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i'm surprised there's no Lauren Southern thread especially since she's "returned" to doing half baked centrist political takes on YouTube

she's been in damage control mode the last few days since The Hollywood Reporter did a piece on her newborn baby being mixed race

she recently deleted a tweet denying that her baby was black, the lady doth protest too much, methinks




my reaction score is low but my cock is massive
Possibly epic lolcow.

his name: thundermane.

he was a fairly large tiktoker who would constantly upload shitposts about my little pony, fursuiting, and how bad his life is because of "autism". he is apparently engaged, and also has a side bitch named amber kemp. she has some really fucked up views, and also a fucked up face. their tiktoks were recently hacked and deleted, so now they reside on twitter and instagram. if you prod them enough, they bleed out quasi-sjw beliefs and shit out virtue signalling in mass.

Frank Anthony

You have a member here that goes under the alias of thesaunderschild, whose real name is in fact Peter Ross Anderson (Reference: This toxic and problematic individual has been banned at hundreds of boards over the last decade for his vulgar and irritating behavior (Reference: You are misguided if any of you believe him to be a valuable member of this community.

He is a convicted criminal and has been to jail multiple times for his illegal actions (stalking, sexual and physical harassment, animal abuse, uttering death threats, and more). He also has a history of doxxing people on his “shit list” and publishing their personal information online (Reference:

He’s already demonstrated some questionable behavior on this board (e.g. Joel Miller gif spree), so those of you who have been watching him closely… good work. As mentioned, he has a history of doxxing people and the staff at this board should be made aware of his information in case he tries to do anything. @thesaunderschild

Peter Anderson’s Address (100% confirmed):

Peter Ross Anderson
2/6, Greendykes House, Greendykes Road
Edinburgh EH16 4JJ

Additional references:
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I'm sure this has been requested before but Without A Crystal Ball/Katie Joy Paulson badly needs a thread. She likes to stick her nose in shit and then play the victim, falsely claim to be doxed, and threaten legal action followed by denying she threatened such action.

Other Twitter
Other Facebook
Blog post containing past bad behavior.
Most recently she jumped on Sanders Kennedy's claim that Shane Dawson was under investigation by the LASD and then claimed anyone who asked her to take responsibility for not doing her due diligence was attacking her. She is prone to rapid tweet deletion to cover her tracks which leads me to...
This Twitter account which is dedicated to collecting receipts before she deletes.

Her "sponsor" The Coldest Water is an MLM. She's a Hunbot because of course she is.
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Oiled-Up for the Bromance
Could someone help me to translate this thread in english when I am done with it in the near future?

It's France biggest lolcow and I am sure most kiwis would appreciate a thread about him.
I can do the bulk of the translation but I will need some help with the finishing touches, putting cleen and readable subtitles and I would appreciate a bit of help this the grammar and phrasing since english is not my maternal language

I think Cynthia Beaumont deserves a thread. Someone tried once before with a failed OP, but I think it's time to try again.

Here's Cynthia bitching at a YTer who called the cops for a wellness check on her husband. She's filming this today in his hospital room, while he's dying, after he had a violent seizing reaction to a very high fever. She discusses this after discussing the hospital cafeteria's options she had to choose from for lunch, of course.
View attachment 1182351

She's a 49-year-old lolcow "caring" for her dying 70-something husband. She constantly makes questionable care decisions, like insisting he leave the hospital when he's deathly ill, insisting on a feeding tube for him when he can eat, showing his feeding tube changing on YT, bitching out nurses and doctors, choosing which hospital to go to based on how she likes the nurses, constantly harassing medical staff, forcing him to talk to the camera while he's on his deathbed, etc.

Here's the lovely couple. This is probably a good 30 pounds heavier than he is now. She is massive. She is over six foot and really fat. This never stopped her from pretending to need her poor dying husband to carry all the groceries, wheel their cart around town (neither drive), and try desperately to pretend to be the woman in the relationship. To this day, she insists on him walking, claiming she would never be able to lift or assist him. She's about three times the size of the poor man, who must weigh 80lbs at the moment.
View attachment 1182366

She has years' worth of YT videos taking advantage of her husband. He worked until well into his 70s while she stayed at home filming mukbangs and wasting his money on various junk. Their tiny NJ apartment is literally stuffed with useless junk she bought with her husband's money or e-begged from viewers.

Here's an example of her quality content - her putting together some crap she ordered from Amazon while forcing her dying husband to talk to their "fans".
View attachment 1182356

Their "pantry":
View attachment 1182360

She has been in a feud with Pam G (elderly woman known to argue with deathfats such as ALR on YT) in the past. She's also been in a feud with Tommy's nephew. Here's a YT playlist dedicated to these two feuds.

