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Found this



This will all end in tears, I just know it.
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Why would a dude who looks like a bearded Gigachad have to do something that pathetic?
Because he's a gross fuck? He brags about how little he paid for it all the way through because he used some East European girl for it. He also claims to be married and doing this shit behind her back.

I bet you he doesn't bathe his beard either.
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I found a man named BosherStudios254 also known as Reese Kendrick. An artist in the Thomas Community known for his massive sperging and volatile temper tantrums which is what brought a lot of autistic people to milk him for their own pleasures.

Found it here.

I'm gonna put an archive on here since this gem needs to be preserved.

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Submitted for the approval of the midnight society; I give you...

Chance Wilkins/Cyraxx/The Goblin King

Who is Chance Wilkins?
According to him, Chance is an author, artist, activist and musician whos creative lineage spans both generations and continents.

A short video the broadly covers all the nonsense this person has caused in his short (heh) life.

Who is Chance Wilkins really?
A liar, a thief, an (alleged) abuse survivor and an (alleged) abuser himself. A man who is host to a myriad of psychological and physiological issues; among them are (arguably) disproportional dwarfism, mild retardation, oppositional defiance disorder and progeria. He is, as of writing this article, a 30 year old that has never had a job and lives in his mother's unfinished basement in Akron, Ohio. Chance spends his entire day live streaming to 9 people (4 of them trolls, 5 of them mods) wherein he performs vocal covers of his favorite songs, creates "hiphop beats", (in motherfucking Fruty Loops studios that consist of one snare line and one pad) drives around aimlessly in Forza and gets into fights with random spergs in his live chat that ultimately end up with him being DDOS'd for a day, This will cause him to attempt to stream a dozen times in a row with titles like "never backing down from the haters" and "i will never leave youtube"

Also he was victim to one of the greatest gay ops of all time.

The allegations:
Chance is most notable for stealing beats he finds on soundcloud, altering them slightly and then selling them as his own. He has also used this technique with deviant art for his merch store (shut down). Also he attempted to lie his way into the juggalo community.

Thievery evidence:

Chance making "beats"

The Greatest Gay Op of all time:
I have no idea how this escaped the farms attention, possibly due to 'rona and the gunt (and maybe because it involved the juggalos) but it's time there was some sort of an attempt at archiving this saga.
Chance wants more than anything to become a famous rapper and is convinced Youtube is that ticket to stardom. He quickly inserted himself in the juggalo subculture by taking on any and all challengers in rap battles and freestyling on other peoples live streams any chance he got. It wasn't very long before he attracted the attention of people that saw the potential nectar that was waiting to be tapped.

The Players:
Music Biz Marty - A shrewd and calculating business man.

The Bender Boys - Plucky juggalo roustabouts looking for hot new talent.

Jayme Springer - King maker in the juggalo community, personal advisor to Twiztid and matron to all.

Chance Wilkins - A fucking retard.

The stage:
Mostly on Jayme's channel in the form of live streams with few exceptions.

Rap battles:


Some of the most important lore remains buried and lost in 10 and 12 hour juggalo streams (buh) but a few snipbits have risen from those depths for our amusement

The reason why the juggalos fucked with him:

Chance announcing he is now signed to the Bender Boys label:

Due to the failure of his debut music video (unfound) the bender boys were forced to sell Chance's contract:

Chance languishing under the thumb of music biz marty:

Chance finally figuring out its all kayfabe:

Abuse allegations
Chance was dating a woman by the name of Heather and for a time was living with him. Heather was embroiled in a custody battle for her children that Chance was creepily eager to call his own. But the online and offline antics of Chance seemed to be inhibiting her from gaining said custody. These include allegations of hitting Heather as well one of Heathers children and harassing local autistic children at a park.

It wasn't long before the two went their separate ways. They parted amicably and without incident, just kidding.

Unfortunately, the only footage that can be found explaining Heather's side is "dis pizza good" but fortunately we have Chance's side of the events.

Speaking of Chance's side of the story, here's more of his rationalizations. In these "confessions" the lore of his (alleged) abuse is explained.

What is Chance up to now?

