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Someone has GOT TO make a thread in Animal Control for TikTok user @Icierra

This literal complete sped furry goes from pissing on people who stole her multicolored ear design. (Literally 2 triangle pieces of paper, one pink, and one green) to being homophobic, then proceeding to post on pride month screaming “Asexual pride”. Then being racist and having a literal mammy doll hanging from her ceiling. (partially unrelated to the racism). Not to mention she’s claiming that she is dating her brother (he is a sped too, but even he has enough intelligence to attempt to cut all contact with her). She is a complete cow, it’s baffling how she doesn’t have her own thread by now.
I'm currently working on a prospering grounds thread for her, she's been a personal cow of mine for awhile. There is so much lore you've barely scratched the surface. Am newfag though and I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to fit 765435 videos in one OP.

Someone has GOT TO make a thread in Animal Control for TikTok user @Icierra

This literal complete sped furry goes from pissing on people who stole her multicolored ear design. (Literally 2 triangle pieces of paper, one pink, and one green) to being homophobic, then proceeding to post on pride month screaming “Asexual pride”. Then being racist and having a literal mammy doll hanging from her ceiling. (partially unrelated to the racism). Not to mention she’s claiming that she is dating her brother (he is a sped too, but even he has enough intelligence to attempt to cut all contact with her). She is a complete cow, it’s baffling how she doesn’t have her own thread by now.
im so surprised she doesnt have a thread on here yet either-

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Creepshow Art? I’d start a thread but I don’t have privileges. Might stay in the comm community area, but after the past couple days I’m surprised there’s not more on her. She’s a cow, she looks like one, lied about being stalked while she stalked a different youtuber, was apparently homeless by choice, and her husband/boyfriend makes music. Could be milked.

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Possibly. Most people would get a suspended sentence on a first offence even in 2004 - or a few months in worst case. Perhaps, PL had some previous.

In any event, PL didn't seem to get much of a lesson from his incarceration judging by this tweet:

"AND I still have a pair of Dolce & Gabbana jeans I bought with my crime proceeds. And I'm not in prison anymore. A net gain I'd say"
Lees mother's name was Sally Ann Jacklin. She was born out of wedlock in Jan 1968 to Josephine Beevers (who later married Terence Jacklin in 1973) . There is only one birth record that I can find where the father's surname is Lees and the mother's surname is Jacklin. That's Paul Matthew Lees born Feb 1986 in Nottinghamshire. I'm not 100% that this is Paris Lees but it seems the most likely. Lees seems to celebrate his Birthday on 28/07 but it's not inconceivable that he lies about that event as well. I didn't find anything on the prison sentence but something may turn up as more records get digitised.

Looks like Palmer is at it again 4D522C61-C2C1-4011-91DD-DEB730B7FDAE.jpegDC2FAEF1-6AF9-4977-9F4C-4523AA26280E.jpegB60DB741-EB01-4D70-B4F4-96CAEE2FC7DF.jpegF8E7EFBC-F4F8-4147-9735-15FEECD9C3BC.jpegCBD02D12-D5F1-4759-AC26-44F130DB0C64.jpeg497C5C35-458C-4111-8B9C-ADC0B4607F46.jpeg


…Oh come on! You love the dirty-talkin’ Grimace…
One of you, who keeps posting Palmer Report stuff in this thread, should go to Prospering Grounds, (as stated earlier by a longtime poster here, to someone who kept posting repetitive things in this thread.)

This isn’t the Palmer thread.

You go to Prospering Grounds, described just a few comments above. Lurk more. It’s not hard. Anyone who is a member can start a thread there, then, once vetted by a mod, the thread is moved to the proper place, in part decided by thread creator & mods.

Proving Grounds/ Prospering fucking grounds. A place to ask for help/ tips/ con crit, is provided, too, there. Lurk & you shall see, & for fucks sake, there’s enough of you fagging out for Palmer Report in this thread, band together in private messages or something & make the damn thread.

