intimidate or even litigate New Zealand citizens posting in that thread without a proxy.

Large companies and especially universities own their own IPs. This means that if you're posting from work or school, your IP is more useful information when compromised. We had an incident where we believed two users were socks because they both posted using IPs from the University of Singapore. Turns out, they didn't know each other even though they were from the same campus. As companies and universities are private entities and often tend to spy on network activity, it's ill-advised to post here using Internet from work or school. Private institutions may independently decide to suspend you if they were to learn you used this site.

In short, it's not crucial to use a VPN from home. However, it never hurts. I use a VPN all the time. Users from speech-hostile nations such as the UK/NZ, as well as users who routinely post from work or school, should use a VPN. If you cannot afford a VPN, you can use Tor to access the Kiwi Farms.

Accessing the Kiwi Farms from the Tor Browser will direct you to the Tor version of the site. Opening the site with Brave will place a button in your URL bar which directs you to the Tor version of the site. The Tor Browser is the ultimate standard of privacy online. Brave is sufficient for users browsing legal content on sites they trust. I advocate for using Brave because it enables people to easily donate to the site via BAT.

Do not use "free" VPNs. They hijack your connection and sell your bandwidth to malicious entities (spammers). When you use a "free" VPN, you are using another person's connection hijacked by the VPN software, and other people will be using yours.

For VPN suggestions:

Myth-busting Tor:

The only person who can properly protect your identity is you. Be careful what you post. Be careful who you trust. The best way to avoid problems is to not say anything you'd regret.

I strongly advise against joining offsite, KF-adjacent groups (like Discord) because those people aren't your fucking friends, and when they dox you, it somehow always becomes my problem.

Take your alter-egos seriously. Consider a password manager. I used to use LastPass but they got greedy, so now I use Bitwarden. Alternatives found here:

This website is fantastic in general. In modern times it's not possible to stay totally private, but there's a lot of easy changes you can make to protect yourself.

Stay safe frens.
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Featured on Mar 16, 2021 at 6:35 PM: An anime avatar gets into BLACKED waifus "for research", hilarity ensues.
What is it?

Twitter, nowadays, is definitely known for being a repository for porn. It's the home of not only various porn artists but general porn accounts. There are specific subsections of Twitter that are hyperfocused on specific fetishes. Some of these fetishes go hand-in-hand. Among these are Blacked, NTR, Findom, and humiliation. All of these fetishes blend into each other, and they have a ton of overlap. I'll explain the terminology below. Today we'll be focusing on blacked because there's already threads on the other stuff.

Blacked is interracial on steroids. It's the fetishization of blacked supremacy, the idea that white men should be bred out by the superior black bull, a focus on stealing girlfriends and wives away from underserving white cucks, and other things. Generally this content consists of roleplay accounts and image editors. Here are some examples below.




An example of the edits they do:



Occasionally these fine folks will roleplay as their anime waifu and proclaim their love for black cock. Here are some examples.






Here's some accounts I found funny.

This guys shtick is the guy from Lilo and Stitch:










First thread. Maybe people will find this as fucking absurd and amusing as I do.

That Anony Mouse

Featured on Mar 16, 2021 at 3:39 PM: DSP's stream moderator "ThatAnonyMouse" goes rogue.
Welcome to the Great Nothingburger of 2021

Battered wife ThatAnonyMouse here. Our friend, Phil Burnell, has been doing some deplorable things. This thread is to get it all out before Phil can "get ahead of the story" and spin the narrative any way he chooses. He's already made it clear that even if the WWE Champions conspiracy is true, that it doesn't matter, and his fanbase will accept that. If you're gonna shoot to kill his career, you need real ammunition:
  • Doxxing his own fans
  • Stringing along whales
  • Insulting mods and chatters
  • Demanding private chatlogs between his mods and chatters
  • Belittling victims of child sexual abuse
We documented the entire Mod Discord server (special thanks on supporting me through this process, none of this would be possible without you @LyteSydeByll ). I have uploaded most of the server already:


Clicking around to validate legitimacy, scrolling the Unban Appeals, Nightbot Editing (includes Nightbot filter), and Permaban List channels

Scrolling the Twitch Moderation channel

I am not a Burnell, so I did not include anyone's personally identifiable information (I have archived untouched copies of the originals). The videos were recorded on Discord Desktop App with OBS. No HTML manipulation is possible. Everything is real (I didn't release the "Anything-Else" or "Cute-Animal-Photos" rooms as it's almost all personal information; I have archived them completely as well and may in the future). I've already selected the prime tidbits for consumption:


While Phil has never expressed remorse for the constant doxxing of his mods and fans (even insulting them), he has maintained the veil of innocence that he was NEVER directly involved in sharing or disclosing his viewer's personally identifiable information. Here is the message Phil delivered in the mod Discord showing us the driver's license for a banned user, PWDUBZ, who had it implied towards him that providing this would give him an unban.

pwdubz dox.png

Pwdubz doxx information that Phil did not censor:
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Partial Address
  • Height
  • Sex
  • Eye Color
  • Issued Date
  • Military Status
  • Endorsements
  • License Class
  • Partial Signature
pwdubz - Copy.png

Here's the unique message ID: 811892716437897236
Here's the unique channel ID: 728729361745838162
Here's the unique server ID: 629946959884582912

Phil held an unban over his head, and then predicated it upon Pwdubz's personally identifiable information. His viewer, trusting that A) This would result in an unban, and B) Phil would have the respect to never share it ever, obliged and gave it to him. Phil didn't even bother censoring a single piece of information, only what Pwdubz censored. I have done so in this thread, because I am not a scumbag, Phil.