Same shit:


Horror film:

Break dancing;

Only myself can defeat myself:

Chance, the air bender:

Proof hes a motherfucking midgit:

Suicide PSA:

Chance screaming for 25 seconds straight:
I wish we had a thread for this , as it stands it would take a month to plug in the relevant news , I'll just skip to the recent Cyraxx aka Chance Wilkins update
View attachment 1900496

Cast -

Music Business Marty - Cyrax's nemesis
TylerNy - Master Hacker and bloodshot records star

TangerineCat - Cyraxx's dedicated and wholesome girlfriend
Kale (youtube random unknown) printed 50 Cd's of copyrighted music with Cyraxx overdubbed vocal tracks along with a plaque

After many months of terrible karaoke and diss tracks. -
View attachment 1901115
~ and incessant head scratching the bed bug bites

Kale printed 50 Cd's for Cyraxx which are overdubbed vocal tracks on stolen music , also Kale purchased a plaque which he mailed to Cyraxx . The plaque is congratulating him on his purchase of 50 cd's from the company Diskmakers.

There are currently 38 of these CD's for sale if anyone trusts chance enough with their money and the responsibility of shipping anything when he hasn't left the house in months
View attachment 1900522
Chance is overwhelmed with the plaque and exclaims "We made it" holding the plaque up towards heaven to show his dead, gay, aids infested brother whose memorial page was defaced earlier in the month.
An example of images which appeared featuring "bill", Chances dead, gay, Aids infested brother who perhaps was the closest thing inbred rape baby Chance had to a father.

On a previous Episode ~
Cyraxx shares explicit pictures with Martina666 and the pictures of his b-hole leak out to the internet
Cyraxx posing in his E-Racing gear and "Big Boy" wheel
View attachment 1900632

And back to the present timeline -
Last night on Marty's stream Marty threatens to send images of the B-hole to TangerineCats employer unless Cyraxx can come and answer some questions so Cyraxx and TangerineCat come on Martys Panel
View attachment 1900631

Cyraxx cries about being sent rope and considers what Marty is doing as criminal and cries and begs for Marty to stop seeking an apology for Cyraxx saying he killed his ex. Cyraxx has apologized but always with caveats and always retracts and accuses Marty of murder.

Tony the Pedo also makes an appearance on the stream where he talks about his love of young teenage girls and is adamant that being attracted to young teenage girls and having images of underage children on a hidden hard drive
Thread made:

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It's more of a suggestion for international stuff but I thinks it's important enough to at least mention this ru-cow here:

Dmitri (David) Evgenevich Homak/aalien/Xtender


Dmitri/David Homak is one of the five creators of popular Russian website Lurkmore, which is basically RU adaptation of Encyclopedia Dramatica with more concentration on explaining the internet and meme culture in a style simmilar to ED but less harsh yet still verry critical aproach.
Lurkmore is verry important for russian internet culture and in a way, shaped the russian internet into it's current form. This is gonna be relevant later.

Back to Homak. Despite being considered one of the creators of the said site, he made zero to none actual contribution as a founder, esentially playing administrative role.

In 2010 founders of Lurkmore left the site, leaving it to Homak as sole operator and host provider, to keep the site afloat. At this point, site itself was esentially self-perpatuating in terms of content, most of the work was done by moderators and site veterans. Meanwhile, hungry for fame and attention Dmitri was proclaiming himself as THE creator of Lurkmore, which backfired at him when Russian gouverment started to go after Lurkmore.

In 2013 Dmitri immigrated to Israel

Up untill 2015 Dmitri kept wrestling with Russian officials for the site, but it never went anywhere, besides domain change and purge of a few pages. He did considered to archive the whole site, esentialy softlocking it. This led it to go stagnant for some time, yet articles continued to pop up again after softlock was silently removed.

Homak continued to host Lurkmore, but essentially did nothing useful, as usual, besides renaming banned articles for evasion and e-begging for hosting money.

Up untill 2021 nothing signifficant happened. Homak was running arround media outlets begging for attention, continuing to call himself THE creator of Lurkmore, talking about depression and how much shit he gets from gouverment.


In march he suddenly went full SJW, proclaiming himself non-binary, while praising himself for being so stunning and brave (while still living in Insrael, and not in Russia).


