Boomer Segments, Impromptu & Scheduled - Increasingly common Post-Stream Q&As to shamelessly scrounge for extra tips.


I pulled off your wings, and I laughed.
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"I've built farms and seen soooo many places, Ive done so much" - Phil the Minecraft pioneer.

Although the 2020’s begin this year, the 203rd decade doesn’t begin for another year.
The way we determine which decade we are in is not he same as how many decades old the CE is (current era).

For example the Hubble Telescope was launched into space in 1990. It would be accurate to say it was launched in the decade of the 90's. It would also be accurate to say it was launched in the 198th decade of the current era.

2020 is a new decade in the cultural definition which is more relevant in everyday speech as opposed to the true chronological definition which is only used in specialized fields.

“2019 was an incredible and successful year for me, especially regarding my public image. So many people came around and understood that all the slander against me was bullshit and started being supportive instead of negative.”

Paraphrased lightly but that was the essence of his point.

What happened that would bring Phil to utter such a ridiculous statement? Two viral tweets and a widely unpopular interview done with TheQuartering who has been all but buried by the YT algorithm because of his crass and completely faggy anti-SJW content that nobody fucking cares about. Ironically enough, TheQuartering is more SJW than the anti-SJW he denounces but this is another topic.

There’s a very simple way to measure if these two events brought about any positives for Phil given his position in a field dominated by metrics: increase in stream attendance. There were no noticeable increases in stream attendance after these two “major, positive” events. None of the organic growth that he boasted about. Nothing. This has been documented very well in the Main DSP Thread through graphs, organic sub counts, and other metrics available via Twitch

What events have truly marked 2019 for Phil? This is what I can think of:
  1. The early 2019 tax begging saga.
  2. The lying about getting married.
  3. The biggest exodus of paypigs and loyal moderators after the marriage fiasco.
  4. The $2,000 cat scam reveal.
  5. Numerous trolling events of impersonating paypigs asking for PayPal refunds, resulting in some of the best salty moments of the year and showing how petty and pathetic he is over a measly $20.
  6. A new form of begging via his Amazon Wishlist.
  7. Permanent daily begging via Tips Goals.
  8. Devious ways of monetizing in-game mechanics to generate more tips.
  9. Multiple memorable wagequits of popular games due to frustration and lack of skill.
  10. Unannounced massive weekly tips goals to raise money for undisclosed financial hardship.
  11. Pathetic “retrospective” events culminating in Phil’s laziness of reacting to old reactions.
  12. The inability to put a fucking exercise bike together resulting in a week-long rant and showing some insight as to how uneventful Phil and Kat’s lives are.
  13. Borrowing money from his ailing parents while approaching his early 40s.
  14. Refusing to be physically active and making fun of people who care about their health
  15. Being stuck with a lifetime of debt and showing everyone how he has absolutely no actionable plans in resolving them.
And last but not least, being foreclosed on his CT condo while doing absolutely nothing preparing us for his foreclosure saga.

I’m sure I forgot memorable events which happened in 2019 this but the way Phil speaks about himself demonstrates that if you lie about something enough times and with high enough frequency, you not only start believing in those same lies but also living in them. They become your reality and skew your perception of reality preventing you from truly dealing with the systemic problems which make his life as miserable as it is now, regardless of what he says.

Someone mentioned it in this thread or in another thread but the only thing Phil appears to be really good at is failure. That was, is, and will be his one and true legacy.


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Just for posterity. Another boomer segment tonight (1/1/2020). Of note is that it started after his usual end time (9 PM PST).

Edit: Right as I started watching, he got a $7 tip and said "And that's the 2nd highest contribution of the night if you can believe it. And the highest tip." Absolutely incredible, the begging.

Edit 2: He legit talked down to Papavera, who had said that he sometimes eats poptarts "raw" (i.e., untoasted), and explained, seriously, that poptarts are in fact fully cooked and the dough is not raw! So really, you're just heating it up to make it "taste a little better".

Edit 3: Apparently if you ever give "human food" like a Wendy's chicken patty to your pet, you're an asshole.

Edit 4: Phil cannot plan for any future purchases, including office upgrades. I guess the idea of setting aside a few bucks at a time is completely foreign to him. (I know, I know)

Edit 5: And despite plenty of questions, no money was attached, so Phil is out.
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I suppose $43 dollars wasn't enough for him before he started his segment. Isn't he just going to run out of shit to talk about at this rate?


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I suppose $43 dollars wasn't enough for him before he started his segment. Isn't he just going to run out of shit to talk about at this rate?

He's already out. He has nothing to say because he does nothing interesting. Ever. He also has steadfastly maintained his teenage "If I don't have an opinion on anything, no one can make fun of me" mentality, so he won't answer most questions that require him to rank things. Exceptions include wrestling and fast food, of course.