ValiDate - an upcoming (and unsurprisingly racist) visual novel made by SJW's, for SJW's.

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Cross posting this from the DestinytoMoon thread.

Well here we go..
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The lips look so bad on both of them

also this might just be me but she literally only darkened the skin of the black character
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Aside from the black woman’s skin, she basically color picked everything on both of them. I don’t know about anyone else but that seems weird that she’s darkening Someone who’s already (she does this with almost every black character anyway too)

And yes, it seems that Destiny is into this shitty visual novel as well. Go figure.

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Yes i know, that third one is joke
you know what means ?


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What do you mean?
Some fat women don't mind or ejoy seeing fictional characters who are fat have stretchmarks as long as the characters are portrayed as attractive and good in universe. Others just get reminded of their stretchmarks and feel incredibly self conscious after. The joke was me poking at the team for hurting those women with an ugly character design even though she's supposed to be attractive enough for a lot of the cast to (vali)date.


I want my cringe New Years Announcement, dammit.
The new sprite looks like a rip off of Jen zee's art. If you didn't know who she is, she is the AD for hades game
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Rate me MATI but something doesnt feel right copying an asian artist for your ~poc inclusive~ game.
I really don't see it, honestly - for example, I don't see the shaded outlines in the examples. Besides,
A: it's hardly like she copied a pose or anything.
B: Any copying would be a strict improvement.

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Cross posting this from the DestinytoMoon thread.

And yes, it seems that Destiny is into this shitty visual novel as well. Go figure.

It's ok to darken dark characters. But don't you dare lighten them. Even by accident. I still remember the Korra sperging. I swear these autists could detect the minutest tap of a color slider. :roll:

Most of the time I couldn't even tell Korra was "lighter" until I compared it to official art. Anything to gather a tumblr mob up and start lynching.

Dani, I got news for you: More than likely the vast majority of people who buy/pirate your game will be those who like it ironically and want to laugh at it.

That Emhari fanart is perfect actually. Because he looks like a man. :lol:

My sides are still in orbit over the fact that the character who is "for the lesbians" is just a low effort troon not even trying to pass who also exhibits flamingly gay mannerisms. He's like the #woke POC version of Mr. Garrison.

This is totally what lesbians want. A gay flamer with a limp wrist and a dick.

Can I just mention how absolutely revolting that boob-window is? It's like the artist decided that we will see saggy, obese tits no matter whether we're taller or shorter than the character.

I don't' get what's going on with those boobs. They're more than just lopsided. Someone should sue their plastic surgeon for all he's worth.

At least the new sprite lacks the window and those stupid space themed sleeves that just look like tattoos because the color nearly blends into the skin. Catherine is still fug. But the improvements are noticeable.

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Thank God, Validate is going to have one sprite artist. Predictably, Dani chose her self-insert (Yolanda)'s artist.

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I personally liked Malik's artist the best. His style actually fit the game.
I'm absolutely convinced that the creators have been reading the posts here and outright refusing to fix the broken shit until it's been long enough that one could reasonably forget that it was posted here first.

Prove me wrong.


I want my cringe New Years Announcement, dammit.
I'm absolutely convinced that the creators have been reading the posts here and outright refusing to fix the broken shit until it's been long enough that one could reasonably forget that it was posted here first.

Prove me wrong.
I don't know if it's quite that deep, but they definitely do read here. Remember that twitter person who got suspected of being here, around page 20ish?

also rip the whole different artists' styles for individuality i guess. looks like someone not doing their damn work was one of the major blockers for the project.

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My god, it completely slipped my mind to think a thread would exist for ValiDate, this game's presence is so fucking annoying and I cant wait for it to die out. And Dani is by far the most obnoxious presence I ever had the displeasure to be pressured into almost following/""liking"". All she does is obsess about her special gender (nonbinary woman still makes me laugh.), making begging posts for dumb useless shit (I should've screenshotted it but she once wanted money for like, a piece of furniture from her audience? Just, something she didn't need at all.) and swinging a bat at hornets nests in the form of annoying tweets. She linked her ko-fi under certain tweets saying people have to pay her if they want to argue with her as another fun example. I'll have to see if those posts are still up because they're worth a chuckle in how pathetic they are.

