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Diseased #ComicsgateThe Culture Wars Hit The Funny Books!

Discussion in 'Community Watch' started by neural, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. If this clusterfuck brings down #woke Marvel, I would love it if someone would use this to throw "No Bad Tactics, Only Bad Targets" in MovieBob's and similar people's faces.
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  2. How hilarious would it be if one of the settlements of D&C's suit was that Marvel had to print Jawbreakers?
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  3. The only way Disney could use their political clout to get out of this would be to force the legislature to say "laws do not apply to the Disney corporation" just flat-out, or to abolish Title 15, which would be equal to unsealing a goddamn Hellgate of bad business practices that not even Disney could survive.

    Men always hate that which is most vile about themselves.
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  4. As funny as that would be, I'm worried the final laugh would be Marvel's as they slip in "anything they print is their IP". Trust not the Mouse in Pants or his Lesser Houses.
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  5. According to an anon, CB Beluski is furious at Mark over this and called him into his office to explain how badly be fucked up. CB apparently already had it out for Waid and had to be persuaded not to ditch him when he got promoted earlier this year, but still maid Waid close his Twitter account. Now the anon is saying that CB is getting Mark out of Marvel the second his contract expires.

    DC's social media policies are the exact opposite of Marvel- basically they heavily discourage using your social media as a soapbox IIRC. As well, rumors are suggesting that they're not up to the idea of rehiring Waid due to this. As has been pointed out, Waid's pre-built fanbase isn't enough for any of the smaller publishers to risk losing customers over this. So unless Marky Mark goes fully indie and crowdfunds a comic, the rumor mill suggests he'll be out of the industry soon.
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  6. I'm not saying this lessens the culpability of the behavior, just that it's pretty obvious Zack isn't going to be cowed by this and one way or another, his book is getting out. It will also probably sell more copies now. He'll either find a bulletproof publisher that doesn't give a shit, or keep the publisher secret until the books are already printed and warehoused under his control.

    Also, while it doesn't alleviate the illegality of the conduct against him, if he ultimately ends up unharmed, it does somewhat limit what damages he can collect. Because the behavior is so reprehensible and repugnant, though, he can still go for serious punitive damages if he feels like it.

    I'm honestly not sure how he feels about it. He might actually be satisfied with the cold revenge of Waid actually having inflicted career suicide on himself.
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  7. I like how any sane person looking at what happened with jawbreakers is like fuck the SJWs and Waid. The idiot woke twitter brigade just upped the success of this book so much. I like that Leonard French video he backed it basically out of spite like many are doing now. DC had captured a small youtube audience of dedicated comic fans which is dwindling. Instead of ignoring him they doused a fire with gasoline and propelled him as another figure in the growing culture war.
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  8. Black Mask doesn’t hire straight white men. If Waid was vaguely ethnic or closeted gay, maybe.
    Might be a little :powerlevel: but, this is accurate. I was one of those “whales”. I don’t buy any Marvel stuff anymore, mostly keep to DC and some indies. The breaking point for me was when Stan Lee’s situation was flat out ignored when they previously used him to call out the mean racists and sexists of CG. They used him and threw him away like used toilet paper once his usefulness was gone.
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    damian Not *cough* Zack.

  9. I noticed Zack doesn't have much of a bloodthirst... so he is probably content with just opening up his own publishing company and helping people in similar situations to him get their work out there. Now, if they start fucking with his publishing company then he might decide to scorch everything and let the forest regrow from the ashes.
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  10. I like Zack's YouTube. I like Nick Rikieta's, too (if you aren't familiar, he does these two hour + videos where he reads every word of an internet lolsuit and comments). They're both good for keeping you company while you work on something long and dull -- just the right note of mildly interesting but not too distracting. Sadly, the two of them together had...whatever the opposite is of chemistry. They both did better videos afterwards, talking about the video they did together.

    Zack has been a little internet-litigious in the past -- he's pondered going after several figures in the drama for defamation -- right up until, happily, actual RL lawyers explained why suing someone like Perez would be a fruitless money-pit.

    He has money in the bank now. More than he needs to get his comic out there. If he thought he had a good case, potentially against deep pockets, I feel sure he'd go for it (and quite a few of his backers would be behind him).
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  11. Starting his own company and trying to sue Marvel are quite difficult tasks. I'm worried that OBZ (Our Boi Zack) might be flying a little too close to the sun with these moves.
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  12. He’s not quitting his day job.
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  13. The lynchpin was that they thought that their own level of control of "the industry," which had allowed them to antagonize their customerbase without ramifications up to that point, would last forever. There's only so long you can bleed money until inevitably, the piper needs to be paid. In the end, the decision is to whether to embrace Social Justice and forevermore eschew making an actual profit, or ditch it and make a product customers actually want.

    The nerds voted with their wallets, and they ultimately won. This is simple logic. What you may find strange is that this is not a position that the SJWs in Marvel at the time share; the inherent belief of these assclowns (and their fellows in every fucking industry) is that you, the customer, do not get a say in whether or not you support something. Fundamentally, they have the same issues, same weaknesses, and same general mindset of the same assholes you might have seen in both Gamergate and similar occurences in other media, whether PNP RPGs, movies, TV shows, and so on: Fundamentally these asshats do not believe in escapism and do not care about anything other than pushing their message and agenda.

