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Oct 18, 2021
Long time lurker, first time poster. Stumbled on the shitshow that is lucyrose1993 on TikTok, and I'm surprised she doesn't already have a thread.

Lucy Rose is a terminally online British TikToker who has been livestreaming her fucked up life and her failing, toxic relationship for the best part of a year. Everyone she associates with is a barely-human mess, and she fucks up the life of anyone who comes into contact with her. She has been banned from TikTok hundreds of times (meaning finding her streams can be a pain in the ass) and it has even reached the point where the police have banned her from streaming past 10pm because of complaints from her neighbors. She's basically a walking, talking episode of Jeremy Kyle.

Lucy Rose 1993 / lucyrose1993 / lucyrose19993 / bryanrose_lucyrose1993
She's banned from TikTok every day and creates a new account the next day, usually as some variant of the above. You can usually track her down with the #lucyrose tag.

The Characters
Lucy: A borderline retarded, overweight, barely literate chav. The TikTok algorithm decided one day that she was the chosen one and made her "famous" by showing her videos to a bunch of British teenagers. All the attention went to her head and she is now convinced that she is a celebrity. She is addicted to her live (she streams every day from when she wakes up to when she sleeps) which has caused problems in her relationship, which, of course, are also streamed for us all to see. She loves receiving free gifts and awards, and if she doesn't get enough then she will beg for them on her stream, usually with some sort of tantrum. She also deals with trolls like any mature adult would: by doxxing them and then making false reports to social services in an attempt to get their children taken away.

Bryan: Lucy's significant other. Is currently under investigation by the police after he was accused of rape and sexual assault of a minor, with evidence presented to lucy on her live - Apparently he handcuffed a 14-year-old girl called Amber to a bed. Obviously, Lucy refuses to believe this and instead chooses to blame and harass the victim. Bryan is perpetually angry at Lucy because she spends so much time on TikTok and gives him no attention, and he often comes up with schemes to get her off her phone like setting alarms for when Lucy must take part in one hour of mandatory "together time." Who is abusing who? You decide!

Lauren: Standard lolcow orbiter who found the couple on TikTok and decided to involve herself. It seems like she started out with good intentions of providing stability and guidance, but over time she realised that the situation was beyond hope. Now she occasionally appears to stir the pot a little, and reaps the rewards from retarded fans buying her shit. At one point she was making over £100 a day from people gifting things to her.

Example content
Lucy throws a plastic bottle at Bryan's head because he wasn't talking to her, which makes his nose bleed. Lucy shows how staggeringly retarded she is by not understanding that throwing a bottle at someone counts as assault. The police are called, and Lucy and Bryan argue over which one was abusing who. Also, Lucy struggles to read a simple message.

Lucy's family (who are also barely-human amoeba people) argue over whether her dad faked having a stroke, whether her dad poured boiling water on her. They argue over whether or not Bryan is pedophile. Lucy argues that Bryan can't possibly be a pedophile because he isn't in prison, totally missing the fact that every criminal was not in prison at some point.

TikTokers accuse Bryan of being a pedophile and being abusive to her. Bryan gets angry, and Lucy denies everything and blames the victim.

Oct 18, 2021
there is a guy that has stalked a young woman from argentina for about 7 years. she blocked him on every medium, yet he makes multiple videos a day about her. He calls her "kiddo" and "incan princess." He has never met her. He has only talked to her online.

NOW, he says he is going down to argentina to see her. There are a small group of people somehwat trolling, but also trying to get him to not go to argentina.

IN a video, he recently said "THey dont want me to go to argentina because they know they wouldnt be able to keep us apart." A fewvideo earlier, he said "I would still love you if you were disfigured and something took your beauty away." It made me think immediately that he has thought about doing something to her to make it (in his mind) that he would no be the only one to be with her because she "lost her beauty."

Here is his channel:

Here is the vid in which he mentions not being kept from seeing her: He says it around the 5:10 mark.

He has never met her. He talks as thought theyve had a multiple year intimate relationship. He has had a ticket ot argentina for 2 years...hes been at this for 7 YEARS. The was he rationalizes his actions is frightening. He CANNOT SEE HIS ERRORS. It is INSANE. I am sort of afraid for the young woman. She hasnt said a word ot him in 3+ years, yet he speaks as thought they just talked at dinner 2 nights ago. He found her on facebook when she was 19....he was like 33 or so at the time. He is in his late 30s now.


