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Only thing I wanted to do with this thread was to redirect talk about shiloh from Onision's thread elsewhere, I thought that this was enough to start a thread, and then someone who cared more about the case could carried it from me, as I saw people on onision thread going crazy about her. It seems to me now like this was very wrong aproach for this website.
I didn't care from the begining about Shiloh that much, that's why I won't probably edit this anymore, unless someone would give me information on a silver platter in a way that all I had to do is copy content of the post to the other. Hence I left original spoiler at the end, All i wanted to do is to clean onision thread from irellevent bullshit.
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Shiloh is not "irrelevant" to the onision thread; she's a key player. If you think Shiloh is genuinely worthy of a thread then more power to you! The problem is that you admittedly don't even care about her, you just want a dumping ground so people won't talk about what YOU don't want them to talk about in Onision.

Even if someone genuinely cared about following Shiloh as a lolcow and fostering a thread for her, Shiloh discussion would continue in the Onision thread because she's relevant to Onision. I don't have high hopes for this given that you have already revealed your motives but I can tell you that this is not going to become Chris Hansen 2.0 where anytime Hansen comes up you guys dogpile and go "reeeeeee Hansen Shiloh has a thread!"

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Quora user Alan Flansberg


Ignore his left bashing, poor people deriding, conservative bullshit. While repugnant, that's not the interesting thing about him. A number of his answers are written in a novel-like format despite being "personal experiences". Other notable accomplishments include

-Graduating from an Ivy League "colloge"

-Making several fortunes over his lifetime after being abandoned by his mother and left at an orphanage. (Yet somehow gaining a 3mil inheritance from his mother upon her death)

-Trafficking Drugs in the 80's earning about 3 million a month

-Astrally projecting himself into the cosmos to learn the origin of the universe and exploring beyond it

I posted a shit tier thread about this guy about 15 minutes after creating this account because I don't care enough to learn what a proper post looks like. I didn't make it apparent that subject seems like he must be a larper. I don't know if it fits here but I figure someone who knows how to make a thread might want to look into him.


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(emphasis mine)

Shiloh is not "irrelevant" to the onision thread; she's a key player. If you think Shiloh is genuinely worthy of a thread then more power to you! The problem is that you admittedly don't even care about her, you just want a dumping ground so people won't talk about what YOU don't want them to talk about in Onision.

Even if someone genuinely cared about following Shiloh as a lolcow and fostering a thread for her, Shiloh discussion would continue in the Onision thread because she's relevant to Onision. I don't have high hopes for this given that you have already revealed your motives but I can tell you that this is not going to become Chris Hansen 2.0 where anytime Hansen comes up you guys dogpile and go "reeeeeee Hansen Shiloh has a thread!"
I agree with you, shiloh still would be talked about on onsion's thread, but stuff like her nudes and discussion about her recent controversy, where onision was nowhere to be seen, expect in her tweets trying to redirect attention of off her, doesn't really belong there.
Shiloh isn't irrelevent to onision thread, but not every thing concerning her is relevant either


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I think Cynthia Beaumont deserves a thread. Someone tried once before with a failed OP, but I think it's time to try again.

Here's Cynthia bitching at a YTer who called the cops for a wellness check on her husband. She's filming this today in his hospital room, while he's dying, after he had a violent seizing reaction to a very high fever. She discusses this after discussing the hospital cafeteria's options she had to choose from for lunch, of course.

She's a 49-year-old lolcow "caring" for her dying 70-something husband. She constantly makes questionable care decisions, like insisting he leave the hospital when he's deathly ill, insisting on a feeding tube for him when he can eat, showing his feeding tube changing on YT, bitching out nurses and doctors, choosing which hospital to go to based on how she likes the nurses, constantly harassing medical staff, forcing him to talk to the camera while he's on his deathbed, etc.

Here's the lovely couple. This is probably a good 30 pounds heavier than he is now. She is massive. She is over six foot and really fat. This never stopped her from pretending to need her poor dying husband to carry all the groceries, wheel their cart around town (neither drive), and try desperately to pretend to be the woman in the relationship. To this day, she insists on him walking, claiming she would never be able to lift or assist him. She's about three times the size of the poor man, who must weigh 80lbs at the moment.

She has years' worth of YT videos taking advantage of her husband. He worked until well into his 70s while she stayed at home filming mukbangs and wasting his money on various junk. Their tiny NJ apartment is literally stuffed with useless junk she bought with her husband's money or e-begged from viewers.

Here's an example of her quality content - her putting together some crap she ordered from Amazon while forcing her dying husband to talk to their "fans".

Their "pantry":

She has been in a feud with Pam G (elderly woman known to argue with deathfats such as ALR on YT) in the past. She's also been in a feud with Tommy's nephew. Here's a YT playlist dedicated to these two feuds.

She constantly complains about everything and anything. A perfect example of the channel is today's video. Her husband, Tommy, who recently recovered from esophageal cancer treatment, is in the hospital with a 104-degree fever, pneumonia, violently shaking, rarely able to eat. What's Cynthia doing? Filming herself talking about the hospital lunch options next to her barely-alive husband, filming herself insulting other YouTubers, filming her husband as he lay dying in the hospital bed. She ends the video wishing death upon reaction channels.

Here's today's video timestamped to where she says she wants all of her haters to suffer and die:

Here's a mash-up of Cynthia including her chimping out about roaches, aka YT reaction channels:

Youtube Channel:

Here's a short video showcasing the relationship:
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Elder abuse has a certain je ne sais quoi that immediately makes me MOTI. I did a quick glance-through of her channel and she's been uploading since 8 years ago, when she was much thinner. Tommy was clearly pussywhipped from the drop.
She's totally one of those MLM 'honeys' who obviously knows best for everyone, and tries to control everything around her, even if it's none of her business.
I am absolutely disgusted, and my heart breaks for Tommy. This isn't Munchhausen by proxy i don't think, but it seems like she's enjoying creating more problems by being a belligerent asshole about any medical advice.

Compare to a year ago
Tommy is clearly aging and STILL AT WORK and she's buying 500$+ of frozen shit food.

Tommy is 100% dead in the next few months if he remains in her care. This would be a good, but short, thread.
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Anyone suggested doing a thread on Aaron Fechter, the 66 year old creator of the Rockafire Explosion and inventor of Whac-A-Mole?

He's been really going off the deep end on the internet recently, making litigious and physical violence threats against his fanbase (which largely consists of minors).
View attachment 1135691

For those unaware, the Rock-A-Fire Explosion (RAE) is the predecessor to the Chuck-E-Cheese animatronic band invented in 1980. RAEs were installed at Showbiz Pizza Place, in which Aaron was a co-founder/owner. As an employer, Aaron has been infamously difficult to work with/for. Not unlike John Kricfalusi, Aaron was essentially forced to resign in 1986 after being unable to meet deadlines and using an insurmountable amount of the company's money for the animatronics shows (and various other side projects, like a life-size Paul McCartney replica) that essentially left them bankrupt. I'd suggest watching the 2008 documentary on the RAE (available in full on Youtube) for more background information, though keep in mind that Aaron allegedly forced the makers of that documentary to cut interviews with fans that didn't put Chuck E Cheese to shame when remarking on his resignation. Aaron has a deep hatred for Chuck E Cheese, and misses no opportunity to slate them for stealing his job and butchering is creation.

Similar to John K in more ways than one:
View attachment 1135707
In the 2008 documentary, Fechter remarks about how he was told about a certain fan while he still worked for showbiz. A 'young beautiful fan', who he admits was 'too young for him'. He is now married to that young beautiful fan, who is probably half his age. Kerry, shown above, worked for Chuck E Cheese, but attended the 'colander night' at Showbiz and entered a competition in which she was photographed with her customised colander, this is how Fechter became aware of her.

"I've had so many failures, I'm scared this is just going to be another."
Aaron likes to think himself an inventor, but how many inventions of his have actually been successful?
Fuel-efficient car: his first major invention in the 70s was essentially a golfcart intended for use on main roads that he marketed as fuel-efficient, to combat the gas price crisis at the time. It never went anywhere, pun intended, and the only person to drive one is himself.
Whac-A-Mole: He lost the rights to the whac-a-mole essentially because he never had them. He was commissioned by a carnie to make his own version of a broken japanese machine that was basically the same concept. After he finished his version of it, another carnie coerced him (supposedly at gun point, which is highly unlikely) to hand it over. From there, it was sold to Bob Cassada of Bob Space Racers who have since trademarked it and claimed to be it's creator.
The Anti-Gravity Freedom Machine: internet before internet. Aaron's attempt to come up with a peer to peer emailing system based on proprietary hardware. This is one of the side projects he spent his time on while "working" for showbiz. He couldn't get it out in time, and the internet as we know it today beat him to it. He was hoping to be the next Bill Gates, and we can see how that panned out for him.
Looney Bird's restaurant chain: After Showbiz went bust and bought out Chuck E Cheese, Aaron was left with a hundred or so employees and an equal number of unsold RAE shows, so he decided to attempt to start his own restaurant chain and use them. He opened two locations, both went bust for similar reasons to Showbiz, talk about not learning from mistakes.
Carbohydrillium: An experimental cooking fuel which, after Aaron attempted to store it in faulty canisters at incredible pressure, burst through his warehouse, blowing out an entire wall and shaking glass windows on buildlings across the street. This resulted in him being investigated for a terrorist attack.
Bashy-Bug: Aaron's 'revenge of the whac-a-mole' arcade game, that he has been working on since 2013 was presented to the IAAPA expo and malfunctioned. The game didn't work and nobody bought it. It still has not been finished, and like many of his other projects, probably never will be.

Where is the money coming from?
Children obsessed with animatronics via FNAF. Many of the older RAE fans that went to showbiz as kids do not actually purchase any products from Aaron, those that have are regretting it (I'll touch on this later). Five nights at Freddys introduced a new wave of 12 year olds to animatronics, who have obsessed over Aaron and RAE as a result. Aaron charges their parents hundreds of dollars to come tour his warehouse in Orlando ($300 for a couple hours), as well as charging around $200 for a plush doll of one of the rockafire characters, and another $300+ for an animatronics experimenters kit (which allows the children to build a puppet that has one mouth movement). The kids obsessed with the band are, Aaron also runs a premium subscriber service where he publishes private 'behind the scenes' videos (including those shoehorning his political ideology) for the kids, charging $6.50 a month, paid for a year as a $70 lump sum. The kinds of videos he posts are like those on his second channel Fechter1 .
He also managed to sell what is essentially an publicly available document (the Rockafire Explosion service manuel) as a poorly photocopied paperback for $300.

Aaron believes these kids are going to carry the torch when he kicks the bucket, but anyone can see that this is just a passing fad and they'll move on as soon as the next trend strikes up. Do you really want these kids as your apprentices anyway?

What is he so mad about now?
Lack of notoriety has gotten to ol' Fechter. Some of the adults who were fans of RAE decided to purchase shows from Aaron for their own use, mostly private showcasing. Generally, Aaron recommends these customers buy his own control system for the characters' movements (the 'grey box'), but some technically minded fans have created their own open source system for doing this that allows more precision in programming among other benefits. Fechter believes that allowing these fans to celebrate the rockafire with their own custom shows and programming etc is actually doing the opposite, killing it and infringing upon his IP. So not only is he prepared to sue show oners to the point of bankruptsy, but has gone on numerous copyright strike rampages (reminiscent of Daddy Derek) taking down anyone's videos of these shows. As well as verbally insulting children who filmed / uploaded footage.
Look at the delusional grandiosity of this comment.
View attachment 1135695

Some more cow behaviour
Aaron cusses out a teenage girl because her boyfriend made a critical video of him, plus mildly racist comments due to assuming said boyfriend is Chinese:
View attachment 1135719
Aaron rages at more kids on twitter when they can't understand why Billy Bob is tweeting right wing politics:
Not my screencap, but apparently Aaron was kicked out of a fan facebook group and started threatening the underage members to be let back in.
View attachment 1135727
View attachment 1135726

Excuse the sperginess of this uploader, but this youtube video covers another recent controversy Aaron has been involved in.
Aaron's response to this video:
Aaron has a revelation from God about the hadurrs:

Aaron is a cow that is quick to chimp out and file lolsuits.

If this seems like a worthy thread, i'd suggest just keeping it in the Lolcows forum as a career cow, or possibly community watch if the RAE fandom at large is deemed as viable entertainment. I just wanted a second opinion before creating this as a first post.

Oh and he's also from Florida.
Hey I'm the Diharrea Saipain who bought the only Carpetbagger doll from him off eBay. He refused to sell any more after Jacob freaked out knowing his #1 troll got his hands on one. Aaron included $300 (his prices) of RAE swag if I purchased it so he's a genius marketer. The idiot wanted me to take personal photos with the doll which I refused. He pulled all the sales and claimed he was sold out. Now if you want a doll you have to first contect Jacob The Carpetbagger, have him approve you, then wait for him to email Aaron who will then contact you to allow you to pay him $100 for a shitty dog toy. I have Aaron's home address if anyone wants it as he actually was dumb enough to write it on the package.
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Tommie died a few days ago. I assume the previous poster was trying to post some kind of update, but it looks like they just empty quoted?

Here's the video of Cynthia talking about Tommie's death. The Beaumonts had a thread on Guru Gossiper and probably other similar sites. They never got one here, and now that Tommie's dead it seems unlikely that they will. RIP
Archive: Life Update: My Husband Passed Away upload 03/23/20

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She's incoherent. Who is she referring to when she talks about haters and internet people she's in conflict with? She seems to be referring to some other platforms. I mean yeah she's a crackhead and I don't want to discourage you but this is borderline "random youtuber who doesn't involve themselves in drama" unless we can get some context for wtf she's talking about.

And I can't help but notice that her videos have like, no views. So you must know something. How did you find her?
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Dear Farmers, I have been observing a particular individual for more than 3 months and I have heaps of content that I can post upon request. At this stage I am unsure if this warrants a thread of its own and I hope that perhaps more senior members can help me out with some advice on how to proceed. She goes by the name Angela Esson, and the reason she appeared in my feed is because she is literally blowing her entire benefit money (social security checks) on facebook adds. She fills her space with vacous attention seeking mental health babble that even to someone somewhat acustomed to Scottish dialects will find near incomprehensible. However, that is not the reason she is interesting - even though her endless stream of livestreams and videos is quite entertaining, if you like condescending, eyebrow twitching 'advice' from a balding boomer that is - no its her criminal past and her interactions with others that made her stand out to me.

Before I go any further you need to know that she is being 'stalked' and therefore anyone who dares to question her 'enlightended warrior spirit' must be part of the evil kabal that is trying to run her down. So, it's pretty clear that she has at least one if not multiple mental health issues. Now back to her past; from what I discovered she was assaulted by her ex-husband in 2003 who found her in the arms of her 'teenage lover', her ex was then jailed for 5 years without probation. Whilst that is tragic it doesn't explain why she is regularly collected by the local police.

This is where I have hit a dead-end unfortunately, I have not been able to find out why she got arrested and other than some some vague posts by a guy who she refers to as one of her stalkers/rapists I haven't been able to find out more. Her purchased Facebook fame has also attracted a number of adoring fans... And by Azura are they persistant. I apologise for writing a bible but this story could go on forever and there are so many more angles I haven't even touched yet.

I have attempted to archive most of her content but I am a noob at this so by all means let me know what to do. For now I will simply attach some screenshots I took.

Here is a link to her Facebook: