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I believe the Owen Benjamin thread should be re-opened. It seems to have been closed for him not being enough of a lolcow, but the downward spiral that @sperginity predicted in the thread has come to pass. He even proudly calls his paranoid angry rants "spiraling". As an example, here's a video where he spirals at his own audience for five minutes for pointing out the shit video quality of his stream (timestamp at 9:25):

His subs and views began to drop immediately after that video. He had fewer monthly subs in May than he's had since September 2017.

View attachment 780531
View attachment 780532

Between the impeding collapse of his channel (how has he not been banned yet?), the inevitable falling out between him and Teddy Spaghetti when fails, and his clearly deteriorating mental state compounded by stress of trying to run an alpaca farm on 5 acres in the Washington rainforest, I predict a summer of spiraling.

Jeselnik roasted him pretty hard on twitter before he got banned

"I blocked you on twitter because you're a third-rate piano comic who has increasingly frequent and public alt-right meltdowns with my name in your mouth. I don't like you. I don't respect you. You have nothing of value to say. Why would I not block you? "


Also I guess he doesn't believe in the moon landing and thinks parkland was crisis actors?? I didn't see this coming really. He lost his fucking mind.


As my seminal thread on Kiwifarms, I want to open a discussion about one of my personal favorite weirdos on the internet.
For all of the exposure this guy has had, his exploits remain largely uncatalogued online. There are bits of info about him scattered in disparate corners of the internet, all requiring some proper needlework to stitch together:

Shawn Eric Peterson, most well known as "KingAssRipper."Other aliases include, but are not limited to: HairyNGross23/TheSlobGorges/GluttonousSlob/The Farting God
Wyandotte, MI

KingAssRipper (from here on abbreviated as KAR for brevity) is a man who's prodigious girth is matched only by the irreverent abandon with which he comports himself on camera.

There's a high probability that if you browse "the weird side of YouTube" you've seen his videos pop up at some point in the last decade. His channel is never on YouTube for too long and cannot be made public, as YouTube has deemed him quite literally too disgusting for their site, despite not overtly infringing on YouTube's TOS. His content is nuked by YouTube and reuploaded by throwaway accounts on a yearly basis. Even so, many of his gorging and farting sessions are reuploaded by his fans and have amassed millions of views. His work has been featured on Tosh.O, Joe Rogan and YMH, and his appeal has transcended the gainer and fart fetishist communities due to his candor and shock-value. He has a style of delivery that is abjectly revolting yet hilariously unapologetic.

Sometime in 2007, KingAssRipper made his first YouTube channel while he was still living at his parents house. It wouldn't be until he went off to college and got his own apartment that he began filming his most notorious videos. At some point after college he worked at an auto-parts store and began gaining weight at a break-neck pace, mostly funded by the followers he gained over the years.
All of his gorging videos are similar in their themes and subject-matter. Despite this, it would be impossible to choose a single video to represent him.
I've narrowed it down to 3 which really serve to capture his essence:

Pizza slam with 3 cans of sausage gravy
Devouring then mutilating an 8lbs chicken carcass
Slamming 3 lbs baked beans and fries drenched in mayonnaise

He is also known for his prolific flatulence. His talent has gone even as far as to be showcased on the Joe Rogan Experience and Your Mom's House
Tommy Segura exposing Joe Rogan to KAR

For more farting videos, here's is a full 1hr+ long compilation of him farting hosted on a NSFW site.
KAR rips ass at what seems to be 80 decibel farts. Viewers have commented that his farts sound akin to a dirt bike struggling to get up a hill. For comparison, this is how loud the average garbage disposal is -
about twice as loud as a vacuum cleaner. Good for background audio if you're playing Dota 2 or doing HTML work. You can see his previously clean underwear develop a nauseating umber streak by the end of the video.

And last but not least, here is a video of him farting on his dog

He is a member of the "gaining" community, which is a community that fetishizes the aspects of gaining weight, gorging, becoming unhealthy, being a gross slob, etc.
Unlike the feeding community, this one is comprised mostly of gay males looking to hunker down with fat gut daddies.
The main gathering point of gainers would be a site called "Grommr", which is a social media site that caters to the aforementioned.
Here is a taste of Grommr for the uninitiated:

It's surprisingly highly active, and it's content is exactly what you'd expect. His account on the site used to be "Gluttonous Slob" then it was changed to "GluttonSlob". However, it was one of his social media pages that he has since terminated following an expose video that was put out about him.