She constantly complains about everything and anything. A perfect example of the channel is today's video. Her husband, Tommy, who recently recovered from esophageal cancer treatment, is in the hospital with a 104-degree fever, pneumonia, violently shaking, rarely able to eat. What's Cynthia doing? Filming herself talking about the hospital lunch options next to her barely-alive husband, filming herself insulting other YouTubers, filming her husband as he lay dying in the hospital bed. She ends the video wishing death upon reaction channels.

Here's today's video timestamped to where she says she wants all of her haters to suffer and die:

Here's a mash-up of Cynthia including her chimping out about roaches, aka YT reaction channels:

Youtube Channel:

Here's a short video showcasing the relationship:
I know someone said they were working on a thread for Cynthia, but I haven't seen it yet.

I just wanted to update that after Tommy died, Cynthia started e-begging pretty heavily, and she still is to this day. She complains about every single gift she receives, without fail. One recent example is someone sent her a Pusheen calendar off of her Amazon wishlist, which she had recently spoke about. When she opened the package she made a series of faces and then said, "2020? But I want the 2021 calendar." This is typical. She has also received hundreds of dollars worth of Omaha Steaks meat, never to speak of it again. She's been known to binge on the food gifted to her, and then turn around and pretend she's starving the next day. She's currently between 350 and 400 pounds.

She didn't shed one tear for Tommy when he was ill/dead, even though she'd spent 40 years with the man. But she did cry because Macy's didn't have any security during the protests and those black people were rioting near it.

She's recently revealed herself to be extremely racist. She is now pro-Trump, anti-minority, pro-Fox News, pro-cop, etc. She continuously goes on these mini rants about black people even though she receives backlash for it. The dislikes outweigh the likes on most of her videos now, and especially the racist ones.

We might be in for some milk next month as she thinks she's going to receive Tommy's pension/SS or something in August, but that's based on nothing. I do not believe she's even spoken to anyone regarding any of Tommy's finances, or notified anyone of his death. Oh, and she refused to acknowledge any of his family in his death notice, or notify anyone, and instead just named herself as his widow. She is assuming she will start receiving paychecks in August because that is when he planned on retiring. There isn't even any indication that they actually filed any paperwork to retire in August. She may just be assuming that because she and Tommy decided on August that the money will magically start arriving.

There are several other boards where she is discussed. There is a Facebook group that is fairly active. There is a board on GG/Gossip Bakery that is woefully lacking and full of reaching, conspiracies, etc. Some claim that she did indeed receive a life insurance payout upon his death, but I've seen no evidence of that.

Dobyzhee/Doby X

43 year old, bad dress sense, unemployed, still living with his mother, unable to find a partner, continually approaches/films strangers asking them to pretend to be his 'friend' documents and posts his activity on YouTube and boxing forums.

View attachment 1033411

A truly disturbing and potentially dangerous individual surely Lolcow worthy ??

DobyZhee now allowing his crackhead neighbours to sodomise him with a dildo


Dude it’s me..

No I’m not losing my marbles. These girls are trying to figure me out if I’m gay or not..

We tried a beer bottle small end. I wasn’t sure if I got the effect so we tried again the following week with a real dildo.

I was stoned to the gills both times..

So I tried gay sex and Junior likes nazis.

The world still spins.. life goes on.

End Quote 😐

And here's another one of his myriad YouTube accounts

Freak !!
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There should be a thread on Wanyoung Kim (@astralmonad on twitter).
KF should check her out--she's the thinking man's Amberlynn Reid (i.e. ghastly NPD trainwreck).

Token Weeaboo

It's been fun.
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jook the gook

StamperTV (William Andrew Stamper) has been acting a bit like a lolcow for some time now.

He tweets non stop about random shit, but his Twitter Accounts keep getting deleted. In his posts he at times talks about how he wants to have sex with men but isn't gay (it is important to mention that he got molested when he was a kid). In general he often talks about his past relationships and rants about women and other shit.

He also runs a gaming twitch channel with another guy called Jacob, it's called DickPlanet. It has a very depressive atmosphere. Jacob seems to put a lot of effort into it, while Stamper often seems disinterested. They play Games and talk to Strangers/Fans/Randoms. Stamper often says weird shit to the Strangers, and threatens them.

About a year ago he was living with a homeless girl who had ties to some sort of Gang or something.

his Youtube
his Facebook (hasn't posted since 2016)
his Twitter (will probably be deleted yet again sooner or later)

once his Twitter account gets deleted yet again, he always calls his display name "Stampy", so by searching this in Twitter you should be able to find his new account (he always has his face as his pfp too). You can also check the Sleepycabin Subreddit, the guys on there always post updates on his new Twitter Handle as well.

