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Mar 9, 2019
New Year, New Doxemon:

The Violet Wanderers

“We were bored and horny..”

Joel Adam Dent / ableedinggod / Alexis Dent / Alexis Filth / @FilthAlexis

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Karhma Harmony Lutz / Karhma Dent / MotherNature / Ian Dent / Ian Filth / Ian Aleister / @DracoDrake

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Marriage License:
View attachment 1077050

So who is this troon couple?

These two are hosts of a podcast called The Violet Wanderers, described as “gallows humor for the terminally online queer community” (their description, not mine).

Podcast links:


As expected, they lean left on the political spectrum. But, this doesn’t mean they don’t have political differences (however shallow they are). REEEing about Bernie Sanders and voting for Clinton:

Very deep political stances indeed! LOL!

Karhma’s High School:

Go Monarchs! LOL!

How proud Karhma must be to join the ranks of Holly Holms, Lynne Russell, and Billy Smith as noteworthy alumni!

Karhma name regrets:

Weeb Wars

How do they relate to Weeb Wars? They’ve been KickVic almost from the start. Even when they were not active with KickVic, their predilection towards that faction seemed unquestionable.

The biggest red flag came when they featured Renfamous as a guest for the 30th episode of their podcast on April 30, 2019:

Granted it was about Renfamous’ role in ComicsGate and being a creator for the comic anthology, Dead Beats.

Their first true guest in relation to Weeb Wars was none other than T. Greg Doucette for their 37th episode on June 17, 2019:

After which, they made some cringy sketches parodying law firm Beard Harris Bullock & Hughes as well as Nick Rekieta:

On August 20, 2019, they featured the founder of the KickVic hashtag herself, @MarzGurl, as a guest on the 46th episode:

Their “Threadnaught Bonus Episode” on September 13, 2019, featured a KickVic roundtable of Renfamous, @MarzGurl, and T. Greg Doucette:

Even one of the pretenders for Kiwi Farms’ ownership, Akiva Cohen, appeared on episode 51 on September 25, 2019:

The Wanderers also featured known KickVic Funimation voice actors Chris Rager and Josh Martin in a bad joke cringefest episode on November 5, 2019:

Recently, they were teasing having Jennifer Lynn Hunt as a guest with @MarzGurl (potentially Renfamous, too):

Sure enough, all three were on episode 65 of their podcast:

Doxes (special thanks to @zedkissed60 for sharing the following):

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714 S. Richmond St.
Winchester, Indiana

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Karhma’s Father, Timothy R Lutz:

Karhma’s Mother, Cheryl Lewis-Sturm:

Karhma’s Stepfather, Budd Sturm:

Karhma’s mother and stepfather’s business:

They recently sold the business:


Social Media
Joel/Alexis’ FB

Karhma/Ian’s FB:


Twitter (Old):

Joel Dent:




Archive of Karhma’s blogger account





Joel’s JetNation Account (Yet, he is a Buffalo Bills fan. Go figure):

Karhma as MotherNature on

Joel’ archived Photobucket:

Joel’s Steam account:

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Patrick Delahanty / PDelahanty / PatrickD

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View attachment 1077161View attachment 1077162

March 6, 1973


1169 Brighton View Cir
Petaluma, CA 94952-5226
View attachment 1077169
View attachment 1077190
View attachment 1077171

Runs AnimeCons and FanCons.

View attachment 1077176

Some more about his background.
He's also from Massachusetts, just like Soye and Toole.

View attachment 1077179

Self admitted Spednaught.
View attachment 1077182

Has an obvious hate boner for Vic.

View attachment 1077183

View attachment 1077184

Would be a shame if he was wrong. Archive
View attachment 1077185


View attachment 1077186

But wait, there's more.
We know Patrick is biased against Vic for whatever creepy behavior he assumes he exhibits but the real icing on the cake is that he works for Leo Laporte.
View attachment 1077241

Leo Gordon Laporte / leolaporte / The Tech Guy

View attachment 1077226View attachment 1077236
View attachment 1077202

November 29, 1956


2991 Brayton Ln,
Petaluma, CA 94952-6336

🏢Business Address:
140 Keller St Petaluma CA 94952

View attachment 1077223
View attachment 1077220
View attachment 1077224
View attachment 1077225 Archive

Leo is another sex pest with multiple websites dedicated to exposing him and his behavior along with screenshots of him showing his dick on the internet/streams. For the sake of keeping this short, I will include some of the stuff and link to his thread here on KF.

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View attachment 1077242

Monsieurs! Madamoiselles! Madames! Xirs! Xans! People! Welcome! Welcome!
Take a seat, sit back and enjoy the most recent episode of:
View attachment 1080885

Today we bring you:
"Otaku, Cleveland browns fan, gamer and friend of the world!"

View attachment 1080909

Anthony Thomas/Anthony M Thomas /amthomaslove/anime-tree/anime tree

Name: Anthony M. Thomas
Age: 26
Date of Birth: 4th Aug 1993
Resides in: Amherst, Ohio.
Works at: Giant Eagle, Amherst
Previously resided in: Toledo, Ohio, and Sandusky, Ohio.
Most likely born in: Milton, Florida
Current adress: 1033 Terra Ln, Amherst, Ohio 44001-1149
View attachment 1080915

Anthony drew our attention when he made claims of Vic making him feel uncomfortable by putting an arm around him. The short Vic, being so much stronger than this tall chunky autistic humanoid, that Vic squeezed his arm into his shoulder-socket. So much that it hurt. All whilst making a very strange facial expression.

View attachment 1080918

Yes guys, this is the smile and thumbs up of pain, and not immense autistic joy for having met a long time idol. You see, we found his facebook. Which was under the name Anthony Thomas (anime tree). Where we found the full photo.
Anthony drew our attention when he made claims of Vic making him feel uncomfortable by putting an arm around him. The short Vic, being so much stronger than this tall chunky autistic humanoid, that Vic squeezed his arm into his shoulder-socket. So much that it hurt. All whilst making a very strange facial expression.

View attachment 1080919
In fact, on facebook, he shared this photo twice:
shared the picture 3 june 2016
then later in september 2016

In fact, he loved Vic so much, that in 2017 he framed his Vic autograph that he had gotten the year before, when he met Vic.
View attachment 1080921

So he had no problems with Vic until this current day and age. In fact, he even made up a couple of stories. Which, is, the same story, but told a few different ways, most certainly making it all a lie.
View attachment 1080924
View attachment 1080925
View attachment 1080928
View attachment 1080936
View attachment 1080937
View attachment 1080938

Same story, 3 different versions, in who witnessed it, but basic happenings are the same. Changing over time.
That's really the problem with lying, you can't really remember what you said so it becomes something else.

The only con he appear to attended the year before was ColassalCon 2018, where he met a voice actress, and well, you can see his face. Thomas appears to go to this event yearly. And has been attending it for 4 years.
View attachment 1080930
Here he is posing with Cynthia Cranz ( thank you @OneHandClapping for sharing your knowledge!)
Same facial expression as with Vic. Do you guys think she might be harming his arm in unseen ways?
That being said, Vic did attend this con, but the actual happening is unconifmred by all other parties.
So this guy is the only one making the claim, and even so, it's not a big deal.

He was also there this year
View attachment 1080949View attachment 1081005
The background was really what caught our interest

This guy here is however, autistic, he admits it himself, it is evident from the photos of him, and the fact that he has attended a school for learning disabilities. In a youtube video we found, because, he did have a youtube channel until COPPA came along, he does give an impression of suffering from some form of problems, thought it is unknown to us what it could be.

Referencing learning disability and school:
View attachment 1080957

Moving on, this guy is an otaku in every negative sense of the word. He admits to being single all his life. Again, I fully believe this.
View attachment 1080941View attachment 1080942View attachment 1080944

Eternally single:
View attachment 1080998

He collects MLP cards
View attachment 1080969View attachment 1080971

He is a fan of naruto, and is a Naru X Hina shipper
View attachment 1080953View attachment 1080955View attachment 1080956

Facebook tailor adverts to the things you search and look for online so when he started to complain about this advertisment; that offered a laugh:
View attachment 1081000

He also has no issue with touch from animals at least, not sure if that's a good or bad thing considering how things often go.
This is a video of a cute little bird dancing around on his neck:
He also owns a dog.
View attachment 1081010

He also wants to live of manga and anime, could be a lame reason why he threw himself onto the Vic-hate-train.
To get in with the cool cats who run Funi? (sabat)
View attachment 1080952

If he goes: "Oh no guys! It isn't me! The facebook and twitter just happened to have the same name! that's all...!"
View attachment 1080974
From his facebook

View attachment 1080976
The banner of his twitter account.

This guy is so desperate for clout, pussy and any form of intimate contact with another being, phsyical and emotional, that he is fine with lying about someone he met once and in the past have clearly cherished. That's a low and scummy move.

If any of you are curious about this weeb, you can find him at the social media links below:

Discord: animetree#7312
View attachment 1080951

Lastly I will put up this, which is how he started his year of 2020!
View attachment 1081002
How wrong were we Anthony M Thomas?

Peace out !

View attachment 1081003
Big thanks to @Yuusha-sama , @Junk Dog , @ManateeHunter , @Draza @Salty Boris

Beth Elderkin updated dox by @Tipsy Tea Cup:
You were a dumb bitch back then.
You're still a dumb bitch now.
Hoes mad.

199 29th St
Brooklyn, NY 11232

View attachment 1083217

View attachment 1087659

Raymond Allen Partlo/Raymond Allen Grill/raymendnoodle/Raymend_Noodles

View attachment 1086245 View attachment 1086247 View attachment 1086249

Yet another KickVic'er for the list. Unlike the rest however, this fat ass has decided to stick to the shadows for most of 2019, only inserting his blubber into the drama when needed.

View attachment 1086492 View attachment 1086496

But Vic is just a small part of the reason as to why you see Raymond here now. His addition to the doxedex came about when he started defending and siding with another scumbag KVer called Borisof007 who has a history of being a cheater and abuser to his exes.

(Borisof007 has a dox of his own already which you can read here, with a follow-up post for said dox here).

View attachment 1086287 View attachment 1086296 View attachment 1086298

However, just like Borisof007, he happens to have a bit of a colorful past as well. Having a few run-ins with the law.

View attachment 1087290

View attachment 1086558
View attachment 1086559
View attachment 1086561

(More in the links below).

View attachment 1086571

Well, you sure didn't do a good job of hiding everything, tubby.

Time for...

View attachment 1087666DoxView attachment 1087666

Did we catch 'em?

Sure did.

