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Human weasel soft boy Small Henry decided to make a comeback after initiating the conversation of if it is right for children to be exposed to sex stuff at #Pride.

He is not pissed.
These videos all sound like a student had to make school report, couldn't find a topic, chose a random topic, and made weak connections to fit a required theme.

The Grave of Einstein

AKA Jeffery Epstein
Lol hunter just saw this tweet
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And blatantly plagiarized it, proving hes a retard with no original thoughts of his own
Out of all the tweets to steal, why choose the one which provides the most losing battle possible. That’s what stops me from really believing he’s grifting when he’s switching political sides, he’s too stupid to know the tides are changing.

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I knew our boy Haz would have something to say on the subject of Chris Chan

“Sometimes I think the internet was created to spawn some kind of demon” - Haz

Haz going on about demons and devil spawn makes me think he will grow into the commie version of Alex Jones someday I am looking forward to that debate or screaming match.

He makes some good points though about purges and witch trials and how people will take things too far when ganged up. He thinks pretty independently, his thoughts are seemingly original which I can appreciate.
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So, Abigail and Natalie are BOTH going to be at VidCon. Ohh!
What do you think is gonna happen if Natalie and Abby run into eachother. . . ???

During a recent livestream, Tube was given a 10$ superchat and asked about the c0ntrapoints situation (the words Natalie and Contrapoints were auto banned in her chat...hmm wonder why?)
When asked about it, Tube said "she didn't know what they were referring to".
An expected dismissal of the question, but it was brought to attention nonetheless.​


Censoring the name Contrapoints seems sussy baka.
"I don't know Abby, You've been seeming Sus lately. It's almost like we have an imposter Among Us. DON'T LIE TO ME, TUBE.

download (22).jpg

Not very "free speech" of you, Tubey.

THIS is what Natalie had to say about PT

Abby reacting to livestream question

Also, do we know anything about Tube's upcoming acting roles, heard her mention a show called "Chivalry" and this -


Ohwmaigaaawwwwwwdddd ✨ 💁‍♀️💅

We love you Dark Mother! <33
So excited for Natalie's new video!!
Does this mean that Natalie will be doing a speech too at VidCon? Or an interview panel or something?
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