    Thankfully for us, that's about as profitable as a dog shit-flavored sundae.
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  14. I’m not under any illusion his book is going to be amazing or anything like that. He’s pretty much said it’s an average ‘90s styled apolitical action comic. You can’t break any ground or save the comicbook industry with that. But the comics industry is so corrupted by SJWs they made it into a book that will probably be a footnote in comics history. Everyone (in comics) will remember 2018 as the year the comics industry went nuts.

    In case you’re wondering what everyone remembers 2017 as:
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    #2154 damian, May 16, 2018
    Last edited: May 16, 2018

    damian Not *cough* Zack.

  15. ''Hey you know this patriotic character who fought Nazis, and was created by a Jewish WW2 vet? Let's make him work with the Nazis now because DRUMPF lol''

    Marvel deserves all the shit they get for that alone.
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  16. I guarantee you a major part of this is the fact that they thought this was 'internet stuff'. A lot of people don't expect consequences for their internet actions. 'Oh, he's on the internet, there's no consequences to me, I didn't do anything in real life lol'. Then when the real-life bat comes down and they don't know what the fuck to do.

    The other difference between this and Gamergate is you have a role reversal. D&C is the little guy being bullied by these huge giants. And as others have said, its a much smaller industry.

    I think the law of unintended consequences basically has destroyed a lot of the people in this mess. You have to realize, Disney looked at Marvel comics as glorified advertising. They didn't give a shit about D&C, they just wanted them to churn out that crap. Now, you've got the eye of Disney on you, kind of like the eye of Sauron. This is costing them publicity, making them look like bullies, endangering their IP and Fox Deal. Mark Waid is fucking done. He will never work in this industry again. Marvel Comics itself, I wouldn't surprise if it got fucking gutted from groin to collarbone. Because Waid wasn't alone. They'd want to remove anyone who listened to him, absolutely clean house.

    This is an obvious, obvious case of Tortious interference. Any message that they project with this behavior has completely backfired. They were going to be embarrassed on an astronomical level by Jawbreakers so they had it pulled. Whether you think its good or bad, it doesn't matter, it would have beaten Marvel's other numbers. And that is a BIG problem for Waid, because D&C can easily point that his comic would have taken a large market share and they were shut out.

    This is going to have huge ramifications.
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  17. His book won’t be amazing. But just from the sample pages he has put out the art is better than 95% of anything coming from the larger publishers these days. It looks like real comic art and not some deviatartholes web scribbling.
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  18. At the end of the day I must ask this: what did Mark Waid and his contemporaries hope to accomplish in the end? Antarctic Press is--at best--a boutique press that many retailers would not order from unless a customer requested them to. My comic shop guy told me that he doesn't stock up on them and he has a large selection of books to choose from. They may try to spin was a rousing victory against bigotry, when in fact it is a phyrric victory. I seriously do believe the rumours that Waid is going to get shitcanned from Marvel once his contract expires and DC will likely want nothing to do with him. Why would they? They have Geoff Johns (when he can spare the time to write) and Scott Snyder as their all-stars. Plus, there are veterans like Dan Abnett, Robert Vendetti, and Christopher Priest as well as up-and-comers like Joshua Williamson and Tom King. These people act professional on their social media accounts and actually promote their books while engaging with their fans. Waid used it to rage at the people he despises and has become more of a liability than an asset.

    The part that breaks my heart is that I met Waid at a con ten years ago and he was friendly and a pleasure to talk to and I kind of wonder how much of that was an act. That interview of Gary Groth I posted on the second page of the thread revealed that he had serious emotional issues long before SJWs infiltrated the industry. I honestly do appreciate his contributions, but reading his current work feels like looking into the mind of angry man-child who is increasingly out of touch with the fanbase.

    Let's face facts: the current business and distribution model for the comic book industry is killing it. Comic shops are disappearing and the Big Two are reaching a larger audience through films, television, and video games than they are with the medium the genre originates from. Waid's community of dolts that they can save the industry by appealing to exceedingly narrow demographics. Does anyone think that there were really enough queer latinxes to keep America Chavez's book afloat? The point is to cast as wide a net possible to gain as large a customer base as possible. I've heard stories that stores lost business because the characters headlining Captain America/Iron Man/Thor were not the same as their film counterparts.

    D&C (to his credit) recognized that there are a lot of disaffected comic book fans who want to return to the industry, but Marvel doesn't want them and continues to chase their phantom audience. The anti-CG side can crow all they want about how they stopped D&C and his nasty cadre of misogynistic harassers, but the fact is that they are losing the war and what they "won" is a small victory. All they did was give him was more publicity and revealed their pettiness to the world. Should D&C make good on his promise to bring legal action against Waid, this is going to get ugly fast and create more of a headache to them than a few nasty tweets.
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  19. It's drawn by an actual top-tier artist, John Malin, who recently worked for Marvel but were driven out for speaking up against the SJW madness.

    I have no illusion that Zachs writing will produce any more than a simple and unambitious comic rendition of a cheesy 80's action movie. It won't be the new Watchmen or Sandman or anything. Which is kinda the point. He wanted to prove that simple dumb comics without current-year 'progressive' propaganda still has an audience.

    Of course the water is pretty muddled here, with a lot of the funding being given due to the symbolic value of the campaign, rather than people being that interested in the actual Jawbreaker comic itself.
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  20. Hanukkah Orangejuice is black?
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