View attachment 1086130
View attachment 1087603
View attachment 1087608

Name: Raymond Allen Partlo (formerly Raymond Allen Grill)
Age: 38
DoB: December 6, 1981
Address: USA, Wisconsin
413 Radtke St, Schofield, WI 54476
Phone Number(s): (715) 726-3059
(715) 497-5683

View attachment 1086157 View attachment 1086158

Raymond Allen Partlo Facebook Profile:
Raymond Allen Partlo Facebook Profile Images:
Raymendnoodle Twitter Profile:
Raymend_Noodles Instagram Profile:
Raymend Noodles Youtube Channel:
Raymond Allen Partlo Facebook Profile:
Raymond Allen Partlo Facebook Profile Images:
Raymendnoodle Twitter Profile:
Raymend_Noodles Instagram Profile:
Raymend Noodles Youtube Channel:

View attachment 1087108

Don't worry. She can have a spot too.

Amanda Partlo/Amanda Schneider

View attachment 1087115View attachment 1087316
View attachment 1087600
View attachment 1087592

View attachment 1087628

View attachment 1087631

Special thanks to @Draza, @Tipsy Tea Cup and @Yuusha-sama for helping catch this Snorlax.
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Mar 9, 2019
Character Limit wouldn't let me post this in the previous post:

View attachment 1091669

Jonathan Migoni/Bigchungus2766/uncharted halo/Sjinzo86/JinzoLord86/Dr Zoidberg 300/It was me DIO

View attachment 1091671 View attachment 1091673 View attachment 1091674
View attachment 1090705 View attachment 1091041

Another, somewhat notable, KVer for the list. Our friend here has been around since all the way back in February of last year, sharing his shit takes and parroting the same info about the hair pulling and so on that we've seen time and time again during 2019.

View attachment 1090715 View attachment 1091697 View attachment 1090765 View attachment 1090754 View attachment 1090801 View attachment 1090742 View attachment 1090734

Some more of his posts here:

He has also shared some of his con experiences involving Vic. But, like many of the stories from the past year so far from other KVers like him, there's zero evidence to back them up. Which means they totally happened.

Notice how in the tweet from February he mentions having finally gotten the chance to meet Vic in one con in 2018 but then in the other tweets from November he mentions having been staffed at a con since 2006 and that he personally knows what kind of person Vic is.

View attachment 1091422 View attachment 1091719 View attachment 1091409 View attachment 1091682

Almost like he's full of shit like all the rest.

If not talking about Vic or cons with his own crowd, you'll also usually see him inserting himself into arguments with ISWV idiots. Most of the time spamming the same image of the Heavy from Team Fortress 2 with the words "Cry Some More" as a form of gotcha to try and trigger some people.

View attachment 1091141 View attachment 1091145 View attachment 1091147

But besides being a good little KV sheep, and an annoying, unfunny pest to boot, the reason for his addition to the doxdex and why you now see him here is due to him sharing a particular image of a female cosplayer flipping off Vic from a distance during a con back in 2016 to rile up some of the ISWV speds while making them think it was him. All to "protect" the original poster and to probably try and get some asspats for being such a good boy.

View attachment 1090878 View attachment 1090893 View attachment 1090919 View attachment 1091154

Since this guy got the bright idea to divert attention to himself, it's only fitting he'd get his own shot at the spotlight, right?

Time for...

View attachment 1091675DoxView attachment 1091675

Did we catch 'em?

But of course.

View attachment 1091690

Name: Jonathan Migoni
Age: 34
DoB: January 2, 1986
Address: USA, Chicago 47 Forest Ln Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Phone Number(s): (847) 702-4684, (224) 388-9361

View attachment 1091711 View attachment 1091713

Jonathan Migoni Facebook Profile:
Jonathan Migoni Facebook Profile Images:
Bigchungus2766 Twitter Profile:
Bigchungus2766 Xbox Gamertag Profile:
Bigchungus2766 Exophase Profile:
Sjinzo86 Youtube Channel:
Jonathan Migoni Facebook Profile:
Jonathan Migoni Facebook Profile Images:
Bigchungus2766 Twitter Profile:
Bigchungus2766 Xbox Gamertag Profile:
Bigchungus2766 Exophase Profile:
Sjinzo86 Youtube Channel:


Special thanks to @Tipsy Tea Cup, @Yuusha-sama and @Much Ado About Nothing for helping with this one.

And by the way, Jonathan
View attachment 1091807


View attachment 1118408

Sean Edward Chiplock/PommyN64/Nyan Chiplock/Sonicmega/NGsonicmega/Volnutt

View attachment 1118410 View attachment 1118412 View attachment 1118414
View attachment 1116891 View attachment 1118103
View attachment 1118104

Another voice actor for the weeb wars pile, and a furry at that. You'll probably recognize this particular individual from such roles as Revali from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Subaru Natsuki from Re: Zero and Noob Saibot from Mortal Kombat 11. He came to our attention when Mekel Kasanova, the host of HawaiiCon, brought him up as one of the people, along with Amanda Winn Lee and Corey Marshall, that tried to dissuade him from inviting Vic to his convention and podcast.

View attachment 1116827

(From 50:09 to 56:15)

Although unlike Amanda "Pothead" Lee, and her comments about white people, Sean did make an appearance in Kasanova's podcast.

When it comes to Vic and his situation, Sean has been mostly quiet about the whole shit show, unlike most VAs. You'll see him saying very few words on the subject here and there.

View attachment 1116888 View attachment 1116907 View attachment 1116913

More: vic&src=typed_query

Or you'll see him talking about the furry community or furry conventions he goes to.

View attachment 1117722 View attachment 1117724 View attachment 1118432 View attachment 1117731 View attachment 1117721 View attachment 1117733

More: furry&src=typed_query

But then if he's not talking about Vic, talking about furry shit or whatever else he talks about he'll usually be hanging out in such sites as FurAffinity (a popular site for furfags and zoofags) where he'll occasionally ask for NSFW commissions of his and his wife's fursonas from artists who also frequent the site.

(Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the following images aren't viewable on FurAffinity without first making an account there and can't be archived due to Sean setting his account in such a way that only allows registered users to see it. I'll be leaving the links to the images in the spoilers in case anyone reading this wants to actually make an account to look at them. Otherwise, I'll also be leaving screencaps of his galleries. Be warned, unlike the images below, they are all uncensored.)

View attachment 1116966 View attachment 1116967
View attachment 1117053
View attachment 1117054

View attachment 1117071 View attachment 1117084
View attachment 1117085
View attachment 1117086
View attachment 1117175

If not with their fursonas, he'll have drawings of a group of furries he used to hang out with.

View attachment 1117213 View attachment 1117222
View attachment 1117228
View attachment 1117229

Nice to see that all those VA bucks are going to a worthy cause. But if not their fursonas or a group he was with, he'll also ask for art of Luxray and Leafeon, two Pokemon from the popular series of the same name that he and his wife like. And if not with those 2, he'll ask for something more fucked up like Luxray impregnating some chick.

View attachment 1117101 View attachment 1117127
View attachment 1117130
View attachment 1117133
View attachment 1117190
View attachment 1117191
View attachment 1117136 View attachment 1117137 View attachment 1117138
View attachment 1117140

(The links in the image above are a bust as they lead to posts on FurAffinity that no longer exist. Likely deleted by Sean for reasons unknown.) (Deleted post) (Deleted post) (Deleted post) (Deleted post)

(Islamic Content Warning)

But this is just a very small snippet of the shit that Sean Chiplock has floating around. Or at least the little we could find without digging around too deep. I'm sure this is more than enough degeneracy to tell you what this guy is doing behind the scenes so time for...

View attachment 1117322DoxView attachment 1117322

Did we get 'em?

View attachment 1118380
View attachment 1118383
View attachment 1118391
View attachment 1118366
View attachment 1118368
View attachment 1118377
View attachment 1118379

We sure did.

View attachment 1117786

Name: Sean Edward Chiplock
Age: 29
DoB: June 21, 1990
Address: USA, California 1804 255th St Lomita, CA 90717 / USA, Michigan 4282 Scenic Dr E Saginaw Michigan 48603
Phone Number(s): 989-797-3328, 989-906-4548 , 989-906-4047

View attachment 1118120 View attachment 1118124
View attachment 1118163 View attachment 1118164

Sean Chiplock Facebook Profile:
Sean Chiplock Twitter Profile:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
Sean Chiplock BehindTheVoiceActors:
Sean Chiplock MyAnimeList:
Sean Chiplock Imbd:
Sean Chiplock Linkedin Profile:
Sean Chiplock Instagram Profile:
Sean Chiplock MobyGames:,602494/
Sean Chiplock Website:
Sean Chiplock Voice123:
Sonicmega Tumblr Page:
Sonicmega Newgrounds Profile:
Sonicmega Reddit Profile:
Sonicmega Steam Profile:
Sonicmega Profile:
Sonicmega Deviantart Profile:
Sonicmega Fanfiction Profile:
NGsonicmega Youtube Channel:
NGsonicmega Gamefaqs Profile:
PommyN64 Twitter Profile:
PommyN64 FurAffinity Profile:
PommyN64 LiveJournal Profile:
PommyN64 Picarto Channel:
Sean Chiplock Facebook Profile:
Sean Chiplock Twitter Profile:
Sean Chiplock BehindTheVoiceActors Profile:
Sean Chiplock MyAnimeList:
Sean Chiplock Imbd:
Sean Chiplock Linkedin Profile:
Sean Chiplock Instagram Profile:
Sean Chiplock MobyGames:
Sean Chiplock Website:
Sean Chiplock Voice123:
Sonicmega Tumblr Page:
Sonicmega Newgrounds Profile:
Sonicmega Reddit Profile:
Sonicmega Steam Profile:
Sonicmega Profile:
Sonicmega Deviantart Profile:
Sonicmega Fanfiction Profile:
NGsonicmega Youtube Profile:
NGsonicmega Gamefaqs Profile:
PommyN64 Twitter Profile:
PommyN64 LiveJournal Profile:
PommyN64 Picarto Channel:

View attachment 1117904

View attachment 1117946

View attachment 1117947

View attachment 1117953

(Islamic Content Warning)

View attachment 1117763

View attachment 1117764

View attachment 1117765

View attachment 1117766

And since his wife shares his degeneracy:

View attachment 1118274 View attachment 1118141 View attachment 1118202

Name: Ajai Tuchman/Alexzandra Jade Tuchman/Goddess_of_Madness/fuzzyflamingos/assweetasfire/minteon5/pink.tard cum.paintings/mynt.tea.leaf/BatwixCandles
Age: 27
DoB: March 21, 1992
Address: USA, California 1804 255th St Lomita, CA 90717 / USA, Michigan 4124 Milan Ave SW, Wyoming, MI 49509
Phone Number: 616-532-1988

View attachment 1118194 View attachment 1118195

Ajai Tuchman Facebook Profile:
Jade Tuchman Twitter Profile:
Goddess_of_Madness FurAffinity Profile:
Goddess_of_Madness Steam Profile:
Goddess_of_Madness SoFurry Profile:
GoddessofMadness Fanfiction Profile:
Minteon5 Instagram Profile: (Deleted Account)
Assweetasfire Pinterest Profile:
Mynt.tea.leaf Instagram Profile:
Pink.tard cum.paintings Instagram Profile: cum.paintings/
fuzzyflamingos Deviantart Profile:
BatwixCandles Etsy Shop:
Ajai Tuchman Facebook Profile:
Jade Tuchman Facebook Profile:
Goddess_of_Madness FurAffinity Profile:
Goddess_of_Madness Steam Profile:
Goddess_of_Madness SoFurry Profile:
GoddessofMadness Fanfiction Profile:
Minteon5 Instagram Profile: (Deleted Account)
Assweetasfire Deviantart Profile:
Mynt.tea.leaf Instagram Profile:
Pink.tard cum.paintings Instagram Profile:
fuzzyflamingos Deviantart Profile:
BatwixCandles Etsy Shop:


Special thanks to @Draza, @Much Ado About Nothing and @Yuusha-sama for helping capture this furfag.

