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Ok. Here's the previously promised Facebook lolcow (my buddy finally had the balls to come forward. Only took him two years...)

Name: Lauren Ann Smith-Morrow

An (asininely long) write-up by him that only gets worse as you scroll to the bottom:

Link to the lolcow's Facebook:

Cursory explanation: Chick, 40 years old, married, still living with her parents (literal basement dweller). Comes onto men online (e-thot?),
seeks their companionship, involves them in personal drama, eventually draws them into absurdly paranoid episodes where everybody
who doesn't adhere to her personal (sociopolitical) standards is the enemy and anybody who owns a gun literally Hitler.

Uses political polarization in the US to turn people who might otherwise be friendly against each other. Narcissist who makes everything about herself, even when the other party is literally bedridden.

Accuses random people of "gang stalking" her, of LARPing as the opposite gender and of being obsessed with her. Sends messages threatening legal action to random people mocking her Facebook comments. Gets incredibly aggressive when you doubt her "superior intellect" (closest thing to a real world Eric Cartman. "Respect my authoritah!"). Runs secret Facebook groups discussing means to doxx or deplatform anybody right of Karl Marx.

May contain traces of "gang stalking" delusions, blackmail, theft, catfishing, empty threats the likes only a mentally unstable individual is capable of, reporting, and insane amounts of skulduggery. Definitely contains whole nuts.
I think she privated her Facebook can't access it.
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Skrt skrt my heart hurts
Someone should do a write up of Stephen Povey-Jones. Here's a sample of him. at about 1:35, after he demands billions of dollars he shows his credit card. He has a subreddit he regularly spergs in called r/completefreespeech. He is extremely delusional and thinks he is God. He claims when he was a baby he was raped by UK politicians and made to eat other babies. Here's a link to his YouTube channel.

And his subreddit

I'd do a write up myself but I'm new and would probably fuck it up but I have been following him for a while so if you want my help just ask

Edited to change the time on the video from 1:15 to 1:35

Edit 2: some more back story

I randomly found his subreddit probably 8 months ago. He immediately modded me and I modded a few other people i knew. He basically spends his time ranting about politics and religion. He makes between 1 and 60 posts a day and they could be anything from end of days manifestos to his feelings on madonna videos. About 16 days ago he was visited by police for threats he had made on YouTube and reddit. A couple days later he was committed to a mental hospital but allowed to keep his phone. He was in a mental ward for about 13 days then was released and is claiming that the British government fears him. His most recent YouTube video is asking for billions of dollars from multiple world governments or he will kill Donald Trump live on TV bu making him violently shit himself. Everything is documented in his posts and he will engage with you if you pretend to beleive he is some all powerful being
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Definitely not poisonous.
Do we have a thread concerning Amro Elansari yet? He's a pot-obsessed, sue-happy, Runescape Twitch streamer/YouTuber and ex-legal student. He recently tried to sue Jagex for muting him in Runescape, only to have it dismissed in less than a week because he's that incompetent. He then proceeded to write a completely handwritten appeal.

He reminds me a lot of Russel Greer, in that he tries to sue everyone for his own fuckups and constantly brings up discrimination (and pot) in his legal arguments. He also calls judges incompetent or accuses them of conspiracy when they dismiss his cases. Greer, however, is FAR more competent in his arguments; Amro dips into word salad territory.

Leonard French has done sort of a mini-series on him (that he seems to be having fun with). You'd HOPE Amro's on the spectrum or is schizophrenic or English isn't his first language or SOMETHING, because otherwise he's smoking some horrible, horrible weed:

Amro also did a music video about how much he hates Dell and Best Buy (who he also tried to sue, so yet another Greer parallel):

And on that topic, I'm not sure what this is, but apparently Dell and Best Buy and the entire court are all frauds:
Respectfully Submitted, Liberty And Justice For All

Twitter: @AmroElansari
Twitch: The420Streamer (of course that's his handle)
YouTube: TheRunescapeReview and The420Streamer
Bandcamp Album?! (which he also made a playlist of here.)

TL;DR: It's Greer, but replace hookers with weed and add in...whatever the fuck mental issue is wrong with this man.

