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Thank you for summoning me to correct this assumption.

The manga is trash. It makes no fucking sense. The origin of the Titans is letting some pigs out of a cage. The main character's solution to stopping genocide is to eliminate all other races. It is quite literally "There can't be any racism if there's only one race." Did I mention the main character has access to the convergence of time and space and this is basically a living God and this is the solution to war and prejudice? Yeah.

His plan was teased over several years as being some sort of grand master plan and you never knew the main character's motivations. It got so bad that the main character was the only force driving the plot. Everyone was along for the ride, basically reducing characterization to rubble. Then it just turns out to be simple violent mass genocide. Nothing deep or meaningful or surprising. Just fucking murder everyone. Men, women, children.

The author kept a character locked in a crystal for years and there was so much speculation on what was going to happen. She gets freed and....immediately fucks off because her dad died. Or might be dead. Like, nobody gives a shit about your dad. 6-7 years of being of fan theories just BTFOed.

Now the character is a living God, you'd think they'd have some weapon or mechanism to fight him right? And stop this genocide? Nope, they're all basically small in comparison to him and plan to do it with the power of friendship to just tell him to stop this thing he decided for years and years. The titans they have access to are one the main character has beaten the ever living fuck out of every fight (seriously, the guy loses every time), a woman that can turn into a cart, maybe something with some Jaws and one big motherfucker that can't really fight because its so huge. Did I mention the main character has an army of titans at his command the size of sky scrapers as well? Yeah.

Not to mention it is UGLY. The art is terrible, sometimes characters are indistinguishable from another.

This is JUST scratching the surface of how bad it is.

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I haven’t watched AoT in years, but the manga is a million times better than the anime.
Also, you might want to check your sources, buddy.
Okay, I'm not trying to derail the thread here, but I'm genuinely curious.

How is time-travel, Nazis, literally trying to end racism by killing every other race, and all of this literally being caused by a kid letting out so pigs over two-thousand years ago better than anything that happened in the anime?

I'm not mad. I just genuinely wanna know why you think that.

Good, AoT is antisemitic trash lmao

The series currently is trash, though I'm not sure I would call it antisemitic as much as I would definitely call it racist, but even if it was, Himura had nothing to do with that.

The movies he starred in came out years before all this insanity in AoT happened, and the fact that the series has turned out the way it has is not his fault at all. He was a young, talented actor, and musician who had his whole life ahead of him, and the fact that he took his own life is nothing, but tragic, and I hope that wherever he is now, he's at least finally at peace.
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Wait, your idiotic contention is that Regis Francis Xavier Philbin was Jewish?

Never mind the rank idiocy of caring either way about that. We can take that as given for you. But I think you could at least get the facts right when it comes to your obsession.
You'd think a guy from Quebec wouldn't tard out about someone with an Irish background, but...

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