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Jul 25, 2020
I would love to see a Aaron Carter thread
K, I made it ,here it is [link], would love your input as I only really know him because he was in IP2 so little details about the carterverse I didn't cover in the OP thoroughly.

Aug 13, 2020
Hi, I have no idea how to make a thread or whatever, but recently on tiktok I went down this long rabbit hole of a cult led by a lesbian woman who seems to try and recruit BBW. Her name's AngelatheG0ddess or something along those lines, and occasionally I'll scroll through my feed and one of her "followers" will pop up in a livestream.

From what I can gather from other tiktokers, she basically controls all these womens accounts and makes them do demeaming things to please her. One of the ex-followers got interviewed and told someone on live about what it was like being in the cult.

Angela forces the women to call her "daddy" and stuff like that, and one of the women even got "Daddy" tattooed onto her chest to show she "belonged" to Angela. Someone in another comment section said she made on girl cut her thigh over 100 times as a "punishment" for something, and also said that the girls have no control over their own accounts. They apparently have to ask her to go live or post anything at all, and if they go against her wishes she punishes them.

A very funny creator I was following got her account taken down recently just today, because Angela commented on one of her tiktoks. It was something gross like "Ugh your shaped like a Goddess <3" and the creator responded with a funny video making of fun of Angela because she knew about the whole cult thing. It's why I thought about bringing the Angela thing here because hopefully someone more skilled can do a write up of it lol.

Here is Angela's tiktok:


Oct 22, 2021
This old bat started a Youtube channel in order to "help" with a missing child's case, when it's reaping many youtubers subs and clicks. She aligned herself with other grifters who promptly did a marathon, basically asking people to go sub other channels for several days in order to raise money for a "reward fund". They supposedly raised over 30K and none of the money has been deposited yet.


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Jun 28, 2021
Has Mεναηs ツ (Michael) on Twitter been featured in a thread yet? I would try and make one myself but his tweets are protected as he's privated his account until April. All I could think of for the thread is that he's a Pyra Thirstposter that was eventually milked for laughs. For all I know, he's also doomed the entire Xenoblade Community to ridicule, which is a feat that no other man could possibly achieve. Truly, as they say, his powerlevel is through the roof.


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Oct 4, 2020
I’m attempting to write a thread about a 20 year old obese polyamorous FtM nonbinary bisexual aromantic Dream stan who uses end/ends pronouns and puts pics of her fetid asshole up on Twitter, if anyone wants to collaborate on the thread and see what I’ve got so far shoot me a DM. might also need you to help me go through hundreds of Tumblr posts to find the good milk (all the archiving has already been done).
May 15, 2019
Hi - I'd like to submit Avi Yemini for lolcow thread consideration. I think the kiwis could have some fun with him. Making this submission almost feels like a community service.

He is a lolcow who could be milked for lols, and probably warrants his own thread or at least a place to archive his nonsense. He's a far right, stupid attention seeker so should be plenty to harvest from this guy for some time. his twitter:
He once described himself as "the proudest jewish Nazi"
Seems to keep finding himself in trouble due to his attention seeking, particularly provoking police while filming himself. his latest stunt was to bother people outdoor dining, and despite being a little shit himself he hired some beefy fuck as security. Once diners took the bait he cowers behind the security guard.

According to this article:
- he was convicted of breaching a family violence intervention order (meaning the cops/his wife had to have grounds to obtain the order in the first place, which he then breached by throwing a chopping board, hitting her in the head).
- sued Jim Jefferies for defamation.

He's the guy second from the right in this photo.

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Oct 24, 2021
Ok so this one is kind of a lower-tier horrorcow I guess since he killed his kid. It's pretty niche too, I assume a little too niche to get his own thread.

njaguar / Paul Taulborg (link to pics)
Owner of Diablo II trading forum d2jsp

-Paul started his community off by stealing code and lying about it. His code got people banned from the game because he's a fucking idiot. He blamed the people using the code, starting to claim that "his code is for single player use only". (see: )

-The idea that got him rich (implementing forum gold as a game currency) isn't even his. His forum was (also) not even made by him. The only thing he did code, as far as I can tell, is his "ladder slasher" game, which sucks ass.

