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Biden's Chosen

Finally a blue wave we can believe in
He made about 10 videos a month for about a year now.

It's fun, his black friends still call him white:

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Dutch Courage

Curious Onlooker
True & Honest Fan
lol, he actually apologizes for not looking black enough in the OP's video, and urges us to look at his videos from five months ago to see him when he was blacker. I'm no expert, but I suspect real black people don't have this problem.

Sped Xing

!Bigfoot! sightings please call 908-314-7784

Wilhelm Bittrich

Stupid fucking ape cunt!
Nuka Zeus? Seriously, anybody who calls himself Nuka Zeus should be institutionalized immediately for being a fucking retard.
Did that idiot play to much Fallout games?

This guy is more dedicated and authentic looking than Sean King.
Tbh, I know Germans who have a darker tan than TalcumX. Even Rachel Dolezal was more believable in LARP'ng as a nigger than TalcumX.

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