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It's honestly kinda spooky that the original actor who played Gomez Addams is one of only two survivors of that show, the other being Lisa Loring who played Wednesday.

The way things are, I wouldn't be surprised if Astin even manages to outlive her.
Meanwhile Raul Julia who also played Gomez Addams died long ago.


Free drinks for everyone who saw him threaten me!
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Going to agree with above posters -- us loving hood niggas being niggas is hypocritical. Much of the degenerate culture of blacks were inspired/reinforced by him (he didn't invent them, "ebil society made me like dis", but he sure as hell reinforced it). We can talk about race and cultural aspects, but I want to focus on one thing many of the posters here have strong feelings about. Pit bulls (pibbles, baby-eaters). He was part of the ilk who made pibbles "popular" and now we have murder dogs everywhere in US society (see the pibble thread).

I know kiwis like his music because of nostalgia and that he had the "lol fag" attitude, but every Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and George Floyd emulated his attitude and culture. Why? Is it just because "his music is cool, lol". Perhaps, but it makes me sad nonetheless.

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Or maybe this is a forum for laughing at weird people on the Internet that doesn't need to be involved in a bullshit culture war.

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the smiley mexican man has passed on.