Edit by @actually to add in the video of Phil admitting to posting this in the Discord:

It's precious that someone who still cries about having been SWAT'd years ago will disperse a user's info for no reason, as the user tells Phil they're trying to protect their identity. This is still 100% available for all mods to view in the server. Here is Phil also saying in the server that he KNOWS there are leaks in the Mod Discord, even though he is doxxing viewers in there:

phil admits leaks.png

Here's the unique message ID: 819477485011468308

You may have heard him on March 15th, 2021 threaten a donator who charged back $6 in "verified" tips. That was not a joke. He wants you to verify your Paypal so he can see your information. He wants you to dox yourself in the hope of an unban. He has required personal dox in the past for rounds of supposed "mod applications" and then NOT selected a single applicant (Baldy_ in Phil's chat being one such victim). I never trusted him with legitimate personally identifiable information. If he had my real dox, I guarantee he would publish it as retaliation for this thread


Phil's top whale of the week has been desperately striving to become a moderator. Months have been passing with the hopes dangled over his head. Even this year, in 2021, Phil was giving them the impression they still had a chance. Thousands and thousands of dollars later, the truth is Phil had determined all the way back in August that this whale is an IDIOT (Phil's words, not mine!). Here's Phil's reaction to seeing the whale's DM leak back in August, wherein his whale claimed he was only contributing to infiltrate Phil as a mod:

calls oic idiot 1.png

Here's the unique message ID: 749059221051539638

When it's confirmed directly to Phil, he reiterates it:

calls oic idiot 2.png

Here's the unique message ID: 749903570459164804

Whatever your take is on the floundering whale, Phil absolutely does not act in good faith in this situation. The facts were provided to him over six months ago, he declared the whale an "idiot," and instead of outright telling this man "No, you will not be a mod," he tells him, "Well, maybe once the heat dies down from the trolls!" while taking his money under false pretense. He deceives others for their money, knowingly, and for extended periods of time.


When I started posting here about a week back, it made Phil believe I was going to turn on him. Late the night of Daylight Saving's Time, Phil was up until 5am his time interrogating me. He wanted me to prove my innocence, and that involved sharing with him the entire chatlogs of every conversation between me and the whale who won't be mod. Not one phrase or a screenshot, the complete and entire logs. Put into a TXT file and sent to him through Discord.

demands logs.png

Here's the unique message ID #1: 820625864563490816
Here's the unique message ID #2: 820626833971478558

Note: Several people have interpreted this as me OFFERING them up. This entire exchange has been archived and will be published for further context. I can't screenshot 3 hours worth of being incessantly pressured into handing over information in this lone post.

He dangled my innocence over my head, but only if I gave him more private information and details. I obliged to find out if he was truly making the request, so he may actually read the whale's private conversations with his mods. Indeed, he had done it again. The pattern is clear. Phil will use his platform to find something to dangle over your head to get what he wants. Your time. Your money. Your doxx.

When you are no longer financially relevant, or become "more trouble than you're worth" in his eyes, you're gone. Even if it doesn't make sense. I was discarded once too.


The greatest tactic in Phil's playbook is to characterize his critics as evil, malicious, mentally ill trolls seeking attention. When he made me a moderator in October of 2017, I was a mod for one day before he removed me. A troll started insulting me for being gay, which I don't mind. They escalated it to mocking me for being molested as a child, telling me that's why I'm gay, and called me a pedophile. I timed them out for the rest of the stream after asking Vidar (DSP's former lead mod) how he would handle the situation.

sanguine chat 1.png

Phil was bombarded by emails "complaining" about me being a bad mod all from this one person. He panicked, threw me under the bus, talked shit about me behind my back to the troll, and removed me hastily. I emailed him and let him know it was trumped up charges by this troll and proved it.

His response was that he believed me fully, and I was still absolutely in the wrong. He reprimanded me because he felt I had no reason to ever tell anyone I was sexually abused, and I have to keep that to myself. He refused to restore my mod status and gave me the same treatment he tried to give his whales: He tried to dangle it over my head.

