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Hi Wayne, please make a video where you say "I'm Wayne Lambright, I endorse this message." I need it for something I'm working on.

Hey where you that guy involved with that thing. Some lady tried going after some dude because he made fun of her pet politics or something.... That was you right?


no dig just pet
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Thanks for answering questions, Mr. Lambright.

Is President the only role in government that you will accept, or would you be willing to compromise for a lesser role, like Vice President or Chief of Staff? If so, which President would you like to work for?

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Where does he mention being uninvited to Christmas? I missed it amongst the rabble.
It is in the first video.

His overweight sister in law told him that hamburgers were unhealthy on FB. He reacted by "calling her out" on her alcoholism and obesity. Apparently his mother felt she couldn't invite both Wayne and the sister in law and chose to invite the sister in law, Wayne's brother, and their kids.


i got lost in a hot topic on the way here
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He says that a major issue in America is the lack of a strong family unit, but I for one would like to know if gay family units are ok. Do lesbian moms or gay dads have a better chance of raising a well adjusted child than a single mother or do only heterosexuals get that privilege?

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Glad to see you found your way here. Not Jewish myself but I'm knowledgeable on the subject if you ever need advice :)
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I'm glad you aren't near as spergy as the last major person who came here like @Null's Personal Cuckold.

Two questions.

Firstly, would you be more likely to find yourself listening to the works of: A: Sergei Prokofiev B: Igor Stravinsky C: Maurice Ravel or D: A continuous repeat of the Happy Days Theme Song?

Second, if I give a Jew a shekel, do I get to make a wish? If so, does it function the same way as rubbing a magic lamp?


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@lambright all i saw was your first video, but i agree with what you're saying, israel needs to be stopped

you seem like a mature sound minded person, ignore what the people on here are doing, they're all significantly more autistic than the people they obsessively stalk but talk shit about them to try to make themselves feel better about their own sad as fuck lives