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I don't disagree that he's not really a great cow in his own right, but looking over some of his fans feeds and knowing that he has a tendency to spawn ungodly amounts of social media autism alongside his interactions with other alt-right/alt-light/super-nazi boogiemen makes me think that he and the artists he tends to float around would produce an alright Community Watch thread, assuming any good archives can be found. Considering that Stonetoss's audience doesn't really overlap with the handful of other right-leaning focused discussions there like the Gab or Q-Anon threads, the scope of this thread could well be expanded to include other creators like him and their respective audiences. I'll be honest though: reading through the last page you seem like an assmad autist and a thread with that scope seems like too big a task for someone who couldn't be bothered to check if his own archive actually worked.
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stonetoss is too generic and mediocre to be a lolcow. anyone have a screencap of that exceptional chick-fil-a post he made?
A lot of lolcows here are pretty boring. It's not like Wil Wheaton runs through Times Square naked. People are mostly
denying that this guy is one because they support his politics.

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Your first sentence should explain why this person is a lolcow. I had to read a few sentences and view a comic that you complimented before you got anywhere near the clincher. You need to point out the funny very quickly otherwise people will get too bored to continue. You also seem to have a habit of making flawed interpretations of Stonetoss's comics. For example, you conflate his comic about circumcision is related to Jew-hatred because apparently you live in a World where only Jews get circumcised. You also assumed he could be a furry because he retweeted art from someone who thanked him because he encouraged that person to share their art. Throughout this OP, you seem to be completely oblivious to jokes/satire. This OP is awful because you fail to objectively prove that he acts like an idiot online, no freakouts were shown. You couldn't even be asked to archive all links. It seems more like this thread was made out of spite because you personally don't like him.
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That's what communists on /r/shitliberalssay called me. The left hates me as much as any of you. "Liberals get the bullet too."

Since being an incel Holocaust denier apparently isn't "off the deep end", what would be? I actually agree that he's more likely to fade away than get Milo levels of infamy, though.
having radical political opinions does not a lolcow make. most cows have strange or strong political ideas, but what makes them cows (at least to me) is the proclivity to over share minute details of their lives, and the inability to take or ignore critisism. I've watched him for about a year now and I got to say, beyond an odd spergy tweet here and there, there's not much content to keep a thread on him going.

except talking about his comics. and I gotta say, some of the most boring and autistic threads on this site are the ones that only update when a shitty comic page gets posted and it devolves into art/idea/politics critique.

now a thread about stonetoss AND the people who screech about him would probably work, and I think it would be worth it to keep an eye on him just so that if anything funny does happen it can be archived.

beyond that, your formatting on this post is pretty good after you edited it, but like others have said it is missing some key hooks

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honestly, based on your OP, you're more thread-worthy than Stonetoss (not even praising Stonetoss with that one)

@Null plz halal @Pointless Pedant
Don't @ Null for trivial reasons. Unless you know more about @Pointless Pedant than that he posted this godawful thread, a halal thread on him is simply not possible. Post on the Talk to Staff board if you are really serious about it. It's pointless since you've already told the potential cow that you are planning to write a thread on them.

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This needs a little bit more content but edits of his comics are becoming a phenomenon similar to Ben Garrison edits and he's even more of a cringeworthy dork than Boomer Ben by a mile. Pebbleyeet might be worthy, but this won't do just yet. Definitely try asking around and finding him getting upset and mad online outside of his comics. And you can ask staff who are good in helping cases like this by improving thread OPs such as @Ride.

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can't believe you wrote all that about a guy who makes 4-panel jew jokes



Gab: (not very active, mostly just posts his comics)

NewProject2: (

Many of you have doubtlessly seen Stonetoss comics posted around this site and others. Many of you may not be aware what a massive lolcow Stonetoss is. While some of his comics make reasonable points...

...others show that it's really only a stopped clock being right twice a day.

Stonetoss The Weeaboo

Stonetoss, like many of his far-right associates, is a weeaboo obsessed with Japanese cartoons. He has featured references to them in his comics.

He also praises Japan as an "ethnostate", despite the fact a Japanese ethnostate wouldn't let a white man like him in.

View attachment 859521

The main thing he liked about Japan seemed to be that he could say nigger as much as he liked without anyone being annoyed.

View attachment 859522

He also asked to find a single white woman living in Japan. Shockingly, he was unsuccessful.

View attachment 859523

In addition to his weebishness, it appears from his Twitter that he may be a furry. He recently retweeted what looks like furry art.

View attachment 859524

Stonetoss The Incel

Like many on the far right, Stonetoss has tremendous pity for male virgins, despite being merciless towards anyone who isn't white (or, apparently, Japanese).

As we all know from reading the incels thread in Community Watch, the reason women are repulsed by incels is simply because they haven't had sex. It's absolutely nothing to do with their creepy behaviour and absurd expectations to be treated like a king. Stonetoss goes even further than this - he actually believes that women are property, comparable to a mattress.