& all the n00bs bitching about permissions here, no, lurk more, & you shall find. Prospering Mother Fucking Grounds. If you have a membership on KF, & aren’t a douche, maybe even if you are one, you will notice you DO have “permission” to post threads, there. It’s the beginning basics.

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We need an artcow thread on Creepshow Art, pronto. Spread the Word if necessary.
If you’re gonna talk about CreepShow. At least post some fucking context.

CreepShowArt needs a thread here because this is a major thing that's been building up in the last few years in the art community. This isn't the first person to out CSA (AKA Shannon) as problematic but this video has cemented CSA and her BF as narcissists and obsessive to the point of ruining someone's life.

TLDR: A YouTube artist, Emily Artful, released a 2 hour video discussing how CreepShow ( Shannon) and her emo boyfriend Anthony, who actually fantasized about shooting up their high school in detail and threatened Emily's life, stalked and harassed Emily for 8 years straight online and in IRL. She's gotten fired from jobs due to them and it went to the point of Anthony taking photos of areas near Emily’s home, doxxing her.
Keep in mind that Emily was a recovering drug addict and a mother during this.

Twitter Thread on how Shannon got banned from lolcow board (Archive)

Additional Receipts Thread by Emily: (Archive)

+To be clear, Anthony did NOT break into my home and assault me. I knowingly invited him in but because I was so heavily and visibly intoxicated, I was not able to consent.

+ To be clear, Shanthony didn’t initially know 2 of the photographs they were using against me were of me when I was 15/16. I pointed it out to them at one point but they sort of just ignored me.

+To be clear, the Snapchat photographs were most likely NOT taken in my city. I’m guessing it’s somewhere in their area and they were just piggybacking off of my fear that they were here.

+Looks like Shannon deleted that rant video she made about how every art YouTuber makes a "My Art Teacher hates me" video, in which she used my vid in her thumbnail as an example. Interesting.

+People are saying that in Shannon’s stalker video she mentions “Amy” having “emo boys crawl through her window” to visit her when I’ve stated publicly that when I lived with my Dad, that is how I would sneak people in and how I would sneak out.

+Someone one else pointed out that Shannon has specifically mentioned: “not having enough money for a PI or an attorney” when she referenced her stalker. She posted this video after I confronted her wherein I tell her I have hired both.

+Someone pointed out that I talk about a “void” in my email to Anthony and then he uses “void” as a taunt in the Snapchat exchange. Might be an actual coincidence since the exchanges were several years apart, but they obsessed over every little thing I did so this might be of note.

Forgive me for getting anything wrong, let me know if I need to fix this post.
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So here's an interesting fellow, I'm not sure if he's quite an lolcow, very low profile, but I only mention it because I'm getting Austin Harrouff vibes from him (Credit to @ShinyStar for putting Harrouff on my radar), like he might murder his grandmother or something. (Details on that below.)

Catholic David B, aka David Berishaj, aka "Catholicism Underground."

Basically he seems to be a religious fanatic / autist / schizo / coomer of sorts.

I noticed him from this video someone made highlighting his behavior on Twitter.

Obviously, my curiosity was piqued. The "Shelly" he is obsessed with is Shelly Doyle, a Gracie Jiu Jitsu fighter.

He was using the name "David Berishaj" on twitter, and I half suspected it was a bit, some kind of Sam Hyde-esque character. It is as it turns out, his real name.
He had a video on his channel of a BJJ match, and I found his fighter record here.

I also started to think his persona wasn't a bit because he seemingly became self-conscious after the video from JinxPr0duction and blocked a ton of people, then deleted his Twitter account.

His now deleted Twitter was full of schizo rants about Catholicism, some of which seemed borderline blasphemous. He also had an obsession with someone named "Amara Maple," which turned out to be the real name pornstar Lana Rhoades. He would tweet about her and Shelly all day, maybe 40-50 tweets per day, saying she had just left his house, asking people to pray for her, how he'd let her do things Mike wouldn't. I believe he was referring to Rhoades' ex-boyfriend Mike Majlak, one of Logan Paul's associates. Interestingly enough, though he would tweet about "Amara" all day, he wouldn't interact with Lana Rhoades' Twitter account at all.

