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It's not gay if you wear a condom
i'm way to lazy to actually go though the time and effort to make a threat but i thought i'd drop this here. i found a potential lolcow, not much there as i haven't dug to deep but so far it's a transexual asian guy names Jack Hsieh who calls himself Momma, his youtube channel is filled with ranting about the most random shit, doing his nails etc and half is filled with "ASMR" videos where he stands over a stove for over and hour just filming his food cooking. on his instagram he's apparently a fashion designer and a make-up guru while on his twitter he's a scam artist trying to sell fake cloth mouth mask to help defend against the Wuflu. i called him out and he flipped the fuck out and threatened to send his "army of lawyers" after me. on his instagram he shows business cards where his job is stated as "coutuier" i have no fucking clue what that is, did he misspell courier?
just a weird dude all around

Fathering Autism-perfect? Vlogging family has been hit with daddy scandals of an illegitimate daughter and police arrests-he calls her that girl or the girl in the weeping confession video to their rabid fans. He is behind on child support despite having bought 3 vehicles, a 569k house and a brand new golf cart for his autistic daughter he does claim. They closed their business to YouTube full time. He pays only $236 bucks a month yet got behind on child support and got his Florida driving license revoked. He drove and vlogged with his autistic daughter in the vehicle. The scandal has been making gossip site news for a few months and broke on YouTube yesterday. They made a weepy confessional vlog sort of and on the same day also posted 3 Tik Tok videos laughing it up. Their rabid fan base is calling all the public court records lies.
Video exposing FA

FA Weepy Confessional Sort Of

FA Receipts & Tik Tok Exposed

Fucken Monster
(For all intents and purposes, this is the first OP of the FatheringAutism thread. If you want the second (and more up to date) OP with everything sorted out, click here)

Daily vlogger and professional Dunkins Donut eater Asa Maass is here to educate the ignorant masses about just how hard it is to be an autism warrior daddy while making bank off his defective spawn, Abbie (age 14). As of February 2020, they have amassed almost 500k followers and won two WeGo awards. How, you ask? Abbie, according to Asa, has nonverbal autism, but in reality appears to just be an exceptional individual who wants to constantly eat, scream, and rip apart her filthy diapers. FatheringAutism took off in 2017 with a video called "Autism Potty Training | How To Potty Train With Discrete Trial Training", featuring repulsive screencaps such as this shit:


Also extremely popular on the channel are educational masterpieces about "autism meltdowns," AKA tard rages that make the big bucks come in. This involved dragging a teenage girl with the awareness and intelligence of an infant to inappropriate places such as hockey games, where everyone would have to listen to and smell their disgusting pet monster.

Video here on the tard rage.

Asa also pushes Dunkin Donuts every single fucking video, pretending he only drinks the coffee and gets the donuts as an "occasional treat" for his pot-bellied autismo, but clearly enjoys plowing through mountains of the goddamned things when not on camera.

Has fat wife named Priscilla Maass that he constantly negs. Don't blame him here. The hog looks like she is literally melting after weight loss surgery and the loss appears to have stalled. Has a cringy TikTok where she waddles around and her equally obese sycophant fans bellow, "You go, girlfriend!" in the comments. Hates her exceptional spawn and shifts the "primary caretaking" on to her voyeuristic weirdo of a husband, including performing a teenage girl's hygiene and personal care. Yeah, that's not fucking creepy at all.


Fatty Dancing TikTok

Despite many objections that she is not outgoing and does not like being on camera, Asa has bullied his ill-educated chubby princess into starting "her very own channel," formerly known as Pots, Pans, and Priscilla, now known as Cilla's Stuff 'N Things. Instead of just cooking fattening slop, you can now watch her decorate like a poor person who just won the lottery while Asa corrects her about how to decorate and generally demeans her on camera.

Also starring: The normie son Isaiah, the autism warrior's equivalent to the Hartley Hooligan's Cal. Isaiah frequently provides respite care for his sister when the other "helpers" aren't there and Asa doesn't need to film content. Is referred to as "the third caretaker" by his parents.