Now pay attention to this twitter page. You might think at it belongs to your avrage special sjw snowflake in her late 20's, but no, this is a page that belongs to a an old ass 40-something year old man.

At the end of april he suddenly came to the conclusion that Lurkmore is full of alt-right conservatives from 2000's and New Ethetics should be applied (despite the fact that Lurkmore has articles that are verry critical of alt-right and satirize nazis). Homak decided to archive a selected list of pages by locking them and hiding them on the site.
The list includes articles critical of SJW's, trans, gays and etc.
He also recorded a few videos where he insanely mumbled about how Lurkmore is full of conservatives and nazis and how he is gonna fix it. He also tried to redifine the purpose of the site from satirical to semi-educational to justify the change.

It is currently how the situation will unfold and where it all will lead the Lurkmore, but if Dimitri continues his policy this might cause the death of the website. The man is most likely gone mental and his zealous obsession won't do any good, if not dead, Lurkmore might just become more casual version of Wikipedia or Rationalwiki.
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The time is ripe for a thread on Jacob Stellmach / aediot.

At first, he was known for being a child-like retard who announces that he is the "Leader of Encyclopedia Dramatica" because he "saw it first", is trying to file business registration and trademark content because ED walked away from him because he doesn't know how a website functions, while selling merchandise.

But, now he's outted himself for constantly stuffing napkins up his asshole because he claims he was diddled when he was younger, in exchange for leaking two tit pics... and announcing he won the battle. He quickly exposed himself as being one of the biggest lolcows I've ever seen. I didn't think I could have a lower opinion of him, yet here we are!

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Found someone who is definitely thread-worthy.

Come meet The Pain Fairy (OdyneLaFee) !

An author of books that have sold bricks.

A lover of the ellipsis... She writes how Captain Kirk speaks and thinks she is The Riddler.

By day, she is a fearless SJW having one-sided arguments with celebrities over meaningless bullshit.

She was recently scammed by a fake twitter account and is now is on a rampage to destroy the actor because she fell for a catfishing. At first she really believed it was him but now believes it was a fake; however, the actor is still accountable because the scammer used his image.

She is in full “bunny boiler” mode.


Angelsofkeanureeves on Instagram and Twitter gives a good overview of fraud account problem.


She really thinks the actor is making money off of the fake accounts and getting a cut of the "human trafficking" proceeds. I kid you not. She demands the actor's friends and associates give up his email and contact info or else.



She likes to pick fights with celebrities and if she doesn’t get a response she threatens to write Tumblr-level cringe fan fictions about them. Skirting defamation by claiming “its only fiction”.


She does her usual virtue-signaling using SJW, BLM and RadFem talking points.





By night, she becomes a thirsty New Mexico thot getting all her simps and white knights hot in their pants with her stimulating conversations about her dinner plans, showing off her new tits and fingering herself.


Seriously, this slag checks all the boxes as being one of the most deranged, sanctimonious and entitled bitches that I have every seen on twitter. Her bizarre rants are infuriatingly nonsensical yet weirdly entertaining. She really thinks she can bully people into submission. Not one of her simps every debates her or calls her out on her man-hating bullshit. I would love to see someone really debate this twat. I imagine she would run to her safe-place, lockdown her account and claim bullying. Her white knights would be the clean up crew and swoop in and tell her how much they love her and miss her beautiful tits, I mean “smile”. She only thrives on twitter because twitter will allow her bullying and man-hating drivel because she's a leftist twat. If she was a man or a conservative she would've been banned a long time ago and labelled an incel or a QAnon crazy.



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Would anyone be interested in a BBC Watch thread? (The British Broadcasting Corporation, not the reproductive organs of gentlemen of African origins). I'm not sure what sub it would belong in (Community Watch? Happenings?) but there is so much hilarity to be had in the way that its output (particularly on its News website) has become blatant propaganda while they have a link on every page entitled "why you can trust the BBC". The constant editing of article titles and copy to cover their tracks, the blatant stupidity and bias, the complete (and possibly deliberate) misunderstanding of internet culture, the way that even their sports coverage is sinking under a woke tide - lots to see, lots to laugh at. I could provide an OP and content, but the thread would need many contributors because there's so much content and many stories get buried, deleted or altered to save embarrassment.

