Wuhan Coronavirus: Megathread -

  • Despite what alcoholic retards are saying, there are no plans to shut down the Kiwi Farms.

Which country(ies) will fare the worst due to the WuFlu?

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Apathetic at best.
What is up with the Chunks and breeding these new viruses every few years? Is there some secret bunker where they CRISPR them up from political dissidents and Muslims?
I was thinking the same thing lmao. Oh China trying to keep up with Africa as the world's factory of infectious diseases.

Pinot Pierrot

The naive one, forever waiting.
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Supposedly they are being fairly transparent with their response this time around, so hopefully it won't be hidden until too late.
I don't think they really have a choice in this matter. China had already taken a series of punches to the nose thank to major setbacks and recent scrutiny over their actions. The swine flu in particular doesn't seem to show any signs of stopping, and (one of) the last thing(s) the CCP wants is to be considered responsible for two worldwide epidemics rampaging simultaneously. Eating some crow would go a long way compared to being caught in another, potentially lethal, lie.