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Do troons get a biohazard tattoo to signify their HIV status?
If anyone does it, surely it's super-rare. Because it's not like the bug chasers are more than a small niche in a minority, and celebrating that with a tattoo an even smaller fraction than that.

That being said, it sounds like a Mags thing to do. It at least should stand as a warning for bystanders about her personality.


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Good, fuck that guy. The way Marvel treated Stan in his final years is shameful
If you want to know how genuine the supposed good intentions of SJWs are, and what they'd do for you if they had the chance, look how they treat an actual vulnerable person.

Anyone who treated Stan Lee like Marvel did is a bunch of evil scum.


Not *cough* Zack.
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I died in the comic book.
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How much jail time is this literal leech looking at?
View attachment 759185

His crimes:
Elder Abuse (x5)
False Imprisonment

Please tell me it’s butt fuck prison and not blue collar prison / house arrest.
I'm pretty sure he will be charged in California. 2-4 years on one count, but three strikes you're out. Life sentence.

Gee Willows Wilson!

Holy Hijab, Ms. Marvel!
You'll never convince him that KW =/= Comicsgate exclusively.

His dox was the perfect slingshot he needed for them good good buttpats from the Anti side.

EDIT: Excuse me. . . buttpat. Singular. 1 like.
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