your favorite song?

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I'm a huge Jethro Tull fan, and a great deal of their songs I would consider favorites. My all time favorite seems to fluctuate, but at the moment I'd say it was Old Ghosts.



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Aug 24, 2014
It has to be some song by the Hong Kong singer Paula Tsui; she is a big part of my childhood. which one it is depends on the mood. Usually I pick "A Painting" because of its evocative, inspiring lyrics:

As I set off I received a gift from you.
It is a painting, a seagull soaring over the sky.
How rare it was to have someone who knew my heart
Facing this boundless and unknown world, I cannot put words to this feeling.

This aimless flow of people, what indeed do they live for?
Different as their demeanor, each face is etched with a silent protest.
What indeed is shrouded by this foul, confused world,
To the long suffocation of everyone?

The Spring rain, the Summer sun
The Autumn leaves, the Winter gale
Their eerie, mysterious beauty.
Painful is the progression, but youth prevails.
A story, a truth.
A surprise, elating epiphany.
Let the Will to Live shine, and bring forth a world of senses.

A painting, so gallant, so magnificent
Sends my sights quivering
But perhaps it is not proper to weep
Amidst this eternal melody.

If I'm feeling wistful, I go for this song "In Deep Autumn I Stood Aloft".
Huddled together, we talked deep into the night, in hushed voices
Not minding the snow thickening on our backs
An early wakening in early winter, we bared ourselves to each other
What was wrong in the world became right again

Still remembering, in early Spring, in my demureness
I acknowledged in silence
Deep in Autumn, I stood aloft
In half-tears
By the pillow I thought of the past
Still recalling that you have said
Your love will not stay lest your heart be broken

Sounds of the rustling weeds broke the silence of the night
I closed my eyes and thought of the past
I should have sorted it out; time never waited
Yet I put aside my doubts and hoped for a change

Gazing ahead, about -- the scenery recedes.
Tears mingle with the drizzle.
No more questions: past woes are like rain, like dew
Gently falling, on fields of new harvest
Tumbling along the wind to the wastelands.

Whatever has long gone; yoked hearts now weary and separate
At long last I understood it is all futile
Wind keeps howling, a solitary echo through the late Autumn sky
The willow leaves, witnesses to my love, pile deep

Why I alone is permeated by the fog, the rain?

or "Love is like Threads of Rain"
Love is like threads, the wind like shears
You may forsake love, but sentiments cannot be severed
The grey sky and the grey rain
Gently bring back such memories and sadness.

Love is like threads of rain
May I ask if a few had entangled you
I wonder if you know
The feeling of love is eternal.
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Mar 16, 2019
Can I use a game OST?
Because I'm still in love with Syphon Filter's tracks even a decade and a half later.
Playing Splinter Cell with the music off and putting SF's stuff over it is one of the comfiest things you can do.



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Mar 21, 2019
I have a lot of jams, but these three are some of my favorites.

My body is a cage
That keeps me from dancing with the one I love
But my mind holds the key
I'm standing on a stage
Of fear and self-doubt
It's a hollow play
But they'll clap anyway

Why didn't you come when I beat my drum
And screamed off my head out into the night?
Scared of the slums, afraid of the guns
Don't wanna see the hoodlums fight

Hey, hey, hey, na, na, na, na
Don't wanna see the hoodlums fight
Hey, hey, hey, na, na, na, na
Don't wanna see the hoodlums fight

(Now this is what it's like when worlds collide
Now this is what it's like
Now this is what it's like when worlds collide
Now this is what it's like)

What is it really
That's going on here
You've got the system for total control
Now is there anybody out there
Now watch us suffer here cause we can't go
What is it really that is in your head
What little life that you had just died
I'm gonna be the one that's taking over
Now this is what it's like when worlds collide


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Dec 4, 2018

This song's been a better friend to me than most people.

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Nov 15, 2017

Loreena McKennitt's The Mummers Dance has been my favorite since I was a teenager.


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Dec 9, 2020
Been searching for a thread that's just people saying what their favorite songs are but came to no ad veil, just threads about favorite genres or specific bands. So tell me what your favorite song/songs are! here's mine.\\

Tom Sawyer by Rush- The lyrics are genius, I wish Neil Peart was still alive. Geddy had excellent vocals back in the day but now his chords are pretty much roasted. Love the synth keyboard and the cool kinda zooming out sound. I like making up story's about songs and then picturing them in my mind and I pictured some badass swordsman or just a general badass. everything is wonderful about this track.

Digital Love by Daft Punk- This one just hits right in the feels, Daft Punk never fails to make music that I just wanna get up and dance too. Reminds me of Scott Pilgrim for some reason, But I can just picture a cute couple falling in love with each other in this song. the beat is awesome and the melody is very futuristic sounding. I listened to this back and middle school and I get so nostalgic every time I hear it.

Layla by Derek and The Dominos (also Eric Clapton)- Best guitar hook ever, don't even argue with me, better then My Sharona or Sweet Child O' Mine's hooks. I can picture an awesome western movie, specifically something in the style of Red Dead Redemption. love the guitar distortion and the ensemble of vocals after the verses.

Alright, share yours!

Dec 13, 2020
In terms of what you would consider industrial metal, Reptile and Downward Spiral (the song) by NIN, and basically anything KMFDM did on Symbols or Hau Ruck in 97 and 05 respectively. In terms of Nu Metal I'd say something by Papa Roach. Other then that Idk, I like some Jazz too. The St. James Infirmary Blues is one can think off top of my head.


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Sep 10, 2013
My favorite songs change pretty often, so my list now isn't necessarily what it would be in a few months. My favorites are usually things that make me either want to put on a chainmail bikini and fight orcs, or make me want to paint orcs.

Right now I'm obsessed with Time of the Dark by Brocas Helm. Such a cool band that I never hear people talk about. But this song has such an amazing intro. Defender of the Crown is also really awesome, but if I listed all my favorites I'd just be posting the full album!

Here's another song I've been playing a lot, I didn't know this band at all until I found this album on vinyl at the local record store and thought "Yo that's some cool art".

Don Felder's Heavy Metal is always a favorite. Seeing the movie Heavy Metal for the first time as a young teen is probably the closest thing I've ever had to a religious experience. I love how it was used in the South Park episode Major Boobage,