I hope it is not too cringe of me to complain for a second, but as someone who, apparently is the 'target audience' for this kind of game, the designs sincerely suck and are so obtuse and swinging to and fro between caricatures and complete inaccuracy like a fuckin' souped up toddler on a rocking horse. The characters are as shallow as a tea cup dish and as "representing"/"validating" as a home depot paint swatch that happens to match someone's skin tone. The only enjoyable character is Malik and that's not saying much imo. I feel most 'POC' who are public figures online are too scared to say a peep about the game and how shitty it is in reality because they don't want to be thrown under the rug for racism by their own ilk. Which is why I don't say a single damn thing publicly myself. Apologies ahead of time if the "As a -insert indentity here-" thing is annoying I just feel it backs up my thoughts and observations here a tad.

When I was first, unfortunately, exposed to ValiDate I was in a group chat with friends who were all white (I'm not antagonizing them for being so, its just for context and I thought'd it be a funny story to tell here.), I sincerely thought they were trying to playing a rousing bout a jest by showing me some shitty tumblr parody like that Hamilton miku binder shit. Yolanda is the first character they showed me and I really thought it was a hop and a skip away from racism and I questioned them, I was especially confused by the implied ethnicity/race/nationality of Yolanda which, are different things people struggle with figuring out what qualifies as what, apparently. There's no way in hell she is ethnically korean.

As a blasian myself (sorry if TMI I want to complain.), and as someone who also knows many asians by proxy of being such, Yolanda is the farthest thing from looking a single ounce of Korean. Though I'm sure thats fucking obvious as all hell, but I'm happy to give more solidarity to that fact. Unless there's some implied genetic lottery here there's no way to come out that dark. But light skinned blasians are basically white to these tumblrite people despite still being a shade of brown. Colorism is a funny little thing, isn't it. As an aside, Black people live in Korea yes, it'd be dumb to say otherwise, but they aren't ethnically korean, but they can be migrants or born there and have the nationality. Same can be said for the character that's apparently Chinese. Though, that should be obvious to anyone with the ability to use their brain. If their writers had the ability to write backstory and personalities that weren't thin as tracing paper they could perhaps use the concept of these being nationalities instead of ethnicities but that's probably too much to ask of people who rely on memes and tumblr/twitter humor to make anything of substance.

Harkening back to my experience, the funniest thing about that whole group chat instance was they thought I was being racist when I said I was decently uncomfortable and confused by being presented one of the shittiest character designs I've seen that made no sense with even context provided, and I was expected to feel ~RePrEsEnTeD~. I'm not going to bother going into exact detail but you have no idea how weird it is to be treated like a specialty object by hyperwokes for being "pee oh see" and then lambasted for saying something that feels like some horrid parody is such by people who've been steeping in white guilt since they signed up for tumblr. The whole game feels like it's pandering to people with white guilt and complete disconnects with what ethnicity/race/nationality is and how other cultures function outside of America. I'm sure someone could word what I mean better, though.

Also, it's equal parts fascinating and hard to describe how frustrating it is to be a 'POC' and having people grasp at that label like its some sort of invincibility shield when they make downright shit content like this that is trying too hard to cater to hyper specific niches of people in an attempt at realism that it ends up looking like down right racism and hollow representations that do more mocking than any bit of help in terms of making people feel 'validated'. I can't even talk about this with any one I know because they're too scared to look racist or some flavor of -phobe to give criticism the game rightfully deserves in the current publicly available state its in.

Anyways sorry if that was stupid I don't have a single soul outside of kiwifarms I could whine about this shit to for reasons aforementioned :(

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