I immediately told a handful of others, showed them the same evidence, and they started asking Phil questions. One was the infamous FlyEaglesFly01, and I still have that exchange. A day later, on the day of the TwitchCon Choice Chamber stream, he had emailed me a very brief email only saying he had banned the woman in question, restored my status, and that I could calm down now. No apology, no further explanation.

flyeaglesfly 1.png

I never want to hear Phil say "OH I WISH HE WOULD HAVE COME TO ME BEHIND THE SCENES INSTEAD OF DOING THIS NASTY DETRACTOR SHIT ON KIWIFARMS," because I motherfucking did. He had his opportunity to do the right thing. This was not an act of malice by a mentally ill hater seeking attention. This is the purest vengeance. He will always know this is all true. I will always know this is all true. I waited over 3 years, and I have finally achieved my goal.

I need to dedicate this to Alec Holowka (RIP 1983-2019) and everyone out there who has ever been exploited by a FALSE VICTIM. To have the audacity to dictate to me whether I should reveal to others that I had been sexually abused, insult me behind my back for it, and then turn around and steal money from whales under the bullshit pretense of your own victimhood for years, you have earned this. And so it goes.

Almost forgot, here's the permanent, infinite use invite link to the DSP Mod Discord Server: https://discord.gg/efZWdwx

And people said I'd have nothing, lulz
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Featured on Mar 15, 2021 at 4:34 PM: DSP's tip jar goes offline due to an issue with Stream Elements, so he cancels the entire stream. Paypigs start charging back in protest.
Stream Elements just crashed and now tech support phill will put the game on hold to fix this shit AND he got a lot of chargebacks.
Step it up piggies. Send it directly to his paypall if you have to. If he doesn't hit the tips goal his catson won't eat tonight


Featured on Mar 15, 2021 at 4:05 PM: Years after promising to do so, I sat down over the weekend and wrote a featured content system that people other than me will be able to add content to. Let me know what you think.
Let me know what you think about the featured content system. It uses moderator permissions so I'm going to make it so mods can feature posts too.

1. Featured content tab with all historical features.
2. Tidy up the block so there's more immediately obvious emphasis on the message.

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Featured on Mar 14, 2021 at 10:20 PM: Trans Ranch is under siege, under lockdown. Trump voters pulling up in black Ford Raptor trucks.

By @Yellow Yam Scam

The Tenacious Unicorn Ranch (referred to as the "tranch" or "tran ranch") is a Colorado trans-only ranch which functions more akin to a bizarre BDSM sex cult. The tranch was originally contained in Kevin Gibes's own thread since not only was it his place of residence, but because it was also strikingly similar to Kevin himself: disgusting, destructive, and overwhelmingly careless. The tranch primarily focuses on raising alpacas rather than crops, but also is home to various other animals, their human residents not included. As time goes on, the tranch has made themselves a clear nuisance to their community and act as if they are on the verge of war with still-unproven "right wing militias." They also are horrible at graphic design.


The leader of the tranch is Phillip Matthew Logue, who goes by "Steampunk Penny." Their various members are also deserving of considerable criticism due to their behavior, Paul Mendoza (or "Bonnie") in particular. Forever in Phillip's shadow, Paul is his own league of ridiculous. If their tranch members' bizarre histories aren't strange enough, their interactions with those around them, and actions in general, range from absurd to abhorrent.


Special thanks goes to @Meiwaku, @Lubby Smith, @Chewing Character, and @Guy Made Of Bees for their extensive effort in archiving.


On the surface, the tranch is merely strange. A trans-only commune, the tranch's primary focus is alpacas, which is not a particularly lucrative venture. The most money which can be gained from alpacas is selling their wool, but it is a niche market which allegedly is only used for pyramid schemes, although this hasn't been verified in any capacity regarding the tranch. If the reviews of their wool is to believed, what the tranch produces is of low quality and filled with debris. If anything, it seems the tranch's main export is fluff pieces, as outlets such as PBS, NBC, and Vice have made saccharine documentary segments on it.


Underneath the hopeful façade these documentaries present, and foreshadowing for what would be later revealed, the first major bit of information gathered from the tranch was that it was labeled as "non-compliant" and "delinquent" by officials, demonstrating their senselessly defiant or apathetic nature. One may have a perception of a communal farm such as the tranch having a strong sense of family among its members and close ties to the surrounding towns, but the tranch has anything but. According to ex-tranchers, the tranch tends to treat its workers quite poorly. Either way, living on the tranch is absolute misery as systems such as the heating, plumbing, or electricity break down on a constant basis while members settle on temporary quick-fixes every time they try to repair it.


Even those outside of the tranch are not safe either, as articles from local news outlets have been written complaining about the tranch's negative impact on the community, and when any fluff piece gets enough traction, the comments for it are rife with individuals criticizing the tranch while the tranchers attempt damage control, countering with the stock excuse stating anyone who holds a poor opinion of the tranch is simply a bigot. The tranch doesn't even seem interested in seeing a bond between other farms either, as members have expressed amusement and smug superiority when discussing farms which are struggling during difficult conditions, mocking the suffering of farmers they have never met in jest.


