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Which crazy sister with a multiple court appearances is hotter?

  • Kat

    Votes: 31 7.1%
  • Jenna

    Votes: 166 38.2%
  • I drank the water and now I'm gay so I don't know

    Votes: 237 54.6%

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Sparkletor 2.0

My first Jonbenet accidentally died

Just imagine, all that time Phil could have rented the Khondo out for some quarterly pussy.
The money isn't even the issue. Phil let his gouty aunt live there for allegedly less than what the mortgage cost.

Phil goes on and on about his family. He has to lie to protect his family. He called to police because Kiwifarms was going to kidnap his son/cat Jasper. He cried to Twitch about how his DMCA strike was hurting his family.

Isn't his wife's sister part of his family?

If my sister-in-law was homeless, sucking old man dick in seedy motels, and shoplifting I would be concerned.

Phil's only family is his horse and his cat. He doesn't mind telling the world his dad is a racist. He doesn't mind lying to his mom about taxes. His parents are just two people he knows and doesn't care about. He will talk crap about his cousin, Melissa. He will blame his dead aunt for his problems. He'll even tell us how his fat grandma had diabetes.

But say one thing about Kat and you are threatening his family, and family comes first for DSP!




Let me tell you the potential of my balls.
She made it to California, but it's clear she never had any intention of actually visiting Kat.
They probably haven't seen each other since Jenna was very little. I doubt there's much of a relationship, if any. Jenna was putting on a show pretending to care about Katherine to get simpbux. They're such a lovely white trash family loaded with mental illness.


Here is Leanna, smiling and enjoying her date. Basic bitch Kat refused to step foot out the car. It's almost tragic, I could cry but instead I'll laugh
Shit, Phil really fucked up there.

Leanna wasn’t my type, but she was a pretty girl and had a spunky and fun personality.

And lord only knows why, but she seemed to be head over heals in love with Phil. (At least compared with Khat.)

Congrats Phil, you managed to replace a cute gamer girl with personality, with a wooden plank of a horse you keep calling “mom” by way of Freudian slips.

Cistern Rumbler

[disgusting sounds]
I think one of the key reasons Dave doesn't ever want kids is because he couldn't even keep up with Leanna's energy and youthfulness, which wasn't even that high or anything because she was a lazy schlub in her own way, but DSP needs a day long nap after window shopping.

Kat by contrast seems like a very boring anti-dynamic person so they're perfect for each other that way. Imagine those two with a kid? They can't even deal with Jasper at bedtime and have to lock him in their room with them so he doesn't run around the house lmfao.

But yeah, Leanna probably went on a lot of trips and outings with The Guy with having fun being her number #1 priority, Kat by contrast seems more like The Guy and first considers what's in it for her specifically, and in some twisted way it makes sense she didn't wanna go to the muddy Pumpkin Patch place in her literally just purchased boots. Who buys brand new boots knowing they're going to be walking through mud all day?

That's what wellies are forDave, you fell for her grift.

Cistern Rumbler

[disgusting sounds]
Pandalee was annoying as fuck but at least she managed to tell Phil to kick rocks. Kat is both boring as hell and complicit in Phil’s lifestyle and scams.
Panda was complicit too. In fact she was around during the period of crazy debt accumulation and some of his most insane frivolous spending and terrible money management to date.