This comic below clearly shows how Stonetoss sees himself. If only those sluts would understand the wonder of being married to a weeaboo Nazi webcomic artist!

Stonetoss The Nazi

Given Stonetoss's enlightened views on relationships, it may (not remotely) surprise you to know that he is a Holocaust denier and racist.

He believes that Jews are conspiring to destroy the white race. According to Stonetoss, the Jews are the only reason that demographics have changed. What was Reagan's immigrant amnesty?

His obsession with the Jews runs through many of his comics. Their practice of circumcision is a particular focus.

He also gets angry with people (especially Republicans) for not being racist.


There is a theory that Stonetoss is also responsible for Redpanels, a similar comic which ended with him giving a Nazi salute.

That's all that needs to be said, really.


Stonetoss has a crowdfunding project on NewProject2 to support his top secret art collection, the "Negronomicon", full of spicy far-right memes. Unfortunately for him, the audience for this is rather small, and people have only donated a few hundred dollars.

Rivalry with antifa

Stonetoss has made several comics mocking antifa, leading to antifa responding with /r/antifastonetoss, which turns cringey right wing comics into cringey left wing ones. This has already been mentioned on this site.

His own subreddit, /r/stonetoss, has been banned for breaking Reddit terms of service.

Cow Crossovers

In a cow crossover, Stonetoss once appeared on the Killstream in 2018. I haven't heard the 3 hour 41 minute stream, but I'm sure it was insufferably autistic.

He did mock Carl Benjamin, though, which is a positive.

View attachment 859498

They once engaged in a horribly autistic debate, but the video has sadly been lost.
"I don't hate him. I haven't written up a bunch of text (some of which misinterprets the jokes presented in the comics) talking about how stupid and backwards this nazi is. I just think his views are so ridiculously out there that he stands out among every other right-wing artist on the internet"
go watch some murdoch murdoch and get over yourself, nigger


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"The left hates me because I am the true omega liberal" *huffs fart *smuckles *adjusts fedora *tips E-Girl
I can't imagine identifying as 'liberal' or 'leftist' and complaining about communists or 'Stalinists' or those mean mean 'tankies'. Pathetic


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I'm not really seeing any lolcow behavior. The best thing about Stonetoss is watching people that hate him meltdown over his comics. You don't get to name someone an lolcow because you don't like them, which is the feeling I get through that post; you're creating this because you don't like him.
I don't know. I'm kind of amused at the meltdowns from people who ride his nutsack when he gets a lolcow thread.

Plus I seriously think he's Shmorky.

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Lovelypeaches4ever/Brittany Johnson was mentioned a bit further back in the thread. Would anybody be seriously interested in a thread discussion about her? To summarize she has sex with clients, beats her infant child and eats poop on Instagram Live. Also brags about how she doesn't shower/how many STDs she has. Very mentally ill. Has lots of "ironic" stantards on Twitter who encourage her stupidity.

I stumbled upon this couples Youtube page by accident a few weeks ago and I've been watching all their videos ever since. Only 450+ sub so far but I feel something special about this one. From what I've gathered, they're both a little slow. She is thin and attractive. He is fat and gross. So I'm thinking she's a feeder, because they're constantly eating in the videos. The videos are nothing to special but the way each one opens with her creepy ass smile will forever haunt me. Every month they make an anniversary video. They seem so insincere about their "love" that I get the feeling he is paying her to pretend to be his fiance..

The channel


Ok. Here's the previously promised Facebook lolcow (my buddy finally had the balls to come forward. Only took him two years...)

Name: Lauren Ann Smith-Morrow

An (asininely long) write-up by him that only gets worse as you scroll to the bottom:

Link to the lolcow's Facebook:

Cursory explanation: Chick, 40 years old, married, still living with her parents (literal basement dweller). Comes onto men online (e-thot?),
seeks their companionship, involves them in personal drama, eventually draws them into absurdly paranoid episodes where everybody
who doesn't adhere to her personal (sociopolitical) standards is the enemy and anybody who owns a gun literally Hitler.

Uses political polarization in the US to turn people who might otherwise be friendly against each other. Narcissist who makes everything about herself, even when the other party is literally bedridden.

Accuses random people of "gang stalking" her, of LARPing as the opposite gender and of being obsessed with her. Sends messages threatening legal action to random people mocking her Facebook comments. Gets incredibly aggressive when you doubt her "superior intellect" (closest thing to a real world Eric Cartman. "Respect my authoritah!"). Runs secret Facebook groups discussing means to doxx or deplatform anybody right of Karl Marx.

May contain traces of "gang stalking" delusions, blackmail, theft, catfishing, empty threats the likes only a mentally unstable individual is capable of, reporting, and insane amounts of skulduggery. Definitely contains whole nuts.