View attachment 1117358


Booker Curry / Kelsey Curry / chinchilladas / Amatoriam / daddybooker
View attachment 1131197
Banned Twitter:
Main Twitter: (
FB: (
Old FB: (
Insta: (
Tumblr: (
4272 Hickory Forrest Dr.
Seguin, TX 78155-9603
House details: (
Outside yard:
View attachment 1131201
View attachment 1131203

Age is correct, she said she was 24 on Insta.
Location matches FB, Twitter, and search.

Remember our friend Cajun Samurai? Just read this part from an interview he did with a friend of his:
View attachment 1132400
From this:
BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. You guys really ARE in the thick of it. Bless your hearts.
I can't believe you actually approved that, Mr. Samurai! THAT is not Christian rhetoric. That isn't even sane rhetoric.
Now I know you're only doing this for attention. Just for that...

...your wish is granted.

Joshua Tremaine Knighten / KhakiBlueSocks / Cajun Samurai
View attachment 1132342
A man from the spicy south, Cajun Samurai (powerword: Joshua Knighten, DOB June 15, 1985) is best known by both KV and ISVW as a man spitting pure fire hotter than the spiciest jambalaya. One of his finest moments is right above. The very thing that Kiwis were attracted to was his undeniable hatred for a man known as Victor Joseph Mignogna:
View attachment 1132350
View attachment 1132354
(taken from blog, the conclusion article, links below)
Hotter than Sodom and Gomorrah, ladies and gents!

He supports the following people despite their very documented issues here:
View attachment 1132356 (
So a drunkard, a sloth, a liar, a woman that doesn't even KNOW Vic, and a clueless woman.
I will remind you, people, that had it not been for Joshua's firey rhetoric, he probably would not be a point of contention here on the Farms. He would have been ignored and blended among the greater KV community.

Main Twitter: (
Cajun Samurai Twitter: (
Facebook: (
Instagram: (
Blog: (

The Broly Backlash, a series of articles written by Mr. Knighten, can be found here:
Part 1: https://thecajunsamurai.wordpress.c...ocked-the-anime-community-to-its-core-part-1/ (
Part 2: https://thecajunsamurai.wordpress.c...ocked-the-anime-community-to-its-core-part-2/ (
Part 3: https://thecajunsamurai.wordpress.c...ked-the-anime-community-to-its-core-part-3-2/ (
Part 4: https://thecajunsamurai.wordpress.c...ocked-the-anime-community-to-its-core-part-4/ (
Part 5: https://thecajunsamurai.wordpress.c...ocked-the-anime-community-to-its-core-part-3/ (
Conclusion: https://thecajunsamurai.wordpress.c...d-the-anime-community-to-its-core-conclusion/ (
Bonus Interview: https://thecajunsamurai.wordpress.c...-anime-community-to-its-core-bonus-interview/ (

DOX (disclaimer: completely public source): (

2944 72nd Ave
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70807-6023
Phone registered: 225-356-1440

View attachment 1132362
Front yard:
View attachment 1132363
(DISCLAIMER: all info sourced has been taken from completely PUBLIC sources. no hacking was done.)

In conclusion:
View attachment 1132364
The Saints are an utter trashfire, Drew Brees will retire soon, and they'll be on the shelf of irrelevancy for the foreseeable future.

(special thanks to @Unknown Picture for providing the starting point)
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Mar 9, 2019
Shall we continue where we last left off?
View attachment 1144264


Let's play some DoXéMoN! Been a long time, watchers of the Weeb Wars! Let's choose our team, eh?

@ManateeHunter @Keystone @AlexJonesGotMePregnant @Yuusha-sama @5t3n0g0ph3r @damian

View attachment 1144432View attachment 1144433View attachment 1144435View attachment 1144436View attachment 1144438View attachment 1144441

View attachment 1144316
Daniel J. Fitzpatrick/DanielFitzpat11/DFitzpatrick11492/ The Realist Progressive/

Take note he was born in Korea but because the ugly was too strong, his biological folks were ashamed of him and placed him up for adoption for some desperate honkies trying to score woke points. They predicted he'd grow up into a filthy socialist.

Digits: (631) 873-9069

DOB: January 14th, 1992
Age as now: (27 and still a virgin)
33 Hill St.
Wading River, NY

Kool Kids Klub to vote at:
1488 N. Country Rd.
Wading River, NY
View attachment 1144336View attachment 1144337
View attachment 1144338
Word Press Profile
Realist Progressive homepage
His gay little club

View attachment 1144345
Alma mater: Stony Brook U. Class of 2014
Secondary school: Shoreham-Wading River High Class of 2010

Line of Work
Altaire Pharmaceuticals Inc.: Quality Assurance
Feb. 29th, 2016 - June 29th, 2018
Town Of Brookhaven: Clerk Typist
May 2014 - Nov. 23 2015
Wild by Nature - Deli Clerk
May 2013 - Aug. 2013
Ace Hardware - Cashier
May 2010 - Apr. 2016

Weeb Wars Bio

So who is this rotund tub of lard Noh-masked faced sped? He's the loud proud owner of the (lol nuked) site where he shills his Blumph-hate and progressive-stack ideals. Another KV social media hog? Why yes! Danny-boy bemoaned Nick Rekieta and Ty Beard ruining the anime community by covering the ongoing Vic case. This fedora-wearing, progressive feminist respekts wahminz and hates Blurmph. He's adopted by mayonnaise honkies because his original Hangul folks didn't want his sorry-ass shitting up their lives with his deadend genetics. So he's college edumacated and knew Vic was this evil sex monster all along, right?

But what's this?

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GASP! How shocking! This whitewashed lard ass motherfucker like a number of KV speds backstabbed Vic just after meeting him! But don't worry. Vic is not the only target this cunt eyed mofo is going after! After he's done with Vic, he'll go after a few more people.
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That's right! He took photos with JYB, Todd and Huber, who are remembered for Doorknob sped claiming JYB is a sex pest, having been accused by Jessie Pridemore of rape and who can forget the guy who sent the affidavit of the Casting Couch Sacred Ointment Gangbang Crew, respectively! Don't worry, guys. He'll be sure to toss you guys aside and pretend he never saw you in the Code Geass and Fairy Tale films soon enough once more speds treat you the same they did to Vic. Seriously, watch out for your asses.

He has a major hate boner for Nick and constantly seeks to "debunk" him without any basis. Funny enough, a KV sped should be in one of these links who has a criminal record crossed over with Danny boy here. It's Abel Wyndom. Not only does this sped not understand how the law works, but he associates with a KV sped who broke the law! How ironic!

The great patron Saint Daniel would surely never lech on wahmin right? What is all this?
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What's a Funimation Peepshow? Apparently these events are sneak previews to lewd animu Fuckimation dubs at 18+ events and have the people in charge hand out handkerchiefs for viewers to fap to. Such as these Highschool DxD fap napkins or "fapkins"!

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Feeling dirty, yet? After meeting Chris Weebstein Shitpot and shaking with his cum stained hands you will be!

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They're not putting their hands and arms on your shoulders because they're buddies with you! They don't want to touch the cum stains Weebstein left on your hands!

That's all there is, right viewers? His relationship with KV is just one of being another snake in the grass, right?

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Seems like he scored an interview with Fuckimation for a Q and A of Assassination Classroom prior to Weeb Wars being a thing! No wonder he chose them over Vic! He's been bribed! Such progressive behaviour accepting a bribe just to appear on a Blu-Ray release!

So what solution does this rotund tub of lard have for Vic to fix the situation? Why he suggests Vic should an hero himself of course!
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More to come soon, watchers of the Weeb Wars!

Time to play again? Let's continue.
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Joining us is @Much Ado About Nothing @I Love Beef @damian and @5t3n0g0ph3r
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William Keith Mattingly/Keith Mattingly/Furyguts/UzumakiWarlordView attachment 1150922
This won't age well
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DOB: June 19, 1990
24699 Morgan Rd.
Hollywood, MD

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PSN Profile

Yard worker for Dean Home Supply + Service Co since 2007
Leonardtown Highschool 2005 to 2009
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Weeb Wars Bio:

@Son of Sparda 84 came across this gem in his post. Just another KV sped who's about believe wahmanz and drinks the SJW Law Twitter Kool-Aid, right? He's a self-righteous, devout Christian who believes in helping others, being kind, calls out pervs.

