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Couch cuck's final letter. For those who don't understand his 5-year-old handwriting, here's a (rough) transcription:
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"My sincerest apologies for any and all suffering I may bring you due to the consequences of my actions.
However, it is clearly obvious that my pathetic excuse for a life has no future.
And the amount of pain and isolation and absolute fucking boredom...
is not worth living a life ???.
I will never belong in this world.
Mother - you are fucking awesome
When you are drunk - then you're a different person. And oblivious as all hell. You've a serious problem. STOP
I'll miss you though...
Brett you're a soko...
50% fucking awesome, the other 50% ???
I'll miss our childhood.
Wayne... FUCK YOU. I do sincerely thank you for the financial element. otherwise, you are a severly obnoxious autistic bag of dog shit and you drive ALL OF US

fuck it okay

Bye... "
The last line looks like it says "fuckin crazy" but otherwise thank you for the transcription, that handwriting is abysmal

The last line looks like it says "fuckin crazy" but otherwise thank you for the transcription, that handwriting is abysmal
An user from EDF wrote the mentioned transcript in Fuckyou's NSFL photos' thread, I've just shared it here.

@Null Are the 2 PDF files I've posted in the previous page worth to be included in the KF Archive page?

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While they're at it, let's hope whoever is trying to get past the wall has a case of the shits so that you have the perfect opportunity to move the couch into position.

(I still find it hilarious that he had he paused his "killing spree" to take a shit)
I hadn't heard that part before. Who plans a school shooting and can't even be bothered to shit before they start?

No wonder these people have failed to set up the ethnostate, or create any meaningful political change.


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Congratulations to @Null for making it into an official research document about school shootings.

Atchison had profiles on many different websites, such as Blockland, Steam, Think Atheist, LiveJournal, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and Kiwi Farms. The creator of Kiwi Farms, Joshua Moon (whose alias is Null), began two threads shortly after the school shooting, where he and several other users posted information regarding Atchison’s aliases, profiles and posts. Articles published by The Daily Beast and The Daily Times confirmed some of this information. A complete list of sources is provided at the end of this document.
Located at the end of the document under sources:

Doctor Placebo

Soleimani's back. Tell a friend.
It’s actually pretty interesting to read about the fact that this site has been made into an academic, research like paper regarding something like a school shooting.

I wonder what it would be like if the Library of Congress decide to archive this site and its posts considering its history on the Internet.
The REEE'ing from many cows would be enormous.