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China incubates plagues.
I'm 🎩 about her "we're all in this together". I have 2 jobs that I'm completely fucked on, bills, a life that is now trashed and I'm not even sick. When we're finally allowed to go out and try to start back up, then we'll probably all catch the batAIDS. What has the chinkflu disrupted for her?

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You know what might help, Big Al?
Take a fuckin' SHOWER. Disgusting. She's got more than Covid-19 crawling all over her.....
And how much of these news reports and articles about the virus does she really understand?
If the COVID gets to her, it'll have to compete with the ecosystem of bacteria she's cultivating betwixt her many folds.


She blames her depression and anxiety for not being able to do anything like a schoolgirl, meanwhile she's fucking 30

And, just as I thought, she blames the Coronavirus for not losing any weight and it's safe to say that the binge monster went through the whole freezer and wasn't unplugged like she said so

Just what's the logic behind "putting your weight loss on the backburner"? None, she's just looking for excuses to never lose weight and this Coronavirus is the perfect scapegoat. Her lifestyle is basically unchanged because of it, the only times she'd go outside is to eat, but now she replaces that with binge eating and making Becky go every 2 days to do groceries

Also, good job to whoever guessed right in the social media thread that the slop she was cooking was rice

Cocoa puffs are 383 calories per 100g. I guarantee you this bitch eats more because you can see for yourself how little 50g of cereal is for a deathfat like Hamber, it'd basically be a snack for her.

Diet Coke 4 Life

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No summary yet...?

Once again, because I have little to no patience for this tub of lies, this’ll be a type as I watch summary rather than a time-stamped one. I am tired and cranky and not drunk enough to put up with her bullshit for very long.

Her greeting is less than enthusiastic.

It’s been hard ‘trying to put on a face to film a video.’ Claims she tried to film 2 other times, but burst into tears because HER MENTALZ. Panic attacks, depression, nerves, wah wah wah.

Claims it’s painful because she’s worked so hard to get out of that state of depression. Corona-chan took her by surprise and wrecked her shit.

She is consistently and constantly looking at the numbers, watching news channels, watching interviews with doctors, reading news articles, obsessing. I’m willing to bet she’s reading tweets from Lindo Bacon and that’s about it.

She’s terrified because of the 2 known cases at Ricky’s work. He’s responsible and cleaning himself. It scares her. I’d be scared too if I didn’t know what soap was and I saw someone cleaning up regularly. The foaming is mystical.

Can’t leave her state? Oh noes! Oh wait. That’s no change from her normal.

She’s whimpering because she’s not in complete control. Professes she can get it from a box of cereal, because it stays on cardboard for a little bit.

She touches her face constantly because eye-fucking herself isn’t enough. She’s gotta feel that moon up as well.


Sorry, got away from me. She’s still whining bout not being ready to die.

HAHAHAHAHAHAH She’s about ready to cry on camera because she’s talking about wah my life has been too short and there’s so much I want to do and blah blah blah whimper whimper whimper I could die if my fat self gets it.

Has put youtube and weight loss on the back burner.

SPERG TIME: So. Being massively overweight increases mortality rates. So she abandons weight loss. That makes zero logical sense, Amber.

Oh, she’s still talking.

Talking about being worried.

Main purpose was to explain why she’s been absent because worried about that Adsense and she can’t buy her Kroger Direct groceries without it.

More whining, but states she’s wanting to do that Wednesday weigh-in.

Whines about allergies. Since when? Where’s the snot? The bloodshot eyes? I may in fact be around many allergy sufferers and perhaps might see one in the mirror every day, and she is oddly clear and non-mucusy for an allergy sufferer.

Oh, distracted. She’s talking about binging thousands of calories in the night. Professes she’s not binging, but she’s eating horribly.

Sharing what she’s been eating:

A lot of white rice. Carbs are delicious.

One main meal a day - four servings of white rice in a bowl with soy sauce, one turkey burger (just the slab of meat), and that’s it. Sure, Jan. Enjoys it because it’s easy. Says it’s about 1000 calories. Hahahahahah.

At night, a bowl of cereal. Which is going to be 4 servings as previously mentioned.

Then a TV dinner. Because why not have a meal on top of a meal that’s the size of 4 meals after a meal that’s 4 meals?

Says it’s less than 2000 calories?!!? WHAT?!!? Magical Amber Math strikes again.

Ten to one she’s having a thousand calories in just cereal.

At least she’s dropped off of daily weigh-ins. Hasn’t weighed in since the last time she lied about it.

Blathers about how she was terrified to step on the scale.

Not going to torture me with her daily weigh in explainations. Which is great, because my ears needed a break.

503.8. And now 505.4. Using the talking scale again? But what about those wonky batteries, gorl? WhAt AbOuT tHoSe WoNkY bAtTeRiEs?

She actually does step on the scale twice and get the same response. Huh. This one is… somewhat legit, it seems. The hell.

Still claiming 572.4 as max weight. LAAAAAAH.

Is proud that she didn’t binge because she only put on 1.6 instead of 30. She’s super happy about a slow gain.

PROUD of GAINING, because it’s a ‘little’ gain.

Now is going to blather about how much she’s lost.

October 571.8, to January 1st she lost 30.2. In Jan, lost 18.2. February, lost 4.2. March, lost 14.4 lbs. Apparently. For a loss of 67.0 lbs.

We’re getting close to that 89 lbs. Heheheheh.

Says she’s going to give herself a ‘minimum’ of 5 times to binge. I think you mean maximum, you dumb fuck.

Acknowledges she’s not drinking liquid.

Says she wants to have less carbs - rice, cereal, bread. Not going no carb, but going to cut down.

Wants to eat more veggies. How about try to start eating them in the first place?

Starts saying “I hope you had a good March” and goes off on “No one had a good March!” And cries about it. Not everyone had a horrible March, dummy.

Doesn’t know what to film - FEED HER IDEAS.

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it’s my money and i need it now
She really needs to read the room and shut the fuck up about how awful her life is because of COVID. I hate to TMI but this shit is affecting people more than her brain can even grasp. My healthy 20 something year old sister had to be rushed to ICU because she was literally dying after catching this virus from her working in healthcare. People are worried about how the fuck they’re going to afford their next meal. Amber**** has no fucking clue what is going on beyond the walls of her home. She is so so privileged right now and instead of taking advantage of it and getting her life together she cries for the monies. And from the way she talks about Ricky it would not be surprising if she has a harsh reality check coming to her soon.

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Claims it’s painful because she’s worked so hard to get out of that state of depression. Corona-chan took her by surprise and wrecked her shit.
If she had gotten a therapist instead of only a simple pill pusher, they would have helped her learn meaningful coping mechanisms.

Dealing with anxiety doesn't just mean getting over past triggers.

New stressors shouldnt wreck your shit and send you back to square one.
BTW it also fucks me up that she has an inability to read the room. The only other people boohooing like she is are the out of touch celebrities. Nikki Minaj whined about not being able to get sushi on snap chat, fucking lol, and the celebrities whine about isolation in their multi million dollar mansions.
Shockingly, amberlynn fucks up and misses the simplest of points about many things yet again.


it’s my money and i need it now
Her complaints about groceries being dirty shows that she really isn’t doing as much research as she says she is. Disinfecting groceries is super easy. But I bet the bitch hasnt even thought about picking up some Lysol spray. It seems like she can’t even disinfect her own body