Whether or not the criticism regarding them is justified, to the tranch, the fact they are disliked means they are victims, and thus tranch members are exceptionally gung-ho about "self defense." This is evident by how they seem to treat owning guns as a power fantasy, as they will regularly try goading people who question them to tresspass onto the ranch so they can justify shooting them. Members have even bragged about paranoically pointing guns at passing vehicles. And, if they can't get a problem to come to them, tranch members will go out looking for it instead, as members have also boasted and verified (along with the victim's recount) they went out, hunted down, and physically assaulted people solely for disagreeing with them.


Unfortunately, the tranch treats their animals about as well as they treat outsiders. As an important note, Kiwifarms is not a website for vigilante justice. Do not waste public service's time and money calling the police anonymously. That said, the best way to describe the tranch is "incompetent animal hoarders." The tranch itself is a barren wasteland of dirt yet is home to literal hundreds of animals, with the numbers increasing rapidly as they are allowing their animals to breed unsupervised. The sheer quantity of their livestock is far more than the members can handle, and it certainly exceeds the cramped living conditions they store them in. The tranchers also seem to struggle with managing the chilly climates of Colorado, the state of their residence, as they have admitted to both alpacas freezing to death and chicken eggs being ruined from the cold. Their haphazard attempts to warm the animals by covering their sheds with exposed insulation seem to have adverse effects as well, as the alpacas have visible manure stains caused by poor diet, leading many to speculate the animals have been feeding on the said exposed insulation. And, because it wouldn't be any other way, the tranch is ready and and willing to deflect any criticism by stating anyone who takes umbrage with how they raise animals is just a troll from Kiwifarms, willfully ignorant of the actual message, all while thoughtlessly posting images of the alpacas being exposed to the elements until they are covered in snow.



To take a step back from the dire topic of animal abuse and into the laughable topic of cartoonish cults, as Kevin Gibes has expressed giving his open and tactless nature, the tranch is keen to isolate its members from their families and make only other tranchers the single social safety net the members have, which is a standard cult recruitment tactic.


But a majority of the tranch members aren't particularly interesting in terms of history (although many are due to their behavior), with Phillip Logue (Steampunk Penny or Penellope) and Paul Mendoza (Bonnie) being the exceptions. Starting with the leader, the tranch was first established by Phillip after undergoing his transition. However, leading up to its establishment, Phillip served in the military and fathered two children. He then abandoned the mother and his child to fulfill his absurd fantasy (starting with promptly cutting his testicles off) and presumably has not contacted nor supported them since. However, considering he admits to having tried grooming his four-year-old daughter to become trans, that may be for the best.


As for the tranch's second-in-command, Paul, he owes a lot to his mother, especially given how the current tranch is in her name. However, Paul holds nothing but contempt for his mother and, as with other members of the tranch, has isolated himself from her, opting to discuss her in the most mechanical, disparaging, and emotionless ways possible. The only thing as disgusting as how Paul treats his own parents is his cooking skills and trigger discipline, as the former has anything not already burnt to charcoal made with an ungodly amount of grease and fat, while the latter is, to put it lightly, lacking. Notably, as visible in the video in the header, Paul decided to paint the trans flag onto his pistol's barrel, which will certainly give investigators quite a story to share when it's eventually used for manslaughter on an innocent local. Regardless, the poor storage and handling of his guns is often a reoccurring theme in any image where they are visible.

1615772968992.png 1615764190334.png 1615773754253.png

There are other tranchers who will certainly come and go and occasionally be worth mentioning in passing when relevant. But in general, a majority of the amusement from tranch drama will often stem from these pair of knuckleheads.


By @88 get!

Between their clueless nature and brainless members, the most recent ordeal afflicting the tranch is the Tranch Warfare Saga©. Tranch Warfare had begun not too long after a fluff piece was aired on television, where the tranch soon claimed to have received death threats and the reporter who covered them got letters containing an "acidic powder" of some sort. However, the tranch both refused to publish the death threats nor approach the police with them, and have not confirmed what the "acidic powder" in the letters was. In general, authorities expressly tell receivers of death threats not to publicize them, so the tranch unquestionably either approached the police and became frustrated when they were told to stop sharing the death threats, or had not received death threats to begin with. As for the powder, it has been theorized, assuming if it was real to begin with, to perhaps be some form of powdered fruit due to the ridiculous nature of the scenario.


Regardless if the threatening letters were fake, the fact the tranch saw fit to capitalize on such a tempting grifting opportunity is very real. Immediately after claiming to have received these threats, the tranch shared a link to a crowdfund for supplies, which instantly gained tens of thousands of dollars. Tantalized by this considerable haul, the tranch has since doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down on these threats, leading to events which not even the most bold of parodies could fathom penning. The tranch now claims an "alt-right" militia is currently rallying around their perimeter and are readying for a literal war. These still-unseen extremists have been allegedly caught sneaking onto their property (who the tranch did not shoot despite all their posturing with firearms) and, when one of the tranch's alpacas died from the freezing Colorado temperatures, the tranch claimed it was a sneak attack performed by a covert alpaca assassin.