Seems like less of a shitbag than his parents, probably incredibly bitter about the life he's been forced into.

Now, the best bits of this: Turns out Perfect Autism Warrior Daddy Asa was served by the state of WI/baby mama Stephanie Schmidt. Turns out back when he wasn't too fat to find his dick and his wife blew up to epic proportions, he knocked a bitch up and made a non-exceptional spawn he currently is in arrears for not paying child support for while he buys drones, cars, and a half million dollar home thanks to his handicapable cash cow.


Per the Duval Co. courts, Chubbers is currently $573 in arrears with a suspended DL.

First thread. Be gentle.

Thanks to @Sexy Senior Citizen for the help.

He has an Instagram account and a Twitter account (I don't have an Instagram account, so I can't access it.)
The son Isaiah has a Twitter account too. Judging by his bio, I'd say he's incredibly bitter towards his parents:
isaiahmaas - Copy.png

Daddy, meanwhile, was born in 1981, a year before our own Chris-Chan.
He lives in Florida, and has made the news there- twice for his "work" on autism. A lolcow who is a literal Florida man!
He was nominated for several Wego Health Awards, and has won two (punny).
He has a Linkedin account as well (again, I have no account so I can't view it.)

Asa Requa Maass
6749 Beatrix Drive
Jacksonville, Florida

Phone: (904) 309-4442
(Second source to confirm)
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He vlogged and drove on a suspended license with the autistic daughter in the car. So obviously no insurance real nice if he had gotten in an accident and hurt people might have had to sell new home dissolve the only daughter he claims trust fund. He calls the daughter he owes child support on the girl or that girl. Court records give him fathers rights and visitation but he chooses not to pursue. No $$$ there

The day of his weepy confessional vlog they also filmed 2 other videos and 3 Tik Toks. Cry me a river 🙄

Wow He Tells Absentee Fathers to Man Up

I am dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He draws stick figures and tells absentee dads to "man up". The whole time ignoring an out of wedlock daughter and getting behind on child support. I guess neurotypical kids it's ok for the father to be absent no $$$ there. What a hypocrite and this guy won a family award?
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This guy is an out and out liar what a paragon of virtue for fathers everywhere not. In the child support paperwork somebody posted above the date is from 2012 and he told the courts he was unemployed. I will link one vlog of the many where he states he owns his own motorcycle repair business he opened in 2010 hes wasn't unemployed like he told the courts. Hes a contempt of court lolcow. After the 7 minute mark he says he opened his own business in 2010 and closed it in 2018 to cash in on on YouTube bucks.

More proof the Contempt Of Court Lolcow was and is lying. Heres the articles of incorporation and dissolution for his motorcycle repair shop 2010 to 2018. He was never unemployed lied to the court to skimp on child support payments to his baby mama. And has never reported his YouTube gig income either.

Award for Best In Parenting/Family Really?

If they only knew the Lolcow they gave this award to. More crocodile tears🙄 The fatty wife is looking better they paid for dental implants and wls while being behind on minimal child support. Priorities


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I saw the files without the blobs of the mother and the daughters name on them, Im surprised they didnt censor his daughters name or her Dox since shes still a minor If he wants to sue tattle tale, He should sue Duval county for not redacting personal info. Heres his baseless threats, Wouldnt be surprised if KF gets some exceptional emails from Dunkin donuts Maass
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No I don't like you Evil Stepmother Lolcow. Making Tik Toks the same day as the weepy confessional. How's that stepdaughter of yours doing?

Evil Stepmom Lolcow Tik Tok
I have a deadbeat father I feel I can relate to this 2nd child being how my deadbeat father could care less about me yet divering all his attention to his evil wife. Priscilla definitely reminds me of her. (1).jpg
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Fucken Monster
Well, this guy does make me lol. From the fat mong farmer's TikTok:


Speaking of autism, you guys could answer my question if you're gonna point out how dumb it is. I've never posted here before today so I have no idea how my post from another thread got here.
I likely didn't put enough info in the OP. Anyone know what's lacking?
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