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Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Null, Apr 9, 2017.

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  1. dibble.jpg
    This is Michael Dibble and he has a YouTube channel called "camp goonies" where he's supposedly trying to build a self-sustaining community using solar power in The Slabs. I don't buy it. I think he's just trying to get money from dumb hippies so he can eat and smoke dabs for free.

    Here's a video of him losing his shit over a troll on a live stream. I queued the video to the time where his friend is reading troll comments in the chat and then Mike starts to flip his shit after a few minutes.

    Here's the sustainable farm that's totally gonna work out in the middle of the desert

    In this video he explains what he's trying to accomplish with camp goonies while holding a fundraiser

    It's hard to tell what's going on here exactly, but the smell of bullshit is strong.

    Edit: Found an old channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD_LQGYzXmsg83hNaTlL7Ig/videos
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  2. Does Elon Musk have a thread yet?
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    Galactus talkin' softball

  3. Christopher Addolorato, aka Gruntchovski/Grunt Von Veizatun, recently gained some attention after Christine called him out on twitter. He's always been on my radar, so I think some light should be shed to see if there's any potential.

    Christopher is a 27 year old autistic man who's sort of an enigma. He's surprisingly adept at building puppets, but seems to be inept at pretty much everything else. Consider his demo reel, which comprises of his characters making very stilted 'edgy' jokes in his family's living room.

    Grunt has a dream: to have a hit show on Adult Swim about his OCs. Instead of actually practicing his art and animation skills and making connections with people in the business, however, he seems to be more content drawing pictures of his OCs killing more well known characters, writing songs about killing them, and occasionally posting his art on completely unrelated threads on Adult Swim's twitter.

    The only media Grunt seems to like, at least the only thing he seems to be fine making fan content of, is Nintendo games; in particular, he seems to have a fixation on King K Rool and the kremlings from Donkey Kong Country, of which his characters are blatant copies of.

    His dA: https://www.deviantart.com/gruntchovski
    His twitter: https://twitter.com/GruntVeizatun
    His ED page: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Gruntchovski
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    Fruity Yummy Mummy

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  4. The only reason why I'm dumping this information here is because I'm too lazy to make a thread about this guy. But his history of being an internet sperg is hilarious yet interesting.

    Andreas Novoa (also known by his old alias Andreo3333) is an 18 year old who (after 4-6 years) still spends his time on the virtual lego game "Roblox" owning kids by making 12 minute videos on why their game is a ripoff.

    Information that I've gathered:
    - Andreas fought his dad over League of Legends.
    - Andreas thirsts for e-girls to the point where he would get people to dox them (this is gonna come to play a little bit later).
    - If rejected by any e-girl, he would post their dox information to everyone.
    - His friend group makes tons of edits of him because of him being an absolute mongoloid. They even made a joke of him thirsting after one of the girls he thirsted over (Annie).
    - He spent a total of 2 days making a video on a virtual lego game ripping off a popular game (Overwatch) because he can only own kids and young adults on the internet (anyone else he can't do it himself).
    - He is also spending time making a game on said platform that's ripping off elements from another popular game's online mode (Metal Gear Solid).
    - After he got doxed himself, an internet autist managed to contact Child Protective Service to come up to his school and talk to him. Almost ruining what little social life he had around that time.

    There's probably more information about him, but I'm too lazy to research it myself.

    Social Media (plus other info):
    Wikia Page (from his friend group) (archive)

    solonset N = Ni (1/2) ^ t / λ

  5. If there isn't one already, I'd like to see a thread on the "#actuallyautistic" community. I've been through that tag on multiple social media sites and it honestly makes me uncomfortable.