1615763587630.png 1615763614635.png

Worth noting is the tranchers will occasionally blame an individual named "Earl" for these apparent attacks on the tranch, hence the occasional references to a still-unseen Earl which pops up from time to time.

But emboldened by these events which are very real and actually happened you guys, seriously, stop laughing, the tranch has been stockpiling their defenses. Purchasing dozens of security cameras and hording an estimated 40,000 dollars worth of guns and ammo, the tranch seems ready to start a war with the surrounding community; presuming tensions on the tranch don't heat to the point they just wind up shooting each other, of course. The stupidity of this entire saga has escalated to the point where even overt supporters have started questioning the legitimacy of this farce.


Between the chaos of the ranch, the neglect towards their animals, the lunacy of the tranchers, and the upcoming and highly-anticipated war, the only individuals set to benefit from it all seem to be the tranch's observers. While the suffering of their animals and neighbors is regretful to watch, at the very least, the self-destructive nature of the tranch and its inhabitants serves as a small positive admist the cacophony of nonsense.

The Tenacious Unicorn Ranch
Penellope Logue at 2530 County Road 305, Westcliffe CO 81252, phone #: (303)-261-7039

MOD EDIT: @Swerf'n'Terf made an excellent writeup of who's who at the Tranch.
@Spunt made an excellent write up on one of the most unstable members of the Tranch Davidians, Jarrod Hunter Stanley.
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Featured on Mar 12, 2021 at 7:12 PM: JayStation lost his YT channel.
His YouTube got nuked

A reminder that Colossal was planning to do a video on him with Nerd City. JayStation threatened to file false DMCA's against the 2 depending on what's said. He may or may not have also obtained Clown's dox.

From the horse's mouth
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Featured on Mar 2, 2021 at 4:07 AM: Dr. Kathy Rumer wants to give you a little snib snib.


Longtime Kiwi Farms users have seen their fair share of troon genital horrors, some of which are the handiwork of Dr. Kathy Lynn Rumer, a Philadelphia plastic surgeon who specializes in transgender and reconstructive surgery. As the readers of the SRS Surgeons thread know, Rumer's genital reconfiguration is often a unique brand of horrifying, which has led to a barrage of complaints and malpractice lawsuits against her. The sheer volume of horror stories warrants her own thread; per the screenshots and archived links, she appears to engage in genuinely sociopathic behavior, including canceling post-operative appointments unannounced when patients complain online about poor surgical outcomes.

In the video at around 3:03, Rumer says "in all of the surgeries that I've performed in over 10 years, we have not had a single patient with regret." After reading this thread, I bet Dr. Rumer might want to walk back that statement.

Background and Education

Dr. Rumer received a BS in Applied Mathematics from Ursinus College, class of 1984, studied Industrial Engineering in grad school at Penn State, then became a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, class of 2000. Her board certification is in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Per her profile at Crozer Health (a), "Dr. Rumer has been named “Top Doc” annually since 2008 by Main Line Today magazine, and “Top Doc” by Philadelphia Magazine, as voted by her peers. She was named “Surgical Intern of the Year” during her General Surgery Residency at PCOM, and ACOS’s “National Fellow of the Year” in her Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship. She was the Chief Resident in both her General Surgery Residency and her Plastic Surgery Fellowship Programs at PCOM."

Her full resume is attached at the bottom of the thread.


Rumer is a staunch ally and supporter of the trans community. Despite alllegedly performing over 400(!) gender-related surgeries each year, Rumer's results often fail to live up to her promise of "natural appearing results that enhance and subtly refine the each individual’s best features." A large number of her patients, both MTF and FTM, have reported complications, from nipples falling off to all manner of eldritch stinkditch horrors.

The following spoilers are not safe for work and contain graphic images and descriptions of genitals and body horror. TransBucket does not archive, as everything is locked behind a login.


Not sure how that's 5 stars...


This one's 390 days post-op:

This person understandably called Rumer the "worst surgeon ever":

Rumer actually seems pretty good at lopping knockers off. However, many of the results are still less than ideal.


Horror Stories and Complaints

The following were taken from HealthGrades (a), where people rate medical professionals. While troons are notorious for not taking responsibility for their laziness, the sheer volume of stories that paint the same picture of Rumer would suggest she's callous and basically abandons her patients after operating on them.

Rumer's office posted the same reply to these and the other complaints she received:

Reddit also has tons of complaints about Rumer. She's notorious in the MTF community as a "butcher."

A mass of erectile tissue protruding from your stinkditch is "normal" according to Rumer:

Rumer tells a patient to cut off necrotic "labia" tissue with scissors, then ignores other doctors' calls after the patient develops a serious infection:

This person had a bad result and left a negative review of Rumer online. She pressured the patient to remove the review by suddenly canceling post-operative care.