Here are some interesting KV posts on his Twitter Calling Vic's fandom a cult Irony Can't do math Everyone lies but me More delusions incel ironically calling others incels Empathetic peeps don't repost sexual shit, you tard More begging to fuck Monica More autistic gymnastics What a good Christian. Calling others "douches" Still trying to get in the two whales panties More sped slaps with Zero to get da pussy "Vic Man Pedo," he cries DUR I R SMRT I R NO ECONOMICS. Shut up, perv Defending Sarah's pedo brother while shaming Vic for hugging despite arrest records. Calls people dumbass. What a standup Christian swearing LAND WHALE GUD More autistic gymnastics with how sales work Bio Zero history. Patton chimped out before on BZ? Calling people incels while ironically an incel Huber Man BAD! I NO HOW LAW WRKS GAIS! DURRRR Monica and Jamie dindu nuffin. Vic Man must be erased! Him am diva and creep, says the one born with a creep face. Thinks Vic has mind control powers. Funny way of admitting Vic treats his fans better by spoiling them How Christian of him Man-child born with a rape face calls a chad a man-child Thirsting for Cockminique Mod for the Rialists Kick Vic from Unlocked He said She said bullshit Being a voice actor was his job More slapfights with BZ Lying under oath bad Such a stand up Christian with regrets meeting Vic GAIS I NEVER MET VIC (with screencaps from BZ. WKM must've deleted that photo) Nice grammar. When did he care about sex assault? After female VAs spoke up and not before? Wow. Late to the game BZ maybe a sped but seeing WKM eat his words will be worth it VIC AM WEEBSTEIN It's just ONE MAN! I knew Vic personally! His life is worthless! Vic runs a cult! Vic career dead. He no victim. He am actor Vic was blacklisted bufore! Vic please accept being called a rapist just die pwease Calling Vic a gay pedophile who has sex with ISWV and his Risembool fanclub Says Vic commands an army. Like the guy has time for that. This is going to age well if this all plays out like it does. Especially the Shield Hero comparison. He doesn't see it. I read it on Twitter it must be true guys! Vic=R. Kelly Covering his ass Didn't give a shit about sexual assault until Weeb Wars I MET VIC YOU DIDN'T REEEE
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And like Danny-boy, Billy-boy here is also another disingenuous snake in the grass. (Noticing a pattern with these speds yet?)
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He also took photos with JYB, Todd Haberkorn and Bryce Papenbrook. Don't worry guys. This sped will give you all the attention you wanted like he did Vic.

Why does his face look familiar?


No wonder that face looks familiar. It's the I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME face!

Sharing his tism with a Funi VA, he awaits a response like the loyal fan he is. How odd, this VA doesn't say a word back to him. Could it be he's ashamed to be associated with someone autistic? Is it Vic who refuses to respond? GASP! No. Why it's none other than... Eric Vale/Fuckimation's Future Trunks! Why the silence, Mr. Vale? Too cool to talk to someone with tism? Actually a good idea not responding to this guy considering what he shares on his wall so you get a pass Eric

Some of the ladies in the photos appear in some real scantily clad animu. Let's look at what our sped reshares on a constant basis.
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Wow. For someone who's all about KV and defending wahminz, he sure has no problem resharing them sexualized or wearing skimpy outfits. Who'da thunk a white knight who calls other people incels looks and behaves like an incel himself because he constantly needs to ogle women for their bodies! Calls Vic the monster but it's totes okay for some 30 something yr old sped who aged horrendously to lust after someone still in grade school!

"There's more" you say? Of course!

Wait, what's 'ecchi'? Let the DoXeMoN players explain!

He sure has no problem shaming a VA for not voicing smut.

There's more?
For those curious, HuniePop is a softcore porn game almost like a dating sim complete with voice acting. Discover Harem is a fantasy smut literature. His interests should be telling of his behavior. Pervy and hypocritical. How consistently KV of him.

Apparently he also is buds with BT Thompson, another Weeb Wars sped and knew him for quite some time. That's some deep nepotism.

Looks like BT and WKM not only share a deep friendship. But they're also mods for this group, The Rialists. Guess holding mod status and shilling for someone who's a VA is more important than truth.

He also likes a show called Shield Hero. Which he misses the whole irony on.
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For a good measure, since this sped fessed up to having tism, here's some tidbits justifying using his tism to be a shitty person prior to Weeb Wars . Do note he does trashtalk about Vic and believes rumors over solid facts. He was doomed from the start to live in fanfiction land along with the tard face he was born with to warn ladies to stay away from.

LOL Almost forgot these
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That's all there is. For now.

Why is it always fucking shota faggots that love anime Vic has been in.

Eric Maly

Birthdate: 24 September 1986

Location: 5609 MOBILE DR # TR6 ARCHDALE, NC 27263

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Directly related accounts:

His groups on the page include Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, Shota Lovers of the World, and The Yaoi Club for Americans. It's amazing what patterns emerge.

Links from the

Se7enBishie (AIM, Yahoo!, Skype)

Information from LiveJournal

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My Rantings and Ravings archives, previous 10. This goes on until skip=120. I don't want to link all the archives. You can click next 10 on the page or change it in the saved from url.

Name: Eric Maly
Birthdate: 24 September 1986
Location Greenville, North Carolina
Wants to study law. Good for him.

What do you get when you cross a German, a person with evil thoughts, a former College Radio Station DJ, Anime Reviewer, Japanese Culture Enthusiast and Video Game Afficianado? Well, besides getting an extremely confused person, you get me...congratulations, you have just created one of the most fucked up people on the face of the earth.

But seriously, a lot of this comes in handy sometimes. I'm extremely sneaky, so you might see me doing reconnaissance work one day and the next, I'll be in your local Best Buy, pointing people towards the "good" anime. You also might see me huddled in the corner one day going over blueprints for the latest Doomsday machine and the next handing people their asses over cyberspace in a Texas Hold'em game.

Anyway, for those of you remotely interested, I'm currently at a really shitty community college, hoping to transfer to ECU, studying Law. Yeah, for those of you that know me, go figure that one out. If I haven't scared you away or you seem a bit remotely interested...go the journal. ENJOY!

You are a Badass Uke!

Other uke admire you, some seme fear you. Despite your sometimes flaming appearance, you can even fool other people into thinking you are seme with your mischievous, manipulative attitude, but when push comes to shove, your true submissive nature emerges. It takes a seme with enough intensity to challenge you and keep you satisfied, and your perfect match, the Don't Fuck With Me Seme, knows that all that naughty teasing just means you want the punishment.

Most compatible with: Don't Fuck With Me Seme, Chibi Seme

Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Romantic Seme

What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at, or find merchandise here.

Links from Eric Maly in North Carolina

View attachment 1154981,
Sure looks like him and look, sucking low-T for all he's worth.
View attachment 1154959

As a law student, I focused mainly on Business and Transactional Law. I feel that I would be better suited working in a different sphere than the traditional legal careers, which is why I am broadening my horizons.

As a student attorney, I learned how to multi-task in a fast-paced environment with an emphasis on teamwork, which I think will translate well to a more traditional working environment.

Works at the same place as the Facebook page went to the same school as the facebook page.

Voter Reg:
View attachment 1154915

Only Eric Maly in NC and lives in the same city as Facebook states.
Address: 5609 MOBILE DR # TR6 ARCHDALE, NC 27263
View attachment 1154961
(Yes, I know it say HighPoint. Maps links the Archdale address there as well)

Youtube talk on Anime You May Have Missed (how considerate) at Animazement 2012.
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This entry was so long that this needed it's own post:

Mesdames et Messieurs !!Meine Damen und Herren!! Señoras e señores! 皆様!
It is time once again my lovely kiwis! Come here! Sit! Sit!! Be Entertained!

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Please turn on your sound and start on the song below.
For mood effect of course.

Today is a special edition of DoXeMoN!

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The one and only: Sailormarssays!
Sailormarssays is most well-known for her blind hatred towards Vic. Practucally frothing at the teeth when it comes to the topic. She also carries an immense dislike and loathing for Todd Haberkorn, someone named Greg, and Kopf. This couragous Sailor Senshi has dared to go toe to toe with Manjaw, even though she is a nutjob, which perhaps speaks to Mars's psyche and mental state. Equally as insane in her own right.

View attachment 1171596View attachment 1171598View attachment 1171607View attachment 1171615

And so so many more which you can easily find by just looking at ANY tweet on her page really. Just about any tweet.

Wine talking
Voice actors comment
Small list of Vic tweets

What do we really know about Sailormarssays?
We know she claims to have attended cons for over a decade, which means, she would be an old-school cosplayer. She would also most likely be a fan of more old-school anime's. Which is reflected in her name-choice. Her account was originally made to poke fun at Usagi, and hype up the Mars Rover, according to herself. Between Vic and Kopf sperging, she will often put in a little meme-humour; and occasionall nerd-musings.

But lets say.....lets say she shared something once....?

Something you can only share if you have an account, and you're logged into said account...?

Because Sailormarssays did.
View attachment 1171617
View attachment 1171618
A Doxemontrainer found this, and shared it with us. On the 23rd of June, Sailormarssays shared a Kopf post made by Aria Carter on facebook. It concerned Kopf, and how he had abused and raped her. Being the autist I am, I decided to have a look through the list of people who had shared this the very date that Sailormarssays shared it. Because someone had to fit this profile.

At first I thought it might be fruitless since I did find a few candidates, all who, seemed to attend and staff at most 2 cons. One was a furry that stuffed a bronycon. Another staffed a FantasyCon. They were also far too young to have been on the con-scene for over a decade. To fit the bill, they'd have to be around Manjaw's age.

Then.....I found one. Who shared this the very same day as sailormarssays did, on the 23rd of June. Someone who fit the age-range and otherwise insane con-attending/staffing profile that Sailormarssays kindly provided to us through various tweets. Tweets by the way, tat they clean up on the regular? Why, the person behind the mask is a notorious nuker of accounts, and if you find anything of hers, you must archive.

So who did I find?