    I genuinely don't know how to document it properly without a-logging though. :(

    LagoonaBlue Harriet Louise Connor (No bully; have Autism)
    Person of Interest

  6. Butch Hartman.

    If John K. can get a thread, then so can he.
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    Agent Eggplant

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  7. It's been a solid month and a half since I've logged in, so I'm out of the loop on current events here and it would be appreciated if anyone could tell me if anyone else has already covered this guy here:

    Videos of a guy named "Aithan Avishai" are currently making the rounds all over reddit. He's a douche who has been banned from multiple gyms for slamming weights and yelling at members and staff, and who records videos of himself being aggressive towards the staff while they issue the bans to him. He also believes he is a "targeted individual" who is a victim of gangstalking.

    Gym ban videos:



    Gangstalking video (at 7:18 he insists that he's "not a robotoid," lol):


    If this is still fresh, let me know and I'd be more than happy to do more research and create a thread.

    If a thread already exists, or someone else is currently working on putting one together, please rate me :late: and let me know so I don't step on anyone's toes or do redundant work. I did do a search and didn't turn anything up here.


    EDIT - @Yellow Yam Scam has this covered now: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/aithan-avishai-modern_day_lot-jesse-paul-leal.45970/#post-3606048
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  8. Michael David Hermelee/Mikey Miles

    31, lives in New York, an aspiring actor, best known for moving to California without any money to stalk an Herbalife rep.

    All of his social media accounts are about him being poor, searching for his "next angel"(read: stalking victim), and his belief that if he eats healthy food he will grow to be 6'2".

    Youtube channel full of acting reels and long, vague rants about the Herbalife rep he stalks:

    Instagram account, where he sells signed photos of himself for $5:

    Facebook (fun for his live streams and the occasional meltdown)
  9. xKPxne1L_400x400.jpg

    Steve Svensson / @stompk

    52, lives in Colorado, retired electrician, and crazed conspiracy theorist that gets really mad on the internet.

    Highlights include:
    • Expert on chem-trails and cloud seeding.
    • A strange obsession with QAnon.
    • Jews did 9/11, along with every other bad thing in history.
    • Huge Twitter poster, with almost 12K tweets of strangeness. See profile here: https://twitter.com/stompk
    • Posts frequent news story comments where he gets angry when people call him out. Disqus profile with over 6500 posts: https://disqus.com/by/stevesvensson
    I'm new to this community, so am not sure if this is quite a lolcow worthy person. Any input would be cool!
    Richard Bong

    Richard Bong 12 o'clock high

  10. Is there a lolparent thread yet? I would love to see a giant thread of parents that kiwis have come across.
  11. Nicholas Gyeney, 32, Filmmaker, Seattle

    A director originally known for cutting corners with payroll, he's now better known as a predator. He has allegedly sexually harassed, threatened, blackballed and assaulted women trying to break into the film industry... in Collette Wolfe's case, established names.

    Soon after Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor broke open the Weinstein scandal, loads of women came forward to share their stories. Specifically, the 2nd assistant director from Second Nature collected the names. Gyeney's blacklisted in Seattle now, though Hollywood as a whole is oblivious to the scandal.

    In solidarity with all women who have shared their stories over the last few weeks (and those who haven’t) and from the inspiring, heartbreaking momentum from the MeToo campaign I’ve decided to speak up regarding a toxic, abusive presence in our local Seattle Film Industry. I personally know and have spoken with several survivors of his abuse and assault and for reasons of security and career protection we’ve agreed it’s best that I be the voice to call this person out.

    Nicholas (or as I and everyone else knows him, Nick) Gyeney is a local Producer, Writer and Director. He is an abusive, aggressive, misogynistic monster who has a pattern of abuse, intimidation and manipulation that stretches back years and it’s time for that to end.

    CW: Sexual assault, abuse, trauma.

    The first and only time I worked with Nick was in 2015 on a feature film that I was the 2nd Assistant Director on, he was the Producer. It became immediately clear that he used his power as a Producer to try and coerce women into sleeping with him. This was an on-location shoot so we were all staying at a Motel, he set to quickly harassing a female crew member by sending her aggressive texts, pages long, saying he was going to come to her hotel room, saying she wanted him, doing anything to coerce her into having sex with him. After she rejected his advances he then proceeded to follow her to her car where she had to physically reject him. Even after this he continued his text harassment minutes later; threatening to come to her room because he was the one who paid for the room and according to him all he had to do was ask the front desk for the key.