KAR advertised his videos on Grommr in the form of links to unlisted YouTube videos. I could only find one example from his current YouTube channel, but he has hundreds. Eventually he moved on to sending private clips, usually from $5 to $25.
It's important to note that while KAR's clientele comprises mostly gay men who fetishize obesity, he himself is most likely not gay. He had videos of himself eating out of his
girlfriends car from his college days, and he chidingly refers to his paypigs as "faggot feeders."

Around late 2018, a renewed interest in KAR came in the form of a video published by a small youtuber.
On Nov. 8th, 2018, a YouTube user by the name of PinnacleOne uploaded a video entitled The Legend of HairynGross ( Aka KingA**Ripper ) where he introduces the KAR, the online character.
The video attracted enough attention to merit a follow-up.
On Jan 12th, 2019, PinnacleOne uploads another video What Happened to KingA**Ripper??? - An Internet Investigation
In the comments, his name shows up a few times. It seems as if KAR had been scamming some of the gaining community into paying him for videos that were never delivered.


Furthermore, yet another video was posted on him by a channel called C Pods. This video was posted on May 19th, 2019, and this time, KAR himself would comment on the video.
So far as I'm aware, his most recent pulse online was almost a week ago, where he commented on said video from his main account. More people refer to him as "Shawn" here.

Social Media:
YouTube: (all of his videos are unlisted)
Twitter: (last active mid 2017)

DK 900

I started collecting screenshots and creating a timeline of events around several prominent figures in an already autistic community (including a serial kickstarter scammer), but the scope has gotten too big and would require more Discord dumpster diving than I'd ever want to do.

Considering I'll never getting around to finishing it (and I wouldn't want to), I'll go ahead and dump what I've got so far and let someone else pick it up if they feel so inclined.
eta: missed two attachments

I need to make a post to keep track of all the autism I’ve witnessed in this community.
This is just what I've collected so far and not a comprehensive account.

The Isle is an early access survival game/dino simulator lead by “The Dondi.” It cannibalized the assets from a previous failed kickstarter game called The Stomping Lands. You can review TSL long and troubled history here: (It’s your typical kickstarter scam story)

Gameplay is nonexistent and development progress is glacial
(There’s a post from one of the develops I can’t seem to find that mentioned that the Isle is the first project for many of its devs.)
The Isle Forums:

The Isle community, and dinosaur games in general, is populated almost exclusively by furries/scallies, children, and people on the spectrum, all three things which the main dev, Dondi, hates (see his personal discord rules). He’s prone to lashing out at players in ways that I honestly find amusing, but hurt the tender feelings of his fan base of children. You can take a quick look at Steam reviews for examples:

A quick search on Fur Affinity will show that the The Isle also has a prominent presence there and with dino-furries (paleos?) in general. Despite what the numbers on steam show, the Isle fanbase is much larger than it seems. The Isle Official Discord is large, averaging at least 3,000 active users and containing 31,759 as of this post.
IndieDB page:
Steam Greenlight Page (Shows Deathly, Dondi, and Levia as creators):

Notable events:
  • Kickstarter video:
  • Early access release in 2015.
  • Was granted 2016 Indie of the Year Award (5th place) by IndieDB
  • Early 2018: One of the lead developers, DeathlyRage (Matthew), was fired for “being abrasive and mentally taxing on the entire team.” Upon being fired, he purposely sabotage code and the devkit. His own code was so specialized that other developers were unable to use it. This sabotage has been used as an excuse for slow development/not fixing things at every opportunity.

Levia and Deathly were both originally part of the Isle. They have since branched off to make their own projects, similarly motivated by spite like Dondi was.

