Cuphead - starring 30s visuals and 3 hours of jazz

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TBH I can't really get mad at FNAF because Scott Cawthon is basically one of the sweetest indie devs to ever exist.

The games are shit, but it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
He’s also one of the biggest trolls since Gabe Newel. Only Scott has self awareness.

Darwin Watterson

Holy fuck, the site looks like hot garbage now
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Got it on PC a week ago. My gaming skills have really decayed over time. I'm sure I could've breezed through this game in less than a day as a kid, but adult me hasn't even made it past the first world yet.

Admittedly the fact that I suck at it is mostly my own fault rather than the game's, but that still doesn't make it any less frustrating. I'm not gonna be a game journalist and say that the game sucks because the enemies don't commit suicide as soon as they see you, but I do think they could've eased up just a little in some of the early levels. Though, it's not on the same order as those "hard for the sake of being hard" games like Super Meat Boy or The Impossible Game. So that's something. Don't get me wrong, "frustrating" doesn't equate to "bad" in this sense. I guess it's just been so long since I've actually had to try at a video game. I'll "git gud" at it eventually.

I'll agree with everyone else in saying that the art and music are amazing. I think the visuals are honestly the best part of the game and if they ever made an actual Cuphead cartoon I'd love to watch it.
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I really want to play Cuphead, but Microsoft seems to hold the exclusive.

And after the horrid 360, I dunno if I trust Microsoft for gaming anymore.



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