    When this crew member (who was just starting out at the time) took it to other Producers Nick immediately started a campaign to get her fired, saying that she was slandering him and that he was going to sue her even though I personally saw the text messages and was privy to this knowledge. This was dealt with by other Producers who kept him in line although when someone like that is in such a position of power there are not many steps you can take to removing an abuser like Nick, and he knew that. He also made our lead female actress so uncomfortable by going to her personal hotel room and picking her up every morning that she wouldn’t report to set if he was anywhere near set. Due to this he had to remain off set for her scenes for the remainder of the shoot.

    This was a film full of folks just starting out and none of us wanted to lose our careers so after the film was completed we all remained silent and went on with our lives, unfortunately.

    After this film I would then recommend to people privately that they not work with Nick and avoid him, due to this some people started coming to me with their own traumatic stories about him. He has a long track record of targeting women new to the industry, pressuring them into having sex with him promising a “big break”, then when they refuse this he explodes on them. He verbally abuses them, tells them that their film career is over completely traumatizing them and in one instance that I am aware of physically forcing himself on a woman and sexually assaulting her. He uses his position of power to dominate, manipulate, abuse, assault and break down women in the industry.

    I know of one woman who after an incident with him where she refused to have sex with him she didn’t work in the film industry again for 3 years because she didn’t feel like she could. Not only does he need to be publicly shamed and exiled from the film industry, he should be facing sexual assault charges for the years of abuse and trauma he has inflicted upon many women.

    I am making this a public post and encouraging people in the film industry to share it if you feel comfortable, Nick should never feel like he is able to work in this industry again. My inbox is always open if anyone has any questions, concerns or wants a safe space to share their stories about him. However if you feel comfortable I encourage you to share them on this post so people can know the extent to which he is a vile, abusive man.

    I hope this post will continue to set a precedent of calling out sexual assault and abuse like this where you see it, especially if you happen to hold a position of privilege like myself by being a man.

    The Seattle Film Makers and Actors Facebook group admins thanked the guy who wrote the letter. Gyeney threatened all the women who came forward, as well as the men who shared it. There's a 100% chance Null is going to get threatened for this post, but remember that he only pretends to be as powerful as Harvey Weinstein. Maddox, minus LanDUI.

    A movie about himself, with a 9.8 on IMDb. Magical how unreleased films magically get 173 10-star votes, from 1 demographic of 40-year-old men.

    Beta Test, nearly identical to Gamer. Funny... Who'da thought that thousands of American 40-year-old men would give it 10-star votes in one night?
  12. Christopher Adam Throgmorton / LaPorte County Indiana Corruption Watch



    NOT a sovereign citizen, drug dealer, and has motherfucking autism, bitch. Also records and shouts at everything.

    Christopher Throgmorton is a chap I found tonight, he's got a fairly interesting record, including two arrests in 2011 and 2012 for dealing marijuana. However, that's not why we're here.

    Good old Chris is a die-hard sovereign citizen that has had numerous clashes with the centrestone of America that is La Porte, Indiana, which often end with him swearing at police officers and other people, until he gets arrested.

    Chris' antics have made it into the normally dry and boring council minutes, which feature him battling against the La Porte city attorney and the evil Mayoress Milo, and has resulted in trespass orders being served, including an incident where he attempted to bring knives into City Hall, only to have the police confiscate them and throw them at him. After he attempted to contact the La Porte city attorney, he was eventually served with a trespass notice by a police officer which informed him that he would not be allowed into City Hall unless it was a public meeting.

    Naturally, Chris refuses to acknowledge this, saying that he never signed anything, which leads a 911 call and telling the police that they will have to shoot him. It ends with him being arrested, and released, only to go back to the attorney's office in City Hall with legal papers signed by a judge, as well as a copy of the Indiana constitution. Which also ends with him being arrested, by the same police officer who served him with the trespass notice.