If this thread doesn't exist, I'll leave it to those more competent (and less lazy) than myself. I apparently can't even link shit properly considering I somehow managed to apply a single link to the entire post initially, including the page breaks. Christ.

I've been looking at this guy I found on Reddit Thot_patrol_nanoda, that I eventually discovered and connected threads that he was also a stupidly active member on
A Lithuanian man over the age of 30. He usually sits around In some cases for more than 15 hours a day, and talks about how much he wants underage Ioli girls, and complains about society.
His Current Alias(s) I know of are.

u/ Thot_patrol_nanaoda
Napoleon de Geso
u/deGeso088 (Changed or Deleted)

I've spoken with him personally for a couple of days with no hopes of helping him.
But his incoherent rambles are fascinating, I would not recommend contacting him, you won't get very far.

Tannhauser Gatekeeper
Astronomy Live requested this be added to this post:

The allegations made in that post by Tannhauser Gatekeeper are false. I am the sole developer of my software for tracking satellites and rockets with commercial telescope hardware. I originally called this software TeleTrak, but I was not aware that the Air Force had a program with the same name. My TeleTrak software was originally written in visual basic, the link to the Air Force software in that post clearly states that the Air Force software was created in MATLAB. The two are completely separate, and I was not even aware of the existence of the Air Force program when I created my software. I have since renamed my program after porting it to Python and splitting it up into three separate programs for each of its three main functions; tracking asteroids, tracking satellites and tracking rockets. These three new versions of the program are named NEOTraker, SatTraker and UFOTraker respectively. I have already made the former two open source and I have distributed them freely on GitHub, the last one is still in development and will be distributed later:

As the post on your website indicates, I have previously received false DMCA takedown requests against my videos and my software on GitHub. These requests were frivolous and after submitting counter notifications through a lawyer my content was restored to both YouTube and GitHub. Had I actually stolen Air Force software and distributed the source code through GitHub, I am sure that filing a false counter notification would have resulted in a lawsuit against me and an injunction against restoring that content.


Has anyone done a thread on Astronomy Live/Scott Ferguson? He's a YouTuber who thinks he #learnedtocode but actually just stole/plagiarized existing software, e-begs for donations and money for his stolen programs, spergs out on astronomy, and whines when he gets copyright strikes for stealing other people's videos and software.

Here's a video of him trying to take credit for a program called "TeleTrak." The video description has a dead link, but it used to take you to a torrent for downloading the software.

What he doesn't tell you is that TeleTrak already existed to track satellites and other objects in space using off-the-shelf (store bought) telescopes.

When confronted by opposition his usual response is to either get drawn into arguments in the comments (he is even prone to making death threats ) or he'll make a whiny response video. Screenshots:


Examples of some of his whine fest videos:
Whiny response #1
Whiny response #2
Whiny response #3
Note that he does tend to de-list his own whiny rants out of embarrassment a few days after uploading them, so be sure to save the links. He's also prone to sperging out with his twitter account as well. Here's his reddit account, where he pretends to be a leet hacker.

He gets hit with copyright strikes against "his" videos and "his" software quite frequently, with the expected whiny results. It's particularly funny to see him whine about "doxxing," but he has no problem with the mainstream media using his full name when they link to his videos and rub his tiny little ego.
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Selman Akbulut - Deranged math professor who has been harassing his colleagues by email for years only because one of his courses was canceled back in 2015, and will get fired soon. He believes that he is the victim, and has posted dozens of documents that reveal that he is the perpetrator and a massive lolcow.

His website where he has his delusional ramblings (starts at "My 50 years in MSU") -

Screenshot at 2019-08-09 11-30-18.png

Another one of his websites where "Links and News" contains information about his hearing where he will get fired -

He is on Twitter, where he also posts his delusional ramblings -

He has sent hundreds of emails, according to the "Pappas" link on his page. Also, the professor George Pappas plans to transfer if he doesn't get fired.

Screenshot at 2019-08-09 11-35-45.png

Screenshot at 2019-08-09 11-33-18.png
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gta 5 money glitch
I'm sure many of you have seen this video from maybe from a different angle different angle but you have probably seen it
(title) Official “You’re Breathtaking” Guy POV! That time I told Keanu Reeves that he’s breathtaking!