View attachment 1171620

I found Scarlet Rhapsody. This Facebook profile is mostly anime and conventions. It does post about some anime-drama, mainly focusing on Kopf, and Vic. If you are part of the con-scene you may have heard their name, although I rather doubt it? They are con-reporters. Their team-members (although being only a few) have been active in the con-scene since around 2000, starting just before turn of the millennia, but the group wasn't founded until later.
It has one team-member listed.
View attachment 1171623
Eri Espe

kopf post:
View attachment 1171621
Facebook front page:

So who was behind the mask all along?
Well allow me to introduce you to:

Erica Gail Espejo/Erica Especjo/ScarletRhapsody/Victoria/Vicky Angel/Erikagami/Erikagamisews/EriEspe/Kagami/WhiteRoseAssassin/Rhapsody_in_Scarlet/Afelineofspectre/SeeScarletSew/Soletta/TravelingValentine

View attachment 1171627View attachment 1171630View attachment 1171632View attachment 1171633View attachment 1171634

Name: Erica Gail Espejo
Age: 35
DOB: 08/08/1984
Sexuality: Bisexual (or as she puts it: My interracial het relationship doesn’t make me less valid. I’ve been cosplaying for over a decade).
Works at: SOKA University, Admission & financial aid
Address: 22742 Jody Ln Carson CA 90745-3603
View attachment 1171635

Aim: ScarletsRhapsody
Yahoo: Rhapsody_in_scarlet




Complete convention list


Ko-Fi (lol she gotten 4 ko-fis)

front page:
Vic vids:


Facebook accounts

Eri Kagami sews


Eri Espe

Etsy Eri Espe

Scarlet Rhapsody Media

Old twitter name




How did these two tie together you may ask? Well allow us to give a run-down on the details. Erica Espejo has been active in the Cosplay-scene since the turn of the millennia. She started in the late 90's and has actively and consistently been a part of the con-scene ever since. She does everything from costuming, to hosting, being part of panels, staffing and cosplaying. She done it all when it comes to cons. So she, like, our girl Sailormarssays here, has a nation-wide convention experience. She has staffed Anime Expo amongst others. The list of cons she has attended in one way or another, as host, guest, journalist, and so on, is vast and quite insane to look at. If you are interested please check out the sources below.
Presenter Bios – Scarlet Rhapsody

Eri Kagami convention history
Eri Kagami's Convention History |
Cosplayer Eri Kagami |

So aside that, what made her stand out? Well, not only did one of her accounts share that post on the 23, two of them did. She has a pin-up account called "Afelineofspectre", because, you know, she is very into retro and vintage fashion. Where she also shared this, at the same time as the Scarlet Rhapsody account.

The similarities does not stop there however. So lets start with the bare bones and basics.
Erica hates kopf and Vic, Haberkorn which is evident from the facebook shares, and twitter.
Sailormarssays hates Vic, Kopf, and Haberkorn. Really hates Kopf though.
Although we do not know Sailormarssays reasons for loathing them so throughoughly, we do know that Erica loathes Vic for what he did to Monica, and even did a 'I stand with rialisms' post on her tumblr. She doesn't like Haberkorn, because according to a podcast she made, he harmed her old rp buddy pridemore, and lastly Kopf, well, she just does.

I support Monica!
View attachment 1171639
"One of my cosplay buddies from back in the days" It was from this podcast /video at aprox 1h 13m.

Between 2011- 2014 she traveled around the states, attending different cons, hosting a panel for something called: Moon Prism Poptarts. A Sailormoon themed panel. Her favourite character has always been sailor mars by the way. She liked Sailor Pluto back in the day as well, along with Venus. Sailormoonsays was created in January 2013. In the midst of this Sailor moon crazy. That being said, she has been and still is a huge Sailor moon, and sailor mars fan. She has cosplayed as sailor mars since early 2000, and continues to do so to this day.

View attachment 1171640View attachment 1171642


This harmless tweet was later deleted for whatever reason....

What is truly fascinating is looking at who they follow. Of course Erica follows many more than sailormarssays, but boy do they have some people in common, maybe even more than the ones listed:

There is one that both follow that stands out which is the girl who has been bashing Jinnie hard as of late. This young lady called Paula Angeles (@PaulaRangeles), who is not very fond of Jinnie. Erica follows her, and Sailormarssays does as well. Sailormarssays retweets and likes the tweets.

Jinnie also follows Erica on Twitter, and Erica follows Jinnie. Sailormarssays doesn't like her, and appears to have interacted with her.

View attachment 1171656

The only threadnaughter Erica follows is Dunford, and wouldn't you know; Dunford is Sailormarssays favourite sailor of the threadnaught. What a coincidence am I right? I have attached both their "following" lists in the actual post. Because twitter hates me.

View attachment 1171659

They have more things in common, as they both follow this group: Convention Survivor Support Network.

View attachment 1171660 View attachment 1171661

Now here it starts getting a little tricky, because; sailormarssays claims to be a part of the "We run anime conventions" group on facebook. It is an invite only group. Though, if we search the name: We run anime conventions, Erica's Scarlet Rhapsody account pops up.
View attachment 1171662

It's almost like they are the same person y'kno.... Speaking of, Erica has a friend called Feytaline, and this interaction that sailormarssays has with her is right out of the blue. It is almost like the wrong account answered, or sailormarssays went looking for it. Feytaline also tagged Trickssi, who is Erica's friend. It's such a small world after all.

Sailormarssays claims to have interacted, seen, etc, Vic “behind the scenes” at a con. I…didn’t know there was scenes at cons but I guess there is a stage. Anyhow: and Erica of course has most likely met Vic, she has also recorded Vic. She has been at several cons with Vic. There are clips on her youtube channel that contains Vic, she hasn't taken them down. Which is nice.
You can find a few here and on her youtube channel

Other similarities between the two are that both Erica and Sailormarssays are Star wars nerds.
They both have the same type of meme humor of; I'm gonna tell my kids...
View attachment 1171671View attachment 1171672View attachment 1171675



Erica is also very fond of dolls, she has been since her early childhood. Most people grow out of this at some point in their lifetime, but she did not and picked up an interest in resin dolls as a teenager. Or "Her resin babies" as she calls them. Her online presence is littered with them. In fact her interest in sewing came from making items of clothing for them, and eventually this evolved into making full-fledged cosplay costumes. What is interesting with this is that it is a bit of a niche interest, even within the weeb community.

On her old twitter account, she used to talk to someone called Plastic Ronin; who sold a special type of doll called S.H. Figurearts. This was before she nuked that account but you can find traces of it here. She shared a post of his on facebook. This is a type of doll she is very into.
View attachment 1171716 View attachment 1171718

And wouldn't you know......when her friend is at SDCC trying to sell these dolls that she loves and adores, sailormarssays retweets about them with interest in SDCC and the involving the type of doll in many tweets.

These tweets link to pictures that are SH figurearts or very similar to what she herself shared on facebook.
Venus and Jupiter are fat links to this image
Then another where she comments that "Can't even bother to give my figure a paint job? Assholes " roleplaying as mars
One of the images that Sailormarssays retweets is this:
View attachment 1171731

Odd how they are both interested in the same type of dolls hm? And at about the same time too? Just when her friend Plastic Ronin is doing his thing as SDCC. If you look here, you can see that they used to promote each other on a pretty regular basis.

And now for the pièce de résistance ; Sailormarssays was an account, according to themselves, created to hype up the Mars Rover, as well as "rp" and shoot the shit at Usagi (sailor moon rpers).
View attachment 1171677

Did you know Erica's dad was part of the crew who helped with the Mars Rover? What are the chances?

Erica 8:14 “I always went to the mars rover presentation just a personal vice. Umm my ah father worked in the original mars rover and several other projects"
She also mentions this in a podcast around the 44:00 mark. Where she brings up that her father was a lead engineer on the project.

To return to an earlier subject. Erica is a survivor! She has, survived, grooming, that happened around 2009 according to her own tweets and my guesstimates. This story about grooming has later become attempted rape, and in one third tweet she references rape. We are not 100% this is about the same person, or same incident, but it looks very much like a story that over time evolved. Like she forgot the original one, then added something new to it, and eventually she had become a survivor, of grooming , an attempted rape, and a rape. We do not know the full story of course, because the details are few, and she loves her vague-posting. Just like Monica.

View attachment 1171736

Attempted rape:
View attachment 1171741

View attachment 1171746

We don't really know or understand the storyline here. Moving on!! She was also, until rhoughly 2017 somewhat anti-sjw.
View attachment 1171752

Today she is very anti-yellowface and anti-blackface! And quite passionate about POC and represenation in animu. I'd argue she has become part of the bigrade.
Between cosplaying, sewing, bashing Vic on twitter and such, she also has a pin-up account. I did make brief mention of this before, but thought it would only be proper of me to provide you with something for the eyes since we are reaching the end of this dox. The Pin-up name she goes by is : Vicky Angel, and she does participate in pin-up competitions in California at least. That I know of anyhow. I believe she won some as well. Good on her!

View attachment 1171783View attachment 1171784View attachment 1171787View attachment 1171790

Oh yeah?! Did I mention that since she lives in Carson, LA, California, she attends a lot of cons in the area?
Wanna guess who also does? That's right, Sailormarssays!
View attachment 1171799

It's been a fun and wonderful ride you guys. I desperately need some sleep. This woman's internet footprint is massive and I have so much other stuff archived. Fitting everything into this post is nearly impossible so I am adding a few archives down below.

A big thank you to the fellow doxemon trainers: @Salty Boris , @Junk Dog, @Draza and @Coach Kreeton Of All That.

View attachment 1171850

Rhapsody in scarlet photobucket

Whiterosassassin photobucket archives:


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View attachment 1174715

View attachment 1175196Dashawn McKinney/Spirit/SpiritJunior/Gamerhandsjr/Gamerhandsjrtv/SpiritJuniorTV/Official_GHJTV/PhantasmSJ/P-The PhysiqueView attachment 1175196

View attachment 1175200 View attachment 1175203 View attachment 1175204 View attachment 1175206 View attachment 1175356 View attachment 1175377

Another day, another doxemon for the collection. This time its an ISWV sperg.

Morbidly obese and more than likely missing a brain cell or two, you'll likely recognize this particular breed of whale as the fat guy that was over at Vic's panel at KitchenerCon 2020.

View attachment 1175079

He came to our attention last year when he tried to start shit with Jamie Marchi at her panel at Anime North 2019.

View attachment 1175184 View attachment 1175185
View attachment 1175186

He was subsequently told to leave the premises of Anime North, or Anime Norf as he calls it, for his stunning and brave display.

View attachment 1175230
View attachment 1175233

In doing such a thing he attracted all manner of KickVic stans his way like flies to hot shit. One in particular was Terez (whose dox you can read here), who straight up doxed our boy here on Twitter.

View attachment 1175284

At least when she's not looking at little boy dicks she's actually being useful.

Spirit then spent the next few months after, and the ones before that as well, threatening KickVic stans on one of his now deleted Twitter accounts such as this one.

View attachment 1175241

But besides a-logging and wishing death on speds like him, you'll also see him trying to pay people to dox others or trying to extort someone he doesn't like with threats of doxing as shown when fellow kiwi @Yuusha-sama baited him into believing he had the personal info of someone Spirit was trying to dox. And, instead of simply refusing such a thing, he decided to go along with it in an attempt to get money out of the "victim" to call off the dox.

View attachment 1174760 View attachment 1174588 View attachment 1174589 View attachment 1174590 View attachment 1174591 View attachment 1174606 View attachment 1174608

This didn't end well for him however as he was later exposed and shamed for attempting to do such a thing. While bitching that he would get doxed instead and lying that he wasn't paying for a dox but that he was actually paying for beer.

