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Sprig of Parsley

Damnation dignified
Not only do i a firearm... I am a firearm.
A fairly interesting one at that. (Revolver that can gas seal and be suppressed.)

I'm reasonably experienced with firearms, at least compared to Joe Sixpack. I think gun ownership is a net positive. I think people who agitate strongly for confiscations, registries and anything else that shows up in Johnny Jackboots' wet dreams are fucking exceptional.


lmao bottom text
the bureaucratic hoops i would have to jump through to acquire anything more than an air rifle are unbearable
so no


Gay Niggers from Ultra Space
I’m literally eating a gun right now. Lift my skirt and suck my dick.


Heliophobia will be met with 30x113mm cannon fire
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I've never tried to do a firearm, I guess I could give it a shot?
Anyone have some good lube recommendations?
Before my guns were lost in my own tragic boating accident I used CLP Break-free, it's a lube, cleaner and oil rolled into one, and it doesn't smell as bad as Hoppe's #9.
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Sprig of Parsley

Damnation dignified
As a general rule I've found that most firearms that LEOs like and carry are pretty solid. Ithaca pump guns used to be popular IIRC, then Remington 870s. The 870 and 870 Express were good pump guns but Remington's apparently gone to complete shit and therefore only old Remingtons are worth having. I notice a lot of LEOs tend to prefer SIGSauers (which are fine pistols generally) or Glocks (which are OK, if memey as fuck because of media dumbassery). Probably varies by department, to be sure (I could have sworn I saw a cop carrying a Beretta 92FS back in the day, which is weird because Beretta is pretty fucking expensive as a rule. As a personal carry? Maybe, yeah. But as a duty gun?).

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