JoeysWorldTour - Annoyingly fun to watch fast food reviewer

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I don't really follow Joey all that much, but out of all the videos of his that I've seen this one is probably my favorite:

It's an older one but I just love the absurdity of it. He's at Disneyland and has bought a $4 frozen banana. He's then gone and presumably set his phone/camera down on top of something that doesn't really provide a very nice background for shooting things, but was probably the only place he could find to set the camera because there's probably no one there with him. Being alone at Disneyland is probably the most depressing thing in the world. Anyways, then he takes one bite of a chocolate-dipped banana and tries to rattle off this Food Network-esque "review" of it. And then chews with his mouth open.

This one is a close second. There is a moment at about 45 seconds in where he almost realizes how fucking insane this all is.

Also, that corn dog cost $8.25. The gas station where I live sells them 2 for $1.49.


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This might be his shortest "I'm back"

I have never heard of smash burger, that's not an appealing company name. He tries a mid west (is Minnesota mid west?) accent but just comes off as the autistic mother from bobby's world. Then talks a little smack about the Vikings getting curb stomped.

He takes perfectly good lettuce off, claiming it has brown spots, then goes shows it to the camera up close there are none. Dawg, why lie? If you don't like it just say so. It's kinda hard when you put it inches from a HD cam.

He claims the burger is small. The first bite the burger falls apart making a mess. He explains why they are called smash burger(for those who don't know you well smash the burger down for more even cooking and more surface area still not a great sexy name imho)

He's quite happy and on the Joey 1-10 scale it gets a 9.

Also most upsetting Joey has pinned a lot of the comments some of the ones that are blatant trolls using some double entandras or just flat out grosses asking Joey for sex. What the fuck man.


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Because Joey needs pork belly

Jack in the box pork belly from it's food truck series. It's 5.50 for the sandwich. Joey calls pork belly bacon, remember he's a trained chef. He takes the lettuce off, like normal. Joey plans to do the whole food truck series.

This video was filmed before the SB and he assumed the pats will win, but is kind enough to say congrats to the eagles if they win. Honestly, that's the kind of cute touch that makes Joey bearable. It was just honestly nice.

He keeps calling pork belly bacon, and then does the "get in my belly" 2:34 we get the wowowowowo. First comment is yummy and he likes the bagette, "bacon goes with everything" say the man with a 50+ waist.

Joey correctly tells the history of pork belly's new craze. Again, it's interesting to see his food addiction skew his training. Pork belly was a fancy thing first and caught on. God I love me some proper pork belly. Ah! 3:40 Joey explains, why he kept saying bacon. He knew this sandwich is just thick bacon, but they are calling it pork belly to sound better.

He likes this food truck series both in concept and food. He feels since it's just fat bacon, it could be a breakfast food. (because we want a 9:30 am nap) He said really it's just a BLT. He likes it and gives it a 9/10. He says tell everyone you see to try the pork belly blt, and points out he rhymes and declares him self Slim Shady, and that's fucking funny for a half dozen reasons.


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I hope no one minds me triple posting but aside a quick recap there isn't a ton to talk about with Joey.

But here is is spending 15 dollars on a smoked turkey leg.. again alone at Disney land... how awfully sad.

He claims he can't finish it but kills half in 2 bites, says it's worth 15 and makes him feel manly like the Flintstones. It gets a vaunted 10. He also skips mentioning any flavor notes, texture etc. So yea this is just peak gluttony passed off as a "review"


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Joey has someone else in this filming him, but doesn't show up in the video.

Now we know Joey isn't completely alone in Disney world he eats corn covered in a chilli lime spread. He does explain the history and how to of the corn. It's 5 fucking dollars for fat lime and chilli powder sprinkled on an ear of corn. The mouse is a horror cow to your wallet.

He mentions how many offerings they have. There's really no dignified way to eat corn on the cob, so I don't want to bash him on that. He considers this heaven on earth.

He says he likes doing it himself, with cheese and mayo added. Because heart plaque is fake. After calling it heaven on earth it only scores a 8.5 on the Joey scale.


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As always forgive double posting.

Joey is still at Disney Land. Eating Lobster Roll, god I bet this is expensive. He makes a joke about Japanese language. It's 8.99... wait 14.99 he mis spoke, only about half the price some how.

He takes the thing down in half in one bite, as per tradition of Joey. He does feel it's a bit expensive. Apparently where he is a big sub is 14.99. He asks where else you can get a lobster roll cheap then lists a place you can.. then points out it's fresh lobster.

It gets a 8 on the 10 scale. But it's life changing.

Also lol at the family behind him, unaware of WTF is happening.


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So Joey has been doing videos featuring the drive thru. I love how he said he would go on a diet yet does this



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oh boy, I'm thinking Arbys... and tragedy.

Joey is so excited to fill himself on low quality meat smothered in a corn syrup made sauce, he can't even introduce himself correctly today. It causes him to laugh.

He welcomes his "muchahos and muchahos" (unsure if muchatte is the female version but I digress) This is Arby's Bourbon BBQ Chicken sandwich. He's bouncing as he explains it. It has bacon and this makes him happy. He lists the nutrition info and shows the sad looking sandwich off. He points out it doesn't look as large or pretty as on TV as if this shocks him, it's hard to gauge the size of the sandwich in his meat paws.

He waves the sandwich in front of the camera and the cheese is clearly processed junk and not even remotely melted. He likes the BBQ sauce it's bourbon based and says it's not overly sweet, in regards to the bacon he feels it was like "woo" and sweet. The chicken is just par, not super moist it's a filet cut.

This sandwich is to show cause the sauce, and bacon. While the chicken is to be the main and the protein it's not. He does notice that's kinda a swing and miss as your protein is the star the rest is to compliment it. He says they should just make a sugar bacon sandwich (heart plaque intensifies) He expected more, and wouldn't order it again.

He awards this a 7.5 it was a let down but he just loves Arbys. He wishes it had more of... everything.


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I can't decide if this guy is worse than Daymdrops. He doesn't seem to remove the "veggies" from his burgers for all of his reviews but he's also the most disgusting food reviewer by a mile.
I learned about him from his cross overs with Joey, Daym is just a fat man, being a fat man, he has his stupid little catch phrase and makes the screen shake and makes orgasmic noises while his flabby body ingests enough calories to feed a small town, but he's just a hog in shit. Joey has the history of being a trained chef, strange behavior a car wreck of a life as well with a sense of humor that borders on campy/cringe/creepy/cute is why he's a lolcow and Daym is just a fat man eating junk food.

In my own humble feelings mind you.