Note: for some reason I can't find the original Isle kickstarter (probably because I'm re.tarded)
Isle ripoff. Gained traction because it added in a lot of features that the Isle has planned, but in a cheap unity asset flip way. (
Developed by Sastreis Studios:
Stolen images used for UI: - (http://archivecaslytosk.onion/NeA0i)


Players and Devs

Twitter - (
Personal Discord
Steam Profile (Private)

Former Primal Carnage (PC) Dev, creator of the Isle

Dondi created the Isle after leaving the PC dev team because they didn't want to go along with his ideas for a new dinosaur game.

Dondi is a constantly irate man who is prone to complaining online. His main activities include streaming on twitch, tweeting about everything that annoys him, watching League of Legend players on twitch, wasting his money, and WWE. Most of his egregious behavior ebbed off after he created his own personal discord to contain himself, but he’s still prone to acting like a tough guy and making passive-aggressive polls on twitter.

One of the most curious things about Dondi is his seemingly endless supply of money. He’s bragged about how expensive the models for the Isle are and about spending over ten grand on twitch streamers. It’s unclear where he’s getting the money from, since the Isle certainly isn’t generating that much.

He occasionally streams with his daughter on Twitch.

Connection to Primal Carnage (PC)
Pastebin of Dondi as a dev on PC Discord - (http://archivecaslytosk.onion/j9ai5)

Admitting the Isle was born out of spite because other Primal Carnage devs said "this game can't be done"

Other Stuff:
Dondi as a kid - (

In a stream Dondi boasted about supposedly spending 10k on league of legend streamers, having an expensive car, and wearing Batman pajamas in public:

Loves Goths
And cross-dressers

Taking screenshots of out context to bash BoB - (

Teasing Primal Carnage crossover then berating people for suggesting it:

Related tweets:

-Other connections to PC - (http://archivecaslytosk.onion/MaTl2)

Complaining about being a developer:

-Blames Mezoica for damaging the industry and making his life harder

Frequently complains about anxiety, depression, insomnia, nightmares, illness, etc.:
Twitter - (http://archivecaslytosk.onion/CGRxk)
Steam Profile (Private)
Github - (http://archivecaslytosk.onion/TXUHd)
Twitch (Dead link - no archive)
Website (sign-up required)
Has many other profiles under the same name on coding/modding websites.

Seemingly connected to all the drama that occurs in this community. Kicked off the Isle team for being too autistic. Founder of Alderon Games. Making his own Dinosaur game, Path of Titans.

Associated with: the Isle, Breaking Point (game and mod), Path of Titans, the Archotek Project, Smalland

On getting kicked off the Isle


Creator of the Breaking Point mod for Arma 3 - (http://archivecaslytosk.onion/iH23q)
Tried to turn it into a full-fledged game of his own.
Breaking Point Greenlight page - (
Steam group
Failed Kickstarer - (http://archivecaslytosk.onion/EVrFw)
Website - (http://archivecaslytosk.onion/VB1QC)

Also one of the Lead Developers of Smalland, another kickstarter disaster
The discord has been deactivated, so only screenshots remain. Here are the relevant ones (the rest are below the post @ ss1-8):


aka, Altais, Levia Fandango, legacyofleviathan
Jena, Germany

Former developer/artist for the Isle and DeathlyRage’s Breaking Point. Creator of Draconia and the Archotek Project. Did artwork for Wrath of the Goliaths.

Associated with: The Isle, Archotek Project, Draconia, Path of Titans, Wrath of the Goliaths: Dinosaurs

From youtube channel description said:
“ALTAIS is an art & photography project, recreated by me in 2012. Main focuses are nature and concert photography and digital/traditional art in the sections fantasy, concept art and tattoo design, but I also work on smaller projects, if time allows me to. Besides this I am also writing on a new book called "Twilight Prophecy" (german only). ”
Website (archive only):
Dev Youtube:
Personal Youtube:
Steam Group:
Facebook (dead):
Youpic (dead):
Tumblr (dead):

FurAffinity (old account):
FurAffinity (current account):
Dragon furry, artist, sonic-fan

Associated with: the Isle, Beasts of Bermuda

Got kicked out of the Isle discord by Dondi, lol:

Most known for a DA Journal post where they claim Dondi told a modeler to not finish their commission because he thought it was ugly:
From DA Journal said:
“I had made a mod with some colorful skins and glowing dinosaurs back when mods were usable. It did well but for the majority of the active users on the discord it got bashed and hated on very frequently. Some of the most rude and hateful behavior I have ever seen. In an attempt to defend my creation, instead of any helpful feedback I got swamped by people making fun of me and calling me names. I was bullied indeed. After contacting one of the moderators myself and one of the staff of our own discord were told that 'if our skins were better than maybe we wouldn't get so much shade'.”
From DA Journal said:
“I had commissioned their official modeler to do a creature for a mod, for this game. I paid exactly, $1,000 for this creature. It had gotten as far as a base model, that looked amazing, only to find out that the lead developer, and I quote, "a general distaste", for the creature and believe "it may harm the brand". But a further explanation was not given. This was the most disheartening thing that I have had to deal with in this community. There is by no reason commissioning their modeler to make a creature for a mod, for HIS game, and ensuring it's quality by doing so, that it would harm the game. It shouldn't be his decision to decide what their modeler does in their free time. This is why I believe his "distaste" is the only reason he didn't want it to be made. Unless I was given a better reason I can see no other. I certainly see nothing reasonable.”
Most of their art is cutesy/inoffensive, but I suspect there is more to them:
Birthday is February 22, 1993 (age 26) according to
Canadian, Skinny, Friends with Dondi

Click-baiter, gamer, youtuber. Used to play a more diverse variety of games before he got special access to dev-only Isle dinosaurs. Now the Isle is virtually 80% or more of all his output. Many players are resentful of him and other youtubers because they get to showcase exclusive content that is years away from being actually implemented, but they make it seem as though it’s just around the corner.

He commissioned a dinosaur to be put in the game (The Nyctatyrannus), which will be available on his personal Isle Server, Isla Nycta. What’s ironic about this is that another Isle user, Kelskora, once tried to do the same thing and was shot down by Dondi himself.

Isla Nycta
-IN Rules

-What makes Isla Nytca so atrocious is that in the official Isle servers, dinos are FREE and have UNLIMITED respawns. The whole appeal is the opportunity to play/talk with Anth and appear in his videos. It also has incredibly strict rules. Dondi has repeatedly spoke out against servers with rules on how to play, but overlooks Anth’s server.
  • You get a limited number of respawns/dino purchases per tier. Refreshes each month.
  • 10$ gets you 1 life/dino
  • The max, 100$, gives you 4 lives/dinos and access to the Nycta a month early when its finished.
Started youtube after becoming disabled in an accident and subsequently losing his job. And because he had a dream about his favorite youtubers (really). Unfortunately, I can’t find the video. I might have just overlooked it, or it could have been deleted.
Related reddit post:

Uses any excuse he can to call himself a victim to his army of children

His fans claim that his attitude worsened and sense of humor got more edgy after becoming friends with Dondi (due to trying to copy/model him).

100$ on personal Patreon gets you access to his discord and Skype.

Other materials
Dondi’s vandalized wikipages (because I thought they were funny):
Good resource:


I have stumbled upon a man who I believe to be lolcow worthy. I am new here and don't have the ability to post lolcow threads, but I really wanted to share this with you.
Meet Kit O'Connell.

Kit O'Connell is a shockingly ineffective domestic terrorist, Anti-fascist activist, and self-proclaimed "journalist".
Kit is a verified twitter user who seems to have some kind of unhealthy obession with Nazis. Kit tweets several times per day about fighting Nazis, and appears to believe that he is fighting in some sort of World War II Redux.
This YouTube Video by user Justin Trouble has a few minutes of footage of Kit screaming his fucking head off at people in the street. "FUCK YOU NAZI! FUCK YOU NAZI! FUCK YOU NAZI!". This starts around 7:30 in the video, but I recommend watching the entire thing because it's a really well made video.
Kit O'Connell's main method of dispersing his tard cum appears to be through Twitter, where he retweets and posts calls to violence, encouragement to dox people. and just overall WHACKY shit about imaginary Nazis. He also belives Pewdiepie to be some sort of reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Below are some of the things I saw just while briefly scrolling through his page.
Links below are in respective order of the images posted.