It would be something like the Games Journalism General thread - let's all laugh at dumb journalists - except that us lucky Britbongs have to pay for all this stupidity on pain of imprisonment.

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I want to make a community watch thread on the Twitter art community. It’s full of identity politics, virtue signaling, attention whoring and obsession over sexuality and race. Destiny and Manny have threads for themselves but there are smaller, lesser known cows around them that could use a general thread for discussion.


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I could provide an OP and content, but the thread would need many contributors because there's so much content and many stories get buried, deleted or altered to save embarrassment.
Sounds like an A&N thread. There's already one on British news in general there.

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So given how this has popped up on a few other threads in Arts/Lit and Multimedia, and several key members like Chuck Wendig already have lolcow threads...

Should there be a general SFWA/Spec fiction community thread, either here or in the community forums? For the general discussion, or stupidity of members not quite worthy of an individual thread?

For an example, today one key spec fiction lolcow, Camestros Felapton, spearheaded the latest effort to document the Puppy fiasco from 7-8 years ago, ie lefty spec fiction's version of the Gamergate boogeyman. Naturally, his recounting frames it has some heroic struggle as opposed to a circlejerk where people like him drove off a good chunk of the fandom and have dominated thr Hugos ever since.

Funny because of who you see pumping these up are a lot of the same idiots you see in the YA Thread or Wendig's ilk.

Lots of people and material to pick apart, discuss and make fun of... but not sure where it should go, or if other people would agree its thread worthy.

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I actually came here and registered to suggest Adonis Paul, JJ Stoner, and Royce as LOLcows for being extreme A-Loggers. I mean, Royce is already technically a LOLcow, but most of that thread is devoted to Mersh not Royce...but Royce's behavior in this situation is the least LOLcowish of the 3.

I was first inclined to do it several weeks ago, but I am extremely lazy, boomerish, and busy. Not to mention, highly disinclined to get involved with internet bullshit.

Adonis Paul, JJ Stoner, and Royce all know just enough about LOLcow-ism to be dangerous. They can find mentally ill people on the internet, but they can't distinguish between sad and funny. Adonis Paul has oscillated between pathetically begging Adrasdea not to kill herself in comments left on her videos, to antagonizing her again on a stream the following night. He admitted to creating dozens of alts to comment on her videos, then denied it again later and went back to A-Logging and bragging about making thousands of dollars off tormenting her. I don't know whether AP has gone back and deleted his embarrassing, desperate please-don't-kill-yourself-and-therefore-ruin-my-life comments, but I assume he has.

I want to say on this, the forum of record, that I apologize and retract my prior statement referenced herein.

Although I may not agree with all their methods, I support the spirit of the work of AP, JJ, and Royce Lopez w/r/t Adrasdea. I also second the motion for Adrasdea to be instituted as a lolcow. Further explanation of my reversal could be provided, but no one fucking cares about me. Just look at these damn videos:



The evidence is going to SHOW!!!!!
Can someone do a thread on Conor Murphy and do a better job than this guy?

He went full mental leaking his passwords and doxxing himself and his family.

Is there a thread on lizcourserants / Discourse Catharsis? They're pretty funny in how they go apeshit over fictional ships and minor harassment/trolling on Twitter. They also have a youtube. They're famous for how Free!!! (yaoi-bait anime about high-school swimmers) made them "stop being homophobic." They tard out about the "antis" and on "proshipping" bullshit a lot. They've contributed to a numerous amount of harassment campaigns, despite being "anti-harassment." Here's one example, feel free to dig more into that fiasco, if it hasn't been documented here already, because it's batshit insane. Multiple times they've threatened to contact minors' schools over them making fun of fanfiction.

They've got a gold mine of exceptional posts. I think they're lolcow-worthy on the basis of being dumb as hell and making up shit to "own the antis."

I found this loser
the individuals alias is right wing cope
real name unknown
here is website
here is main twitter
here is his discord
and here is his second Twitter account

here is some of his tweets
does anyone have his real Idenity other than the alias I Gave ? And we all go from there


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