I'm not sure if he's worth a Thread (yet), but he's definitely worth looking into.
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John Boulden
I've seen him mentioned in a thread about the CHOP Zone
This guy considers himself a youtuber and "civil rights activist." He is best known for creating long live streams that devolve into his intoxication and unstable behavior getting the best of him.
  • Self-proclaimed Chaplain General of his cult, First International Secular Temple (FIST), which he registered online and got a little badge.
  • He served at he CHOP, landing him on a local news station and having a warrant issued for his arrest.
  • He enjoys the occasional meth.
  • He claims to have seen a lot of action while serving in the Air Force, yet has never actually proven anything other than he served.
  • He claims his IQ is 167. Tested at the age of 7.
  • iqchild.png
  • Asking him questions about the criminal allegations levied against him, he will accuse you of being in "the plate gang" or one of his prosecutors.
  • John has been caught breaking violations within his streams, on multiple occasions. (like the meth)
  • He fled the UK after posting a bogus story on his GoFundMe, claiming he was being deported. Allegations surfaced that he molested his children. His rhetoric surrounding the allegations, needless to say, put nothing to rest.
  • Archives have been made to keep track of his ever changing stories, as he deletes and has things removed from both his facebook and youtube often.
  • this man doxxes himself almost every stream.
  • He admits to beating his ex-wife.


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I'm surprised after all these year that Matt Dilahunty's (host of The Atheist Experience since 2005) never gotten a thread. Imagine a fedora-tipping public access host with a personality like Neil deGrasse Tyson - only much more smug while being significantly less intelligent, that spends his free time as a dragqueen.

He has literally years of on-air content full of hot takes that an interested party could dig through.
For example, his inability to say that pedophilia is wrong (timestamp - 5:42):


Strawberry Milk/Sunii_Side/Jeremy Fitzgerald/Naghtii™/i_hear_you_pumpkin/official_webtoon_artist
Do you already have a link to the Instagram account that's been keeping tabs on her theft and shit? She's mentioned a few times on one or two drama blogs as well.

Hi there's this artist on Twitter and Instagram who goes by the username @Alythuh. She's an artist who has amassed around a total of 700K followers. Her main selling point is that she's an anime-loving, good looking online personality who does art (and amateur cosplays) and succeeds enough to live in a "high rise condo". However people are seeing through that she may not be who she seems she is–that she already comes from a financially stable background, no matter how much she shows off on social media that all her hard work made it possible. She also retweets and likes every single compliment about her, which turned a lot of her initial supporters off enough to mute, unfollow, and block her. And last but definitely not the least–someone on PrettyUglyLittleLiar discovered she was stealing travel photos off of smaller social media accounts, along with evidence linked to the original sources.

I second this. In addition to Alythuh, I'd like to see a Nami Lune thread or an "art thot" thread of alythuh/nami look alikes

Since MiloChale already summed up Alythuh, Nami is a white artist who claims a different ethnicity every week, fetishizes asian culture, photoshops herself to look asian, traces art from big names like Kelsey Beckett, pretends to know chinese and tweets about appropriation while doing some of the most appropriative shit at the same time. Also writes poetry thats usually paired with a polaroid of her nudes. Influencer pretending to be a full time artist (like Alythuh) yet gets most of her clout from lewds. Haven't seen different art in months.


Kim/Kimu/Kimu Cosplay has been photophopping her pictures to hell and back, belittling other cosplayer girls in her community, making plus sized cosplayers feel really insecure about their weight and belittling rape victims for the past 2 years or so. She refuses to learn from her mistakes and goes into "suicidal" episodes whenever a particularly nasty post was made in her PULL thread. She's been called out on her rape apologist behaviour several times now but she still keeps on pandering to her incel fanbase.
Also, most of her Facebook likes have been bought.

Army Burger

RIP John Lewis
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Kim/Kimu/Kimu Cosplay has been photophopping her pictures to hell and back, belittling other cosplayer girls in her community, making plus sized cosplayers feel really insecure about their weight and belittling rape victims for the past 2 years or so. She refuses to learn from her mistakes and goes into "suicidal" episodes whenever a particularly nasty post was made in her PULL thread. She's been called out on her rape apologist behaviour several times now but she still keeps on pandering to her incel fanbase.
Also, most of her Facebook likes have been bought.
Where's the funny? She just seems like a catty cosplayer, and they're a dime a dozen.