    Thankfully, the internet never forgets, especially when you record it and put it online, either by himself under the subtle username of Laporte County Indiana Corruption Watch, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEOxYXly_eReC_CTevnycWg/videos, although his videos are appearing on other channels making fun of him, like Scam Stingers, who have a playlist of his videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTWHso-GAWI&list=PLoc3ERELpsUFruST__-YICqsLHgIPj_w2 right here for us.

    Also found is a video made under his name, where he asks for help to fit into society, made in 2013. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MBzSZjPSm8

    Gonna have to ask for some archival help with this one, Kiwis, as well as a decent writer.

    True & Honest Fan

  13. peQueño_Ardilla+5131

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  14. Jessica Price is a contender for careercow.


    She has a lot of material. She accused Mike Mearls and Gygax of sexism. Every white male writer ever is problematic. Failed lawyer. Celebrating TB's death. Connections to Wu and Quinn. She accused a fan of mansplaining for disagreeing with her and was fired. She made lots of posts how inclusive her former employers were. But this is her current bio.

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  15. EazyOnMe (Ali Nisar). He's a generic anti-sjw youtuber with 160k subs, his videos generally are low researched stuff.

    Found out he makes instagram accounts pretending to be fangirls and comments on his own instagram pics calling himself hot etc. The comments are incredibly cringey knowing that its him saying it.


    expose 1.png expose 2.png expose 3.png expose 4.png
  16. i don't know if this is the right place to be asking but Question am i able to make a thread based on the probability of a burning trashfire happening this weekend namely unite the right rally this sunday, the 12, by jason kesseler.
  17. Could anyone make a thread on this exceptional Bipolar individual named NostalgiafandomChick
    She had sexual fantasy role-plays with minors, has a Jojo-fetish, and got someone to commit suicide.....well supposedly.
    Chamberofreavers made a full video on her.




    IP Info: IP Address City Kirkland State or Region Washington Country United States ISP Frontier Communications Of America Inc. Latitude & Longitude 47.7181 -122.1990 Domain frontier.com Connection Speed broadband Connection Type Wifi UTC Time Zone -08:00 Postal Code 98034
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  18. (This is a brand new account, but I've been a lurker for some time now and thought I should register to show you this guy.)

    Meet David J. C. Blowe, better known as Avilo.


    Avilo is a 30 year old StarCraft 2 Terran player, who has been playing the game since at least 2011. He's extremely (in)famous among the community of the game, but while most, if not all players are mainly known for actually being good at the game, with a couple being better known for being creative in how they play, Avilo is simply known for raging and crying "cheater" whenever he loses, and talking shit to other players, while never having the actual skill to back up anything that he says. He has repeatedly called out even other StarCraft 2 streamers for hacking, with this video being one of the most popular ones, where Avilo even confirms that he calls people (in this case, the player he's playing against, JuggernautJason) hackers, while not even knowing if they are:

    He is also extremely infamous for being a rabid "balance whiner", claiming that the reason he loses (when it's not his opponent stream cheating or hacking) is that the opponent's race is "imbalanced" (the game has three races, Terran, Zerg, and Protoss), although curiously enough, he seems to have little inclination to take a principled stand against it, as seen here: http://archive.is/smbAj. He has always bashed Blizzard's balance decisions with the game in an extremely insane way, even calling recent buffs to Terran "placebo". Basically, if his race isn't made extremely overpowered so he can win every game, every balance change is shit to him and Zerg and Protoss will forever be "broken". This also comes from the fact that he can only play the game in a single way: using Terran's Mechanical units in such a way that he "turtles" (that meaning he never leaves his base to attack and builds so defensively that he ends up starving his opponent out), resulting in extremely long games.

