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Aug 5, 2019
Hello there writers.
I come from Haydur Nation thread to kindly submit this creature.
- Begging video.
Whorish degeneracy on Twitter
TikTok degeneracy
Thinking of suing people that called him a con man. Just think of the HILLARITY of notes we might get because of muh fee fee's.
The main reason for this suggestion because of the HELLACIOUS defense done by LyfeOfFreespirit.
Anyway thank you for reading loves!

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Jan 7, 2021


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Jan 17, 2020
Requesting a thread on Oswaldslunch. Insane 24 yo who stopped eating and lost 100+lbs convinced they are going to metamorphize into a unicorn.
Lolcow thread





I haven't seen someone this visibly schizophrenic since PreciousLeaf. According to her twitter she hit 99lbs this month, so, unicorn tf day is any day now.


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Jun 21, 2021
Apparently bicflame, Sam Hyde’s yassified cum dump gimp who makes Nokia ringtone sounding music, and was originally on Sam’s podcast to solely suck dick when needed, messages children on Instagram looking for sex. Allegedly. I buy it, but I’m very lazy and have other shit to be writing before I spend an hour writing an op on the faggoty and niggerish behavior of a legendary and infamous retard’s fuckpig.

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Jun 26, 2021
lolcow thread request: Kurt Lopez-Davis
this guy just made a thread over on /pol/ and has identified himself as a lolcow. he claims to have a ~400 IQ and wrote a manifesto about it. he is a self described virgin and autist. i'll let him speak for himself now (his thread) (manifesto) (personal IQ list of famous people)
there's also a linkedin apparently but I don't have an account to see
thanks and enjoy the lulz

Dec 8, 2021
Jonathan Charles Koch - An American sexpat living in Ukraine going by the names "" (hereafter R4N) and "King of Kiev" frequently spams threads about Ukraine on 4chan's /trv/. This guy effectively tries to scam money out of people by selling some sort of on the ground "tourism and dating service" for sexpats and coomers who want to get laid in Ukraine. He has a website and uses the discord handle Kek#8796

In a Ukraine General thread, an anon asks if Koch is both random4channigger and King of Kiev. He replies under the name "Kek" and claims that he is identified only under King of Kiev and is distinct from R4N. He confirms himself as being the man in an interview found and posted from a youtube channel called the Ukrainian Connection:

After confirming that he is the fatter man in the video, he continues to host an internet slapfight about how he is distinct from R4N and is not a scam. He samefags multiple times, larping as his previous customers to appear more legitimate, and begins to autistically attack a detractor that won't stop accusing him of being a scam. Jonathan Charles Koch's picture from the Iowa sex offender registry is later posted in the thread. With his full name and history now being made available to the board, one user actually brings out the information from the criminal case which resulted in him being arrested and put on the registry (U.S. v. Koch, 625 F.3d 470). Following these details being posted, Koch begins to immediately melt the fuck down and exposes himself as a severely autistic, delusional pedophile that is obsessed with winning an online argument to the point of self ruin.

To summarize the shitshow:

>run casino scam, get caught
>police find CP in your possession
>become registered sex offender, now unable to work
>run away to Ukraine because of le /pol/ memes combined with false rumors of easy "trad wife" pussy
>desperately post all over /soc/ begging for attention, constantly flip back and forth between wanting a gf and claiming to have an 18 year old gf
>start running scam where he gets kickbacks from businesses and prostitutes in exchange for referrals
>not getting many hits, comes to /trv/ hoping to bait coomers that are locked out of Thailand
>gets called out almost immediately, tries to fight back by masquerading as his own "customers" but is immediately sussed out
>throws a days-long temper-tantrum trying to defend himself while also advertising himself
>anon digs up info about legal troubles, posts it all in the thread for everyone to see
>is now having a mental breakdown and trying to divide different parts of his scam by claiming part of it is run by someone else, hoping his reputation won't soil his entire "enterprise"
>is having no luck, but is too mentally ill and narcissistic to kill himself, so he acts like he hasn't been BTFO

He has also gone live on twitch to deflect from the /trv/ accusations:
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Dec 11, 2021
yo anyone here heard of timbox? talked to him on twitter briefly smh interesting is that apparently he isn't interested in anime bit weird since he's obsessed with animation and he has a fetish for people of Asian decent


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Jun 30, 2021
Giles Coren. a talentless hereditary journalist/pervert who failed at pretty much every ambitious goal he ever created for himself; Only still in the media because the British system supports people of his type from ever being unemployed. Currently hated by most of the UK for criticising a former Grauniad journalist named Dawn Foster because she dared to point out the fact that he only had a job in media because his daddy was famous and well-connected; When he made fun of her after her death, he created a fake account that started hurling anti-semitic abuse at himself, ostensibly to drum up sympathy and gain control of the narrative.

Heavily sexualises his daughter in the most creepy fashion possible, and refers to a time in Antigua he had with her as his 'sexiest holiday ever'. (Somehow, his editors at Telegraph felt fit to publish this.)

But don't take my word for it, here's an excellent thread on what a lulcow Giles Cowen is:


Dec 15, 2021
FuzhouYT. Someone who’s on here and makes videos about lolcows and has some cowish tendencies. Most notably he gets in fights with Britbong/ManlyTears and loses, gf might of actually been a OnlyFans chick he hired, posted his dick to own people on a discord. His fans are mostly fat women who are interested Onision and that’s where the bulk of his views come from.