Kit O'Connell also maintains his own website, which I haven't had the chance to scour through entirely, but it contains blog posts on a wide array of topics, including domestic terrorism.

Kit O'Connell YouTube Channel
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Ok, so I haven't used this site before, so I don't have privileges to make a thread, but maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan this one is really good.

So the Guys name is Ernest Steven Kinas
Earnie the K on Reddit, What's interesting about him?

I'll give you guys a little quote that immediately shows just how funny this guy is

"Good One Aidan! You're funnier than Louie. So am I. Believe it or not I went to Newton North High School back in the eighties. Louie was in my class. So was Matt Le Blanc. Aka Joey "How YOU doin'?" from Friends. Louie never said anything remotely funny in class. I didn't know Matt except Matty was in my drivers ed class. He was prettier than most of the girls. Louie was whippet thin with a full head of orange hair. One day just me and Louie were sitting in the Art Department. It was close to graduation and Louie and I were discussing our plans for the future. I told him I was going to Boston College. Then he dropped a bomb on me..... Louie said with dead sincerity.... "I'm going to be a comedian." My jaw almost dropped. If anyone was going to emerge as a comic it was gonna be me. But I chose a college education. One of the best decisions I ever made. Louie never went to college. He's actually a pretty stupid guy. It's evident in his "comedy.; He doesn't even tell jokes. He was laughing at my jokes back then. Now the world knows he's a sexual predator with pedophilic tendencies. He sucks. He's finished. TV and the movies don't want him and neither does the general public. I'm Ernie the K. You'll be hearing from me in the near future hopefully. Louie. Sorry old friend. The fat lady is about to break into an aria. Lou. I hear they're hiring at KFC 🍗. Maybe you can get your old job back and move back in with your dad. He still lives in Newton right? Maybe I'll see you at the library. Just stay away from looking at kiddy porn on the computers. They tend to frown on that. Hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!! You're finished pal. Adios Luis. Ola Don Ernesto. Sorry old friend. It's the end. Just like the Doors song we used to listen to obsessively back then. Remember Lou? Nahh. You probably didn't cause you were doing so much drugs back then. That brings us full circle back to your dumb joke. Wanna hear a a better one? What's the difference between Louis CK and Ernie the K????? Ernie likes his little cocktails on occasion. Louie like his little cocks on occasion. Good one! I know right? Maybe you can use that joke in your new destined to fail "comeback." 😃😃😃😁😃😁😃😁😃😃😜😃😃😃😊😃😃😃😃😃"

He also accuses literally anyone who disagrees with him of being Louis C.K under a false screen name.


So he's a schizo on Reddit right? nothing to milk here that's not fucked up?
Nope. He’s not mentally ill or lying.

Thats the Newton High 1985 yearbook, Louis's confirmed highschool and graduating year.

Also his twitters just great.

Google his name for his profiles, he’s using his real name on everything, they’re all set up different years (so not fake), but all obsessively talking about Louis C.K

Basically we got someone who thinks they're the greatest thing that ever walked the planet but actually went to high-school with Louis C.K and apparently was friends with him, so you could milk some genuinely interesting stories while he proceeds to make a complete asshole of himself. The dude genuinely thinks that he is the funny one while Louis “Stole his ticket”
I want to see some more funny shit and learn more about C.K but I think this is better left in your hands.

First post, did I do good?
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I stumbled upon this couples Youtube page by accident a few weeks ago and I've been watching all their videos ever since. Only 450+ sub so far but I feel something special about this one. From what I've gathered, they're both a little slow. She is thin and attractive. He is fat and gross. So I'm thinking she's a feeder, because they're constantly eating in the videos. The videos are nothing to special but the way each one opens with her creepy ass smile will forever haunt me. Every month they make an anniversary video. They seem so insincere about their "love" that I get the feeling he is paying her to pretend to be his fiance..

The channel

Her name is Kim Coleman. His name is Matthew Hedel.
This is his facebook page, I could not find hers. (it's not public)

Here's a few notable videos:
They made a video where they review a razor. So someone commented it, this is his response. I guess she makes him shave off his body hair because he sweats to much.

