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lol my sister is a gullible fuck and should kys
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Have you guys experienced Red Devil Dazzy? He is a 30 something year old virgin.

Please enjoy some of his antics.

Poem he wrote to a girl he met on ebay:

Mr Burns impressions

Reupload of Cheese Slice Dazzy

His videos nowadays are kinda trash.
However there is some gold to be found if you dig deep enough.
Gotta bump this guy, because I've recently had some interaction with him.

If anyone else gives a shit, then I'm willing to discuss some of my interactions with him.

For now, I will just link some of his accounts...





His deviantart especially will most likely have some good autism in the comments, if you are willing to look.
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I already talked about this guy on the personal Lolcow thread, but after looking into a bit more, I think he’s worthy of a thread.
I have a funny story to share. In high school, there was this kid named Mark who was a sound cloud rapper, (off to a great start already.) One day, after realizing that his trash music isn’t getting him any clout, he desides to do something really stupid. On instagram, posted something like “if this post gets 3,000 likes, I’m gonna smoke weed in class.” He was true to his word and did this.

He dropped the blunt lmfao.

He was expecting to get expelled, but the school only gave him a suspension, so he dropped out. (He was going to graduate in 3 weeks any way)

His rapper is “LOVEJUMEX” and yes, his music is trait trash.

I feel like an idiot for not adding this in. This was one of his only songs he had made when he pulled the weed thing. This song was garbage but you couldn’t go 4 seconds without hearing it in school, it was awful.
More info:



Sound Cloud:


Some crackhead that makes essays about hating niggers and jews and thinks he's a prophet. Might be more delusional than Terry Davis? Not much info known. Keeping this here so if I get any more information on hand I can create a thread. You might find this interesting.

i was thinking we should get a thread on trumpophiles, or the people who have TDS in reverse: so in love with our current sitting president, that they will praise every single decision he does no matter how bad or good it is. i was especially thinking about the fundie evangelical people you see on twitter, replying to Trump's tweets saying how the lord sent him or whatever it might be. there's liking the president and there's being so fanatical about trump, he could instill socialism and they'll still have raving approval for him.
This twitter "personality" goes by the name of Lord Vidar and has been the exact same person you're describing, though he now "no longer supports trump" because of the decriminalizing homosexuality thing (still retweets his tweets though). He also hates everyone but white Christians, claims to be some sort of biblical reincarnate, types like he's having a stroke constantly and wants a woman whose milk he can drink and whom he can drink his "seed" with.
edit: also has 6000 f4f followers and still manages to be the only one to like every one of his tweets
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Would anyone be interested in looking further into u/Prince_Kropotkin?
He's a fanatical Reddit anarchist who allegedly starts lots of drama and schisms in anarchist left community, which isn't unusual as anarchists are the sort of people who'll bicker what bread they should ideally be eating while starving to death, but he also has a history of hijacking anti-leftist communities like Reddit's r/EnoughSandersSpam or r/EnoughChapoSpam, and in general spends so much time pushing his implacable brand of leftism you'd think he's a NEET with nothing better to do in life.

Here's his Reddit account:

His twitter, because you can't be a vocal lunatic without twitter:

While looking up info on him I also found accusations of pedophilia, the evidence got taken down now though:

Elwood P. Dowd

Gone Daddy Gone
Is anoyone following the Tyler Edmonds / #Bardibully situation? I don't usually look at the WeWuzKangz side of YouTube, so the first I heard of this was yesterday. He parades around in women's clothing from time to time and has bragged about bullying an Instagram teen named Ashley Lovelace into suicide. Dunno if I'd exactly class him as a Troon, but definitely exceptional.

Weird how this has gotten zero MSM attention; literally all I can find out about it is on either YouTube or Instgram. And all of that on black themed channels. Black teen girl bullied into suicide, etc. Rather pretty one at that. Curious if it is the (potential) troon factor that is clamping down on coverage. Here's an "interview"...he is fucking nuts.

A chick who makes fake eyelashes claims he's moved on from Ashley Lovelace to her:

Here's the "song" (so far) Bardibully has come up with Memento mori for ol' Ashley. It is..interesting.

It appears his Instagram account is gone, but there's a few hashtag entries...

And that's about it, other than some YouTube videos essentially rehashing what is posted above.

Notorious A.D.H.D
I personally think CatFan180 deserves a thread. She has an insane obsession with Lenny and Carl from the Simpsons to a genuinely scary degree. (Deviant Art account: Apparently she "loves watching adult cartoons, anime and playing games" and is "a huge fan of The Simpsons, American Dad and Freedom Planet." Her DeviantArt journal is full of opinions on movies she is probably too old to be watching and complaining about rude users who are usually just trolls.

Example of someone who to most people is obviously trolling.


Crappy review of some crappy kids film.