View attachment 1174690

View attachment 1174706 View attachment 1174694 View attachment 1174732 View attachment 1174714

Other than spending his time on discord tossing threats around, trying to dox others or acting like the complete fucking sped that he is you might see him on Twitter mass reporting accounts under the name "P-The Physique". One of the members of the LARPing group known as the Heroes of Letters who you might recognize as the pack of mongoloids that got everyones favorite orangutan @MarzGurl, and many others, suspended from Twitter several months ago.

View attachment 1174788 View attachment 1174789
View attachment 1174860 View attachment 1174802 View attachment 1174813 View attachment 1174824 View attachment 1174850 View attachment 1174853 View attachment 1174854
View attachment 1174857 View attachment 1174858 View attachment 1174859

Now you might think to yourself "Well, he says he's a former letter. So he's probably not the current P". But then you see things like this:

View attachment 1175051 View attachment 1174869

Either Spirit is still passing off as the letter P or the person running the account has a hardon for him. Though it's pretty convenient that the very same account and letter he used to go by is reporting people giving Spirit shit on Twitter. Doesn't change the fact that Spirit admitted to being a letter in the past however.

Regardless if it's him or not its time for...

View attachment 1175245DoxView attachment 1175245

Did we catch 'em?

We sure did.

View attachment 1175250

Name: Dashawn McKinney
Age: 25
DoB: May 29, 1994
Address: USA, New York - 5481 Almeda Ave Apartment 6B Arverne, NY 11692
Phone Number: 347-246-9354

View attachment 1175257 View attachment 1175258

Dashawn McKinney Twitter Profile:
Dashawn McKinney Facebook Profile:
Spirit Junior Facebook Profile:
SpiritJuniorTV Twitch Channel:
PhantasmSJ Twitter Profile:
Official_GHJTV Twitter Profile: (suspended)
Gamerhandsjr Twitter Profile: (suspended)
Gamerhandsjrtv Instagram Profile:
Gamerhandsjrtv Facebook Profile:
Gamerhandsjrtv Youtube Channel:
Gamerhandsjrtv Bitchute Profile:
Gamerhandsjrtv Soundcloud Profile:
Gamerhandsjrtv Patreon Profile:
Gamerhandsjrtv Ko-fi Profile:
Dashawn McKinney Twitter Profile:
Dashawn McKinney Facebook Profile:
Spirit Junior Facebook Profile:
SpiritJuniorTV Twitch Channel:
PhantasmSJ Twitter Profile:
Official_GHJTV Twitter Profile:*
Gamerhandsjrtv Instagram Profile:
Gamerhandsjrtv Facebook Profile:
Gamerhandsjrtv Youtube Channel:
Gamerhandsjrtv Bitchute Profile:
Gamerhandsjrtv Soundcloud Profile:
Gamerhandsjrtv Patreon Profile:
Gamerhandsjrtv Ko-fi Profile:


Special thanks to @Yuusha-sama, @Draza, @Much Ado About Nothing and @Devilish Bodhisattva for helping with this blubbery mess.

View attachment 1175351


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Mar 9, 2019
Another degenerate to the pile!
Adam Cody Zalonis/Fory-san/Fortoq46/Fortoq
View attachment 1190384
DOB: Oct. 7, 1983 (Wutafggt he's a moral crusading fggt and self doxxed)
Digits: 757-719-8078
View attachment 1190386
Email shit:,,,

302 Prior Rd.
Newport News, VA
View attachment 1190419View attachment 1190420View attachment 1190423
View attachment 1190948
Other Twatter
OtakuBooty Profile (Yes you read that right he tried searching for booty to fuck)
AC Paradise
His club

Weeb Wars bio:
This sanpaku-eyed white devil mayonnaise bitch faggot looking motherfucker is another self-righteous pompous moral crusader in Weeb Wars who respekts wahmins and all about that KickVic energy. Totes a cherub. What an angel. He has no lecherous behaviour, right? So why doesn't he have a girlfriend to slob his knob for him already? Could it be he was born with an incel looking face ready to shoot up a school or harm another person because he can't get no pussy? The answer should be obvious at this point already since there are so manys in the wood works

First WW tweet
Falsely claimed to have worked with Vic to score points to smear his name
Follows Channel Awesome
Retweeting Becky Hopkins
Another sped tweet about the animu industry
Retweet of Haberkorn (Watch yo back nigga) Replying to genuine abuser Josh Clark (the irony that Clark is an abuser and Vic isn't is lost on this re-tard)
Pridewhore thirst
More Pridewhore thirst
Being a dipshit
Kissing Kara's ass
Being a sped again
Mah Asthma
Distorting facts and thinks he has all the answers
He's hoping to score points with Michelle Blankenships on her "claims" she knew Vic before Weeb Wars
Thinks KF and everyone watching is an MRA when MRAs and women beaters get doxxed by the farms
Sucking up as usual
More costhot thirsting
Samantha Inoue shilling
More thunk on trolls
Dwama and hawassment
Reopening Twatter because he's a social media addict
Asskissing for Fuckymation
Offering to help ManJaw commit TI
Zero clue on how the justice system works
More zero ideas on how the legal system works
Being a pompous moralfagging sped
Being a tard
Environmental sperging
Claims he knew Dylan was a scumbag but hid his head and did nothing
Gais I knew about this pred years and did nothing
Awe the little baby has depression!
Talks trash about cosplayers
He sure loves abusers
Chased off Twatter because people said bad factual things about him and the company he keeps
AWL Suck up
Trying to get Cockminique Sleeve to notice him
Cancel culture advocate
He needs a break
Sharon Grigsby guest appearances
Sucking up to child groomer Shane
Boohoo I was a victim of abuse I'll just tweet like a cuck on Twatter instead of stopping the guy who I claim to be verbally abusive of his woman
So he's somewhat of a Soye Jr., has violent personality problems, and diagnosed with a case of TDS. That makes him just another sped right? His LiveJournal begs to differ! Be forewarned, it's full of faggotry, severely riddled with cringe and AIDS. Be sure to slowly read that shit

January Entries
Smut writing confession

February Entries
Horseshit feelings over 911
Triggered by bad language
Men can be men post
Dating someone(?)
Christfag hypocrisy
Money to waste on cosplay
No Valentine Butthurt
Hatred for hotel workers
BlizzCon Cringe
Thirsting for someone who won't reciprocate
Bitching about nothing
Being pathetic
LOL He likes Tuck Everlasting

Film sperging with his girlfriend
Being a weeb
Being a bitch over a breakup
Hypocritical Christfagging
Autistic Creativity
Enjoying the desire to make others miserable
LOL HE watches Nutcracker
Christfagging and cucking
Moralfagging Iraq
Linkin Park Emo Shit
Sing us a musical why don't you
Being shameless
More anti-war sperging
Mah jaw hurts
Mah stress from the war
He used AOL what a fggt
Gay Oscar review he did
His mom's a looney hysterical
Spirited Away is a masterpiece gais
Feeling romantic gais
Talking about his boner. Yet Vic is the pedo-monster
Shilling for someone to get in her pants

More bitching. Explains all the present day soy
What's this? Getting into fights with his mom?!
Grown ass man still goes to carnivals
Ironic Christfagging
More Christfagging
Admitting fansubs are best
Self dox
Emo shit
Hints of bestiality
Doxing his own speds while thinking of Kool-Aid Man's dick
Poor Laci but my weebing is more important and doxing his brother
Cringe song writing
Attachment issues clingy
Thinks his sister is annoying and he has ouchies
What a squatter
Yuppie huffs his own farts and pompous attitude
More clingy cringe
Doxxing his own sister

LOL How white privileged of him he went to prom
Shilling for kaiju website
Looking down on the homeless like a good saint
Thinks every Asian work in laundromats
Jokes about women being bitches "in heat"
Boohoo I got sick
Mah gf didn't talk to me for 3 days and I'm thirsty for sex
LOL He gets anxiety attacks what a fggt
LOL cry some more cuck faggot
LOL Of course he rents a tux like a pretentious faggot
What a massive faggot handing out his dox
How white of him watching MTV
Bodyshaming women for having breasts or being in music what a great guy
More clingy behavior plus thirst
Nice job doxxing your gf bitch
Being unfunny
Well off yuppie and more Christfagging. Typical
Wishing assault on a chick named Bonnie Hammer

Comic book store job handed to him easily without fighting for it what a fggt
Amazing Fantasies Comics Walking definition of white privilege
What did you assault your gf into her not speaking to you anymore?
Ah yes Harry Potter no wonder his brains are mush and stupid
Inviting peeps to go to Otakon so he can behave like a creep around them
"Just say no when being raped, girls"
Harry Potter sperging
Shaming addicts for being addicts and nice grammar asshole
Stand up Christian telling people to send hatemail to a random boutique site
Plotting to steal another man's woman how Christian
Phishing for sex via compliments
Some CWC behavior wanting a boyfriend-free girl there
Trash talking someone he met online despite trying to get in her pants
Isn't Red Skull a Nazi?
LOL He thinks he's a Trekker not a Trekkie

Guys. He So Needs a Cute Girl.
More self dox
Trying to get some chick who went thru a rough break-up
Of course he wants to LARP as a child
Must be nice to be able to do white people shit like go to Renaissance fairs
More emo shit
Not giving personal space via kissing
LOL got fired for perving and not doing his job in less than a month
Trash talking his former place of employment in public
Friends giving good advice
Giving out his email
More pathetic shouts to get sex
Course Slayers is his go to for his username
He was one of those ditzy typers
Ironic misogynist and handing out his phone dox

More assumptions and bad mouthing his friend
More horseshit
Showcasing his sister as a con-thot and piece of meat
On his rape quest to Otakon
Admitting he loves killing rabbits for fun
Trying to score brownie points to get that pussy
His gay little stupid Star Trek fanfic what a fggt
Mocking 9/11 victims and survivors
She won't suck you off you sped
Very aggressive words. Look out Japanese kiwis, he wants to shoot you guys up and blow up your buildings
Still failed at getting pussy
More boyfriend-free girl sperging
Shaming women for being in pop music
Sides with the Confederate Army

Not making some chick's cosplay because she refused him sex thinks about murdering his own grandmother
Such a violent battlecry but he's never been flogged before so he doesn't think much
Shitty behavior=no bj
He likes wearing Confederate uniforms
Such a violent way to express himself
"I am not Gay, but..."
No persona...
pre-Tumblr behavior
Sure likes to friend a lot of females like CWC did
Hurricane Isabel sperging
The Hurricane didn't claim him
Powerleveling his job and insulting customers calling them "numbskulls"
Christ cuck behavior and a creep

