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Edit - Oh, I think the TightVNC problem I had was encryption settings not working right.
Yeah, most VNC implementations use weird encryption modes that aren't supported by anything other than that one selfsame piece of code. A lot of the online resources say "Just turn off encryption", but... no.
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Not meaning to pander to communism. But in a sense. Was gaming great in the 90s because of the mentality of sharing? I mean free games online. Aswell as Linux a free OS, even if gaming on it is not good. But just saying. The free softwares we enjoy like Firefox etc

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- And as long as I'm dreaming, have some sort of "remote desktop" feature that can actually be remoted into from non-Linux systems
I tried half a dozen solutions to get remote apps and desktops from Mint and debian on my Windows 10 desktop and X2go was the only one that worked out of the box without problems and acceptable (and the best) performance.

Can I get a recommendation on a Linux distro?
The first "everything works as expected" experience I have had with desktop Linux in a long while.


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