EDIT: He made a new Twitter, but it's essentially empty.

His Twitter led me to his YouTube channel.

His YouTube channel is still up, containing gems like this slideshow of his abs set to Christian music.
And this "NSFW" rap:

Most of the content on his channel was--
  • Videos about some game he's designing
  • Sperging about Catholicism... very long stuff, notebooks full of notes he taken at mass, etc.
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • MMA
  • Talking about himself in the 3rd person, saying his whole character is performance art
He seems fairly unhinged, but at the same time somewhat articulate and intelligent.

I noticed he had disappeared for a while, but he came back with this update:
  • He was in the hospital for a few weeks, doesn't remember much
  • Had four run-ins with the police, was arrested once
  • Insists he isn't selling drugs
  • Rants about Catholicism, Jesus, Aristotle's categories of friends, etc.
  • 3:30 - Admits he did have a a bi-polar manic episode where he said he wanted to kill his grandmother on a family group chat (90% sure he lives with his grandmother) so they called the police, that's why he was hospitalized
  • Rants about not wanting to go to his sister's wedding
  • He says his family "is mad about the Facebook and Twitter stuff"
  • Talks about Lana Rhoade's pregnancy
  • Mayweather / Paul fight
  • Talks about his medication, mentions he has anger problems where he yells and hits the wall (13:30). Doesn't want to take the drugs but says they may put him back in the hospital if he doesn't
  • 14:00 says he has absolutely no one in his life to talk to except Jesus Christ
  • His greatest fear in life is catheters
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Anyone know about Nika Petrova/Lilithreborn and feel like making a thread? She has her own thread on lolcow farms but I can't find one for her on here. She has a lengthy internet history of acting nasty and psychotic online, plus her on and off BFF Jaelle is a bit of a cow in her own right.

I'm actually shocked Nika doesn't have a thread here yet, considering her insane antics on the internet. Some highlights include: chronic glorifying of drug use, regularly faking sobriety, claiming multiple mental disorders, stealing boyfriends, trying to groom minors into drug use and sexual situations, her awful lip fillers, admitting she likes little girls, posting her own period blood, having, filming, and posting video of her fucking her best friend's weird old mentally unwell father, conspiracy theories and SO much more. Literally a treasure trove of online insanity. I personally don't have the skills or mental capacity to actual create an OP myself but it could be a great thread.


Stoplight Guy
PhantomArcade/David Brown. Artist for Friday Night Funkin who gets little girls into his twitter space to moan at him, and retconned characters who were clearly designed kids to be 19 so he could jerk off to porn of them.

Cask of Amontillado

Lamar Davis
A Tiktok feud turned deadly. Anyone heard of Zachary Latham? This is the guy that killed his neighbor, who happened to be a police officer, all because Zach wanted internet infamy. This was covered in a Dire Trip video.

Currently he's in jail in Florida.

I found his Tiktok account, but apparently these videos were nowhere to be found.

Noir drag freak

Anthony Michael Flackus, or "Toni Flackus" as he goes by online, is a "cute petite trans girl" troon twitch streamer. Banned several times from twitch for sperging out at people, he also claims to have 77 Black Desert Online accounts.

He was brought to my attention when I saw him spamming his twitch channel in chat. A friend of mine decided to look, assuming it was a kid doing some autistic self promotion. He was surprised when instead of a BDO stream, he got a man in a wig wearing makeup, literally doing meth on stream. This clip unfortunately no longer exists and was likely the reason behind Toni's initial twitch ban.

At this point, I was intrigued, and decided to go on the stream myself to take a look. Unfortunately he plays a lot of copywritten music, so the audio is missing for a lot of the video, but there were some choice quotes I thought I'd list.

"When your boobs start growing in, they hurt a lot. These (Toe Warmers) are great. Also they feel good on my balls."
"I had to go in for an EKG because I did too much meth."
"I have never overdosed on meth."