He thinks Once Upon A Time In Mexico is Mexican. Like saying Taco Bell is real Mex cuisine
Sniffing women is totes normal in his books. Not creepy at all
Thinks he's a Chinese tough guy Gundam pilot
Questionably gay checking out Latinos and not Latinas
Incidents going unreported and wanted to harm a kid
Creeping out a girl
Confirming his birthday for the world to see
Thinks he's a pussy magnet
CWC behavior of friending girls only
Bitching but being able to eat a hearty meal on his break
Smart thinking lady. Moving away from the cuck creep
Maybe no one wants to show up to his party
"I have ADHD. Please laugh at me"
Badmouthing his employment
Thinks he knows a little martial arts and it gets to his head
Annoying his co-workers
Any smart person would shun him. He appropriates Native American culture

Has money to waste on stupid shit
Cares about his cosplays more than the people trying to connect with him
Raping people at NekoCon
Listing his victims he raped
Blowing money on stupid shit. Still advertising his sister like meat who does that? Talks about his genitals
Friends had a baby and he focuses on the mother
Stupid quiz shit
Attempting to get into a car crash to see whether he needs glasses
Triggered by Hollywood blood and more crushing on guys with girls
"Could care less" if Michael Jackson is a pedo
Rial Lewinsky thirst. Post is titled Panties, Panties, Panties. No surprise if he ever pantsed women
Shilling for Red Cross. Aren't they anti-LBGT?
Giving blood to "anti-LBGT" Red Cross
Violent movie sperging
Wishing Mike Cohen a happy birthday
"Fuck you I'm a dragon"
Bitch thinks he's Godzilla what a furfag
Stuffing his face full of turkey
Enjoyed his meal like every other comfortable bitch

Another gay weeb test
LOL Look at this fggt being a fggt
Sexual Blink 182 parody. "I miss my hole?"
Hard delusion here
Called on something
Believes Murica invented Godzilla to control Japan
Sailor Moon sperging
Grandma's health is at lowest priority he gotta get that pussy
For someone who's pacifist, he sure loves death towards people. Shames people born out of wedlock. What a good Christian. Not
Parties hard. Great Christian example
Failing to get pussy
Roleplaying shit
Cares more about pussy than family
Stuffing his face
Took advice from Soye back then!
Still trying to get laid
Jealous of Patrick Stewart. Isn't Bill O'Reilly alt-right?
Fatshaming a woman.
Crying out for pussy
Age-ism shaming or something.
Letting his cats maul the new puppy family bought

May 22
One yr anniversary of him and a "Jamie" (LOL she left him after)

Badmouthing a con, attendees, calling people "re.tarded" and causing a scene with the hotel
Violence, conflict, police involvement, thoughts of assaulting an employee with drama continued

Shit went down. But what?

It's okay guys. He's not depressed

Trashing Dragon Con. LOL He landed a gf before and she left him for someone else. Wonder why
What's his JewTube account look like?

View attachment 1191012
View attachment 1191044
View attachment 1191030
"It's just 21+ events! No biggie!" Hmmm.

Peninsula Anime Club 2009 BBQ Creepy Photos
View attachment 1191518View attachment 1191519View attachment 1191520
KatsuCon XIII (Whip out eye bleach)
View attachment 1191525

MarsCon 2013
View attachment 1191526View attachment 1191527View attachment 1191528View attachment 1191529

Animazement 2007
View attachment 1191530View attachment 1191531View attachment 1191532View attachment 1191533View attachment 1191535
View attachment 1191536

AniM 2009
View attachment 1191537View attachment 1191538View attachment 1191539View attachment 1191540View attachment 1191541View attachment 1191542View attachment 1191544View attachment 1191545View attachment 1191546View attachment 1191547

DragonCon 2006
View attachment 1191548View attachment 1191549

DragonCon 2010
View attachment 1191550View attachment 1191551View attachment 1191552View attachment 1191553View attachment 1191554
View attachment 1191555View attachment 1191556View attachment 1191558View attachment 1191560View attachment 1191561View attachment 1191564View attachment 1191565View attachment 1191567View attachment 1191568

Anime USA 2005
View attachment 1191569View attachment 1191570

A USA 2009
View attachment 1191571View attachment 1191572View attachment 1191573View attachment 1191574View attachment 1191575

A USA 2010

Anime Mid-Atlantic 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2012

Imagine our shock. Another Judas in Vic's life.
View attachment 1191601

TLDR: A KV sped with a superiority complex happens to only value a woman for her body and has pics of them in skimpy outfits and poses, has a dating profile to hunt for booty, met Vic before and turned on him like the last two DXMN in my collection. Also riddled with TDS. Rules for thee not for me.


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Mar 9, 2019
The Founding Father of #IStandWithVic:

View attachment 1201352

Brendan Markham/BioZero216/Accelerator/Zero/ZeroResurrected/ZerotheSavior/Rick D' Arc/Rythm Lunatic/mariosegafreak/ZeroOnAMission/savior_zero/BioZYuri/Julius Kingsley/ARC Team Epic and many more...

View attachment 1201354 View attachment 1201356 View attachment 1201357
View attachment 1200573 View attachment 1200576
View attachment 1200709 View attachment 1201381

Ladies and gents. Speds and exceptionals. Here's one dox many of you have likely wanted to see since this whole shit show started.

You'll likely recognize our boy here as the UnderdogBT of I Stand With Vic and one of the biggest talking heads of the same movement. Someone who would occasionally flaunt about how great ISWV is or who would butt heads with some of the mongoloids like him from KickVic throughout most of 2019.

View attachment 1201425 View attachment 1201426 View attachment 1201428 View attachment 1201429 View attachment 1200213 View attachment 1200220
View attachment 1200313

You might also recognize him as one of the many idiots who raised their pitchforks in defense of the ISWV crybaby faggot pedophile known as OkiyaTsukiko (who also has a dox you can read here) who threatened to starve himself and carve Monica's name on his arm after she blocked him on Twitter. This didn't end well for him however, as the dox later exposed the little shit for the degenerate that he actually is.

View attachment 1201459 View attachment 1201465
View attachment 1201466 View attachment 1201467

This wasn't the first time he's gone up in arms in defense of a pedo without first knowing all the facts though. As he also tried to defend a former voice actor from Funimation known as Scott Freeman who was arrested back in 2015 for being in possession of child pornography.

View attachment 1201508
View attachment 1201474 View attachment 1201476
View attachment 1201477
View attachment 1201532

Since this all started he's also taken the time to make sure to remind people that he's one of the "founders" of ISWV due to him being one the first people to use the # in defense of Vic. While also contemplating on how it would be if Vic knew that he was the one who "started" the movement.

View attachment 1200252 View attachment 1200258 View attachment 1200281 View attachment 1200300 View attachment 1200320
View attachment 1200321
View attachment 1200550

He still, to this day, continues to be completely oblivious to the fact that he wasn't the first person to make the very first #IStandWithVic tweet.

View attachment 1200580 View attachment 1200591

The guy also loves to boast about being an important piece of the movement when the only thing he's really contributed to it of note is all of his bitching and crying on Twitter about anime dubs and voice actors. While also parotting what others send his way or what relevant information kiwis post on the farms. In fact, he gets his panties in a twist over dubs so much that he's even caught the attention of someone in the farms back in 2016. Which led him to get his own, albeit too short and not well made, thread back then.

And speaking of voice actors, Zero has taken it upon himself to fall into a pathetic state of depression and feeling like his life has no meaning because he can't enjoy his precious anime dubs anymore due to what Monica, Marchi and the rest of the industry have done to Vic.

View attachment 1200453
View attachment 1200450
View attachment 1200455
View attachment 1200461

Boo-fucking-hoo. Maybe go outside and actually do something with your life. Other than being emotionally broken in his discord you'll also usually see him talking about how much he loves hair.

And I mean this guy really, REALLY loves hair. Almost like a creepy obsession.

View attachment 1200475
View attachment 1200593
View attachment 1200483
View attachment 1200510 View attachment 1200511
View attachment 1200512 View attachment 1200568
View attachment 1200566 View attachment 1201412

I wouldn't be surprised if this weirdo had a little box hidden somewhere in his room where he keeps locks of hair he picks off from the ground.

Aside from jacking it off to hair or whatever else that gets him going you'll occasionally see him getting scared at the prospect of getting doxed.

View attachment 1200599 View attachment 1200601
View attachment 1200606
View attachment 1200602
View attachment 1200608
View attachment 1200612
View attachment 1200614
View attachment 1200615

The guy is so scared shitless of getting his own spot on the farms that he's gone so far as to try and scrub any account of his with any sort of personal info, address, image or whatever else that might lead back to him. Which also explains why there's not that many pictures of him in real life on this dox besides a few we were able to scrounge up.

View attachment 1200623

Well you thought wrong, faggot. Time for...

View attachment 1201290DoxView attachment 1201290

Did we get him?

But of course.

View attachment 1201295

Name: Brendan Markham
Age: 23
DoB: October 1, 1996
Address: USA, Chicago - 3875 Charlemagne Dr Hoffman Estates IL 60192
Phone Number(s): (847) 991-5984, (217) 622-3366
Family: Daniel Markham (Dad), Reiko Markham (Mom), Rebecca Markham (Sister), Patrick Swearingen (Cousin)