(description) #KeanuReeves #YoureBreathtaking #CyberPunk2077 So today at the Xbox E3 Briefing, I may or may not have become apart of a meme.

after this Peter Sark rebranded himself into Peter "breathtaking" Sark
7gktnh0zrqb31.jpgEBgOn-qU4AASKM1.jpg large.jpeg
youtube reddit help im being cyberbullied!
Screenshot (28).pngScreenshot (27).png
EBa-SyfU8AE9G-X.jpg large.jpeg
he is genuinely obsessed with the "breathtaking" thing almost every post has it. I added a space so his name wont show up
Screenshot (30).png

Screenshot (26).pngScreenshot (29).png
but none of that compares to his masterpeice a video he claims his fans wanted
no they didnt
10 hour loop of me telling Keanu Reeves "You're Breathtaking"
You asked for it, here it is! The moment that started the meme, only this time, it's 10 hours long! Keep it fun, keep it positive and don't forget, Keanu said that we're ALL breathtaking!
Let me know of some of your favorite memes that spawned from this moment in the comments and if you're excited for Cyberpunk 2077!
Please check out to see more information about the breathtaking work they do for kids in hospitals.
Peter Sark


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gta 5 money glitch
uploaded early by mistake
heres some more stuff i wanted to add
Screenshot (31).png
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I'm really surprised there's no thread about Danni Askini considering he blames kiwifarms for chasing him out of the U.S. From what I recall, this guy:
  • is a troon who calls himself a gender refugee after "escaping" America to Sweden.
  • claims he can't come back because of passport issues that cannot be resolved.
  • is seeking asylum in Sweden as a refugee.
  • has made false rape accusations against an ex after jerking off the ex for all his money.
  • has pretended to lose his voice after some troon related surgery.
  • there's some connection to Greta Gustava?
  • looks like a fucking horse.
Existing threads that mention him:

Dunno if this person would count anywhere, but there's this person here: A bit of a mess and this isn't their first Deviantart account.

Hell, they even got a few call out journals:

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Do you think a Thread about Chris Roberts/Star Citizen/the crazy fandom would be worth it. If/when the game underdelivers/gets cancelled the drama will reach overdrive levels.

The game should have been released in 2014 and it has no signs of progress and the fandom, well here is an example:

Well, they basically a cult and delusional.

ok so, My last 2 posts have been deleted from this thread. Are you not supposed to make a thread about someone that has any actual purpose or is it specifically to make fun of a person for some aimless reason?

I mean really, if identifying/doxing a child predator isn't a good reason then idk what is. ..Im not really into randomly picking on awkward YouTubers just for being overweight or unattractive and posting their personal info online.


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ok so, My last 2 posts have been deleted from this thread. Are you not supposed to make a thread about someone that has any actual purpose or is it specifically to make fun of a person for some aimless reason?
We're not a PI service here to locate people for you and we're not a personal army. This is a place to laugh at exceptional individuals. Read the rules and info.

We're not a PI service here to locate people for you and we're not a personal army. This is a place to laugh at exceptional individuals. Read the rules and info.
Oh. Sorry, my mistake . That's actually kind of pathetic, compared to what I was doing (Doxing child molesters) . I'd rather put my efforts to good use.
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Oh. Sorry, my mistake . That's actually kind of pathetic, compared to what I was doing (Doxing child molesters) . I'd rather put my efforts to good use.
What's pathetic is how you went through with signing up for an account here and failed to read or understand any of the guidelines presented to you in that process. Take your paedo activism to reddit, this is a website for humour, not holier-than-thou paedobashing.

What's pathetic is how you went through with signing up for an account here and failed to read or understand any of the guidelines presented to you in that process. Take your paedo activism to reddit, this is a website for humour, not holier-than-thou paedobashing.
Holier than though pedo bashing?


omg that comment really takes the cake. Who DOESNT bash pedos? Im sure you know what they do to children. Of course im "holier than thou"

I dont just BASH pedo's, I finish them off mortal kombat style.

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