-Due to the fact he "prints money" basically, the "game currency" he created ruined the game economy.

-His 3 year old kid drowned because he's too much of a retard to put fences around a pool. ( )

-Has a "Christian Brotherhood" section on his forum. Also has his own church, from my understanding.

-Has once called the job of one of his users who said something not-christlike on his forum in efforts to make him lose his job.

-Bans people who criticize him even slightly and goes out of his way to find them if the criticism has been posted outside of his forum.

Justice for the killer of Sebastian Taulborg!
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Oct 10, 2021
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Yonkers aka Jordan Riviera,a white man from Yonkers ,New York
I am not exactly sure when and where but he posted his face on 4chan (i think it was on dying threads but i am not to sure) and someone noticed and dig them up and found out where he lives.
View attachment 1806784View attachment 1806785

Well to put it shortly he draws a comic.
View attachment 1806787View attachment 1806795
He regulary posts on /bant/ and some proxxy chan that hasn't been deleted yet.when it eventually gets deleted he moves to the next one.
saved in the wayback machine but archived just for the sake of archiving not much worth checking without knowing some context.

He has a diaper fetish. When he admitted he licked shit once and people started adding 2+2 together and figured he also has a poop fetish.He is to /bant/ what Andy logposting is to /b/. But besides being usual autist (he has autism and calls it funtism)for exp. thinking his mom is the catmom he draws in his comic. What sets him apart is that he is arguing with trolls more then talking about his comic.
View attachment 1806847
When i first met him on the /bant/ (before realizing it is nothing but children and discord degenerates board) i randomly entered his thread typed in faggot and he started to replying to me how he isn't a faggot. Next couple of days i would enter his thread and tried to talk about his comic nicely but he was always more interested with arguing with trolls then having a discussion about his comic.

And finally (there might be more stuff but i am not sure if he is lolcow so i am keeping it simple) how do you know it is the same person on anonymous website? Well he has been responding to people over a year,everyday all day. Every time there is thread with his face he will come in and say something and if you question if it is really him don't worry he will post a timestamp with his face to completely btfo you.
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Here is some of his autism.
View attachment 1806872
View attachment 1806874
View attachment 1806877
View attachment 1806881
spaceman and croatian anon are his recurring enemies. They refer to him as Joshie because /bant/ is saying he killed himself in november 2019 and his little brother Joshie is larping as Jordan now. That resulted in some more autism.
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That's it for now may Jordan rest in poop.
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Remember that time users started creating rumors about him being trans (megan)? And now they are saying he is dead.


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Oct 12, 2020
Remember that time users started creating rumors about him being trans (megan)? And now they are saying he is dead.
I wasn't fucking with him lately just sometimes i would come and wish him a nice dinner. that board is full of lolcows

Mar 24, 2020
I think this might be thread-worthy. I'm not sure as I really stuck to the CwC threads.

Some backstory:

I discovered some weird account called "Femboy Fishing" and looked into their likes, and found an account called @bobposting on twitter. They're a tranner who goes by the name Chloe and seems to be selling DIY HRT to minors. Their circle of enablers are also completely delusional as well.

About Chloe:
He seems to be a Chinese Diaspora Canadian living in either Alberta or British Columbia as evidenced by his previous tweets. He has an onlyfans, a discord with thousands of people (most of which are minors) a patreon, a kofi, and maybe some other stuff. Very mentally unhinged individual. They are very likely a groomer, and they and their lot won't respond to any actual points made against them.

Normally I'd ignore this as it's just a weirdo tranny but this one steps it up a notch by running an illegal business. Digging into this shit has been painful and I'm not sure where to put it all on here. Any help or advice or whatever would be great.



Oct 31, 2021
I have a request. Can someone make a thread on MarcFBR? The head of WiththeWill Digimon forums.
Could you maybe outline what makes him a lolcow? He just looks like a generic guy from what I’ve seen. Though being a digimon janny does have potential.