    He has attempted to go "pro" in StarCraft 2, with only two significant appearances. The first one was during one of the RedBull Battlegrounds tournaments, where he ended up being eliminated, and pulled his traditional balance whining while that was going on, you can see the first game here: https://youtu.be/in7UvLowKEQ?t=149 And the second game, where he forfeited because of the "unfair advantage" his opponent had in the first game, here: https://youtu.be/LFrLFPDEyjc?t=181

    To explain further, and a small dip into Avilo's delusional mind, in the first game, his opponent built a Town Hall structure in Avilo's base, so he could use an unit's ability to activate its long range weapon in it. Avilo got enough units to counter the "proxy", so his opponent cancelled the building, getting 300 of the original 400 resources back. Avilo thinks that his opponent had no way to defend an attack with all his workers and units because he "killed" the building, and because he didn't notice his opponent cancelled the building, instead of it being killed, he calls it an unfair advantage.

    His second appearance in a "pro" setting was during this year's Nation Wars tournament, where fans could pick three players for each country's team through a vote, and Avilo's fans, plus many people who wanted him there just so they could watch his tardrage in a pro tournament, voted enough so he could get on the US' team. Needless to say, that alone generated controversy because of his general attitude, and his appearances in games was as predicted, he lost and whined about balance in the game: https://youtu.be/4g3VwvnLiZU?t=2183

    Most recently, he tried to qualify for the official world circuit of StarCraft, WCS, and he ended up facing a player that has an habit of trolling him, mainly by playing under the name "<aivNA> Avilo" (Avilo plays under the "<aviNA> Avilo" name in SC2), this player is TheRiddler. Why is this remarkable at all? Both TheRiddler and Avilo play Terran, and TheRiddler decided to play Avilo's style. The result? The first two games (this is a best of 3) ended up being over an HOUR long, EACH, with the first one resulting in a draw because Avilo called it out as both players unable to win, despite TheRiddler still killing some of Avilo's stuff and having a "bank", this being an amount of resources where TheRiddler could allow some units to die, and he could replenish them. This alone caused controversy because the admin in charge of the game called in favour of Avilo, and TheRiddler got a warning the day after because of this: https://redd.it/8b2x6s This draw was what caused the second game being so long, as it was a redo of the first game, on the same map. These two games lasted so long the ENTIRE BRACKET for the qualifiers had to be delayed for the next day, because their match was the only one left to do. They played the last game the next day, where TheRiddler took a 2-0 victory.

    Now besides that, there isn't much else that can be said about Avilo in StarCraft 2 specifically, he's a tard who calls his opponents cheaters or the game to be imbalanced when he loses, and acts like a tough guy when he wins. Even if some drama has risen up because of him, what exactly would make him a lolcow, especially when one could dismiss this as simply a pathetic attempt at a persona?

    Well, enter Maria, an (now former) employee of ESL Italia. Not much is known about Maria, only that she is Italian, and worked for ESL Italia. On July of 2017, Avilo started talking about how he was in a relationship with Maria, and when people on his Twitch chat started doubting him, he decided to try and get Maria on chat to prove it that they were a couple. She never did, and on a stream on the 31st of July, Avilo went through a complete breakdown, live, in front of many viewers, where he cried about her lying and demanding her to show up on Twitch Chat: https://livestreamfails.com/post/4915

    This went on for FOURTEEN HOURS on the first day, and then went for another 4 hours on the next day. Eventually, Maria showed up, but not on his Twitch chat, and most certainly not saying they were a couple, in fact she was stating the opposite. This ended up catching the attention of Destiny, who spoke to both of them live on stream, and at some point, Avilo got so delusional about what was going on, that he started saying Destiny was in cahoots with Maria to fuck him over. You can see his entire conversation with both of them here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY3kstS9Z2c

    The first, fourteen hour long breakdown, caught the attention of multiple streamers, by the way, including another StarCraft 2 streamer, MaximusBlack, who decided to bring this glorious moment to everyone on his stream: https://streamable.com/qco31 https://streamable.com/v2w89

    During all of this, Avilo started calling out various staff of ESL, calling them the "ESL admins", and also talking about how people in a Skype group tried to convince Maria to cheat on him. In the end, though, Avilo got banned from Twitch for 24 hours over this. We didn't hear him talk about this again...

