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Apparently Zack Snyder did join some Fandom Menace suicide awareness charity livestream only to publicly denounce the Geeks and Garglers guy as part of a hate movement that he wanted nothing do with.

Now there's a cope stream. The G+G guy has stuffed as many women and minorities as he can in the panel and mega-cucking out by saying "still supporting the Snyder cut even though he doesn't like Snyder's movies".

Edit: Now the two loud black guys are yelling at each other while Dark Enlightenment link Frog has to superchat $200 to get the Geeks and Garglers guy to stop tactically ignoring him. This is great.

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Edit 2: Frog has given up waiting and is streaming over the Jeremy grifter.
Watching Jeremy get so publicly eviscerated on these streams reminds me somehow of that scene in Videodrome where James Woods shoots that old guy on stage with the flesh gun, old guy dies a horrific death in front of some screaming beautiful women, and his death rattle/gargling is played over the public address system for the rest of the building to hear as James Woods runs away.

Mister Dongs

What caused Zack to denouced Geeks and gamers? Did sjws got on him or he did it on his own?
The Fandom Menace faithful are already concocting conspiracy theories made out of equal parts cope and bullshit but you can see it here.

The biggest mystery in all this is why TFM, or at least their more prominent figureheads, do not have their own threads here on Teh Farms.
Because the entire "movement" is as corporate and routine as watching some fishermen dump chum into the water and pull up a net full of fish once a week. They propose no real change or alternative to the status quo so the possibility of any change and therefore anything of interest occurring without or within is virtually nil. The figureheads do very little beyond an intro consisting first of "reacting" to whatever topics their youtube algorithm analytics tool direct them to followed by 2-3 hours of mechanically reading superchats feeding into the parasocial relationships these hosts have cultivated. Point being, it's quite a dull place, without the colorful figures of Weeb Wars or even Comicsgate.

@TESTEFY-HD is probably the foremost expert available on the often (and deservedly) ignored rank-and-file Fandom Menace member (who are usually broke, lonely middle-aged/old people with medical problems) , where he is a strong candidate for the most loathed troll in the entire community.

The whole thing is so insubstantial that even TUG rebelled (for about ten minutes before cucking out and deleting the following tweet)



Man, I've always disliked G+G Jeremy. He's absolutely insufferable. Now don't get me wrong, what Snyder did was completely scummy and detestable and I don't think many people disagree. But I'll be damned if I didn't get some sweet schadenfreude watching Jeremy hitting the copium HARD on Ethan's stream and trying to spin his complete cuck-out as a win for the fans. What a fucking loser. He literally only thinks in sub counts and clickbait views. And his deflection of "w-well what about when Naughty Dog struck me???" was hilarious. Way to miss the point, you absolute moron. Dude's got a Liam Gray-tier ego on him.


If its about the G+G brand/grifting/clickbait/subs, trying to parse it is foolish as that makes you look weak. If its about the cause, Hollywood is NEVER going to like you, you will never be apart of that club. And if its about your own self-respect, you can't allow some big shot from Hollywood to walk all over you. On any standard, Jeremy looks like a schmuck.

A nameless trool

I enjoyed Jeremy's ranting when asking Frog what he did when Naughty Dog went after Jeremy's channel and Frog asked "whats Naughty Dog?"

In a way @FROG is not 100% grifter. Like many boomer fanboys he discovered outrage gets you money but never went down the rabbithole of running after the outrage of the day like The Quartering or Grifts and Gaymers

Ita Mori

💔Turn me into a street💔
Apparently Zack Snyder did join some Fandom Menace suicide awareness charity livestream only to publicly denounce the Geeks and Garglers guy as part of a hate movement that he wanted nothing do with.

This is what you get for thinking anyone in hollywood is "ourguy".
You got played by Zack so he could have his shitty movie his way instead of being tainted by that soyboy Whedon, and then he shits on you in gratitude.

Go on, watch his shitty movie. You already just subscribed to HBO Max for it.
:story: :story: :story:


You people never learn.
You have no right to diss the Bernie bros and twitter socialists about "No refunds" with this kind of cope.

Newman's Lovechild

That's nice
They're not cows, they're pigs. Snouts in the trough, taking the swill of all the smaller paypiggies, and so on.

I still can't understand why anyone thought Snyder, with his track record, was going to be the messiah of non-woke cinema with this cut of a shitty movie. You can't polish a turd, and you can't chop it up and rearrange the pieces so it becomes something other than a turd.

I guess it was all about flipping the bird to Hollywood somehow rather than anticipating any actual quality. Hey, a little like comicsgate! Anyway, it's hilarious to see a pointless grifter like Jeremy Griggs get used and tossed aside by an even bigger grifter. Fandumb menace tears, yum yum.


Massive cope from Jeremy. Honestly always thought G&G was cringe and gay. At least EVS is entertaining.

Speaking of which @FROG just bring Mike S Miller back onto your streams. None of your cuckold fans are gonna stop watching you. In fact they'll probably dump a bunch of cash just to shit on him. Shane Davis and the rest of the new CG class is boring as hell. Do a classic CG stream with Jon Cecil and Smiller.

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