His pathetic proposal video. He attempts to get down on one knee but he realized he was too fat for that half way there.

God, her smile steals souls.

Probably not thread worthy but damnit, i had to get this off my chest.
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Kung pow penis.
I want to make a thread on the Gacha Life community, too bad I don't even have the privileges to make a thread. *sigh*

There's this exurb1a guy, he makes existential videos about the universe with music and stock videos, and there's a lot of drama involving a mother named @PhotoAndGrime on twitter, who accused two guys to have raped her. She's also autistic, the real kind, and visibly insane, harassing anyone involving Exurb1a she finds. His videos are quality content, and I don't really think such a thing happened for real, everything is too suspicious. He never made any comment on this topic, and drama has flung both ways since two years ago. Too lazy to make this a proper thread right now, but the case is fairly interesting.

Garagearts is pretty good value. Australian MGTOW goblin who has been banished to his shitty garage by his Chinese mail order bride. He does 3 hour plus livestreams screaming and crying, all the while revealing way too much information about his shitty life. Worth a look.

MI 814


(This is a WIP which I stupidly posted to Proving grounds instead of here. Anyway, I will keep adding to it for the time being.)

(old) Twitter:

Vito Gesualdi (to my current recollection) is a former game journalist whom had a spat with Antifa a couple of years ago, interviewing and trolling them in public. In recent years he's more known for his videos making fun of the current state of Star Wars (which happen to be his most viewed videos).
However, he's also apparently a "Queer Comedian" and a "Raging Liberal", and he often goes back and forth between acting like a typical Anti-SJW, and then acting like an SJW and getting rather aggressive; he got buttmad over the Total War: Rome 2 controversy and called those outraged "gay", and then later on got buttmad over Crowder making homophobic jokes. He blamed these fluctuations in his personality on his "Bipolar disorder" but I dunno if he's frankly making shit up. He recently also joined in on the Vic Mignogna controversy by joining the #KickVic side.

Credit to @quickthrowaway for these


I will return and add more information later on, what do you guys think? Does he have potential?

Phone: 857-294-7262
Location: San Gabriel, California

Link to his Resume (full res screenshot):

Personal FB:
FB Fan Page:
(old) Twitter:
Kickstarter: (Some Kind of Legal Fee Fund)

(Thanks to @Thomas Paine for the Social Media info. )
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MI 814

You're better off writing out a full OP instead of barely scratching the surface on this guy.
Your right. I said I will return to it a bit later on to spice it up enough so it's actually worth investing into. The guy clearly has potential from what I have seen but his videos on youtube mostly range from like 10k to 50k or so, quite low compared to his videos on movies which get around 500k to 1mil.
When I first found this guy he seemed fairly chill, but as time went on I just saw telltale signs of a lolcow when he sperged about Total War and the controversy around the female generals, and then he made a video on how the Jim Acosta interview with Trump (with him refusing to give up his microphone) was doctored. And when he was called out on it, he proceeded to remove the video. At that point I just realised this guy was probably a fraud and decided to stop watching him.
The guy strikes me as a fraud whose just trying to cater to both sides for views, or the guy is just a schizo or something because he keeps contradicting himself all the time. But because his claim to fame was only a select few videos he made he's sorta gone unnoticed.
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MI 814

He even looks like a mix between an Anti SJW and an SJW. Impressive.
I get that impression too. Currently I am looking through his twitter for tweets. Only found a few worth possibly sharing but I need to search further and focus on less "opinion" based things.

Edit: Oh here's something. I will add this to the OP later.


And then later on he proceeds to say this:


WW 635

I'm unfortunately quite tired and dealing with a heatwave of high humidity right now, like seriously. It's insanely hot and the humidity freaking sucks ass. Hot Weather is one thing but when it's humid it's just not fun at all. If any of you guys imply humid weather > hot weather then I dunno what to say, but I felt it was the right time to start a thread on this rather strange personality.
In addition to the other comments here, it should be noted that this entire section is unnecessary. Focus on the cow and not your own situation unless directly relevant to the cow.