Oct 11, 2021
Could you maybe outline what makes him a lolcow? He just looks like a generic guy from what I’ve seen. Though being a digimon janny does have potential.
Bans people for no reason. or if someone criticizes Digimon Adventure Tri. He booted me off the forums for calling him out on Twitter for pulling this stunt..The reasoning for the banning was "Harassment of staff off site." Yeah...Sure.. He deleted a post of me praising Vic Mignogna for his dubbing work on Digimon Xros Wars...And the autist gave me this reasoning for removing my post..Another moron jumping on the bandwagon without evidence even three years later.
Apparently I am not the only one he pulled shit with but I have not been able to find any screenshots other than some that people took of my situation and put on here or the ones I have that are my own...It makes it hard to make a solid section on him. Unless other people have screenshots they can contribute.
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Jul 12, 2019
Geanette Loraine Burton (née Cooper) AKA Jane Burton AKA Jenna Noel AKA Emily Rose.

Hypersexual, Schizoaffective "shitposter"
who sexualizes pretty much even the ugliest dude and also scams men romantically.

She's 31 from Savannah Georgia.

Some Turkish dude wrote her name with his semen for her (so maybe that makes him a lolcow, too).

She sadposts a ton (deleted her main Geanette Burton account after lying that it only contained shitpost content, when it was mostly her crying for help because she was married to a fat drunkard at the time) and will then claim it was "just a joke".

Has delusions of being (gang) stalked and Schizophrenic episodes with "shadow people" and women in white dresses.

Her sexual behavior is pretty fucked up (she likes to wear a leash and I have a screenshot where she explains her favorite fantasy, double penetration, in great detail).

She gets insanely mad when you mirror her (can't do "😎👉". That's her thing, apparently) and generally abuses people mentally and gaslights them.

She'll threaten suicide with pills but then brag about others killing themselves.

The video link contains mostly serious stuff, sexual innuendos and evidence of scamming, but I can easily dig up another 200+ screenshots.

She also got her nudes leaked. Both new ones (she's now 30 lb overweight) and old ones (where she looks pretty good for 31, admittedly).

Edit: Her Facebook profile URL:

Her (searchable) user names are
clam.clapper.16 (Messenger only)


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Sep 26, 2021
Not sure if this is the place to ask, but is there a specific reason why there is no Belle Delphine thread? Does she count as a lolcow? Did simply nobody take the time to compile a post?


Oct 31, 2021
Not sure if this is the place to ask, but is there a specific reason why there is no Belle Delphine thread? Does she count as a lolcow? Did simply nobody take the time to compile a post?
I personally don’t consider her a cow, but a thread on her could maybe be good just to have a place to discuss her. It’d probably be a lot of effort to make a good OP though.

Sep 22, 2018
I don't know where else to post this but I'm debating whether to make a post about someone on Youtube who has posted hundreds of videos in the last year and a half developing a very complex schizophrenic fantasy in which he believes he is the son of God which he discovered three years ago after being lied to by the "gatekeepers" all his life (which includes his own family which he refers to as his step-family), and he believes now he has been granted the power to write a fantasy novel which is going to make him a billionaire because it will be the best fantasy novel ever written, which he is then going to use to live a lavish lifestyle to make everyone in the world jealous, and he is obsessed with the celebrity former Nickelodeon actress Victoria Justice and believes she is his "wife" (though again they have been kept apart by scheming gatekeepers). He believes after he publishes his book and becomes a billionaire they're going to be together forever, until he has to "suffer death" like Jesus Christ and be resurrected, seemingly along with Victoria Justice, and also the end of the world will occur within the next ten years or so. It all seems to be coming to a head now though and he believes he's going to publish his fantasy novel by November 12th or 13th, and this is going to make him a millionaire within three days, and then within a few weeks after that he is going to fly out to meet his "wife" Victoria Justice where she apparently lives in Los Angeles. It goes much deeper than this too but that's just a very brief summary.

As of now he has 7 subscribers about 10 views per video, most of which are probably from him. I don't even remember how I found this guy but I think I found him randomly on a Facebook group a few years ago where he posted a video I and subscribed to him thinking I'd check him out later. Then recently I decided to actually watch one of his videos which had a title making me think he was just a random nerdy guy into fantasy literature, but then I discovered the vast and disturbing fantasy world.

Should I make a post about him here or is it better to just leave someone like this alone? I want to share, but I don't really want to exacerbate whatever mental issues he has. I mean I guess I already know the answer about what is the most ethical choice....
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