I’ll try to post what I have, but @Fuzhou has really made a clown of himself. He also has a fairly devoted hate circle of autists around him. This guy mostly archives for a streamer who attracts cows, like JMAA and Britbong. He has a lot of the Fuzhou drama that happened.

The small community around the streamer basically dug into Fuzhou. The best are the videos where people couldn’t work OBS so it’s just Fuzhou screaming at a an empty room.

There’s also a thread on the gunt retort about Fuzhou and he claims to be good friends with Null.
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Oct 17, 2021
May we have a thread to talk about pchaltv aka Pokemon Challenges?


I stumbled upon this guy last year when Covid hit us all.
Jan, that's how his real name is appearantely, became popular nearly overnight. He does Pokemon Challenges (who would've thought) and claims himself to be "the greatest Nuzlocker in the world" on every intro and every occasion that offerst to him.

For those of you who don't know what a Nuzlocker is - It's a guy who plays Pokemon Games on an extended Level of self-imposed
difficulty, called "The Nuzlocke Challenge"

Pchaltv already went under the farms radar on one occasion. Fans asked him to play the 4chan based "Pokemon Clover" hack, which includes satirical content about stereotypes that can be considered as politically offensive if you are this kind of person.
This caused Jan to start a tantrum and call this game "incredibly racist" on Twitter, resulting in a huge shitstorm that ended with

Up to this day, you still get banned from Twitch chat, if you ask him to play Pokemon Clover.
I also dropped some information about him, so check out these two postings.

The most conspicious characteristic that peaks out when you watch his content is his extended level of delusional superiority.
He acts like he is some kind of Saint or cult leader just because he spent endless hours playing a kids game that he became good
at playing it. Even tho he's not actually that good since he needed 151 attemps to beat another rom hack called Pokemon Emerald Kaizo.

He also likes to make extremely controversial or cringe statements just to get attention and sometimes curses in german while streaming on twitch.
Here are some Impressions from his twitter timeline, that is a goldmine. Just added Screenshots because he disallows Tweets to be embedded.




This literally means:

"You want me to put my scrotum into cold water? The thing that killed Leonardo DiCaprio?"

The Cherry on top is Jan's cringy imaginations of having sex with the characters in Pokemon games, a common disease in
autistics attached to their favorite media, as we all know.
He took it so far to even make a waifu tierlist - And yes, he included characters that are like 15 years old and
even said about younger girls he would bang them but could not include for legality reasons.

You can see where his thoughts like to go.

I mostly watched this kind of stuff during winter lockdown last year but this guy stuck to my mind as an incredibly
narcissistic and cringeworthy character until I found there is already some information about him on the farms.
He actively uses near every social media there is and i don't watch everything he does but I'll keep an eye on Jan/pchaltv for when he does the next temper tantrum or something else worth sharing here.


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Dec 17, 2021
I just discovered this stumbling around the internet and it's something that probably has a lot more depth than I'm even realizing. I'm a bit conflicted about posting this, as they're a tiny channel of guys who seem very innocent, but there's something weird and goofy about it all. The main channel I can see is "Maine's Food Review":

But at some point I guess they started a second channel known as "BFG" which doesn't seem to exist but has reference from other tiny channels:

I'm guessing this is some kind of network of internet weirdo's trying to promote one another and might be a weird joke, but they did get shirts made with BFG Weekly Review on them?

I have no idea what I'm looking at here, but it's fascinating and undiscovered. Please no bully.

Just pop into a Dunkin's with a rotisserie chicken:

He's unboxing a poverty pack (Meal home delivery for those in need) from Blue Cross...:
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Dec 20, 2021
Well, a bit too late but i got someone for you...
Just look at that sweet, sweet userpage...
Or boyfriend applications, her vent journals are buried among hundreds of raffle links:
User got banned a few months ago, but would still be interesting to go back and look at what happened to her
This is the most recent post related to her i could find on fa (check comments):
There seems to be a couple of artist bewares related to her, sending nsfw stuff to minors or be an asshole in general
I found out this pic on a discord server, according to the person who posted it, alpha wrote this journal as a vent against someone that reported her on FA and caused her a small suspension, this obviously resulted in an even bigger one and the journal to be deleted

Alpha is still somehow active on Deviantart, Instagram and Itaku
Where she is mostly asking DEMANDING free art
Lastly, i wanna point out her adopts and TOS for those adopts
And i thought NFT were a scam....


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Mar 17, 2020
A suggestion for a thread request is one about Bill Palmer, webmaster of a website called the Palmer Report as Josterman collected lots of tweets that guy did and Bill Palmer even have an entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica besides Wikipedia and I think he desserve a thread on KF since others so-called journalists like Kurt Eichenbald who's like him really suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome.
And the tweets or the lead up to them start on page three

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Dec 22, 2017
The odd behaviors of President Gurbangoly Berdimuhamedow of Turkmenistan make me think that he's probably the one world leader that probably deserves a thread on his odd behavior. Like doing donuts in front of the Darvaza gas crater to prove that he wasn't dead or naming months of the year after himself. I know it sounds autistic but looking at him, I genuinely believe he's the world leader equivalent to Chris Chan.