Despite being 20, she hasn't left her parents protection, and hasn't looked for a job at all. Presumably she'll just end up like Chris and waste her days away playing with whatever new thing takes her interest.

Her DeviantArt gallery is really interesting, with stand out examples being her "A View To Paris" comic (which is above Sonichu on an art level but pretty much on the same level story wise) and her rampant pictures of horrible Simpsons Inflation.


Proof that god is dead.

She also has a whole universe of Sonic-like characters that has no coherent plot or place where she fully explains anything in any detail.


Amazing art with a very clear explanation of what is happening.

I could go on and on with her fandoms, dislikes and mediocre at best art, but that's the point of a thread, is it not?

Sparky Lurker

Arauto do Autismo
Found some vlogger by the name of Jared Aycock / Jared Genesis / Punky Jay, seems he has some kind of cult following on the internet for some time:

Recently he made a stream and lost his temper threatening to beat the shit out of his father and his troll (loud sounds):

Tons of channels and content to work with:

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I don't have access to an archive site that isn't blocked by my browser. Any ideas for alternatives?
Aight so a nice skitzocow/cultcow/horrorcow update. I want to work on this thread in the future and someone better fucking remind me because it'll be juicy as shit.
Arkelly1001 is a very underground cow that I found fucking around on tumblr. Similiar to (some cow we all know) he rewrites his own version of his bible. Except with Arkelly1001, he connects the bible with his hatred towards jews, blacks, gays, and somehow his daughter.
"Exodus 26:8-11. Imagine a wise hearted honorable military shitting in all in one accounts frauds faces at the same exact time 9 were all one size...
I meant exodus 36:8-11 same thing" (direct quote from this post) (archive)
Arkelly1001 replies to any post he sees with some sort of cryptic bullshit related to his prejudices. For example, a response to a fucking naruto post. (archive)
"Im not Chinese and ur more faggots than none gross sales immoral behavior in the military i want to blow u up"
Recently he made a post regarding his daughter which I found to be mortifying. (archive)
Quick clip from that lil episode: "My daughter blames me for everything kill us all"
He claims that his daughter is "stalking" him and has been obsessed with him. He has extremely violent thoughts towards her.
Here's a very prime example of his religious delusions through this post. (archive)
He seems to talk a lot about financial advisors, lawyers, attornies, corporate agencies, etc. He probably thinks he has a lot of power in that aspect.
Ex. 1 (a)
Ex. 2 (a)

Some personal favorites...

"I walked down to the hood which I’ve drove there many times before I just wanted a dimebag and before they bum rushed me but today they were scared of me I analyzed the situation i had brown kacki pants on with a polo windbreaker I dont look like a cop anyway I settled for alcohol its not want i wanted" Post

"Im just a fried egg based on what u stupid evil cunts new about investments and i feel like a cocksucker to Israel’s jew cocksucker molesters frauds out of LA greedy trash harvard fraud whores star wars style yuk 1 Samuel 2:24-34. Can we suck Israel’s dick anymore quarterly for years its Hannah'Hannah’s Song; Eli'Eli’s wicked sons; SamuSamuel’s ministry. Dont know what to think about u all anymore then u do queer makayla stephanie frauds sales for 4th amendment fowl queers gross" (post)

"Daniel 8:6-9. Ive really tried to shit in ur faces as much as possible for years now being unethical faggot queer leadership I learned alot I know u did ask 7r brokers u learned a shitload and military brass over dirty immoral fraud cunts w securities frauds over me and mutual funds dont mean shit to me but punks thats a fact unless u received a tax deduction otherwise its shit racketeering" (post)

Will add on more later as I find more about this legend...

I'm requesting a thread on John Gabriel. Posting here because newfag.

John Gabriel is "the greatest mathematician since Archimedes", discovering what those idiots like Newton and Eistein couldn't. He came up with "the first and only rigorous definition of calculus in human history". Naturally, this makes him the number one enemy of the BIG STUPID (mainstream mathematics academia), the morons who reject his ideas and keep reverting his wikipedia edits. He is EXTREMELY patronising when it comes to them.

Self introduction (youtube)

Regarding his personal life. This article is very revealing. Among other things, he writes that he is depressed, suicidal, and has been homeless. "When my beloved mother died of stomach cancer, a type of insanity possessed me". As is cliche, he also has a deep hatred for jews.

"Sad to say, they learned nothing from the Holocaust, but they used it to profit neatly. I think if the Holocaust were a cow, it would have been milked to death."

When it comes to maths, John completely reject the idea of infinity, and all of its consequences. However, he thinks he has defined calculus without the need for infintesimals. Among his mathematical beliefs are:
  • There are no irrational numbers.
  • Infinity is not a well-formed concept.
  • There are no axioms in real mathematics.
  • Euclidean geometry can be derived from nothing (no postulates/axioms)
Nothing he says is taken seriously by mathematicians. John regularly tries to edit his bullshit mathematics into wikipedia, according to his youtube channel, and gets into edit wars over them. He also has a rationalwiki article with some rather amusing responses in the discussion page.

"As I predicted, all we have are stretched anuses - very red, swollen and hurting."

John posts very often to his youtube channel, providing regular lulz. He also has a habit of signing up on every site that talks about him.

Edit: Selected youtube video: 3 ≤ 4 is incorrect

Links (personal):
Google Drive:

Other relevant links:
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The Epic Mann
So I'd like to suggest a thread on an autistic 16-year-old who goes by the name "the rEactor". He currently lives in Fairfield, Iowa, USA. He is a HUGE faggot in the YouTube Poop community.

A real life image of the rEactor. You can tell he has some sort of mental disorder.

The rEactor is an attention whore whose favorite "hobbies" include starting drama with other people, overreacting to criticisms (basically he can't take any), and claiming to be an "epic badass" when he's really just a sad nobody.

But this suggestion is not at all a personal opinion of him. The following shows all the threats and beef he's made to innocent people in the YTP community because he's too retarded to let things go:

The "epic badass" showing dark thoughts on Discord about brutally beating somebody and laughing it off, what a sick fuck

This picture right here shows him threatening a YTPer named Green ProDuctions Universe, an innocent person who was falsely accused on Discord that he had doxxed people. This rumor was spread by-you guessed it-rEactor. This drama got so bad that poor Green got death threats (like the one above). That's when people lost all trust in The rEactor. Yet he tried to push the blame on someone else after his claims were proved false. He then tried to "end" the drama by saying it was all a lie. No shit (He made a video about it here:


The rEactor makes a pointless tweet about XXXTentacion so when he's told by a user to let the dude rest in peace that user is blocked by the "epic badass" that is The rEactor.

This is a most recent beef between rEactor and a user named Kore from the YouTube Poop Music Video community (which the rEactor also hangs around). Here, The rEactor makes one of his incredibly pointless tweets about something nobody cares about (though it relates to XXXTentacion), then when Kore tells him he should let X rest in peace, he's blocked. Here are a few more images of rEactor "defending" himself.

The rEactor claims that Kore is the annoying prick and that he can take criticism like a champ. Which apparently means blocking people who criticize you?


Also remember that threat rEactor made to Green? It's brought up every time he whines in Discord now (and for good reason). And yet he STILL claims to be innocent.

That is why rEactor should have a thread. He's an autistic person who's whiny ass can't take criticism. He claims to be a badass even though he blames others for his wrongdoings. He fucked up real bad, yet he doesn't realize it. He's too retarded to do that.

Here is all traces of him on social media:
YouTube 2nd Channel:
YouTube 3rd Channel:
Curious Cat:
VidLii: (abandoned)
Dailymotion: (abandoned)
Vimeo: (abandoned)
Know Your Meme:
Encyclopedia Drammatica page:

I'd start a thread myself but I'm too lazy lol
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I've been wanting to do a Billy West thread for years now. I have quite of bit of creepy info on him and I've been hesitant to do so. This will and may brake the power level rule and the celebrity rule. Am I better off just talking to a mod about this? ?

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lol my sister is a gullible fuck and should kys
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I've been wanting to do a Billy West thread for years now. I have quite of bit of creepy info on him and I've been hesitant to do so. This will and may brake the power level rule and the celebrity rule. Am I better off just talking to a mod about this? ?
Yeah, talk to a mod about something like that.

Kurosaki Ichigo

an approaching murder
Hyubsama. Unsure of powerword. Some fat Japanese NEET twitch streamer that announced that he cheated on his girlfriend and broke up with her on stream to bait donations. First found out about him from Crit1kal. Fat tard hears about Charlie roasting him and issues a copyright take down of the video on stream.


"Shut up, you pretentious kneecap!"
It's not coming up when I search "Fecal Matter" or "Matières Fécales" (French) so here goes.

This is Fecal Matter. They're a "design duo" that I don't feel like reading too much about at present. I saw them on a tumblr post a while back and in a screenshot.


I've got one. This kid (maybe?) by the name of WildKitty straight-up exposed themselves in a video comment section, ironically itself reading a terrible fanfiction, as having written Alt-right propaganda. With Hetalia characters. Who if people don't know is a silly anime/webcomic about personifications of countries fucking around. Or animu Polandball, if that makes it clearer. I've immortalized their disasterpiece here:
You guys get the rest of the chapters, I'm not going back in there.
Haven't read it because of the sheer cringe, for lack of a better word, emanating from this kid.

Yup, one of THOSE people, to quote one replier. Straight-up, laid-bare, "Teh J00Z!!!1!!!1!". Thank God for these two people, I can just feel their disbelief and horror from across the screen.
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