This person had a horrific result and was close to 41%ing:


An FTM has painful complications:

This person's result can be seen in the stinkditch section above; theirs is the third neovagina pictured.

This person's result can be seen in the stinkditch section above; theirs is the fourth neovagina pictured.



This patient details Rumer's "very nasty disposition" toward her:

Howard "Hannah" Simpson trooned out and had a vaginoplasty performed by Dr. Rumer in 2014. He claims the resulting stinkditch ruined his life, and other doctors were not able to successfully repair it.

Here (a) are pictures of Hannah's Lovecraftian monstrosity through the healing process:

It also appears Rumer's office attempts to astroturf her image by putting out glowing reviews. This one was immediately called out, as the account that posted it was brand new (and hasn't posted since):

Cow Crossover Jezebel Article

Rat King lolcow Kyle "Katelyn" Burns wrote a piece in Jezebel (a) about how Rumer is notorious for botched vaginoplasties. When people try to speak out against her online, the good doctor threatens to sue them for libel, and even threatened to add Burns and Jezebel to a libel suit. Complaints against Rumer with various professional associations are noted but never seem to be acted on.

Returning home from the movie back in Louisiana, Carlie took a closer look at her new vulva. While most two-week-old post-op vulvas won’t be pretty to look at, Carlie was alarmed when she found a “large, thumb-sized piece of dead skin kind of floating out of it,” she says. The next morning, she called the emergency number she had been given and sent an email to Dr. Rumer’s office. On Monday, the office suggested Carlie email photographs of the area of concern so the surgeon could take a look. A few days later, Carlie and her mother say they heard from the doctor, who was on vacation and told Carlie she shouldn’t be concerned. If it continued to hurt, her mother, a retired surgeon, could cut off the hanging skin, Dr. Rumer said.

The advice shocked both Carlie and her mother. She says her genitalia smelled “horrible” and her labia was hanging by a thin string of skin. A week after the conversation with Dr. Rumer, Carlie says she visited a local gynecologist, who was alarmed and brought Carlie to Oschner Baptist Hospital in New Orleans for emergency surgery. Part of Carlie’s vagina had been affected by necrotizing fasciitis, an infection that’s a risk in any surgery. Generally, it results in a loss of tissue in the infected area.

When they heard back from Dr. Rumer’s office—there had been an administrative mix-up with Carlie’s records—the surgeon was upset that Carlie hadn’t arranged to fly to Philadelphia to have the doctor fix the issue. According to Carlie and her mother, Dr. Rumer snapped at them in a phone call with Carlie’s mother: “I remember hearing it clear as day,” says Carlie, who could overhear the conversation. “Dr. Rumer goes, ‘I followed the WPATH guidelines on how to treat my patients. If you think you can do better, why don’t you just give her a vagina?’”

Many patients who go to Dr. Rumer for bottom surgery are happy with their results. But the people who are not satisfied with their surgeries, at the hands of Dr. Rumer or others, have found it difficult to have their complaints meaningfully addressed. In the highly politicized world of gender-affirming surgery, answers about standard measures of care can be hard to find. Advocates describe a patchwork of surgical practices and “transgender centers for excellence” overseen by local hospitals and state medical boards. Offices can vary widely when it comes to patient-to-doctor ratios and what kind of specialized training a surgeon receives.

When she posted about her experience with Dr. Rumer on message boards in an attempt to warn other potential patients, Carlie’s words were reprinted on anti-trans forums. A complaint she filed with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs resulted in no formal action. Jezebel spoke to four others who say they experienced issues with surgeries performed by Dr. Rumer, ranging from allegations of poor post-operative care to construction of their vaginas that left them in significant pain or with vulvas that didn’t look anatomically correct. Additionally, since 2016 there have been four malpractice suits filed against the doctor over similar issues, all of which were eventually arbitrated out of court. In 2018, another group of trans people who saw her speak at a trans medical conference filed a complaint accusing the doctor of falsifying success rates, after which the Pennsylvania State Medical Board communicated with the surgeon but took no disciplinary action.

It seems likely Dr. Rumer would say, as she writes on her website and argued in court, that these complications are the result of poor adherence to her office’s postoperative directions, or are part of the reasonable risk of any surgery of this kind. But when Jezebel reached out to Dr. Rumer with a detailed list of questions and patient allegations, we heard back from a lawyer instead. In April, Dr. Rumer’s counsel attempted to subpoena me in an unrelated libel case, demanding I hand over “all notes, emails, documents and research” related to this story. Just prior to publication, Dr. Rumer again declined to comment and through her attorney threatened to add Jezebel to her pending libel suit.

Over the course of 2018, four former patients of the surgeon’s filed separate malpractice suits in Pennsylvania’s Eastern District court. Each was represented by the same law firm, and alleged that Dr. Rumer’s work had been so poorly done in their cases it required the plaintiffs, all residents of New York City, to undergo revision surgery at Mt. Sinai.

Each of the plaintiffs described strictures and damages to their urethras, vaginal cavities, and labias along with bulges or misshapen clitoral hoods, issues characterized as “permanent injury” such that the plaintiffs would “never have sexual function again.”

The suits described “humiliation” and “severe psychological trauma” as a result of Dr. Rumer’s work, and each originally demanded a jury trial but was eventually submitted for voluntary private arbitration. In one case, according to a pre-trial memo, attorneys intended to bring Dr. Jess Ting, a surgeon and medical school professor specializing in GRS at Mt. Sinai, to the stand. He was expected to testify that even after three surgical revisions, Dr. Rumer’s work left the plaintiff unable to “achieve orgasm or sexual satisfaction without pain,” among other significant issues including an “oversized clitoris without clitoral hood” and hair that hadn’t been properly removed.

In a pre-trial brief filed in late February, before the case was referred for arbitration, Dr. Rumer’s attorneys argued the surgeon was not negligent, hadn’t deviated from the standard of care and that the issues the patient experienced were “recognized complication of vaginoplasty.” The pleading also noted that the patient was “not employed at the time she was treated by Dr. Rumer” and that the 47-year-old hadn’t reported significant problems until more than a year after her surgery. The details of the arbitration proceedings and their outcomes are not public; none of the plaintiffs in the cases against Dr. Rumer’s practice returned multiple requests for an interview.

Jezebel reached out to several prominent gender surgeons to inquire into how many of Rumer’s former patients they had seen for revision procedures to fix her results. Most, understandably, declined to comment, but three who wished to remain anonymous had collectively seen more than 50 patients who had originally gone to Dr. Rumer for GRS since 2016.

“We all want greater access for trans persons seeking surgery and we do our best to educate and to facilitate better outcomes,” says Dr. Bowers, the San Francisco gender surgeon, but “Dr. Rumer falls short in some terrifying ways—blaming the patients for their surgical complications, anger and hostility towards those who complain, lack of availability or accountability.” Dr. Rumer, she adds, “also understands the vulnerability of patients who desperately desire surgery in a climate of still relatively few surgeons.”

Hannah Simpson, a 34-year-old trans woman from New York City, says that two weeks after she had GRS with Dr. Rumer in the summer of 2014, she noticed that her vulva was starting to look asymmetrical, with one part looking red and swollen. Despite Dr. Rumer’s insistence that everything was fine, Simpson developed necrosis of the vulva.

Simpson, who was studying medicine at the time, described her new vulva: a misshaped clitoris that was “off to the side” and a labia that “looked more like a lump than two flaps.” Simpson experienced other complications as well, including hair inside her vaginal canal that the surgeon had promised to remove, as well as odd placement of her urethra. Additionally, Simpson says that Dr. Rumer left excess tissue around the vaginal opening that made dilation extremely uncomfortable. In a follow-up appointment and then again in a subsequent email which Simpson shared with Jezebel, Dr. Rumer blamed the dead skin on a pair of too-tight Depends Simpson had worn in the hospital, which Simpson believes was a way to dodge the issue. Dr. Rumer declined to respond to Jezebel’s inquiries about her treatment of this or any of her other patients.

A revision procedure with a different surgeon was unsuccessful in repairing Dr. Rumer’s initial work, even causing additional issues, and Simpson was left without a clitoris. She has now consulted with, by her own count, 36 surgeons about fixing her genitalia. The experience has left her disillusioned with the medical profession and she is no longer pursuing a medical degree. She has not pursued any official avenues of complaint, worried that doing so would make it less likely that another surgeon would take on her case.

Simpson’s complaints about Dr. Rumer’s work are similar to those alleged by other former patients who spoke with Jezebel. “I’ve been warning people off Rumer as much as I can,” says Ember Rose, a 28-year-old non-binary person from Boston. They went to Dr. Rumer for bottom surgery in 2014 because the surgeon had the shortest wait time of all of the options presented by their parent’s insurance plan.

Rose’s surgery didn’t turn out as planned. “Rumer left a lot of erectile tissue under my labia minora, which can be a problem,” Rose says. “It doesn’t really look like a vulva.” Even other doctors, they say, will “end up at least once trying to stick a finger in my urethra because it’s not obvious.”

Rose says that Dr. Rumer didn’t construct a clitoral hood, leaving their clitoris completely exposed to irritation. Additionally, Rumer’s hair removal technique failed, leaving some hair growing just inside the labia, though not in the vaginal canal itself. “It kept accruing secretions and urine and got really smelly and I was scared of the thing for like the first year,” they say, “until I figured out there wasn’t supposed to be hair there.”

Rose says they’re still angry about their surgery six years later, and they’re concerned about Dr. Rumer operating on trans people. But they say that their frustration is also directed at the systemic issues surrounding procedures like these: The lack of doctors who perform GRS and the lengthy waiting lists that mean people like them have few options to choose from and not enough information when they go looking for a surgeon.