As you might be able to tell, he's a big fan of meth. In fact, he's often out of his mind on it, which is why he does so many 24 hour streams. (his backup for when his main is banned)


You can see some of the "content" he produces.

Now this a pretty standard terminally online troonwreck of a human being. What makes this guy so particularly interesting as a lolcow is that he has a history beyond that, which I only discovered recently with his arrest.

Arrest Record with more information about him -

He has a history with the air force - in 2015 he was the Airforce's most wanted criminal.


From BusinessInsider

He was also recently hospitalized for a meth overdose. He explained to his stream afterward that it was because he "was sad about father's day and not being able to see his sons."

He never turned off his twitch stream, so it's still running as of this post, more than a full day after his arrest.


This is all from an hour or so of searching online. This guy is insane, and definitely deserves a thread.

I would like to nominate KirafudaRed/it's Mr. Mask/Indiana Tan. He is a Chinese-Maylasian in his 20's currently going to Uni. in Australia and has a Massive bug up his butt about White People and the US military. An Abridged List of his goings-on:

  • He claims he was Hate Crimeed by some white Aussie dude's, some people think he did it to himself to Win internet points
  • Despite hating Whity, he has a White Girlfriend. he also claims to be Bi.
  • E-Beg's on his Private Twitter to his hilariously small audience of fellow pissed-off Asians and self-hating Whites.
  • For some reason really hate's American "Imperialism" and the US Military (Not just the white's ether, everyone who serve's, calling them Child Murders and Rapists)
  • He really hates people who freely give Minor's Porn for some reason. Not even the "Go to jail" kind ether, just shit they could easily find on the net anyway.
  • Run's a shitty TPRG with some fellow Leftist Asian's that want's to be super Woke and Anti-white.
  • Had a multi-month-long war with a Youtuber/Costume maker over Racism in the Tokusatsu/Power Ranger's community. Too much to go into here, but it's a whole thing in of itself.
Here are his Twitters:
His former Main account. Uses it now to show off recept's from people who get called nasty names in the Tokusatsu fandom and to Archive his War's.
His TRPG account, it's Mr. Mask Where he mostly shoves his Anti-White and Anti-American BS these days
His Private Twitter used to post Personal shit to his drones He also E-Beg's and post's about his Suicidal Depression about 4 times a week.

Newfag here so go easy. but i was looking around youtube for posts under one hour old, its a good way to find weird videos/people when i found this

Intro ends at 1:07 but i recommend watching the intro aswell, it showcases half of why these videos are so "good" for content

it made me laugh so i went to his account page and found he had an entire web of shit posted. he very heavily reminds me of chris, apparently that is said alot but when i saw his deviantart i thought the resemblance was very uncanny.
archive shot 1.png

This comic of oswald apparently goes on for 300 pictures just like this one. its also very hard to read because of course it is
Archive shot 2.png

Apparently this guy is really and i mean REALLY into Oswald, some old disney character of yore. but since he is autistic he is also obviously drawn to sonic as wellArchive shot 4.png
Archive shot 3.png
his twitter is filled with sports and you guessed it, sonic. he also talks about disney alot.
Archive shot 5.png

what also really made me think he was worthy of being called a cow is his youtube. Where he posts rant videos talking about whatever comes to mind (ala The chuckecheese rant)

Sound Warning Btw alot of his videos are absurdly loud

His editing is very... unique to say the least, as there is frequent and very long silence in his voiced videos, and music is very clearly "spliced" don't know how else to put it but it just cuts to a random point in the song every few seconds. best showcased in this rant about KFC. why does he care about KFC? I don't know.

*again SOUND WARNING* if your wondering when the intro ends its 1:08 voiceover starts at 1:14, there is nothing inbetween, showcases his weird sense of editing.

he also writes fanfictions about mario and My little pony? i dont know, but here it is
Archive shot 6.png

Heres a mega with pdfs of all the fanfics incase he decides to delete anything

links are as follows incase i forgot anything



This is my first time posting anything to the farms, i followed nulls archival tutorial as closely as i could but i probably fucked something up, please tell me if i did as i want to correct shit if i can

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