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Bonnie Pointer of The Pointer Sisters is dead at 69

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Almost 4 whole years late on this: Swedish internet pioneer Per Hedbor died in July 2016. He established the first web server in Sweden, contributed to Lysator and is probably best known for his emulator DreamSNES. Googled his name on a whim after seeing that his website was down, didn't expect to find an obituary to him on a blog from Opera employees that nobody ever reads.

Knew him from a now defunct tech forum where he was the expert on Pike. RIP.


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Dennis O'Neil is dead

Tldr version. He was the man who made batman a dark and brooding vigilante again after the silver age and especially the Adam west TV show turned him into a campy joke (no disrespect to Mr west)

O'Neil is probably one of the most important contributors to Batman since his creators Bob Kane and Bill finger. And up there with Frank Miller, Doug monech, and Scott Snyder as one the best writers of Batman. His contributions include man bat, ras aul ghoul and even Arkham asylum.

Rip Denny O'Neil 1939-2020 hey he was litterly born the same year as Batman