    Until November 2017, where Avilo started crying about her again, and this time the tardrage was real (warning, really fucking loud clip): https://livestreamfails.com/post/10059

    This didn't last as long, but after that, Avilo had various moments where he'd either talk about it on stream, or on his Twitch Chat, and eventually... He got the police called to his house, several times, and while it was speculative at first, Avilo confirmed it on stream later on: https://streamable.com/jgbgz

    So Maria didn't want to have anything to do with this guy, she wanted him to stay away from her and stop talking about her, if the calls for the police to go to his house weren't a big enough hint. So what does he do? HE FLIES TO ITALY TO TRY AND MEET HER! Unfortunately I don't have an archive of the video he made while in Italy, which was on his Instagram, and which seems to be gone now.

    After that, there's only been a few mentions here and there, where he's spoken about her cheating on him and whatnot. Though on April 25th, he made a post where on June 30th, he's post all the truth about the relationship, and the "voice mail" that he got from Maria: http://archive.is/KsRb4 Did he deliver, though? Nope. Nothing at all.

    He kept his attitude going, until this July, where he got yet ANOTHER ban. This time a thirty day long ban from Twitch, with the reason Twitch gave him being using the word "faggot" and the term "dumb whore", implying that he went on another rant about Maria on that day. Interestingly enough, the reason Twitch gave him for the first ban was also for him saying faggot (http://archive.is/17Rbq). Most of the tweets he was spouting right before the ban were gone, but you can see what they were here: http://archive.is/0Emm5 http://archive.is/NzMcI http://archive.is/jpxJ2

    And that's all about Avilo so far, his ban is ending soon (August 13th from what he's saying here: http://archive.is/mea2R), but it's likely that he'll talk quite a lot about it right when it ends, and his attitude hasn't changed one bit since he got it, meaning he'll probably get himself banned again. http://archive.fo/5YCUX

    There's been wide speculation within the SC2 community, from all of his recent actions this past year, that he suffers from some mental illness, and considering his rampant delusion regarding any topic, that being StarCraft, or this Maria chick, that's not that long of a shot. Some have called him schizophrenic, while others just calling him plainly insane.

    His Twitter: https://twitter.com/avilosc2
    His Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/avilo
    All logs of his Twitch chat: https://overrustlelogs.net/Avilo chatlog

    Honestly, I feel like he has potential for being a lolcow, but I'm unsure if he deserves a thread or not.
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  19. Okay I got a lolcow for you guys. Here is a chick who seems to be obsessed about Vincent and Sephoroth from final fantasy and she actually believes she is married to them. She goes by the name of Teodora Bauer.
    Here is a example of her self insert autism
    [​IMG] I feel sorry for that cat who has to put up with her nonsense.
    Like any lolcow she is a pathetic, socially inept exceptional individual who can't seem to get her foot out of her ass and get a real boyfriend so she makes a huge following for herself and rally people to defend her when she gets any backlash or harassment for her blatant autism. But sadly she seems to delete any and all negative comments made to her.

    Here she spreads her autistic propaganda for people to inform themselves about her and her Final fantasy BFs like it is a actual thing. It's like some weird cult of personality or something.
    Also she's a art thief that steals people's art and puts lame sappy quotes underneath all of them and overlays her face on them sometimes

    Her Tumblr {archived}
    Her Pixiv {archived}
    Her instagram {archived}

    She also made a Vincent rp account to enforce that Vincent "Loves her and only her >.<".
    Plus she can't even get the own game canon right
    Anyway she might be a good lolcow to tard cum cause she seems to get mad quite easy and just flat out sperg if you say she is not really married to any of these characters.

    Also she seems to play lodestone and here is her profile account for this game
    I mean it might be her but who knows.
    Anyway just thought she might be interesting enough to get a thread. Also She might be a animekin or some kind of fiction kin from the looks of it or might be just insane. More or less.

    sideofthematress Take a load off

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