Rick D'arc Facebook Profile:
ZeroResurrected Twitter Profile:
ZeroResurrected Curious Cat Profile:
BioZero216 Twitter Profile:
BioZero216 Youtube Channel:
BioZero216 MyAnimeList Profile:
BioZero216 DeviantArt Profile:
BioZero216 Twitch Channel:
BioZero216 BehindTheVoiceActors Profile:
BioZero216 Periscope Profile:
ZeroTheSavior Twitter Profile:
ZeroTheSavior Youtube Channel:
ZeroTheSavior Minecraft Forums Profile:
ZeroTheSavior XDA Developers Profile:
ZeroTheSavior Twitch Channel:
ZeroTheSavior Pholder Profile:
savior_zero EBay Profile:
ZeroOnAMission Twitter Profile:
BioZYuri Twitter Profile: (NSFW)
Rythm Lunatic Youtube Channel:
Rythm Lunatic Alt Youtube Channel:
Rythm Lunatic Twitter Profile:
Rythm Lunatic Github Profile:
Rythm Lunatic Blogspot Profile:
Rythm Lunatic Twitch Channel:
Rythm Lunatic Ko-Fi Profile:
Rythm Lunatic Reddit Profile:
MarioSegaFreak Sonic Retro Forums Profile:
MarioSegaFreak GBATemp Profile:
MarioSegaFreak Newgrounds Profile:
MarioSegaFreak Yahoo Answers Profile:
MarioSegaFreak Kongregate Profile:
MarioSegaFreak Dolphin Forums Profile:
MarioSegaFreak Minecraft PVP Profile:
Accelerator Steam Profile:
Julius Kingsley Twitter Profile:
Rick D'arc Facebook Profile:
ZeroResurrected Twitter Profile:
ZeroResurrected Curious Cat Profile:
BioZero216 Youtube Channel:
BioZero216 MyAnimeList Profile:
BioZero216 DeviantArt Profile:
BioZero216 Twitch Channel:
BioZero216 BehindTheVoiceActors Profile:
BioZero216 Periscope Profile:
ZeroTheSavior Twitch Profile:
ZeroTheSavior Youtube Channel:
ZeroTheSavior Minecraft Forums Profile:
ZeroTheSavior XDA Developers Profile:
ZeroTheSavior Twitch Channel:
ZeroTheSavior Pholder Profile:
ZeroOnAMission Twitter Profile:
BioZYuri Twitter Profile: (NSFW)
savior_zero EBay Profile:
Rythm Lunatic Youtube Channel:
Rythm Lunatic Alt Youtube Channel:
Rythm Lunatic Twitter Profile:
Rythm Lunatic Github Profile:
Rythm Lunatic Blogspot Profile:
Rythm Lunatic Twitch Channel:
Rythm Lunatic Ko-Fi Profile:
Rythm Lunatic Reddit Profile:
MarioSegaFreak Sonic Retro Forums Profile:
MarioSegaFreak GBATemp Profile:
MarioSegaFreak Newgrounds Profile:
MarioSegaFreak Yahoo Answers Profile:
MarioSegaFreak Kongregate Profile:
MarioSegaFreak Dolphin Forums Profile:
MarioSegaFreak Minecraft PVP Profile:
Accelerator Steam Profile:

Big thanks to @Draza, @Yuusha-sama, @Tipsy Tea Cup and @Devilish Bodhisattva for helping catch this pathetic fuck.

.... And those in his Discord:
View attachment 1201578

View attachment 1201685Ashley Elizabeth Schoonmaker/turntechgoddesshead/KnoxWasHereView attachment 1201685

View attachment 1201579
View attachment 1201580

View attachment 1201582

Age: 20
DOB: November 9, 1999
Address: USA, Florida - 3000 Victoria Park Dr Apt 3208 Davenport FL 33896

View attachment 1201583 View attachment 1201587

Ashley Schoonmaker Facebook Profile:
turntechgoddesshead Tumblr Profile:
turntechgoddesshead Instagram Profile:
KnoxWasHere Twitter Profile:
KnoxWasHere Pinterest Profile:
KnoxWasHere Reddit Profile:
Ashley Schoonmaker Facebook Profile:
turntechgoddesshead Tumblr Profile:
turntechgoddesshead Instagram Profile:
KnoxWasHere Twitter Profile:
KnoxWasHere Pinterest Profile:
KnoxWasHere Reddit Profile:

View attachment 1201685Brandon Parks/Branparks/RavenView attachment 1201685

View attachment 1201648 View attachment 1201592

Age: 24
DoB: April 26, 1995
Address: USA, California - 111 Burbank St Hayward CA 94541

View attachment 1201596 View attachment 1201597

Brandon Parks Facebook Profile:
Branparks Instagram Profile:
Branparks Twitch Channel:
Brandon Parks Facebook Profile:
Branparks Instagram Profile:
Branparks Twitch Channel:

View attachment 1201685Kendra Alibey/KALI/MagiLover1995/HorseBaitView attachment 1201685

View attachment 1201600 View attachment 1201601

Age: 24
DoB: July 6, 1995
Address: USA, Minnesota - 2462 County Road H2 Mounds View MN 55112
Phone Number: (612) 978-1169

View attachment 1201602 View attachment 1201606

Kendra Alibey Facebook Profile:
Kendra Youtube Channel:
MagiLover1995 Steam Profile:
Kendra Alibey Facebook Profile:
Kendra Youtube Channel:
MagiLover1995 Steam Profile:

View attachment 1201685Spencer Sharpe/Sharpest SniperView attachment 1201685

View attachment 1201612 View attachment 1201613

Age: 27
DoB: November 27, 1992
Address: USA, Iowa - 4709 Colt Dr West Des Moines IA 50265
Phone Number: (515) 223-5798

View attachment 1201615 View attachment 1201616

Spencer Sharpe Facebook Profile:
Spencer Sharpe Twitter Profile:
Spencer Sharpe Alt Twitter Profile:
Spencer Sharpe Facebook Profile:
Spencer Sharpe Twitter Profile:
Spencer Sharpe Alt Twitter Profile:

View attachment 1201685Api Thavarasa/ABYouKnowMeView attachment 1201685

View attachment 1201618 View attachment 1201619

View attachment 1201621

Age: 18
DoB: April 24, 2001
Address: Canada. Ontario - 19 Dennett Dr, Scarborough ON, M1S2E6
Phone Number: (416) 297-9087

View attachment 1201623 View attachment 1201624

Api Thavarasa Facebook Profile:
ABYouKnowMe Twitter Profile:
ABYouKnowMe Instagram Profile:
ABYouKnowMe Curious Cat Profile:
Api Thavarasa Facebook Profile:
ABYouKnowMe Twitter Profile:
ABYouKnowMe Instagram Profile:
ABYouKnowMe Curious Cat Profile:

View attachment 1201685Henry Yi/Henry Yizhen/UltimateSSZeroX/UltimateZeroXView attachment 1201685

View attachment 1201627 View attachment 1201628

View attachment 1201629

Sure, bud.

Age: 23
DoB: November 6, 1996
Address: USA, California - 3252 California Ave Signal Hill CA 90755

View attachment 1201633 View attachment 1201635

Henry Yizhen Twitter Profile:
Henry Yizhen Facebook Profile:
UltimateZeroX Instagram Profile:
UltimateSSJZeroX Youtube Channel:
UltimateSSJZeroX MyAnimeList Profile:
Henry Yizhen Twitter Profile:
Henry Yhizen Facebook Profile:
UltimateZero X Instagram Profile:
UltimateSSJZeroX Youtube Channel:
UltimateSSJZeroX MyAnimeList Profile:

View attachment 1201685Hunter Harshbarger/Otaku Sage/Otakusage123/wicked_ninja123View attachment 1201685

View attachment 1201690 View attachment 1201658

Age: 23
DoB: March 12, 1996
Address: USA, Georgia - 26 Chastain Ct Marble Hill GA 30148

View attachment 1201665 View attachment 1201668

Hunter Harshbarger Facebook Profile:
Hunter Harshbarger Instagram Profile:
wicked_ninja123 Twitter Profile:
Otaku Sage Youtube Channel:
Otaku Sage Medium Profile:
Otaku Sage Bandcamp Profile:
Hunter Harshbarger Facebook Profile:
Hunter Harshbarger Instagram Profile:
wicked_ninja123 Twitter Profile:
Otaku Sage Youtube Channel:
Otaku Sage Medium Profile:
Otaku Sage Bandcamp Profile:

View attachment 1201685Tyler Xavier Franklin/BuraiMurain23/blackswordsman917/houinkyoma25/gundamrevival9/gundambakugo9/TFranklin956View attachment 1201685

View attachment 1201676

Age: 27
DOB: December 20, 1992
Address: USA, Florida - 310 Chardonnay Pl Valrico FL 33594

View attachment 1201678 View attachment 1201681

Tyler Xavier Franklin Facebook Profile:
blackswordsman917 Steam Profile:
Burai Murian Youtube Channel:
houinkyoma25 Instagram Profile:
gundamrevival9 Twitter Profile:
gundambakugo9 Twitter Profile: (Suspended)
TFranklin956 Paypal Account:
Tyler Xavier Franklin Facebook Profile:
blackswordsman917 Steam Profile:
Burai Murian Youtube Channel:
houinkyoma25 Instagram Profile:
gundamrevival9 Twitter Profile:
gundambakugo9 Twitter Profile: (Suspended)
TFranklin956 Paypal Account:
Last edited:


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LawTwit Kathryn Tewson:
When Nick Rekeita's Twitter account was suspended, his "intern" @LawArchive would post links to his live steams for him. After his account was permanently suspended, @LawArchive was eventually rebranded as @RekietaMedia and Nick dropped the intern act. That wasn't the end of her existence, however.

View attachment 1203602

Soon after the @LawArchive username was abandoned, someone on the internet snatched it up and began LARPing as her. This person was ostensibly part of KickVic and/or LawTwitter based on their disdain for Nick and their considerable knowledge of the legal proceedings and procedures. Their performance art was largely ignored until they caught everyone's attention when they started releasing documents from a custody case between Chuck Huber and his ex-wife.

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After this happened, Nick speculated that @LawArchive was Shane Holmberg. An analysis of their tweets has revealed that @LawArchive is Kathryn Tewson. When you've tweeted tens of thousands of times about this lawsuit, as she has, you will inevitably end up repeating yourself, even when you're trying to put on a persona.

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Both accounts share a lot of similarities in syntax. They are fond of calling people sweetie and pumpkin, giving out gold stars, and replying with QTNA (questions that need answers!) and evergreen tweet, but those are so common they could be almost anybody. The same can be said of their knowledge about Nick's degree in creative writing or that he apparently breaks out in hives when he gets mad. I hadn't noticed.

What we're looking for are phrases so specific, so exact, that they have only ever been used by Kathryn Tewson and her asshole alter ego. "Public figure status is a conclusion of law" is an example of a brand new sentence. "Someone needs a banana and a nap" is another. "There might not even be oral" is a string of words that didn't exist until Kathryn Tewson wrote them down.

(These search results are not restricted to Kathryn Tewson and Law Archive. This is all of Twitter.)

Take any technical term used by Law Archive, do a Twitter search, and there's a good chance Kathryn Tewson will appear in the results, no matter how few there are, because they are the same person, making the same arguments, using the same terminology.

As expected of one person running two accounts, @KathrynTewson and @LawArchive don't interact much. Only about a dozen tweets each, with most coming when she made Law Archive. The conversations she had with herself are embarrassing.

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She was crowned the “Wrong Fucking Housewife to Pick On” by Law Twitter.
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Her Threadnought merch store:
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Age: 44
DoB: April 16, 1975
Phone Number(s): (425) 481-5153, (205) 634-3442
Address: 19118 94th Pl NE, Bothell, WA 98011

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