Such was allegedly the case for Dr. Rumer at the 2018 Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, where the doctor gave a presentation covering several surgeries for transmasculine people. According to a complaint submitted to the Pennsylvania State Medical Board and shared with Jezebel, Dr. Rumer allegedly claimed a 1 percent complication rate for fistula and stricture following urethral lengthening, one of the procedures commonly performed as part of phalloplasty, the surgery which creates a functional penis for transmasculine trans people.

According to several studies, the industry average for those complications range between 10 percent and 64 percent. The letter, which contained the corroborated accounts of several conference attendees, called into question the accuracy of Dr. Rumer’s miraculous claim. It also alleged Dr. Rumer used pictures of another surgeon’s results, claiming them as her own. When a person in attendance confronted her about the images, she allegedly replied, “you have a good memory, have a nice day.” After a nine-month investigation, the medical board “determined that the circumstances, in this case, do not permit formal prosecution,” as per a response to the complaint shared with Jezebel. The letter did say the office had “reminded Dr. Rumer about the duties and requirements” under state law and her local medical board.

Fear of expensive and time-consuming legal challenges based on patient testimonies are not unfounded: Dr. Rumer and her legal team directed letters to me questioning the “integrity of your inquiry and article,” declined to answer factual questions, and eventually served me a subpoena in an attempt to gain access to my reporting notes and sources. When Jezebel reached out to request an interview and offered a detailed summary of patient complaints in early 2020, an attorney wrote back suggesting we were conspiring with the unnamed author of a Blogspot site dedicated to “exposing” Dr. Rumer. Since 2016 the blog has intermittently posted figures in Guy Fawkes masks, the doctor’s home address, and linked to public reports about the surgeon’s work.

Jezebel was unaware of this website when we began working on this story and all of the people interviewed said they had no prior knowledge of the blog. After learning of its existence, Carlie joked that she’s a graphic designer by trade and if she had made the site it wouldn’t “look so shit.”

Dr. Rumer’s practice filed a libel suit against the anonymous owner of the website in February of this year, named in court documents as John or Jane Doe. On March 11, the surgeon’s attorney attempted to subpoena me based on an unfounded assumption that I was coordinating with this John or Jane Doe.

“The timing, content, and nature of your emails suggest you are likely working with this individual (either knowingly or unknowingly) in carrying out this defamatory campaign,” wrote Dr. Rumer’s attorney in an email on January 31. “I note that while you are a self-described ‘freelance journalist,’ you utilize the pronoun the plural pronoun ‘we’ (e.g. ‘we obtained,’ ‘we were hoping’) in your messages. I hope you can appreciate that from our perspective, these facts understandably lead to questions about the integrity of your inquiry and article.” (By the time I reached out to Rumer for comment, we had been working on versions of this story intermittently for over a year, and the “we” was clearly meant to refer to the reporter and Jezebel together, as is common practice.)

The subpoena originally asked me to appear at the office of Dr. Rumer’s attorney in Ardmore, Pennsylvania on April 2, but was subsequently canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. The subpoena demanded I turn over “all notes, emails, documents and research” referencing Dr. Rumer or her practice. In late July, the presiding judge ordered Rumer’s legal team to show just cause to continue the case, considering the “failure to allege the citizenship” of the anonymous website owner since the complaint was filed in January. Dr. Rumer’s attorney, Lance Rogers, wrote in a status report on July 31 that his office had additionally subpoenaed Google, CloudFlare—an internet service provider—and an unnamed domain registration site to gain access to the identity of the anonymous blogger, as well as retain the services of an expert in “advanced investigative computer techniques.” The case remains pending.

Legal threats haven’t only been directed towards anonymous trolls and reporters: Dr. Bowers shared a 2018 email written by Dr. Rumer alleging “written defamation” and threatening a libel lawsuit after the surgeon commented on Dr. Rumer in a consultation with one of Rumer’s former patients.

Rumer’s litigiousness isn’t unique among surgeons, and the environment can make it difficult for many trans people to find recourse, or warn others about bad surgical experiences. It’s a system that makes frank public discussion about surgical outcomes nearly impossible to have.

Rumers Anonymous

The Blogspot site mentioned in Burns' article, Rumers Anonymous (a), features even more terrifying tales of Rumer's surgery and lawfare, though it isn't updated frequently. Rumer filed a lawsuit (a, paywalled) against the site's admin.


The admin posted a picture of a house and an address (s/a) which WhitePages says is Rumer's, but a result in Philadelphia was also returned for her and her husband's current address when I tried to corroborate that info. I'm not sure if the picture the admin posted or the other listing is her correct address and will update this section once it's verified.

Her husband's name is Kerry Joseph DeAngelis.

Other Lawsuits

Kiwifarms user twattycake found these other lawsuits filed against Rumer: