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A couple of status updates from the whiny manchild. I'd post screencaps but my connection's going slow at the moment.

http://titanium-dats-me.deviantart.com/status/4486507 - Still whining about Spike's age.
http://titanium-dats-me.deviantart.com/status/4830479 - Refusing to watch Equestria Girls 4 because reasons.


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Domo Arigato
The thing about Titanium, as well as other people, is not only that they blatantly disregard deviantArt's Terms & Services, but that they get incredibly butthurt when they get called out on it too.
It's like they weaponized hypocrisy, yet forgot to shield themselves from its effects. Though them being this blindly devoted to a pedophile makes me wonder if they themselves aren't pedophelic in their own way.

Really gets you to think, don't it?
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"Pickleless girls don't marry virgin boys"
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Not exactly like I can blame you.

His obsession with having Spike shipped specifically with other Ponies and, well... the fact he cares so much about people not giving a shit about a shota dragon? And going like "Thank you for caring" when someone says they like Spike...

Does he wish to be Spike? Is he pulling a Randy Stair here?


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I thought that baby dragons stay that way for a far longer time than ponies. He's not gonna grow up any time soon. It's really gross to be sexually obsessed with a cartoon baby dragon. But you can't expect less from bronies. This guy was encouraging people to spam Hasbro's Twitter with his stupid plea to be allowed to post dragon-pony pedo porn. Thank God he'll probably never breed.